Xiahau The Blue Staff & Ukyo Vs. New Wave Dave &Lina Inverse | Crimson Wolf Vs. Adrenaline Express | Ryu Vs. Shampoo(Re-Match) | Devilman Vs. Highlander Vs. Dark Schneider | Lina Inverse Vs. Najaro the Wind Wizard | FireAnIce Vs. The Black Bitches

BoB- Welcome everyone to the UCTF Grand Arena, I’m Bobby Hinden…
Ralph- And I’m Ralph Gerrard.

BoB- And we are bringing you Live coverage of tonight’s fights.

Ralph- That’s right. And fires on the fight card is AX, vs. Crimson Wolf. Two tag teams coming off a loss from Fire N’ Ice.

BoB- Yes, and both of equal status. AX being the more notable tag team, and Crimson wolf, being two more notable single fighters, Beowulf, and Spawn.

Ralph- Here comes AX now! Adrenaline Express comes to the side of the ring, and Midnight Rider enters.

BoB- But look, here comes Crimson wolf now!

(Beowulf enters the ring, and prepares to fight Midnight Rider.)

Ralph- And we are waiting for the bell here in our opening fight.


BoB- Beowulf, and Midnight Rider both lunge at each other, and Midnight Rider is knocked over by the shoulder of Beowulf! Beowulf kicks Midnight rider to the side of the ring! Sailor Bowser takes a wooden chair and throws it at Beowulf!

Ralph- The chair hits Beowulf, and shatters, but does not seem to have very much affect!

BoB- Bits of wood are all over the ring, and Midnight Rider regains his footing. And…

Charleston- Teh hell iz dat? Lenny, kl’n at up der.

(The Goat stares at him)

Charleston- Lenny, kl’n at up der.

(The goat stares at him)

Charleston- Drn’t Lenny.

(Charleston goes to clean up the wood, and accidentally trips Beowulf, who then falls out of the ring. Spawn does not enter because he was not paying attention) BoB- And Charleston has knocked Beowulf into a pile of his cleaning supplies! Beowulf is unable to re enter the ring!

Reff- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

BoB- It’s all over! Crimson Wolf, who looked originally like they had control of the fight, has lost!

Ralph- And for the third time Charleston has accidentally interfered with Beowulf!

Winner- AX

Ryu v. Shampoo

BoB- now we have a rematch for you guys Ryu v. cat girl nuk– i mean shampoo.
Ralph- Were it cat girl nuku nuku I’d be jumping up and down almost but not wuite as much as for my bel;oved U-chan.

(from off in the distance)


BoB- anyway here comes Ryu now.. he looks ready and focused. Andhere comes Shampoo in girl form..

ralph- a wise move

BoB- she’s got her two huge round thingies

Ralph- i dunno whatthey’re called,P> bOb- but they sure are big..

Ralph- ye sShampoo has the biggest round thingies here.. and here’s thebell


BoB- Ryu gets th efirst hit in with a couple of low jabs, Shampoo jumps away and returns witha well placed head kick, Ryu is down and back up again. He attacks with his hakoden kick and it connects quite well

Ralph- Shampoo grabs a leg and puls him down though.. she’s got soemthing.. it’s A MARKER!!! whatis she going to do!?! Her hands are moving quickly

BoB- this is due to the rchestnuts roasting on an open fire attack

Ralph- it aint nothing compared to my rudolph the red nosed reindeer attack or my patented have a holly jolly christmans kick

BoB- i’m sure it’s not.. she;s finished.. what did sh HAHAHAHA

Ralph- she wrote “hello my name ryu and i stupid” several times all ove rhim.. HAHAHAHA

BoB- he doesn’t look happy.. he looks REALLY PISSED Actually…


BoB- he just eexecuted the new new new new shoryuken.. it’s hit her and she’s down.. she gets ba.. no she’s out now

Ralph- what a fight

BoB- whatever

Winner: RyU

Three way

BoB- Folks, we have a great fight for you here. It is the long awaited three way fight between Devilman the reigning Interplanetary Champion, Duncan MacLeod, and Dark Schneider.
Ralph- An interesting array of fighters there. You have Duncan, who is the martial artist fighter, Devilman the slash em up, and rip them apart fighter, and Dark Schneider, the Wizard.

BoB- That’s right Ralph, and here comes the three fighters now, entering from opposite ends of the arena. Princes of the universe plays over the loud speakers and duncan, upon hearing looks.. content.

Ralph- Just a reminder as to how this will work. Two fighters will fight in the ring, and when one goes out the other must come in or be disqualified. This fight can only be won by knockouts, there will be no countouts here.

BoB- And the first two fighters in the ring will be Devilman, and Duncan.


BoB- And there’s the bell! Duncan anvancing towards Devilman who is trying to keep his distance from the sword of the highlander. Duncan swings twice at the head of Devilman, but both swings are dodged! And Devilman trips Duncan! Duncan drops his sword and Devilman leaps on top of him!

Ralph- Devilman now is slashing at the face of Duncan with his claws, and Duncan looks like he is in some trouble!

BoB- But Duncan reaches back and grabs his sword and slashes at the body of Devilman cutting him! And Devilman is knocked off of Duncan who exits the ring! And now here comes Dark Schneider! Dark Schneider drawing his sword now and advancint towards Devilman!

Ralph- Devilman leaps out of the ring, and spin-kicks Duncan! Duncan falls to the ground and Devilman takes his sword! Wow! Duncan sure wasn’t expecting that! Dark Schneider looks like he is planning to cast a spell at Devilman, who is armed with the Katana…

BoB- But Devilman has just shot Dark Schneider with a beam from his antenna! Dark Schneider charges towards Devilman and slices all four ropes of the ring! But Devilman swings at the legs of Dark Scneider! Dark Schneider Jumps the swing but is hit by another laser fronm Devilman’s antenna! Devilman extends his antenna and ties up the disorientated Dark Schneider, and slashes his legs!

Ralph- Ooooh! and Dark Schneider is down! Devilman leaps back into the ring to finish Dark Schneider, but here comes Duncan!

BoB- Duncan dives at Devilman, and tackles him to the ground! Both fighters wrestle around and finally arise, but are in a dead lock! Devilman now throws Duncan to the ropes, but Duncan comes right backl!

Ralph- Devilman opens up with with a hook to the head of Duncan! And another, Devilman is starting to beat duncan with 40’s style boxing!

BoB- And Duncan is sent to the ropes being totally pommled by a very agressave Devilman! Devilman hits Duncan with a massive uppercut and sends him out of the ring and onto the cement! No movement is seen from Duncan, and very little from Dark Schneider. But Devilman rushes over to Dark Schneider and punches him twice in the head! It’s over everyone! Devilman is our winner of this three way fight! And listen to that crowd!

Ralph- I think he is fan favorite because of how exciteing he makes his fights. I mean, they are brutal, and that’s what the people want to see,

Winner- Devilman

Lina v. Najaro

BoB- moving right along we have lina inverse v. Najaro
Ralph- And her they come now.. WHAT THE!? najaro bought one of those Lina dolls

BoB- thos eare expensive they went for around $150 at anime cnetral last year

Ralph- not to tmention that gose are hard to come by… well anyway they’re in the ring.. dolly and all

BoB- And here coems that bell

(pause) BoB- uhhh..

Ralph- teh bell guy is sleeping

BoB- ohh.. umm .. ok.. uhh.. DING!

Ralph- Lina prepares to cast a flare arrow spell but suddenly finds herself walking over to a turnbuckle and pounding her head onto it.. NAjaro seems to eb pounsing lina doll’s head onto a turn buckle as well

BoB- this doesn’t look good for our soreceress

Ralph- but it looks great for our wind wizard

BoB- lina tries to gain control but can’t.. she walks over to najaro and shakes his hand and starts to fly…

Ralph- uhhh.. this is wierd

BoB- someone’s entering the ring it’s NWD.. he tookt he doll. and started hitting Najaro with it.. lina flies into najaro and knocks him down.. Najaro gets up and tries to take the doll away form dave but it flies into the crowd.. who got it

Voice- WHAT’s this.. ohh myy!!! hehehe

Ralph- that voice it’s so familiar.. i.. oh no

BoB- uhh children whoa re watchingthis.. please go into the next room for a moment.. it’S AHHHH!!

Ralph- it’s notliek ther’s much to see there

BoB- but lina’s naked!!

)a small figure jumps ontot the rigna dn steals the clothing.. especially any undergarments

Voice- what a haul what a HAUL!!!

Ralph- It looks like Najaro and NWD are bleeding pretty badly from nasal area as Lina looks around for something to cover herself with.. instead she runs off tot he sides where shayla shayla tosses her a robe.. she runs back tot he ring and..

Bob- it’s too late shes been counted out by the ref.

Ralph- my questio is why was he paying attention to the fight?

Winner: Najaro

Black Bitches v FAI

BoB- Allright everyone, it’s time for our second tag team match of the night, it is Fire N’ Ice vs. the Black Bitches.
Ralph- This is FAI’s fourth match I believe in the UCTF, and as it stands they are going for win number four.

BoB- That’s right, Fire N’ Ice are currently undefeated. And here they come now!

(Fireball, and Ice man, walk down the isle towards the ring, Fireball enters, as the crowd cheers wildly)

BoB- Listen to that crowd, here in the Grand arena in the UCTF complex!

Ralph- And here comes the Black Bitches! This will be their debut tag match here in the UCTF.

BoB- Kind of an awful big step there, fighting Fire N’ Ice for their first match.

Ralph- Yeah, but Naga, and Hystalin are both very powerful wizards, and I bet they can handle their own here against Fireball, and Ice man.

(Naga enters the ring with Fireball. Soon after she enters, the opening bell rings)

BoB- And there’s the bell! Fireball leaps at Naga with a flying kick, but its is easily evaded. Naga throws a punch at Fireball but her fist is caught! Fireball puts Naga into an arm bar for a few seconds, and then throws her into the turnbuckle! Fireball creates a glowing ball of fire in each hand and hurls them at Naga! The heat seeking fireballs smash into the turn buckle only grazing Naga!

Ralph- And Naga Tags in Hystalin. Hystalin enters the ring, and becomes a Super Saiyin!

Hystalin- Now to destroy you!

Fireball- Go for it…

BoB- Hystalin shoots a blast of energy at Fireball, but Fireball flips out of the way!

Fireball- Fire ball!!!!!

Ralph- And Fireball creates a large ball of fire in his hands and launches it at Hystalin! Hystalin blocks it with a force of energy of her own, but is still sent back to the ropes!

BoB- Fireball charges at Hystalin and hits her dead on in the face with a punch! And Hystalin tries to defend herself from an oncoming Barrage of punches, but only has minimum success!

Hystalin- Bahamut! I summon thee!!!!

BoB- Hystalin has summoned Bahamut! The most powerful esper of all!

Ralph- And Bahamut swings at Fireball knocking him clear over to the other side of the ring! Fireball tags in Ice man,

Ice man- Now to get a few things straight. Fire N’ Ice final attack!

Fireball- Burning!!!!!

Ice man- Winter!!!!

(Fireball and Ice man leap into the air, as Ice man forms a large spiked ball of Ice in his hands Fireball builds up his energy, both release at the same time, employing the Burning Winter.)

BoB- Fire N’ Ice cast the Burning Winter at Bahamut! It connects, forcing Bahamut to vanish back to esperville, or wherever they go in order to save his own life!

Ralph- Fireball, leaves the ring, and Ice man now charges at Hystalin!

Hystalin- Ifrit! come fourth!

(Ifrit appears, and casts a cloud of fire on Ice man)

BoB- What’s this?! Ifrit has engulfed Ice man in flames! This could be trouble for Fir N’ Ice!

(Fireball leaps back into the ring and creates a barrier of flames with his power blocking Ice man. Ice man passes out from the heat)

BoB- And Ice man is out! But Fireball, is still going strong! Fireball rolls under the esper and now hits Hystalin with a large blast of flames! And Hystalin is out cold! Ifrit grabs a hold of Fireball and is now punching him! What is this?

Ralph- Fireball is getting cut up by the claws, or hands, or whatever those are on Ifrit! Ifrit pulls fireball to the ground! But Ice man is coming too now!

BoB- Ice man realizes what is happening now, as he shoots a wave of Ice at Ifrit! Ifrit is sent out of the ring! But here comes Naga!

Ralph- Wait! Look! The reff has stepped in front of her! And it’s over! While Fireball was wrestling around with Ifrit, the Black Bitches were counted out!

BoB- You’re right! What a way to go. Fire N’ Ice now leave the ring, happy with their victory. I suppose we should move on to our next fight now.

Ralph- That’s right.

BoB- A very good effort there by Hystalin, but not quite enough.

Winner- Fire N’ Ice

Xiahau/Ukyo v. NWD and Lina

BoB- and now fo rthe main event.. here comes NWD and a clothed lina formone side and xiahau and
Ralph- U-CHAN!!!

BoB- sigh.. yes and U-chan… here’s the bell


Ralph- Xiahau and NWD start off… I don’t see Xiahau’s staff anywhere but i DO see dragonsfang…

BoB- that seems unfair

Ralph- not really.. if xiahau is not a deamon it can’t harmhim.. yet if he is a deamon dave will eb doin us all a favour

BoB- i see…

ralph- but i hop edave loses here so my U-chan can be a champion!!!

Bob- sigh

ralph- come on ukyo!!! YEAH

Ukyo- i’mnot even fighting you dumb ass

Ralph- hey najaro.. make me an ukyo doll!!!

Ukyo- stop it you pervert!!

BoB- anyway dave attacks Xiahau with dragonsfang and misses

Ralph- Xiahau kicks dave int the midsection cause ing himto drop dragonsfang.. he then picks p dargonsfang and brings it down at dave..

BoB- it goes right through him

nwd- suprised? that blade was desgined for me.. it can only be successfully used by me and cannot harm me.. you goofed..

Ralph- Dave lunges at Xiahau knocking him out of the ring.. on hs way down he tags in u-chan who smacks dave on the head with a spatula.. dave falls to the ground slowly…

BoB- Ukyo picks dave up and throws HIM out of the ring but on his way out he tags Lina

Ralph- Lina and U-chan stand there sizing each other up.. GO U-CHAN!

BoB- Lina casts a small fireball smpeel that hits ukyo.. she falls back against the ropes.

Ralph- NOOO!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!! Ralph- I don’t know but we have sam donaldson down there LIVE with a report

Sam- thank you ralph.. i’m sam donaldsona nd this is my hard hair.. many think it’s tupee or that i use to muh gel.. the fact of the matte ris i wake up and it’s like this.. It appears that Dave and Xiahau are dukingit out down here

BoB- is that all?

Sam- yup

Ralph- back to the match.. Ukyo send several small spatula’s at lina..one hits her left lega nd knocks her to the ground.. it doesn’t look liek she can move it. good one u-chan!!

Bob- Lina winces in pain and tries to stand up but fails miserably

Lina- uuhh LEVITATION!!

BoB- she’s floating so at leats she’s not at as muh of a disadvantage…

Ralph- it looks ike dave is doing quite a number on Xiahau down there..

BoB- yeah..now.. but it looks like dave’s been taking quite a beating too.. that black eye doesn’t suit him well

Ralph- here comes a figure out of the shadows he hand xiahau somthing..it looks like…

BoB: LOBO Ralph – UCHAN!! hit her again.. she just swatted lina wiht he rpattual kniocking he rto the ground.. she is now stomping her WOO BABY YEAH!!

BoB- Xiahau lunges ta dave with lobo.. dave ducks out of the way.. he looks quite worried.

Ralph- Lina can’t stand up.. she’s almost out of it

BoB- Xiahau takes another shot at dave and misses again… if that blade cts dave he’s a goner

Ralph- Ukyo picked up lian and has thrown he rout of the ring..

BoB- Xiahau trips dave and now lunges ot finish him for good…

BoB AND ralph- LINA JUST LANDED ON XIAHAU!!… Ralph- goo uchan!!

BoB- There’s a pile up on top of dave i can;t see if lobo conected or not…

Ralph- there’s the bell.. Ukyo and xiahau have it won

BoB- but i can’t tell–

Ralph- that’s all the time we have for tonight jjoin this weekend for–

BoB- dmanit!!! i wanna know what happened

Winner: Xiahau and Ukyo


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