Lina Inverse & New Wave Dave Vs. Iceman & Sailor Bowser | Guyver & Erlos Vs. Midnight Rider & Ryogo Hibiki | Ryu & Zelgadis Graywoods Vs. Goul’Dan & Skuld | Xiahau The Blue Staff & Ukyo Vs. Tessai & Naga The Serpent | Adrenalin Express Vs. FireAnIce | Bob Vs. Ralph

BoB- Welcome to another night of amazing fights. We have with us tonight round two of the lethal lottery, a match between what could very well be the two most powerful tag teams in the UCTF and a match between BoB, a man who’s own power is surpassed only by his dashing good looks and wonderful personality v. Ralph, a man who’s lame excuse for power is only surpassed by his girlish figure and ability to put you to sleep with merely his voice.
Ralph- you sir, are an a$$.

BoB- let it be known for the record that my most unworthy opponent called me an A$$.

Ralph- shut up let’s get tot the fights.

Lina Inverse and NWD v. Iceman and Sailor Bowser

Ralph- This fight, I think should be one of the most interesting fights of the night. NWD and Lina Inverse, two members of the stable “the new light” will be squaring off against Iceman of fire and ice and Sailor Bowser of AX, the two tag temas facing each other tonight.
BoB- personally I think this may very well factor into the outcome of this match, two rivals against two friends… it seems unlikely that it could go any other way but to NWD and Lina.

Ralph- I couldn’t agree with you more BoB, speak of the devil and he shall appear… here comes Lina and Dave with Shayla Shayla. The reaction they are recieving here tonight is astounding

BoB- most of that rection I would imagine is for Shayla Shayla who just recovered fromn accident she recieved while training about a week ago.

Ralph- she looks to be in tip top condition though as she takes her seat in the front.

BoB- and here comes sailor Bowser and Iceman… they don’t look happy.

Ralph- they’ve distanced themselves from each other in thier entrance, I definatly think the training process has been hard on these two.

BoB- not that it matters, the reactin they recieve is tremendious. A lot of AX fans and fire and ice fans out there, they obviously would cheer for this team.. but despite the push i still think NWD and Lina have the edge.

Ralph- Lina and Bowser enter the ring first and there’s the bell


BoB- Sailor Bowser Wastes no time in attack Lina with her cresent moon strike… Lina blocks it with her Zelas Bleed spell

Ralph- which works more like a distruptive spell thna an attack spell.. very good move on lina’s part.

BoB- sailor bowser charges at lina and knocks her to the ground… she starts pounding on her.

Ralph- Lina’s not letting it affect he rtoo much as she kicks the scout off of her and casts a Balus Rod spell. she attacks SB fullforce with it but SB dodges. Lina turns and attacks again and SB is hit hard. She’s not taking it too well and looks to be out. Iceman has entered the ring and has dragged his partner out..he gets in and is ready for action.

BoB- Lina casts burst round and sends several low level firballs at iceman.. who, luky for him, dodges all of them easily.

Ralph- Lina looks a bit tired and tags Dave in, who immidenatly draws his sword dragonsfang

Dave- dragonsfang has a very special property iceman.

Iceman- what’s that!?!

Dave- well, fo rone it can absorb magic

Iceman- that’s not in your file.

Dave- well.. they should put it in now.. i discovered it the other dya when ow!!!

BoB- dave was just nailed with a chunk of ice

Iceman- shut up and fight!!

Dave- sigh, if you insist. LINA!

Lina- Source of all power, Wind which blows to the East… FLARE ARROW!

BoB- Dave catches the flare arrow with his blade and lunges at iceman, who dodges.

LIna-Source of all power, Wind which blows to the East… FLARE ARROW!

Ralph- and he catches it again!!! he lunges at iceman and hits him in the arm withthe flat of the blade.

BoB- not that it matters much since the blade is empowered with Fire Magic right now looking at it funny could prove to be disasterous for Iceman

NWD- had enough!?

Iceman- never

Ralph- Iceman just sent a steady stream of ice at NWD knocking the legendary sword from his hands.. this bodes nt well for our hero

BoB- i don’t think anyone up there is NOT a hero

Ralph- regardless it bods not well for one of em

BOB- davedrop kicks Iceman after rebounding form the ropes and tags lina in who sends a barrage of flare arrows his way

Ralph- Sailor bowser is UP and leaving.. what’s she saying.

SB- i gotta go train for my fight AGAINST you iceman… good luck fending both of em off.

BoB- Sailor bowser is practically forfeting th match

Ralph- she is more concerned with her team. i think this may be a wise move on her part wear the enemy down… she doesn’t have tolift a finger

boB- Lina hits a suprised iceman with a flare arrow attack, knocking him to the ground.. he looks hurt.

Lina- time to end this…Source of all power, light which burns beyond crimson, let thy power gather in my hand! FIREBALL!

BoB- and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger as it heads towrds him.. it’s increasing in power and moving slowly.

Ralph- it’s shayla shayla!!! she’s controling the firball… iceman is getting the hell away from that and shayla just starts laughing!

BoB- iceman is out and the fireball is hovering above him

Ralph- what a tactic he can’t get back in the ring or the fireball will consume’s just hoverning above him.


Ralph- and lina and NWD win it!

BoB- what an amazing fight that was… and now onto amazing fight numero two

Winner- Lina and NWD

Guyver and Erlos v. Ryoga and Midnight Rider

Ralph- as if to waste no tiem guyver and Erlos make thier way into the ring… followed by ryoga and midnight rider.. well at least midnight rider.
Midnight rider- Erlos, guyver.. I know you were expecting a fight tonight but… well.. you see my partner isn;t here and uhh.. well no noe seems to know where he is and uhh.. i doubt he knows where he is. i have anothe rmatch tonight and i don;t want to destroy myself before then so.. uhh.. you win.

BoB- well that was an exciting match up.

Ralph- the team of guyver and erlos look somewhat dissapointed but hey, they get to advance to the next round huh..

Winner: Erlos and Guyver

Zel and Ryu v. Goul’dan and Skuld

BoB- The fight at hand is Zel and Ryu Vs. Goul’dan and Skuld.
Ralph- My guess here is Zel and Ryu. Skuld and Goul’dan are from opposing stables and are forced to work under a strained relationship. Ryu proved to be a force in the rumbles, and Zel can hold his own. On the other side, Skuld is capable and Goul’dan is… well, he was able to push a drunk out of the ring.

BoB- I’d be inclined to agree with you, Ralph. But don’t count out anyone. You know as well as I do that anything can happen in the UCTF!

Ralph- I sure do, BoB.

BoB- The teams are entering simultaneously from the two opposite entrances. The crowd is cheering… but we don’t really know who they’re cheering for. The four combatants take their places and all step into the ring.

Ralph- They seem to have mutually agreed to fight this one with everyone in the ring at once. Not a bad idea. It promotes chaos, mistakes, bloodshed, and extra-angry tempers when you have a full scale two-on-two.

BoB- Gotta love that.


BoB- Goul’dan rushes in from his corner, brandishing his club and screaming gutteral cries of anger and exhileration.

Ralph- Oh really?

BoB- Yep.

Ralph- Zel advances to meet Goul’dan’s attacks. Zel spins past a bad bludgeoning and trips Goul’dan.

BoB- Skuld ducks a hurricane kick of Ryu’s! Ryu lands on top of the tripped Goul’dan, who grabs his foot. Ryu hits the ground with a thud!

Ralph- Zel begins to chant some sort of magic spell, but loses his concentration when Skuld delivers a roundhouse kick to his jaw! Zel steps back, wincing. Skuld tries to press the advantage…

BoB- Goul’dan is still holding onto Ryu’s foot. Goul’dan stands and begins to spin, holding Ryu all the while at arms length away. Goul’dan releases Ryu, and Ryu goes flying into Zel!

Ralph- Zel falls to the ring floor under the weight of Ryu! Ryu and Zel are both down! Skuld approaches to finish them off, but–

BoB- Skuld is tackled by Goul’dan!

Skuld- What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get back, idiot!

Goul’dan- We knock both enemy. Now fight other for world titles. Oh-ho! Skuld fall bad!

Skuld- Damn it! We haven’t won yet! It’s not even the finals….

Ralph- Goul’dan and Skuld seem to be exchanging some harsh words there, and Goul’dan gets up reluctantly. But he is immediately knocked down by Ryu!

BoB- Ryu crouches and pushes the ogre onto his back, following it up with a fist to the neck!

Ralph- And Goul’dan is out!

BoB- Skuld barely had time to rise before Zel set upon her! Zel catches the unprepared Skuld with a powerful elbow and another blow to the side. Zel pushes Skuld from the ring, where she falls.

Ralph- And the ref has started the count. Zel and Ryu together push the heavy Goul’dan from the ring.


BoB- Skuld is moving! She sits, then stands up…


BoB- She jumps but doesn’t make it back into the ring in time! And Zel and Ryu will advance to the next round of the Lethal Lottery!

Winners: Zel and Ryu

Xiahau and Ukyo v. Naga and Tessai

BoB- Our next match in the Lethal Lottery tournament sees Naga and Tessai of the Underdark facing off against Ukyo Kounji and Xiahau the Blue Staff. Besides Naga, little or nothing of these fighters has been heard from since round one. We can only assume that they’ve been in some secluded room, training diligently. Of course, Xiahau isn’t known as the outgoing sort towards the press in the first place. In any case, this should be a ferocious battle.
Ralph- Ukyo will take them all out! GO UKYO!!

BoB- Well folks, you’ve heard the word from Ralph. Get ‘em in while you can, Ralph, because you won’t have the last word in our fight coming up later tonight.

Ralph- You have that all wrong BoB… but shut up, I have to watch Ukyo.

BoB- While Ralph daydreams, let’s shift our focus to the fight. Naga and Tessai have entered and are approaching the ring. They receive polite applause from the crowd, but it’s mostly drowned out by Naga’s maniacal laughter. And now Xiahau and Ukyo have entered across the arena and take to the ring themselves. The crowd really lights up now! And for a second there, we couldn’t even hear Naga laughing.


BoB- Ralph is here screaming, but Ukyo fortunately doesn’t hear him. So–

(Ralph gets up and leaves.)

BoB- So Ralph has left to move closer to the ring. I guess I have to take it from here. The Blue Staff steps into the ring and Naga enters to oppose him, as she screams about treachery and taunts Xiahau. Naga begins to laugh and–


BoB- Thankfully, the bell rings! Xiahau assumes a defensive stance. Naga spreads her arms and utters an arcane incantation. A burning sphere forms in front of her… this looks like trouble for Xiahau! Naga launches a great wave of fire that envelops him!


BoB- Smoke and fire clear from Xiahau, who is… wow… I’ll be a blind gopher! Xiahau is still standing unharmed! A strange blue aura surrounds him and his staff! The light vanishes suddenly and Xiahau looks as calm as ever. Naga has stopped laughing and looks flustered. Ukyo in her corner seems relieved, but that will be short-lived, as Ralph has just reached shouting distance…. Back in the ring, Naga releases a second wave of fire! Xiahau rushes foreward through the flames and comes out unhurt near Naga, who taps out of the ring to make way for Tessai!

(Ralph returns and takes a seat.)

BoB- Hello again Ralph. You’ll have to tell us all later why your face is red…. Now Xiahau thrusts with his staff, but the weapon bounces harmlessly off of Tessai, who emits a laugh of his own. Tessai slashes at his opponent, but Xiahau jumps back out of range. Tessai throws his razor-sharp blade, and Xiahau deftly ducks under and dodges aside before it returns to Tessai’s hand.

Ralph- Tessai really needs to practice his accuracy with that thing.

BoB- Thanks for that comment, Ralph. Maybe Tessai has simply been fighting very agile opposition. Now he and Xiahau both move to the center of the ring. Xiahau drops and attacks Tessai’s knees, which don’t budge at all! Tessai snatches Xiahau with one hand and throws him back against the ropes, where Xiahau falls to the ground! Ukyo reaches and tags Xiahau! She pulls him out of the ring and enters herself!


BoB- That will be enough, Ralph. Ukyo backs off from an attack and circles the ring warily, around the giant Tessai. Ukyo runs foreward and rolls past Tessai, smacking him in the side with her giant spatula as she passes… which seemed to do no damage. Tessai turns slowly as Ukyo rises, turns, and leaps back over his head. Tessai is looking a bit disoriented. Ukyo hops onto his back, one arm gripping around Tessai’s neck and the other around her weapon! Tessai flails his arms and weapon wildly, but they don’t hit Ukyo! He rears back his head an– Ukyo slams the handle of her big spatula down his throat! Ukyo jumps down as Tessai falls back and hits the ground!

Ralph- Damn right! Show that $*%&#@!

BoB- Damn it Ralph, don’t say $*%&#@ on the air…. Tessai is prone with a huge spatula down his throat! It’s the same technique we saw Xiahau perform on Tessai’s old partner Goul’dan only two tourneys ago! And now Naga is forced to enter the ring and try to salvage this match. Naga clasps her hands together and pushes them away from her body. A deadly steak of lightening flies from her hands towards Ukyo!

(Ralph faints.)

BoB- She anticipated the attack and dives away… the beam caught her in the leg, which is gonna be sore for a while. Ukyo stumbles and Naga takes aim again! Another magical attack from Naga is sent towards the ceiling as Naga crumples under a blow from Xiahau, who has regained his senses and returned to the ring! And it looks like this one is over! Naga is down for the count and Tessai is unconscious. As is Ralph.

Ralph – ————-

Winners: Xiahau and Ukyo

AX v. Fire and Ice

BoB- All right everyone! It is time for the fight between two of our most well known tag teams, AX, and FireAnIce!
Ralph- These Are two excellent tag teams, both with a good reason to win. Ice man, and both fighters from AX have already fought tonight, and both lost tonight. So two losses in one night would not be very kosher I don’t think.

BoB- You’re right and here comes our first tag team to the ring, and it is AX!!!!!!!!

(AX enters the ring, while many screaming fans are heard)

BoB- And look over there, here comes FireAnIce as well!!

(Crowd cheers just as loud, as FireAnIce enter the ring)

Ralph- you know Bob, FireAnIce have really turned into kind of a one hit wonder. They have made a booming start into the UCTF with their victory over Akira, and Vampire Hunter D, Ice man advanced in the tournament, and both fighters are looking pretty good.

BoB- Yes, however tonight will be their true test, on weather or not they are really the real thing or not. I think that even if they don’t beat AX they can still prove that they are worthy opponents. But on the other hand if they do happen to beat AX, and surprise many of the fans here ant the UCTF grand arena, well Ralph I think that would speak for itself.

Ralph- Absolutely Bob, as far as official tag teams go there has not yet been an equal to AX, they are truly amazing fighters.

BoB- Fireball has entered the ring, and will be up against Sailor Bowser first.


BoB- And there’s the bell! SB charges at Fireball who flips back and out of the way of SB, Fireball while only a human, still posses many dangerous techniques. Including the dreaded “Burning Winter”

Ralph- Oh! SB Is charging at Fireball with numerous punches and kicks both all are easily evaded by Fireball! Fireball just seems to be eluding SB, this is really odd. I would expect him to be more of the aggressor, just knowing his personality I guess.

BoB- You’re right Ralph, Fireball appears to just be running away. Could he be afraid of SB?

Ice man- Hold it now… Just hold it….

Sailor Bowser- Come on! what are you trying to pull??? Fight me like a man!

Fireball- (To himself) Come on now hurry it up..

BoB- SB is leaping at Fireball, who is just perying all of her blows with his forearms. Fireball has no offensive strategy that can be seen.

Ice man- Almost, just wait for it…

Fireball- Damn it!

Ralph- What is going on here? This is really odd, to tell you the truth I don’t think that I quite understand what’s going on!

Ice man- …….Now

BoB- Ohhhh! and Fireball unloads a devastating punch to the face of SB sending her back to the turn buckle!

Fireball- Finally!

BoB- Fireball charges at SB hitting her with a multitude of punches and elbows! MR runs around the ring to where SB is and tags her, in comes MR! Midnight Rider leaps in over SB’s, and Fireball’s head, turns and hits Fireball on either side of his neck! Fireball lets go and lunges at MR, who dodges, and counters with a right and a left to the face of Fireball! Fireball dives at the legs of MR, but MR Jumps back and out of the way! SB comes foreward towards Fireball and kicks him in the ribs before she exits the ring!

Ralph- Fireball gets up only to just barely block the kick of MR! Fireball jumps back to the corner and MR charges at him! And Both fighters lock up! Fireball spins towards the center of the ring while still in a deadlock with MR! Fireball extends his arms somewhat moving MR back, and he head butts him!!!

BoB- That could not have felt good! And MR’s nose is bloody! Fireball pushes him across the ring and into a turnbuckle and starts to hammer away at the mid section of MR! Fireball comes up with an elbow and cracks MR in the chin sending him down to his knees!

Ralph- But fireball picks up MR and throws him to the center of the ring!

(Fireball materializes a basketball sized fire ball in each hand)

Fireball- Now feel my true power!

MR- Like hell I will….

BoB- Fireball throws the two balls of fire, but MR leaps over them! MR charges at Fireball and tackles him around the waste! Fireball puts MR in a head lock and stands up! MR is reaching out his hand to tag SB… And he does! SB enters the ring and sweep kicks Fireball in the back of the legs, sending him down, and forcing him to release the head lock on MR!

Ralph- And Look! MR has grabbed the hands of Fireball, and SB is letting lose on him! This could be trouble! MR lets go of Fireball and SB grabs him from the side and picks him up! SB drop kicks Fireball over to the other side of the ring!

BoB- Holy crap! And fireball is not in too good of condition. Fireball gets up only to be knocked down again by jump kick from SB! Fireball crawls towards the edge of the ring to tag his partner but SB won’t let him! She drags him back to the center of the ring. This could be trouble for FireAnIce if Fireball can not tag Ice man. And SB goes to pick up Fireball but she is hit in the face by a small flame generated from the hand of Fireball!!

Ralph- And it looks as though Fireball manages to make it to the side of the ring where he is tagged by Ice man! Ice man enters the ring and now this could be trouble for AX! Ice man flips towards SB and cones down with a lightning fast hatchet kick on the top of her head, sending her staggering back to the ropes!

BoB- With a fully charged Ice man, it may take a miracle for AX to pull off a victory here. And Ice man forms a cone of ice and hurls it at SB who can not react in time to dodge it! But here comes MR from behind Ice man with a steel chair! And he shatters the chair over the head of Ice man, and he goes down!!!!!!!

Ralph- And today folks, a miracle has been performed through a chair…

BoB- Ice man very disorientated tries to get up but is tripped by SB! And here comes Fireball!! How the hell did he gather the strength to get up? Anyway, Fireball punches MR directly in the back and sends him over by SB!

Ralph- Now Fireball and Ice man move over to the other side of the ring to catch their breath, as AX rises to their feet and prepares to attack!

Ice man- Well? What do you think?

Fireball- I think it’s time.

Ice man- Me too. AX! Prepare for FireAnIce final attack!!!!!!!!

Fireball- BURNING WINTER!!!!!!!!!

(Both fighters leap high into the air, Ice man forms a large ball of ice in both hands with large thick spikes growing out of it. Ice man hurls the spiked ball of ice at AX as Fireball sends a blaze of flames at it propelling it even faster and setting it on fire)

BoB- Oh my God!!!!! It is the Burning Winter attack! and AX, along with most of the ring is sent into the third level seating!

(Ralph has passed out)

BoB- Fireball and Ice man come down onto what is left of the ring, and I think that it is safe to say that this fight is over! FireAnIce have proven to the world that they are not a team to be taken lightly! Well folks Ralph and I better prepare for the next fight.

Ralph- (Who has woken up) Yeah, it’s a good one…

Winner- FireAnIce

BoB v. Ralph

BoB- Well folks, I’m sure this is what you all have been waiting for. It’s BoB, vs. Ralllllllllllllph!!!!!!!
(Crowd explodes)

Ralph- And here comes Ralph into the ring and the crowd is going crazy!

BoB- No! Wait! They are going crazy for Bob, as he kicks Ralph onto the canvas and starts stomping on him!

Ralph- That’s not what’s happening! I just did that to you! And Ralph picks up Bob and smashes him into the turn buckle. Ralph is now repeatedly punching Ralph in stomach and mid section!

BoB- But, oh wait! It was really Bob doing all of that to Ralph! And Ralph is on the ground! Bob kicks him over to the center of the ring, where he hits him with an elbow drop! And it looks as if Ralph is in trouble!

Ralph- Oh my gosh!!!!! Bob really never did any of that! In the mean time it was Ralph beating the crab out of Bob who was blabbering has @$$ off the whole time! And….

BoB- Shut up @$$ wipe! That’s not what’s happening. Bob, throws Ralph into the corner and leaps at him with a fly kick!

Ralph- You moron! You can’t even do a flying kick! Ralph has just knocked Bob out of the ring, and the fans are going crazy!

BoB- Yes the fans ARE going crazy because Ralph was just knocked out of the ring! And the ref is beginning the count!

Ralph- And Bob is on the floor as the ref begins to count!

Ref- 1, 2, 3, 4…

BoB- Ralph is about to be counted out! And the fans are on their feet praising Bob!

Ref- 5, 6, 7, 8,

Ralph- And Bob, is almost counted out!

BoB- Shut up Ralph, you know damn well you are the one out of the ring!

Ralph- No way! Just look, I am standing in the ring and you’re not, you are being counted out!

BoB- As all of the fans can easily see, Ralph is out of the ring and…

Ref- 9…

BoB- And Ralph gets lucky and climbs back in.

Ralph- Do not believe BoB. We all know who is the liar here. Bob climbs back in the ring and charges at Ralph who easily dodges out of his way and counters with a kick to Bob’s neck sending him down!

BoB- And Ralph is the one actually on the ground and he is out cold!

Ralph- How the hell can I be out cold if I am still talking?

BoB- Good point. Ralph is out mostly cold!

Ralph- But what he really means to say is, Bob is out mostly cold, and Ralph kicks him out of the ring!

BoB- But wait! Ralph was the one actually kicked out of the ring! And the ref starts the count!

Ref- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7……

Ralph- And for the second time Bob will almost be counted out!

Ref- 8, 9, 10!

BoB- And it’s over!! Bob has beaten Ralph!

Ralph- Oh, no he didn’t! Ralph has defeated Bob by a count out!

BoB- Oh bull shi+, Bob is the winner!

Ralph- Ralph is really the winner though!

Winner- Ralph- Ralph! BoB- BoB wins! BoB- anyway here coems the prez.

Tarot- thanks for the intro BoB… allright here’s what’s happening next week… round three: NWD and Lina will face Zel and Ryu while Xiahau and Ukyo face Guyver and erlos. Also Hystalin will fight Happosai, Fire and Ice will face Crimson Wolf, Dark Schnieder will make his debut against Tessai and Devilman and Shayla Shayla will face two mystery fighters who will be revealed at the time fo the match. It promises to be a goo dnight go i’ll see you all on the flip side.


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