Happosai Vs. Naga the Serpent Vs. Lina Inverse | Devilman Vs. Vegita | Archangel Gabriel Vs. Ifurita | Love & Justice Vs. Team Ginyu | Cat Girl Janet Vs. Tatewaki Kuno | Shayla Shayla & Jin Saotome Vs. FireAnIce

BoB – what a night we have for you tonight…
Ralph- ye sthat’s right bob… first off we have a thre way between naga, lina and the pervert king,happosai.

BoB- plus a match between vegita and devilman.

ralph- gabriel and ifurta will fight

BoB- which remionds me do you think Ifurita and jin make a cute couple?

ralph- drop it

bOB- sorry.

Ralph- speaking of jin he and shayla wil face fire n ice tonight

BoB- as well as for love and justice fighting team ginyu and all purpose cultural cta girl janet fighting kuno.

Ralph- shoul dmake for an interesting night.. but first.. on with the show…

Happosai v. Naga v. Lina

BoB- the three are making thier way into the ring.. lina is being escorted by good friend, New wave dave
Ralph- NANI!? he’s alive?!

BoB- yup he’s not possessed anymore either

Ralph- so he must be weake rthan

bOb- perhaps, but he’s a blue mage now

Ralph- ohhnifty

BoB- naga is being escorted on by good-friend najaro

Ralph- i heard a rumor that she had someting for najaro

BoB- you’ve been readin gthe aol fan message boards again haven’t you?

ralph- uhh yeah..

bOb- don’t believe anything you read there.. they’r ejust rumors started by insignificant peope whoi will all die byteh hand of Bob, master of the Futomara School of martial arts

Ralph- you like ot overdo it don’t you?

Bob- habit… and ehre come’s happosai.. throught the crowd

ralph – i hink he’s taking inspiration from wcw great diamonf dallas page, who always enters thorugh the crowd… because he’s the people’s champion

Bob- actually he’s just trying to copa fell with evry girl in the audiance

Ralph- ahhh.. ok, so not at all like DPP

BoB- nope.. sorry. her ecome the bell


BoB- happosai starts off with a lunge attack at.. naga’s breasts.. he’s got a firm grip on them.. is he going to take her down?

ralph- i doubt that that is his objective here

Naga- hahahahahahaha foolish man.. you think you can defeat me, naga, the greatest and most well endowed sorceress that ever lived.. HAHAHAHAAH feel my fury!!!

BoB- i don’t believe it.. naga is making her breasts bounce up and down squashing happosai between them and flinging him around

happosai- it’s like a dream come true…

Lina- hey lech.. why not take a pice of me?

Happosai- isn’t it bvious? you don’;t have anything there… but naga.. ohhh

Ralph- lina looks pissed


happosai- i said you had no tits.. ok.. naga’s got great tits i’m staying here

BoB- this bodes not well for the little guy

Ralph- we’re joined in the booth by Shayla Shayla

Shayla- hey guys. i just wanted to give yo this note

BoB- (opens it, pulls out a one hundered doolar bil and hands it to ralph,… he pulsl ut another and keep sit for himself and reads th enote to himself) thank you shayla

Shayla- you’r ewelcome

Lina- it’s time for something basic.. LIGHT!!!!

naga- ahh i’m blinded

Happosai (falls of fnaga) me too.. ohh i can’t see a thing

BoB- (looking at paper) I don’t believe it.. nag ais doing a strip tease

happposai- what!? Naga- huh?

lina- HA!

Ralph- that’s rigth i can’t believe we’re showing his on live tv but naga is taking it all off

Haposai0 i wanna see i wanna see!!

BoB- and what’s more. she’sbeckoning t happosai

naga- am not

Ralph- ohh wow she’s eve more beusiful in the nude like this

Happosai- no i wnna see

Bob- and she ha sleft teh ring.. beckoning happosai to come to her

Happosai (leaves the ring)I’m commng naga.. wait up!!

BoB- and he is counted out…

Haposai- naga where are you?!? (leaves arena)

Lina- now it’s just you and me naga

naga- not fair i still can’t see

Lina- you may not want to.. DYNAST FLARE!!!!

BoB- ohh this is not good for naga

naga- HAHAHAHAHAHA you think you can defeat me with justa simple dynast flare.. here’s one for you… ZELAS BLEED!!

ralph- she just totaly missed lina.. but.. she’s hit dave with it. oh my god!! he’s down.. unbelieveable

Bob- this guy dies too much

Nwd- i’m.. not dead yet

Ralph- tis guy get’s mortally wounded a lot

NWD- actually i think i’m getting better.. mmm ZELAS BLEED!!!

boB- naga is hit by dave’s zelas bleed attack!! because hes a blue warrior he can learn magical attack bu being the victem of it…

Naga- ooohhh that really hurt

lina- not as much as this one will… GAAV FLARE!!!

Naga- ooooooaauughhh

bob- naga is out cold… it looks like the winner of this match is lina inverse!!

lina- thank you thank you (bows)

Winner- Lina inverse

Devilman v. Vegita

BoB- Devilman is being escorted t the ring by hystalin…

Ralph- what probems she ha sbeen having.. what with carbunkle and the tail thing

Bob- and here come vegita now!!

Ralph- he’s alone…

BoB- son’t worry abut it

Ralph- ohh ok…


BoB- devilamn starts by sending a low kick to vegita… it connect and vegita goes flying intot the ropes.. he uses them to his advantage however and bounce sback at devilan, knocking him to the ground with a drop kick

ralph- Devilman hops immediatly back to his feet and attempts to balst vegita with one of his antenna blasts.

bobit misses and vegita uses this opportunity to take out devilman by jump kicking him in the face

Ralph- that’s go tto hurt

Bob- yes devilman certainly looks in pain

Devilman- your puny attacks will not defeat me…

vegita- uuh huh yeah ok.. and why the heck not

Devilman- because..

bob- oh no

Devilman- I…

Ralph- here it comes

Devilman- am…

BoB- sigh.. does it not end?

Devilman- DEVILMAN!!!

Vegita- oh that’s nice…

Bob- vegita punches devilman, but he blocks it with his fist and twists vegita’s arm.. vegita si on the ground and in a lot of pain…

Ralp- devilman starts kicking vegita

Devilman- coem on saiyan.. get up!! don’t disgrce your peole by dynig here and so soon

Vegita- you mock me…

Devilman- get up!!! face me(kicks some more)

Vegita- very well. i will destroy you!!

Bob- vegita has taken down devilman with a low body tackle

Ralph- devilamn hit shis hea on a turnbuckle

Devilman- tat hurt you know…. pay bakc time

bob- these guys seat teh small stuff

Ralph- Bob, everything’s the small stuff

Bob- devilman has picke dup the saiyan and puts him in a jackknife powerbomb.

Ralph- he looks out.. and devilman is the winner

Bob- but it doesn’t look like devilman’s done

Devilman- hahaahahaha.. you will die now…

ralph- he get’s ready to balst hi with his anteenna again but

Hystalin- NOOO wait!! don’t kill him!!

Devilman- nani?

hystalin- just… don’t do it… let him be.. his losing is disgrace enough

Devilman- ciao little man…

Bob- well that was interesting.. i wonder why hystalin jumpe din liek that

Ralph- time will tell old friend… time will tell

Winner- De—

bob- wait i hear something.. si it laughter?

man in font row- hahahahaha

ralph- it IS laughter.. and it’s GUYVER.. he’s in teh ring where vehita is

Guyver- HAHAHAHAHAHA think twice before y decide to run with the big boys… go get experianced

bob-isn’t that a hendrix song

ralph- nope

Winner- devilman

gabriel v. Ifurita

Bob- here comes gabriel and ifurita
Ralph- an angela nd a deamon goddess, what wll they think of next?

BoB- and here comes the bell


Ralph- gabriel starts of fby attacking with his sword but ifurita blocksd it with her key staff.. and blasts him in the gut

bob- he goes flying into a tunbuckle and take si tout

Ralph- Ifurita flies up above him and aims again… she fires but he moves away before she can do anything. she take sout that part of the ring

Bob- now she’s firing again.. he moves and she takes out THAt part of the ring… it’s now very lop-sided.. as it only has two legs to stand on

Ralph- ifurita lands and charcges at gabriel who dodges and attacks witht he lfat of his sword.. it conencts and ifurita falls… she gets back up a trips hi mwith her key staff, whap s him on the head a few times and trie sone more tiem to bast him.. he blocks with his sowrd

bob- ifurita ha smad ethis a continuos blast. it’ weaker than her usual basts but gabriel has already been it by a regular blastonce.. if this breaks thouh i think he’s done for

Ralph- not many can take two shts from ifurita

Bob- he keeps up his deence with his sword and ifurita stops… he then charges ta her with the sword and she takes the opportunity to balst him then

Ralph- he’s down and out in beverly hills

ifurita- i expecte dyou to know neve rot let your guard dwon… oh well that’s two for me

Winner- Ifurita

FLaJ v. Team Ginyu

Bob- here comes Sailor moon and Tuxedo mask… they look charecteristicly happy
Ralph and here comes jeice and Burter of team ginyu

bob- what’s that starnge music

Ralph -it’s guyver.. he’s flying over head with a cd player and it’s playing..

Oompa loompa doopedee do.. i have anthe rpuzzle for you..


Bob- turni it off we’re trying to do commentary here

Guyver- ohh sorry

ralph- anyay Sailor mon and jiece start off

Sailor moon- oh no is tis the guy that has a thin for me

jiece- oh serena.. please be mine

tuxedo mask- no chance jiece!

Sailor moon- bug off creep!

Jiece- but meatballhead…

sailor onn- don’t call me that!!

Jice- hh i can’t fight you..

Sailor moon- and i don’t want to be aroud you.. coe on Tuxedo.. we’re going

TM- but i thought we


tuxed- yes.. ok

Winner- Team ginyu

All purpsoe cultural cat girl janet v. Kuno

Bob- wel if it isnt tri-j’s creation, janet…
ralph- and kuno.. i wonder if his boken ha sbeen fixed since touchstone (god rest his soul) boke it

bob- i tlooks like it… he’s ready to go

Ralph and so is janet


Bob- kuo starts off withan attack that connect..

janet- hello kuno… that was funny.. do it again

kuno – what!? you dare to mock the rising start of furinken high!?! neko-girl i shall smite thee!!

janet- cool

bob- kuno keeps hitting her but nothing happens… then

Janet- i’m going to finish this now… COFFEE BALST!!

ralph- that was an intersting attack.. janet just sprayed kuno with a blast of hot coffee

kuno- MY EYES!! they burn they stingohh janet you shal pay for this

janet ok… hee-hee

bob- APCCGJ jsut blasted kuno with a laser shot int he back of the head.. he is down.. and apparently out

Winner: APCCGJ

Shayla Shayla and Jin v. Fire and Ice

Bob- shayla and jin are being escorted in by New Wave dave and.. ifurita!?
Ralph- i know what you’re thinking, but i don’t see the problem here.. Jin is te only person here besides the possibilty of nwd and shayla who showed her any respect…

Bob- i see.. they do make a cute couple

Ralph, jin, ifurita, NWD and shayla- DROP IT!!

BOB- sorry

Ralph- here comes fire and ice.. they look pumped

Bob- they always look pumped ralhp

ralph- i know it’s just somethign to say

BoB- here comes the bell

Ralph- do de doo do

bob- here coem s the bell

Ralph- i say

Bob- it’s allright

Ralph- do de de do dee de do


BoB- jin and iceman start off… jin attacks with a powerful punch to the head it conencts.. icemangrabs the arm on it’s eturn hwoever and flips jin ove rontohis back

ralph- he fires an ice blast into his chest

Bob- jin is hurting from that one

Ralph- iceman gets ready to fire another blast into him but jin dodges and take shim down… jin attempts to do a flying stomp onto icemans’ head but he rollso ut of the way.. jin is still standing howevr and tags in shayla shayla

Shayla- get ready to die icey man

Iceman- uhhhuh

bob- iceman fires a cold blast at shayla, she dodges it and fires a sht at iceman.. it conects and he is REALLY hurting.. he tags in fireball

Shayla- ahh alement against element

Fireball- you know it

Bob- thi sshould be good.

ralph- fireball balsts shayla with a wel a firebal…

Shayla- ohh scary… fire is my element.. yo think you will beat me with fire based atatcks? HA

Bob- she kicks him in the head, and he fall sdown

Shayla- your fire attacks are useless against me

Ralph- she punches him in the jaw

Shayla- the fire is my friend, my ally.. don’t ever turn it against me…

Bob- she ha slifeted him up and threw him high


Shayla- haha

bob- and she just blasted him with a long blast of fire!!!

shayla- goodnight fireball!!!

Bob- i think he’s out of this one

fireball- yeah.. ya think?

ralph- he’s fallen to the ground onto the concrete stairs.. that’s gotat hurt

Bob- well yes ralph i thknn havig your spine practically snapped by conrete would hurt

Shayla- next!!

Bob- iceman relluctantly gets inot the ring.

shayla- jin, you can have this one.

Bob- jin is in now..

Ifurita- GO JIN!!

Jin- uhh thanks HAHA

bob-ohh jin got nailed by iceman’s winter blast!?

ralph- winter balst?

bb- burnign winter sans burning

ralph- ahh

jin- ooooooaahhhghh

Bob- jin didn’t much like that one

Iceman- haha i’m goingto take you out now jin

jin- in your dreams jackfrost

Iceman- say your prayers

Jin- why? you’re th eone who’s gonan need to pray cause it ‘ll take a miricle for you to beat me

Icemna- mm ok…

Bob- iceman blasted jin again!!! and again!! and again

Jin- that ddn’t feel too goo!!

ralph- jin attacks ice man and manages to get hm to the ground… he starts punching at him wildly!

Bob- i think he’s going berserk

iceman- sto it hey!!

Ralph- iceman sends jin up to the cieling wiht a pillar of ice…

bob- that’s got to hurt…

Ralph- animobile fireball firs a fireball at the pillar melting it and sneding jin falling to the ground.. iceman ctachs hima nd slams him down hard

Jin- ohhhWW

ifurita- Noo.. he;s my friend!!

Bob- mm the deamon goddess is getting soft hearted

Ifurita- no no no he’s just a friend

ralph- me thinks the demongoddess protests too much.

Jin- i’m gonna win this one…

Bob- jinslwly gets up.. send sout a punch at iceman and misse sby a mile

ralph- he’s very dazed ight now.. that was apowerful attack

Iceman- hahahha you wer en match for me.. you puny little man

jin0 what did you just all me?

iceman- puny.. little…man

Jin- allright hat does it!!

rakph- and he goe sberserk again

Bob- mm wise, no.. but strong

Iceman- hey

bob- icemanis hit a couple of times but in jin’s weakend condition it doesn’t seem to matter that much

iceman- even in your strong berzerer mode you can’t get ne

Bob- iceman picks up the kickinh jin and throws him over and fires a ver veyr powerful ice balst at him,P> ralph- but shayla fired a fireblast at teh ocebalst and countered it before it hit jin

bob- now that’s teamwork

ralph- jin has landed next to fireball… same manner.. they both look t b in great pain.. and niethe rseems to be able to move much.

jin- hello.. fancy meeting ou here

firebal- liekwise

Shyala- it’s just you and me now iceman

Iceman- yeah it appears so.. ICE SHOWER!!

bob- i didnt know about is attack… a blast of ice is shot above shayla’s head and starts breaking off into enrgy pieces and falling down on her

ralph- Shayla puts up a fire shied and blocks them all

Shayla- can’t you do better than that? FLAME PILLAR!!

Iceman- ouh-oh

bob- iceman dodged the pillar but in his attempts is cought by shayla.. who throws hi mup in teh air

NWD- pull!!

ICeman- not on me you don’t

bob- icmean creates am ice shield and blocks shayla’s blast, he comes down and lands perfectly

ralph (holds up a sign that says 9.5) Bob- (9) Iceman- try me agin.. you won’t defeat me

BOb- iceman ahd fired an iceblast at shayla but it missed and hit.. dave

NWD- ooaahhhww

Shayla- hey!! you hit my davey.. yu will pay for that!!!!!!

ralph- hell hath no fury

Bob- liek shayla scorned…

Ralph- iceman is being hit by a series of small firballs, all of which he tries to dodge and all of which connect

Bob- they stopped but only long enugh for shayla to gaterh up enough ki to do

Shayla- maga fireball!!

ralph- fire a megafireball at him

Bob- it missed but the force fo the attack was enoughto send iceman down

Ralph- shayla is now standing over himLP> Shayla- and this is for hitting dave!

Ralph- shayla slapps iceman!! and how!

iceman- that smarts

Shayla- haha

Bob- shayla kiked iceman in the gut and throws himotu of the ring.. he land son the bell



Ralph- it looks liek shayla and jin won that oen

Bo cool.. we”ll the ndeated fire n ice are nolonger that.. we’r eoutta here.. goodnight

winner: Shayla Shayla and JIn


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