Welcome to the UCTF Theme Song page. All the Theme Songs/Entrance Music will be put here. If you have your song on MP3, or RA  format, mail the request to the sound guy and he’ll have it up as quick as possible. The RA songs will require Real Player (obviously). So get one here if you don’t got it! They’ll be up in streamable format.So, if any of you don’t have a song on this list, mail the sound guy here

UCTF Superstar

Theme song

Bat Girl We Don’t Care Anymore
Blu De’Raganarok Eternal Gravestones
Bryan Amethyst
How Can I Live
Crucifix Enemy
Ed The Janitor Hava Nigella
Gideon Lord Give Me A Sign
Inuyasha Hanyou Inuyasha
Inuyasha (PPV) Kimi ga Inai Mirai
Kunoi Ishigami Water Pow
Leona W. W. III
Lo-Ruhamah Backdraft
Marcella Grace Let Me Be Your Armor
Maria De La Sombra Supergirl
Raven Darc Halo
Rosinthorn Super Villain
Rock Hard Ric Austin N/A
Suicide Breaking Me Down
Taki The Cursed Image
X-23 We Don’t Care Anymore
Xamot Forever Torment
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