FireAnIce Vs. The Golden pair | Jin Saotome & Eiji Kisaragi Vs. Team Ginyu | Saiyins Elite Vs. Saiyins Police | Archangel Gabriel Vs. Ryu | Che Vs. Najaro the Wind Wizard | Tom Dyron Vs. Guyver | Devilman Vs. Beowulf (Re-Match & Bewoulf’s Final Fight) | Erlos, the Mysterious One Vs. Xiahau The Blue Staff

Fire N’ Ice vs. Golden Pair

Bob: Okay, here is FAI going against the Golden Pair.

Ralph: I’m not looking forward to this.

Bob: Why?

Ralph: We have the strongest tag team vs the weakest tag team. FAI

got this one hands down.

Bob: You may have a point, but here comes the two pairs.

Ralph: What is Azusa holding in her arms.

Azusa: Finally, you and I are together again Ester. I shall never let you out of my sight ever again.

Carbunkle: HELP ME!!!!

Bob: Is that Carbunkle?

Ralph: I think so.

Bob: The bell rings…


Ralph: The fight begins. Fireball & Makato is in the ring. Makato tries to skate his way to fight against Fireball, but he misses!

Bob: Fireball makes a karate chop to Makato’s neck… and Makato is out!

Ralph: Azusa is in the ring… with Ester, uh, I mean Carbunkle.

Azusa: That wasn’t very cute.

Fireball: Who are you… what is that? It looks like Furby on drugs.

Carbunkle: EXSQUEEZE ME?!?!

Azusa: I’ll make you pay for this!

Ralph: What’s Carbunkle doing?

Bob: She’s out of Azusa’s grip!

Carbunkle: First Victoro, now you? I’ll make you pay for kidnapping me Azusa!

Bob: What’s Carbunkle doing now?

Ralph: Ah! My eyes!

Bob: It must be the Ruby Light.

Carbunkle: Okay FAI, it’s your turn now!

Bob: I can’t see! All I hear is the crackling of fire and the shimmering of ice.

Ralph: Is it the Burning Winter?

Bob: Nah, can’t be. Azusa is too weak for that.

Ralph: The Ruby Light has faded away, and Azusa is down.

Bob: FAI wins.

Ralph: Why am I not surpsrised?

Winner: FireAnIce

Jin and Eiji vs. The Ginyu Force (Burter and Jiece)

BoB- All right, our second fight tonight will be a tag match which will be the Ginyu Force, Burter and Jiece, vs. Jin Saotome, and Eiji Kisaragi, who will be making his debut here.
Ralph- Not the best idea I would think to make a debut appearance against these guys, but it makes for good entertainment I guess.

BoB- That’s right, and here comes the Ginyu Force right now!

(Ginyu Force enters down the east isle to cheers from the crowd)

Ralph- And the Ginyu Force is getting a pretty nice welcoming here tonight. And Burter makes his way into the ring as Jin and Eiji now enter the arena and get an even louder greeting from the crowd!

BoB- Both fighters step down to the ring and….. It looks as though Eiji Kisaragi will be in first against Burter.


Ralph- And there’s the bell! Burter charges at Eiji right off the bat, but Eiji leaps at Burter with a flying kick that grazes the head of Burter but does little damage!

BoB- Eiji lands with his back to Burter who grabs him from behind and throws him to the canvas! Eiji bounces right back up though and lands an uppercut to the Chin of Burter! Burter is sent back and Eiji follows through with a series of jabs and hooks to the head of Burter who is trying to defend himself! Eiji still coming at Burter pushes him into the corner and hits him with a knee to the stomach! Burter Doubles over but is lifted back up to a straight position!

Ralph- And Eiji Kisaragi is showing no mercy as he pummels on Burter who is now in the corner!

BoB- Burter grabs on to Eiji and now pulls him to the ground. But Eiji wrestles himself free from Burter’s grasp, picks him up over his had and it’s a BACK BREAKER!!

Ralph- Burter is on the ground, but in comes Jiece with a steel chair! And Jiece smashes in over the head of Eiji! Eiji goes down and in comes Jin Saotome!

Jin- So that’s how you want to play it eh?

BoB- and Jin comes straight at Jiece and hits him with a Saotome Smash! If that’s what those are called. Jiece is sent back to the ropes and Jin lunges in with a side kick to the chest area of Jiece who now bounces off the ropes and into an overhand punch from Jin!

Ralph- And Jiece is now down! But Jin is hit from behind by Burter! Burter tackles Jin and is holding him on the ground on his stomach! Burter Grabs Jin by the back of his hair and begins slamming his face into the canvas! Jin is trying but is unsuccessful at beating Burter off of him!

BoB- and this could be trouble For Jin and Eiji, who seems to be out cold! Burter Picks up Jin and throws him foreword into the turnbuckle and follows up with a punch to the back of his head! Burter grabs Jin by the back of his shoulders but is sent back by a backhand punch By Jin!

Ralph- Now it’s Jin attacking Burter with a vast combination of kicks and punches! And Jin tries to get a hold on Burter, but Burter grabs both wrists of Jin Saotome and sends him back to the ropes with a head butt!

BoB- Jin, grasping his nose is now sent to the ground by a hook from Burter. Burter picks Jin back up and now throws him over the ropes and onto the floor outside the ring!

Ralph- The Reff is beginning to count as Jin slowly gets up. He approaches the side of the ring where Burter is standing taunting him!

Reff- 1, 2, 3, 4…

BoB- And Jin throws a roundhouse under the ropes and hits Burter in the knees tripping him!

Reff- 5, 6, 7…

Ralph- And Jin pulls Burter out of the ring with him!!! Jin holding Burter by the collar slams his head into the three and a half foot steel gate around the ring area!

BoB- Good lord! What is keeping Jin going! he has basically had the crap kicked out of him and is still able to fight!

Ralph- That’s right, Same for Burter though, he has taken some pretty intense punishment, and is still punching.

BoB- That may all change here though Ralph. And Burter is on the ground and is not showing any signs of movement! Jin climbs back up into the ring and the Reff begins to count!

Reff- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…..

Ralph- Wait! Burter has gotten up!!!! And it looks as though he is about to re-enter the ring!

(Jin picks up the steel chair that was used to knock out Eiji and hurls it at Burter knocking him down)

BoB- And he throws the chair at Burter! Burter goes down again!!!!

Reff- 8, 9, 10!

Ralph- And it’s finally over! Jin and Eiji have beaten the Ginyu force! With a massive battle there between Jin and Burter!! An outstanding show of strength by all four fighters!

BoB- That’s right, in fact I’d bet that the fight would have been MUCH shorter had Eiji not been rendered unconscious.

Ralph- I would have to agree with you there Bob. he threw Burter around like a rag doll there for a while. But who know what would have happened if Jin didn’t hit Jiece with that mega punch that knocked him out.

BoB- I don’t know Ralph. But now we had better move on to our next fight which is the Saiyans Elite vs. The Saiyan police, whoever they are.

Winners- Jin Saotome, and Eiji Kisarage

Saiyans Elite vs. Saiyan Police

Bob: Now for our next fight, Saiyin Police Vs. Saiyins Elite.

Ralph: This would be interesting to see that four saiyins will be fighting amongst each other.

Bob: News flash Ralph. The Saiyin Police are not saiyins.

Ralph: What?!?!

Bob: They’re really Otaki & Tamiya. They’re from the Nekomi Tech Auto Club.

Ralph: In that case, let’s see who will die first.

Bob: Saiyins are much more stronger than humans. Goku & Vegita has the one wrapped around theri tails.

???: The name is Kakarott!!

Bob: Very well. On with the fight.

Ralph: Vegita is at his corner.

Bob: Tamiya in at his cornder.

Ralph: The bell rings…


Ralph: And they’re off!

Vegita: I shall slay you for mocking the saiyin race!

Tamiya: Oh shut up Veggie Boy!

Bob: Tamiya, with a lead pipe in his hand, strikes at Vegita.

Ralph: Vegita caught the pipe with his left hand! Amazing!

Bob: When is Goku going to fight?

Kakarott: I said the name is Kakarott!

Bob: Oh, sorry.

Ralph: Vegita throws the lead pipe aside and throws a lot of punches at Tamiya!

Bob: He’s is not going to last long in there with Vegita.

Ralph: Remember Devilman? He easily beat Vegita.

Bob: I think he was lucky. That fight ended too fast.

Vegita: This is for mocking the saiyin race you charlatan!

Tamiya: Why don’t you shut up and do something about that screwed up hairstyle of yours!

Ralph: Those two are locked in combat! Every attack they throw is match with a surprisingly equal blow. It looks like Tamiya is wearing down!

Otaki: Hold on Tamiya-sensei! I’m coming!

Bob: Otaki is coming in the ring. He too is with a lead pipe!

Ralph: Otaki beans Vegita with the pipe.. and does nothing?!?!

Bob: That has to hurt!

Vegita: Kakarott, dispose of this charlatan as well.

Kakarott: With pleasure!

Ralph: Goku is coming in the ring and…


Otaki: Eat lead monkey-boy!

Bob: Otaki strikes Go… I mean Kakarott with the pipe. He does not budge! What is he? Robocop?!

Ralph: He has to be hurting from that!


Ralph: Whoa! Goku just smacked Otaki with his Kamehameha Wave. Otaki is down!

(A beam of energy grazes Ralph’s head. Kakarott jumps up to the announcers box.)

Kakarott: For the last time, the name is KAKAROTT! Call me Goku again, and I’ll send you to the next dimension!

(Kakarott jumps back to the arena.)

Kakarott: Okay Vegita. The other charlatan is all your now.

Vegita: Good work Kakarott. Oh, as for you Tamiya…

Tamiya: Yeah… what?

Vegita: BANG!

Bob: Vegita struck down Tamiya with his Big Bang technique. Tamiya is down!

Ralph: It looks like Vegita & Go…

Kakarott: Ahem!

Ralph: Uhh… I mean… It looks like Vegita & Kakarott, the Saiyins Elite wins the fight.

Bob: You’re afraid of him.

Ralph: Wouldn’t you be?

Bob: Hmmm… That’s understandable.

Winner: Saiyins Elite

Gabrial vs. Ryu

Bob: Ahh… Archangel Gabriel will now be fighting fellow street fighter, Ryu.

Ralph: I’m glad he feels better now. He really pushed himself when he fought against Victoro not too long ago.

Bob: Well… he’s here, so is Gabriel. (DING!)

Bob: Gabriel draws his sword and strikes Ryu, but misses.

Ralph: Ryu counters with a hurricane kick. Gabriel received a few hits, but he blocked most of the hits.

Garbiel: The armies of God are marching down and you shall recieve judgement!

Ryu: For what?

Gabriel: For your evil deeds.

Ryu: Like what, defeating the infamous Victoro?

Gabriel: It was you who fought against Victoro?

Ryu: Yes. It was he who was responsible for the recent chaos, and I stopped him for that.

Gabriel: It appears that I was misinformed. I apologize for that.

Bob: Garbriel is leaving?

Ralph: This is unexepted.

Bob: It looks like Ryu wins the fight.

Winner: Ryu

Che vs. Najaro

BoB- All right everyone, we have a great fight for you here now. It’s Che the unstable Angel vs. Najaro the Wind Wizard.

Ralph- This should be a good fight, because both of these fighters are rookies, and only had a few fights, if that. However they do show promise, and look to be outstanding fighters which could be top contenders very soon.

BoB- Well, that’s assuming that Che doesn’t kill himself first though.

Ralph- Of course.

BoB- Well, it looks as though we don’t have to waist any time because here comes Che flying to the ring now!

(Che enters to several cheers)

BoB-Che has entered the ring, and now here come Najaro!

Ralph- Both fighters are now in the ring, Najaro looking very calm and cool, but Che is of looking like he is having a bit of a personal problem here…

Che- Concentrate… Concentrate… I will win you will never beat me! We are one now and forever What is this?!!?!?! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


BoB- Just as the bell rings Che begins screaming and flies towards Najaro!!! His eyes glowing bright red!

Ralph- And Che Grabs Najaro in mid air and flies into the turn buckle with him… Oh my God! and he shatters right through the turn buckle with the back of Najaro!

Najaro- Hoy! Como!

BoB- And Che slams Najaro onto the ground while sitting on top of him and viscously! Najaro is trying to fend Che off but is unsuccessful! Che is going berserk and beating the crap out of Najaro who can’t cast any spells because he is getting pummeled by the insane hell angel! But wait! here comes Erlos! Erlos Tackles Che and puts him in a full nelson!

Erlos- I can’t let you kill someone just because you are some skitso Angel of some sort no can I!?

Ralph- Erlos throws Che back into the ring where Che continues to go ballistic and now attack Erlos! Erlos trying to fend Che off is actually being reasonable successful!

BoB- And this fight is technically over, as Najaro is counted out, and security guards enter with straight jackets!

Ralph- This is pandemonium!

BoB- That’s why it’s the UCTF Ralph!

Winner- Che

Tom Dyron vs. Guyver

BoB- Here’s an interesting match up. It will be Tom Dyron Making his Debut fight against the #4 ranked Guyver. Now I am kind of at a loss for words here, on why Some Now guy would fight Guyver.

Ralph- So am I Bob, but we will just have to wait and find out just how good or bad Tom really is.

BoB- That’s right, Tom is the new “bad guy” in the UCTF with really no regard for just about anything. Now supposedly he does have a fighting history but I think that the UCTF will be a whole nother ball game for him.

Ralph- So do I. And speak of the Devil here comes Tom Dyron now!

(Tom Dyron enters wearing all black and a shirt that says “f*ck the world” on it. He is also wearing dark sunglasses and has his hair pulled back in a pony tail. Several boos can be heard coming from the crowd and Tom takes off his jacket and glasses)

BoB- And listen to that crowd! Tom has a very hostile crowd against him tonight. Tom is now entering the ring, and here comes the Guyver!

(An explosion of cheers can be heard)

Ralph- Would you listen to that.

BoB- Yeah, Guyver seems to be a crowd favorite here tonight. And now both fighters are in the ring and we are just awaiting the opening bell…


Ralph- And there’s the bell! Both Tom, and Guyver charge at each other and collide in the center of the ring! And Guyver knocks Tom to ropes! Tom bounces off and comes back at Guyver who slashes one of his vibro blades at the head of Tom! Tom ducks the deadly blade and foes over the other rope and now bounces off of it!

BoB- Tom comes back and slams Guyver with a Clothes line! Guyver goes down but comes right back up! Guyver leaps at Tom Dyron and knocks him across the ring and through the ropes with a jump kick! Tom picks up a steel chair, and hurls in through the ropes and hits the legs of Guyver! Guyver goes down and before he can get back up Tom re-enters the ring with a 2×4, and crushes Guyver in the back of the head with it! Guyver stumbles a bit but gets up only to be hit by the 2×4 again! Guyver now with both vibro blades extended swings violently at Tom who dodges each slash.

Ralph- And Tom tries to hit the vibro blades of Guyver with the 2×4 but they slice it right in two! And Tom gets distracted by the 2×4 being converted into two 2x2s and his hit directly in the center of the face by a punch from Guyver.

BoB- Tom is sent back but is still standing. And now Guyver leaps at Tom and tackles him into the corner of the ring! Tom puts Guyver in a head lock and Guyver grabs the stomach of Tom Dyron and begins to squeeze!

Ralph- And Tom looks like he is in pain there, but he does not release the head of Guyver!

BoB- Tom struggling to breath finally has to let go of Guyver and try to break his grip.

Ralph- And Tom eases the hands of Guyver just enough to get a breath of air before he Hits Guyver in the face with an elbow, seriously messing up the face plate of Guyver! Guyver is sent back and now it’s Tom coming at Guyver!

BoB- Tom grabs Guyver from behind lifts him up and flips backward smashing both of their heads on the steel chair laying in the ring!

Ralph- And what’s this?! It appears that both fighters are knocked out!

BoB- The reff inspects them, and…. Yes it’s a double knockout! Folks, this fight is a draw!

Ralph- Wow! Tom Dyron, though very disliked, is not a bad fighter, he has gotten a draw with the number four ranked fighter in the UCTF.

BoB- Not a bad accomplishment there.

Ralph- Not at all!

Winner- Draw

Devilman vs. Beowulf

BoB- Well folks, these next two fights are the ones that we all have been waiting for. It’s The farewell match between Devilman and Beowulf, and Xiahau will try and defend his title against the mighty demon Erlos.

Ralph- That’s right, for now though it will be the Devilman vs. Beowulf fight. How do you see this one going Bob?

BoB- Well Ralph, Beowulf will be fighting as hard as he possibly can, but then again Devilman IS the number one ranked fighter in the whole UCTF, and he has only lost one fight here ever, and even that was a very close fight with a lot of interference. So I would have to go with Devilman.

Ralph- Normally I would agree with you Bob, but I think that this being Beowulf’s last fight and all he will not let himself lose. He will do whatever it takes to win, because leaving on a losing note would not look good.

(Lights dim)

BoB- Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. But here comes Devilman flying into the ring now!

(The crowd is on their feet as Devilman lands in the ring)

Ralph- And here is Devilman, and he is looking ready for business.

(Lights go out, and the room is illuminated by lasers and white smoke coming from the entrance that Beowulf enters through. Cruel Angel Thesis begins to play as he walks towards the ring, and enters. The crowd is sill on their feet and more cheers can be heard from them. Many signs can also be seen supporting Beowulf, and say stuff like “good bye”

BoB- Quite an entrance there Ralph!

Ralph- I’ll say, both fighters look very focused and ready to go here tonight.


BoB- And there’s the bell! Devilman as usual flies towards Beowulf and thrashes his claws at Beowulf’s face. Beowulf dodges, grabs the arm of Devilman and throws him into the turn buckle! Beowulf now advances towards Devilman and the two fighters lock up! Devilman forces himself out of the corner but Beowulf breaks the hold, grabs Devilman by the wrist and back of the neck, and slams him face first into the canvas!! Devilman tries to get up but is grabbed from behind by Beowulf and put into a suphlex!

Ralph- That couldn’t have felt too good there Bob.

BoB- Not at all Ralph. But Devilman gets back up! And once again attacks Beowulf! Devilman madly swings his claws at him but is unable to connect! Beowulf tries to come in and now tackle Devilman but in a frenzy is caught in the neck by one of Devilman’s claws!

Ralph- And Beowulf is beginning be bleed profusely from his neck! This could be some serious trouble for him!

BoB- Beowulf places his hand over the bleeding wound on his neck and he…. Now attacks Devilman!!!!

Ralph- Oh my God! Beowulf is continuing to fight!

BoB- Devilman is caught off guard by the assault from Beowulf, as he grabs Devilman’s neck, picks him up and throws him head first out of the ring and on to the concrete! Devilman gets up, but is unable to walk straight even! This could be trouble here For Devilman!

Ralph- And now Beowulf is exiting the ring on the other side! What is going on here!

BoB- But wait! Look! Beowulf re-enters the ring with a steel chair!

Ralph- Beowulf climbs to the top rope over where Devilman is trying to stand up, and he leaps off of the rope and comes down with the steel chair on to Devilman’s head!

BoB- And Devilman is out cold!!! Beowulf still holding on to the side of his neck only using one hand now drops the chair!

Ralph- But… He is not entering the ring… All Beowulf has to do now is step back into the ring and he will win by count out!

Ref- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

BoB- And it is over! A double count out, I don’t believe it!

Ralph- Why Didn’t Beowulf re-enter the ring? He wasn’t hurt, and Devilman is still not up.

BoB- I think that that’s one question that only Beowulf could answer. But as the crowds cheer, here comes Hystalin.

(Hystalin enters the ring)

Hystalin- Beowulf, I know that there have been a lot of things going around about me, and I know that you are leaving the UCTF now. So I guess this is as good a time as any… Beowulf… Will you marry me?

(Pulls out a ring)

Beowulf- Of course I will Hyst..

(Beowulf hugs Hystalin, and kisses her. And the crowd cheers)

BoB- Well that was beautiful.

Winner- Draw

Erlos vs. Xiahau

BoB- All right everyone, it’s time for our main event! Xiahau will be defending his World Title against the number 8 ranked contender, Erlos.

Ralph- and speak of the devil here he comes now!

BoB- Didn’t waist much time I see.

(Erlos enters)

Ralph- This should be a good close fight I think. Both fighters are well experienced and are hungry for that World Title.

BoB- And now here comes Xiahau!

(Xiahau enters)

Ralph- And we are just moments away from the opening bell of tonight’s main event.


BoB- And there’s the bell! Xiahau sans staff takes a defensive position as Erlos lunges at him! Erlos throws Several punches at Xiahau but all of them are parried! Erlos now grabs Xiahau by the shirt and tries to throw him out of the ring but Xiahau grabs on to Erlos as well and both are pulled into the ropes. Xiahau now takes his hands off of Erlos, grabs a rope and snaps it!

Ralph- Xiahau tries to wrap the rope around Erlos but gets tangled up in it himself, and is hurled out of the ring!

Ref- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

BoB- And that’s it! Erlos is the new World Champion!!

(Crowd cheers)

Ralph- Too bad the fight had to be so short. I think that that was just a careless mistake by Xiahau.

BoB- Me too, but never the less, Erlos is our now world Champ. See ya next time!

Winner- Erlos


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