The Bots Vs. Adrenaline Express | Lina Inverse & Zelgadis Graywoods Vs. Ice Devils | Shinji Ikari & Guyver Vs. Devilman & Spawn | New Wave Dave & Shayla Shayla Vs. Beowulf & Hystalin the Black Paladin | President Tarot Vs. VP Alex Tobias

BoB- WELCOME to an amazing night tonight I can’t wait to see what happens with these matches.
Ralph- Me niether we’ve got the bots crow and tom servo facing teh Adreniline Express.. also known as AX. Zelgadis and Lina will be faing the Ice Devils.

BoB- Thene we have the match I have been looking forward to since round one of the tournament Shinji and Guyver will face Devilman and Spawn.

Ralph- Not to mention the match I have bene looking for.. the lovers quarrel as I feel liek calling it right now.. Hystalin and Beowulf will be facing off against New Wave dave and Shayla Shayla, who incidentally is our INtergalactic Champion.

BoB- and finnaly we have a match between our own president Tarot and our own Vice President Alex Tobias.. I have a memo here saying that there will be no disqualification in this match anything goes and anything probably will…

Ralph- NOw let’s get started on our first matchup..

The ‘Bots v. AX

BoB- From the Sattelite of Love here come sTom Servo and Crow T Robot.
Ralph- They’re recieveing a very warm welcome fromthe crows in this thier debut match.

BoB_ Ironically enough I hear it is also they’re farewell match

Ralph- I heard that too.. HEY is that a motorcycle I hear.

BoB- Yup that’ll be AX right now.. man do they look pumped…

Ralph- Yeah.. i guess the match shoud start up right now.


BoB- MidnighT rider and Crow start the match off.. midnight rider lunges at Crow wiht his staff when Servo hold up his hands.

Servo- WAIT!!! We can’t fairly fight you we’d be dissasembled…

Sailor Bowser- Yes I see what you mean.. you are too weak for us

Crow- SO uhh how about this.. we challenge you to a MSTie fight

BoB- a MiSTie fight? oh this should eb interseting.

Midnight Rider- so you want to have the upper hand huh? ok fine.. I’ll warn you though.. We have arther sharp wits about us.

Servo- BoB and ralph will be the judges as to who wins got it?

Sailor BOwser- Got it!


BoB- ok our topless nurse Betty is wheeling in a video monitor and it’s about to show something.. it’s uhh.. OH NO IT CAN’T BE!!

Ralph- OH the horror..

Tom- get ready it’s time for..


Midnight rider- NANI!!!! That’s it.. this match is over!!!
BoB- Midnight rider just attacked the gumball machine headed Tom servo wit his staff.. OHH that has GOT to hurt.

Ralph- It looks kind of cracked. Sailor Bowser- This ain’t right.. CRESENT MOON!!!!

BoB- WOAH!! i’ve heard of that attack before but I’ve never seen it.. a moon like object is heading straight for the montior oH NO IT BLOWS UP!!!

Ralph- and Tom and Crow are caught in the blast… they look fried and not at all well…

BoB- I think it’s safe to assume who won this one huh?


Lina and Zel v. The Ice Devils

BoB- And now here’s one of the matches that we’ve been wating for. We’re now starting with Lina Inverse & Zelgadis Graywoods. They will be fighting against the Ice Devils, Tessai & Goul’Dan.
Ralph- I’d like to see how this one ends up. I hear Lina & Zelgadis are good.

BoB- I’m putting my money on Tessai & Goul’Dan.

Ralph- How much?

Bob- Five hundred bucks!

Ralph- FIVE HUNDRED!!?!? You know how much we make here!

BoB- OK how about $10?

Ralph- You’re on!

BoB- And now… fight begins to commence. Zelgadis & Lina have entered the arena. I heard these two used to be enemies, now allies. I’m going to love this match.

Ralph- Hey, there’s Tessai. He’s looking more fierce than ever. Hey! Where’s Gouldan? I don’t see him anywhere?

BoB- I don’t see him anywhere? This looks discerning. Remember when he was a no-show when he was up against Chainsaw Vigilante?

Ralph- Yeah. I was expecting a fight. That fight sucked.

Tessai: Huh? What the f&^%? Goul’Dan! Get you ogre butt over here now!

BoB- It looks like Tessai is calling for Goul’Dan… and here he comes!

Ralph- About fu&(ing time! Goul’Dan has entered the ring…. without his club?

Tessai: Where is your club Goul’Dan

Goul’Dan: Is lost. Kid take.

Tessai: You let some runt take your club?

Goul’Dan: No let. He fight. Fight hard.

Tessai: Shit! Well, we better to with what he have.

Goul’Dan: Is good.

Ralph- I see Goul’Dan & Tessai has finished talking. Now Lina & Zelgadis begin talking.

Lina: Let’s see… a stone golem and a stupid orge. Sounds easy, don’t you think so Zel?

Zelgadis: Don’t underestimate them Lina. I hear the ogre is strong, despite his low I.Q., and the golem cannot be struck with ordinary weapons.

Lina: Oh really? This will be interesting.


Ralph- The bell rings and Tessai throws his dual-edge’d blade. Lina chants a levitation spell and flies out of the way. Zelgadis is not moving. Holy crap! He catches the flying blade with his hand! What finesse!

Tessai: Hey! Give that back!

Zelgadis: Gladly!

BoB-Zelgadis throws the blade to Tessai. Oh my! It cut Tessai’s hand! Tessai is in major pain over this!

BoB- Look at what Lina is doing?

Lina: “Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows… Buried in the flow of time… ”

Goul’Dan: Girl chant spell! Must stop!

Ralph- Goul’Dan rips up one of the turnbuckles and throws it at Lina. He misses! This will be very costly to the Ice Devils.

Lina: …in thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness! Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess!!!”

Ralph- Uh-oh.. HIT THE DECK!!!

Lina: Zelgadis! Get out of the way!

BoB- Zelgadis chants a levitation spell and float out of the way.

Lina: DRAGON SLAVE!!!!!!


***After the explosion***

Ralph- Whoa! That was scary!

BoB- It sure is. The Dragon Slave. Lina Inverse’s most powerful spell!

Ralph- It sure is, it knocked out Goul’Dan and Tessai out cold and are counted out! Lina Inverse and Zelgadis Graywoods are the winners! HAHAHAH You owe me ten bucks pal!

BoB- I’ll pay up… as soon all the matches end okay?

Ralph- Fine, just don’t stiff me, okay?

BoB- When was the last time I’ve ever stiffed you?

Ralph- Let me think…

BoB-Oh, shup up and let’s go to the next fight!

Ralph- Fine!

WINNERS: Lina Inverse & Zelgadis Graywoods

Shinji and Guyver v. Spawn and Devilman

BoB- All right everyone, we have a big rivalry fight for you here now. It is Guyver and Shinji, vs. Spawn and Devilman.
Ralph- That’s right. Because if we look back to the first round of the tournament, it was Guyver and Shinji that beat Spawn, due to Guyver’s interference. And also it Guyver was knocked out of the tournament by Devilman, so this should be a very interesting match I think.

BoB- Me too. You know Ralph, although Devilman and Spawn are two very strong fighters. I don’t see how they will be able to beat the 90 foot mecha, and the Guyver unit.

Ralph- I agree with you Bob, but keep in mind that Devilman did beat Guyver once before, and Spawn, although loosing the match to Shinji, did in fact beat the EVA1.

BoB- That’s right Ralph. And here comes our first tag team now! It is Devilman and Spawn. They both enter the ring and get a nice reaction from the crowd. Here comes our second tag team now it is Guyver being followed by Shinji is his large mecha. Spawn steps out of the ring, and it looks like Devilman will be the first one in for his team. And he will be against Shinji who also steps into the ring.

Ralph- Just to reiterate the rules of tag matches. A fighter must tag his partner to exit the ring, and if his partner steps into the ring with him then the other teams partner may also enter. Now if a fighter tags his partner, then his partner may enter before the fighter in the ring exits…

BoB- So a team may have two fighters in the ring for a second?

Ralph- yes.

BoB- That’s great Ralph, but I am going to have to cut you off there because the bell is about to ring.


BoB- There’s the bell, and Shinji immediately tries to stomp on Devilman who dodges out of the way. Devilman flies up to the head of the EVA, just dodging the hands on the way up, and Devilman grabs the face of the Eva. Now this may not be too smart of a thing to do here. Wait! Spawn lashes his chains at the feet of the EVA and trips it! Is that legal?

Ralph- He did not enter the ring at all so, technically yes that is a legal move.

BoB- Shinji being immobile at the point tags Guyver who enters the ring! Shinji smacks Devilman to the ropes, where Guyver hits him in the mid section with a kick! Shinji exits, but it looks like Guyver has gotten a grip on Devilman!

Guyver- This is where I pay you back for the tournament!

Spawn- No! This is where I pay you back!

Ralph- And, Spawn enters the ring! Spawn wraps his ropes around the body of Guyver holding him immobile!

BoB- And Shinji punches at Spawn! but misses! Devilman digs his claws into the face of Guyver and pushes off towards Shinji! Devilman focuses all his energy into a antennae blast and shoots the neck area of the EVA! And Shinji goes down! Guyver however is able to work his way out of the chains of Spawn! Guyver extends his vibro blades and lunges towards Spawn! Spawn leaps out of the way and wraps a chain around the legs of Guyver tripping him! Spawn attacks Guyver but is sent back to the ropes by a powerful kick. Guyver gets up and forms a ball of energy and hurls it at Spawn! Spawn dodges and Shinji is hit by the blast!! Guyver jump kicks Spawn and sends him out of the ring!

Ralph- But look! Devilman has reentered the ring!

Guyver- Sorry Shinji. All right, time to finish this!

BoB- Guyver charges at Devilman, and attacks him with a barrage of punches, which sends Devilman down! Devilman, tries to tag Spawn but is pulled back up by Guyver! Guyver holds Devilman by the neck with one hand punches him in the stomach twice before he lets him fall to the ground! And Devilman is hurt! But he manages to reach out of the ring and tag Spawn who enters! Spawn enters the ring and immediately punches Guyver in the face with his spiked knuckles which cracks Guyver’s face plate and sends him down! Spawn lashes Guyver in the chest several times with his chains which does not have that much of an affect.

Spawn- Damn…

BoB- Guyver gets up and once again extends his vibro blades. Guyver slashes at Spawn but only manages to slice through a few of his chains. Spawn trips Guyver with a chain and punts his head with a slicing kick! Guyver’s face piece is severely damaged now!

Ralph- Look! Guyver backs up and sliced through the ropes of the ring and is exiting!

BoB- Is his control medal broken?

Ralph- I can’t tell from here Ralph.

Guyver- It’s not worth it. I am not going to risk having my control medal broken in some fight that is not necessary for defense of the world.

(Guyver walks off)

BoB- It’s over! Devilman and Spawn have defeated Shinji! Wow that was one great fight.

Ralph- Well, let’s move on, we have a lot more to do.

BoB- You got it!

Winner: Devilman and Spawn

New Wave Dave and Shayla Shayla v.Hystalin and Beowulf

Ralph- The fight I’ve been waiting to see is up now.. and here comes NEw Wave Dave, Shayla Shayla and Skuld.. Lina, Zel, sailor bowser, Midnight Rider, Mr. Fujisawa, Shinji and.. HUH CAN IT BEEE!?! MY PRECIOUS U-CHAN HEY UCHAN!!!!!!!
Ukyo- Oh please… HI RALPH!!! GO TO HELL!!!


Ralph- RATS!!! hey where’s Ifurita?

BoB- She’s in a comma, rememeber?

ralph- oh yeah.. i figured she’d like it here now since practically everyone’s part deamon HAHAHA and she IS afterall the deamon goddess.

BoB- Can it.. here come Hystalin and Beowulf as well as pretty much all of the underdark… and here’s a memo regarding this match.. no one is allowed to interfere in the match or they will be evicted from the UCTF.. hmm oculd be interesting

Ralph- Shayla And hystalin are in the center of the ring and the fight’s about to begin.


Hystalin- Hey you whore.. it’s tiem i repay you for what you did to devilman!!!

Shayla- What you mean beating him in afair fight!?!? Don’t call me whore you tramp.

Hystalin- TRAMP!!!>!?!?!? SLUT

Shayla- Bitch

Hystalin- Hussie

Shayla- HUSSIE!?!?! Why I… you’ll pay for that..

BoB- I was hoping maybe we’de get soem tenchi folks here but it looks like Aieka and Ryoko are alread here in shayla shayla and Hystalin

Hystalin- Cmoe and get me

Ralph- Shayla Shayla attacks Hystalin with a flying jump kick and it connects.. hystalin falls back and holds her jaw.

Hystalin- YOU DARE harm me!?!? what nerve… i must do something.. ICE2!!!

Bob- Shayla is nailed by the ice2 spell.. this isn’t good for her is it?

ralph- I should say not.

Hystalin- now to finish you off.. .this will be too easy.. uhh.. what’s this.. ahh yes a summoners gem.. I’ll throw it on the ground and a random summoned creature will appear..

BoB_ She just threw the su,moners gem Ifrit comes Ifrit- Hey Histalin.. HEY SHAYLA what’s up!?!

Shayla Shayla- Not too much how you been?

Ifrit- oh pretty good.. hey hystalin.. you wanted something?

Hystalin- go attack shayla shayla.

Ifrit- WHAT!?! O h i can’t do that.. she’s a fire priestess…

Hystalin- JUST DO IT!!

Ifrit- Whatever… but—

Bob- Hystalin just gave Ifrit a horrible look

Ifrit- OK…

Ralph- Ifrit just nailed Shayla Shayla with a HUGE F^%&ing fireball

Shayla Shayla- Ahh that feels good.. thanks hystalin.. now i can continue the match on better grounds

Hystalin- Oh yeah.. ahahaha fire based spells will only heal you huh? S^*% uhh.. shiva!!!!!

Ifrit- Shiva’s feelin’ poorly

Hystalin- WHAT!!

Ifrit- yeah she’s got the 12 hour eboli.. it’s been going around

Hystalin- S*^@!!!

Shayla- FIRE BLAST!!!!

BoB_ But hystalin tagged out to beowulf just in time…

Ralph- and it missed him

Little boy in crowd with club- it’s him… that’s the man that killed father

BoB- It’s serge.. he’s the kid that stole goul’dan’s club!!

Ralph- and he looks quite pissed

Serge- LIGHT PILLAR!!! BoB- several pillars of light are erupting from the ring around where beowulf is… he seem sot be dodging quite well when NWD confronts serge.

Serge- DAVE (deomnic voice now) TALON!!!

NWD- Serge, bol… what the hell are you doing serge-

Serge- I’m killing the man who got my daddy

NWD- no you’re not… it.. wasn’t him…

Serge- WHAT!>! it wasn’t then who?

Erlos- it was one of Bol’s friends Caius. the shapeshifter

Serge (demonic) Don’t listen to them.. it was beowulf

NWD_ NO serge it wasn’t him at all…

Serge- I don’t know what to do (demonic voice) kill them all

Erlos- no you musn’t serge.. even if beowulf did kill your dad you mustn’t seek revenge like this

Serge- I’m listening…

Erlos- you must simply force this deamon out of your body and allow HIM to attack beowulf.. revenge is served and you wil not have the guilt of a man;’s deathon your hands.

NWD- yes that would suffice

Serge- really!?!? ok Bol… LEAVE ME!!!

BoB_ HOLY THE F&^* a deamon is comming from serge-s body.. it’s bol allright and he looks pissed.

Bol- foolish child.. for rejecting me you will share the fate of the world before the others do.. DIE!!!


Erlos- damn

ralph- Serge is dead.. he’s been impaled by a beam of light fromt he ground…

serge- not dead… yet

BoB- WOAH I alomost forgot serge had Lobo the daggar on his body.. he just stabbed bol in the leg…

Serge- vengence…. must be.. served…

Ralph- the kids dying but he just pulle dth edaggar our and threw it at bOl’s head.. it went in one eye.. Bol falls to the ground as does Serge

Serge- *cough* I was good huh?

Erlos- you were great kid

Serge- *cough* I’m going now… good bye

NWD- see ya kid

Serge- DADDY!!!!! MOMMY!!! I’m…. I’m comming home now I–* BoB- *Sniff* What saddness fills the arena tonight th kid is dead

Ralph- but he went with dignity, honor and with his vengence served… if only we could all go that way.

Bob- Back to the fight… shayla shayla attacks beowulf with a spin kcik and sends him flying against the ropes.. she tags out to NWD who catches beowulf on the rebound… picks him up and puts him in a dragon suplex…

Ralph- beowulf’s up from it though and drags down NWD by the leg.. dave rolls over and pulls himself up using the ropes. goes to the other side of the ropes and>> SLINGSHOT MOONSAULTT!!!

BoB- anothe rmover dave was famous for in his days in tha AGWF.. he picks up beowulf and beowulf whipes dave aginast teh ropes and counters his rebound with a flying larriat.

Ralph- Dave is down and quite hurt.. he inche shis way over to shayla who reaches down to tag in but beowulf drags dave to HIS OWN corner and he and hystalinstar stomping him… dave slowly forces himself up and pushes Hystalin off the apron… she hit her head on the stair but is ok

BoB-Dave make his way to shayla and tags out.. Shayla gets in and immediatly flips beowulf over the top rope… hystalin tags him on his way down and gets in.. she whips shayla into a turnbuckel but shayla revreses it and hystalin is run head first into the turnbuckle.. shayla tags out to dave who send her to the center of the ring and climbs to the top rope.. is he gonna do it.. YES he just nailed hystalin with the 80s explosion!!! WHAT FINESS.. HE’S CURRENTLY ON TOP OF HER NOW… he’s slowly punding her back

Hystalin- OHhhhh that really hurt…I.. i don’t think i ever noticed how agile Dave was.. it’s kinda cu— NO hystalin. you can’t be thinking those things.. you love beowulf.. but dave is kinda. TAKEN ANYWAY!!! besiides he’s new light and I’m.. in love with someone else.. I…

BoB- Dave picks her up and tosses her into his corner where shayla is taged in…


Ralph- Shayla just threw Hyastlin on teh ground pretty hard and now she’s ready to


Ralph- a pillar of fire just erupted frmthe ground frying hystalin.. who is still in working shape but she doesn’t look too well

BoB- she’s going to tag in beowulf… bt she can’t make it there.. she passes out before she can reach it.. WHAT A FIGHT!!!

ralph- NEw Wave Dave and Shayla Shayla are the winners… congrats



BoB- and here comes our first competitor in our main event.. he’s being escorted by his lady friend Miss Sarah-chan.. she’s dressed as extravigantly as ever and dave takes his place in his corner

Ralph- and now here comes Alex Tobias.. ALONE

BoB- hey.. there ain’t nothin wrong with that


BoB- Alex initiates the first attack bt it’s like dave can read his moves he’s dodging all of them with great ease

Ralph- you forget that our good presiedent is something of a psychic

BoB- true.. actually ihear he’s one of the best here. if not the best

Ralph- he’s not attacking though.. he’s just mainly on the defenseive..

Bob- I don’t think he want’s to hurt Alex too much.. he believes that causeing the VP pain will only harm this feds full purpose..

ralph- wait he’s stopped moving.. so has alex.. is that a grin on Tarot’s face.. he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Tarot deck.. he draws the first card and places it on the ground

Tarot- now you will learn how i achieved my name… witness the card that I have drawn… ha! how approproate.. JUSTICE… this card will be the card that finishes you off. it will serve you justice for what you have done.. by rigging the morul/shayla shayla fight… can’t you feel it alex.. the justice being served in your head.. only temorary damage will be done and all mental.. noting permantent or life shattering mind you.. just feel it Alex.. feel the justice being served..

Alex- I see now.. forgive me (he fals down unconcious)

tarot- He’ll be up in the morning fine as ever as if nothing ever happened to him…

Winner: Tarot


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