First Rumble: Shinji Ikari | The Highlander | Fujisawa | Mourl | Tessai | Zelgadis Graywoods | Guyver | Xiahau The Blue Staff | Erlos | Vampire Hunter D | Kasuhiku Jinnai | Spawn | Midnight Rider |

Second Rumble: Ryu | Artemis Enteri | Ukyo | Hystalin the Black Paladin | Beowulf | Lina Inverse | Tetsuko Miroki (The “kiss off slappy” dude) | Anthony Maltempi | Kasume Tendo | Devilman | Sailor Bowser | Ryoga Hibiki | Goul’Dan

BoB- Welcome to another wonderful night of violence…
Ralph-That’s right tonight we will witness practcially ALL of the UCTF fighters beat the living sh&^ out of each other for the interplamitary title.

BoB- we will also announce just who will eb fighting whoin th efirst round of the leathal lottery in between the two matches… so let’s gte things underway we’ve got a big night ahead of us.

Rumble one

Ralph- We start off with Duncan and Shinji.. they’re making thier way into the ring now..
BoB- I’ll never understand why tarot let’s shinki take that thing with him.

< ralph- It's simple BoB, it would be unfair to shinji... if he didn't let him have it he would have to take away duncan's immortality, spawns' hellishness hystalin's summoning anbility.. it's just too much of an inconvienence to dissalow any fighting abilities

Fall one

BoB- I see.. and as you can see Duncan’s wasting no time, he’s climbed up the EVA and started slicing away at it..,P> Ralph- he’s only denting it man… and it wl ltake muhc more than dents to get that thing out of the ring.
BoB- too true.. the eva just flung duncan off of him duncan’s falling towards the floor and he’s.. he got the rope and flung himself bakc oin before it was too late.. now shinji is attempting to stomp on duncan… Ralph- and duncan’s manuverability is keeping him from being a flattened immortal… here comes fighter number three.. Mourl… i wonder what tricks he’s got planned

BoB- whatever it is I’m sure it’s not good

Ralph- he’s just standing there letting the other two beat the crap out of each other

BoB- wise move on his part, save your strength for when you need it.

Ralph- Speaking o fneeding it.. duncan has just dodged one of shinji’s attacks (how specific) andfalls outof the ring in doing so. DUNCAN IS OUT!!! And shinji focuses on mourl who starts flapping wildly.

Fall two

BoB- I wonder what he’s gonna do… here comes fighter four it’s Mr. Fujisawa!!! and he looks somewhat inebriated
Ralph- WHat HIM!?! DRUNK!?!? NO!!

BoB- Sarcasim will get you nowhere Ralph.

Ralph- he’s climbing into the ring and attacks shinji.


BoB- obviously he’s VERY drunk.


ralph- his kick bounces of shinji and he falls to the floor

Fall Three

BoB- that man has no will power, if he hadn’t been drinking all night maybe he’d of had a chance
Ralph- anyway mourl and shinji are squarring off and mourl pulls a large bazoka type gun on shinji.. he fires it..

BoB- OH no it’s the rapid fire assult CAN-O CREANED CORN CANNON.. he’s fire several cans of beakless creamed corn right at shinji.,P> ralph- and kids.. if you want a rapid fire assult can-o creamed corn cannon simply cut out 5000 UPCs fromt he beakles creamed corn can’s and send them with $653 shipping to the adress shown on your screan

BoB- easy money man.. here comes numero five.. Tessai.. and look he has both hands!!!

ralph- Tessai maves in toward MOurl who turns the cannon on him… the cans just bounce off of him… he’s completely unphased. He’s merely annoyed by these cans. .he turns on shinji.. he charges him and takles him..Shinji is out of the ring.. and shinji is out of the match

Fall four and five

BoB- Tessai and MOurl remain in the ring.
Tessai- You incompetant bird.. you hink these mere cans of corn can defeat me? HA!!!!

Ralph- here comes number six, Zelgaddis… MOurl flies up inot tessai’s faceand starts to glow really really bright.. that’s NO MOURL that’s a glow in the dark mourl remote control plush toy!! being controled by.. THER HE IS IN ROW FOUR. mourl himself

BoB- tessai is stumbling around, with a big brigth stuffed glow in the dark bird on his face.. he’s practically blinded as Zel gadis pushes him out of the ring, bird and all

Fall six

Ralph- So I guess MOurl and Tessai are out now.. And zelgadis is by himself
BoB- It’s too bad the old glow int he drak remote control plush Mourl with can-o creamed corn cannon trick didn’t work as well as planned.. but i think tessai woul dstill be in the ring if he didn’t use it

Ralph- And Zel is busy sizing up.. uhh.. he’s just kinda standing there.. waiting

BoB- Yup

ralph- Yeah look at him.. what finnes what.. h elooks kinda bored to me

BoB- Yup

Ralph- Here comes number seven, Guyver… he’s flying in with that new guy ryoga.. he drops ryoga off at ringside and atacks Zel, who ismore thna ready

BoB- Guyver ahs his vibro blades ready and he lunges at Zel who simply casts a levitation spell and doges


BoB- Guyver’s been hit by a Zels’ falre arrow spell.. but he looks to be OK as he attacks zel with his plasma cannon… a miss AND LUCKY FOR ZEL TOO, HUH? Ralph- That’s right BoB… here comes number 8 Xiahau.. many people ahve been calling him a traitor but i think his true stance is as enigmatic as his own self

BoB- how true Ralph. rumor has it that staff of his is one of the seven saced artifacts

ralph- I heard that too.. anyway he charges at GUyver with it while dadging several small blasts from both guyver and zel.. he hits guyver who BITCH SLAPS HIM.. wow i don’t think i’ve ever seen guyver bitch slap anyone before.

BoB- he looks like a big ole pussy now.. or a mobster

Ralph- anyway zel attacks GUyver who merely flips him over the top rope. Zel is out

fall Se7en

BoB- Xiahau stands back and awaits Guyver’s atack.. it seems gyver is doing the same thing.. no wait guyver is building up some neergy and he blasts xiahau wiht his plasma cannon.. oh that’s gotta hurt.. but wait xiahau is slowly rising to his feet,, he attacks the guyver unit with a powerful fletche he actually knocked him down with that stick
ralph- here comes number nine.. it’s NWD!!! and he’s got Shayla Shayla with him… they make such a cute couple

BoB- Oh yeah.. a deamon infested DJ and a holy fire priestess.. PERFECT MATCH

Ralph- Sarcasim will get you nowhere

BoB_ andywa dav’e sin the ring now and he turns his focus immediatly to Xiahau

NWD- That staff…it IS one of the seven… Xiahau.. we need to know wher eyou stand

Ralph- He’s silent.. he seems focuse don the fight.. guyver chargs at him

Guyver- TRAITOR!!!!


BoB- New Wave dave jumped between the two of them and as all three get knocked over.. guyver stands up… picks up xiahau and throws him out of the ring… XIAHAU catches the florr with his staff and flings himself back into the ring.. his feet never touched so he’s still in it.. Xiahau throws NWD into the ropes and thwaks him in the back with his staff

NWD- AUUGGHHH! I must not let his staff hit me.. too much.. pain

BoB- Xiahau could KILL nwd right now.. he’s got the equipment to do so

ralph- he hesitates.. maybe he’s not with the deamons after all.. wiat he’s up and he attempts to impale NWD from behind but GUYVER interceds and slashes Xiahau’s staff out of the way…

Gyver- so you are a traitor… then you must DIE!!

BoB- here some’s number ten.. how appropriate.. it’s Erlos

Ralph- he’s got his sphere.. i heard THAT was anther of the seven artifacts… he points it at xiahau and chants a speel.. a bolt shoots through the orb and hits xiahau…

Erlos- a mind control spell… it’ spower intesified by this orb.. he lost all ocntrol and temporarily shut down..

Ralph- so he’ll be fine in the morning huh?

BoB- it certainly appears so.. NWD pushes Xiahau out of the ring before Guver can move to finish him off…

Fall 8ight

ralph- Guyver attacks NWD and acuses him of being a traitor as well..
NWD- NO.. he just can’t die yet. .he’ snot one of them and deserves mercy..

Guyver- yeah i suppose you’re right… but he trie dto

NWD_ AH AH.. did he? no.. that’s your thanks.. i thank you.. just don’t kill him.. he’s not entirely at fault.

Erlos- hey.. can we get on with the fight? BoB- He just createa ball of energy and threw it at the two, who both move in time for it to hit number 11 entering.. vampire hunter D.. he’s out.. and he never made it to the ring

fall Nine

Ralph- Guyver attacks Erlos from above as NWD climbs up to the top rope by erlos.. guyver zooms down and crashes into erlos who is almost out… he manages to fight his way back in intime for NWD to jump kick him from the top rope…
BoB- Dave picks up erlos and flings him into the ropes.. followed by hi 80’s explosion.. nice move on his part. here comes 12.. it’s Kasuhiku Jinnai.. and he’s got a whole heard of bugrom with him…

Ralph- he’s in the ring and guyver immediately throws him out.. but one of his bugroms catche shim and puts him back in the ring

Jinna- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you can’t throw me out.. I have too many followrs.. i’d just be crowd surfing.. HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Bob- now THAT is unfair…

ralph- what are you talking baout.. it’s hi sonly way of fighting.. Erlos is getting up from dave’s attack and picks him up to throw him over.. dave flips out of the hold and trips Erlos.. who grabs dave’s leg and yanks hard.. that has GOT ro hurt

BoB- Kasuhiku is thrown out and bakc in and out and backin.. guyver must be wearing down now since Kasuhkiu can’t really be thrown out.. wait who’s that in the crowd

Ralph- It’s Nanami.. kasuhiku’s sister

Nanami- Get your boxed lunches.. only 15 roshtals a piece.. huh? who’s that down there.. oh its’ Chico HEY CHICO!!

Ralph- she seems to be talking to one of the bugroms.. who is now blushing

Chico 0:iQ4

Namami- Really: what a dufus… i hate my borter so much.. he;s so annoying..

BoB- Kasuhiku is on the floor.. a bugrom missed him

Jinnai- ALL RIGHT WHOI WA SSUPPOSED TO BE STANDING HERE!?!? CHICO!!! or Gummo or whatever your name is

Nanami- Woops.. you should go now

BoB- and jinnai chases after chico follwoe dby the rest of the bugrom.. it seems that Jinnai is out now too

Fall ten

Ralph- to take his place is SPawn.. memebr of the underdark.. well look waht we have here
Bob- an indy a new lighter and two underdrakers.. if there wasn’ta deamon thing going on here i’d venture to say we’de have outrselves a tag matchup in the making

Ralph- Guyver and NWD attack spawn right off who immediatly wraps one of his hains around Dave’s left leg.. Erlos fires an energy blast at guyver who blocks it with a shot from his plasma cannon…

BoB- Dave manges to flip himself into the air despire the chain on his leg and kick spawn in the face.

Ralph- GUyver lunges at Erlos who dodges and throws him into a recently landed NWD..

BoB- Spawn gathers himself from the kick and attacks NWD and guyver full force.. is that a motorcycle i hear?

Ralph- yes it is Bob, our final contestant midnight rider has arrived… he enters the ring with his shape changing staff

BoB- I bet Caius wishes he had that


BoB- he attacks erlos with it. Erlos grabs it from him and attack guyver with it… it had bene tunred into a pike before erlos grabbed it and a pike it is now.. OH MY HOLY CRAP!! ERLOS JUST IMPLAED GUYVER WITH THE SPEAR.. guyver is out of it

Ralph- well, he’s out of it allright.. he’s out of control.. we’ve gotta evactuate this place NOW

BoB- NWD, spawn, erlos and Midnight rider have all exited the ring for fear of the insane Guyver.. who, incidentally just won the rumble.. we’ll be back as soon as we can move everyone in and as soon as the guyver is calmed down.


a few commercials air and then we’re back

BoB- ok we’ve moved eevryone tothe OTHER stadium for the duration of this night.. we’ll open with an announement by presiednt Tarot.. he’s got a list of who will be fighitng who in the first round

Tarot- Thank you BoB.. a few quick things first.. one agent d has bene removed from the leathal lottery so necommer Iceman will eb taking his place. Iceman’s partner, fireball, will take the place of the winner of the current tournamnet since one person cannot hold two titles.. yet.

Now match one will be Xiahau and Ukyo v. Kuno and Tetsuko

Match Two will be Jinnai and Hystalin v. Zel and Ryu

Match three will be NWD and Lina INverse v. Kodachi and Shinji

Match four will be Guyver and Erlos v. Tenchi and Kasume

Match five will be Beowulf and Artemis v. Iceman and Sailor Bowser

Match six will be Devilman and fujisawa v. Goul’dan and Skuld

Match seven will be Mourl and Spawn v. Midnight Rider and Ryoga

And match eight will be Naga and Tessai v. Duncan and Vampire Hunter D

As you can see we’ve got a huge time ahead of us .. these matches won’t take place fora couple weeks since we’ve still gotta dtermine who wins THIS title… good luck to all of you

Ralph- some interesting matchups there Bob.. let’s move right along

BoB- Well, I hope this rumble will be as interesting as that last one!

Ralph- Well Bob, with Devilman, Tetsuko and Skuld in it, I think that it should be for sure.

Bob- Me too Ralph, and here comes Our first fighters! It is Ryu, and Artemis!

Fall 1, 2, 3, & 4

BoB- Artemis quickly attacks Ryu with his magical sword, but Ryu dodges it and counters with a sweep kick to the back of Artemis’s legs! Artemis dodges partly but is still grazed. Ryu uses a helicopter kick at Artemis! Artemis ducks out of the way, and hits Ryu with an uppercut! Ryu is sent back to the ropes, and is down! Artemis attacks Ryu with a storm of kicks, and lands several! Ryu is hurt! Artemis draws his dagger but Ryu grabs the hand of Artemis and restrains him from stabbing him!

Ralph- And in comes Ukyo! Ukyo attacks both fighters who quickly dive out of the way avoiding the huge spatula! Artemis throws his dagger at Ukyo but misses, but he is attacked by Ryu! Ryu jump kicks Artemis which sends him down! Ukyo charges at Ryu…

Ryu- Ho ko den!!!!!

BoB- And Ryu sends Ukyo out of the ring with one of his ho ko den energy bursts!!!! And Ukyo is out of the fight! Artemis attacks Ryu again with his sword, but Ryu leaps over him, and comes down with a chop to the back of Artemis! Artemis back-hands Ryu, but is hit by the powerful knee kick of Ryu, and both fighters go down!

Ralph- That dirty mother f….

BoB- Careful there Ralph. Watch your language, I know he knocked out Ukyo, but someone had to do it. And Ryu gets up and kicks Artemis who is also getting up, and subsequently sent back down. Artemis starts to get back up… But Ryu hits him with one of his energy bursts!!!! Artemis is sent back to the turn buckle! Ryu rushes Artemis and starts to pummel him with punches!! This could be it for him! And it is! Ryu has knocked out Artemis!

Ralph- But look! Hystalin, and Beowulf just entered the ring! Hystalin starts conjuring up a spell but her concentration is broken by a power burst from Ryu, and she is on the ground! Beowulf lunges at Ryu but his attack is cut short by a flying kick from Skuld, leader of the New Light, who has just flew in! Beowulf goes down, but gets right back up, that kick barely even fazed him! Beowulf draws his war hammer and this time lunges at Skuld! Skuld dodges… But Beowulf follows through with a kick! And connects with the stomach of Skuld! Skuld doubles over onto the ground, and Beowulf picks her back up! Beowulf holds Skuld by the collar with one hand, and punches her out of the ring with his other! Skuld is out! NOW! Will someone finally kill that bastard Ryu, that hit Ukyo!!!!!

BoB- I think you had better let me take in for now Ralph.

Ralph- That bastard! Hey, that word is not censored…

BoB- And Hystalin shoots a bolt of something or another at Ryu, and it seems to paralyzed him! Hystalin attacks Ryu with a barrage of punches, but Ryu catches her wrists and throws her over his head and out of the ring!!!

Beowulf- You son of a bitch! Now I will destroy you!!!!

Ryu- That’s what Artemis said. Give it your best shot wolf boy… Fall 5

BoB- Beowulf charges at Ryu with war hammer in hand and swings at Ryu and misses! Ryu kicks the back of Beowulf with a roundhouse, Beowulf falls into the turnbuckle and drops his war hammer out of the ring!

Ralph- S#^t! Beowulf needs his weapon to win! Common Beowulf! kick this guy’s @$$!!!

BoB- You’re being bias Ralph.

Ralph- He beat my Ukyo, he deserves to die!!!!!

BoB- And on with the real fight! Beowulf dives at Ryu and tries to tackle him, but Ryu jumps out of the way! At this rate Ryu may take the whole rumble!

Ralph- What!!!

BoB- Don’t worry Ralph, look at it this way, if he does, you can jump in.


BoB- And Ryu lunges at Beowulf and attempts to hit him with a knee kick but is knocked back by a punch. Beowulf again trying to get a hold on Ryu is unsuccessful! Now Ryu is a very big guy, but is still much smaller then Beowulf. Ryu able to easily dodge Beowulf, counters with a spinning back kick, which connects right on the side of the head of Beowulf! Beowulf goes down and looks a bit disorientated! Ryu picks up the dazed Beowulf and tries to throw him out of the ring, but does not get him far enough! Ryu approaches Beowulf and picks him up again! But Beowulf grabs the shirt of Ryu.

Beowulf- Nice try…

Ryu- Huh?

Ralph- Now it’s time to get this thing rolling!

BoB- And Beowulf punches the face of Ryu! Ryu tries to block the pummeling of Beowulf but is unable to! Beowulf with one hand throws Ryu across the ring! And he jumps on him and puts him into a bear hug!

Ryu- Uhhhhh!!!

Beowulf- Trouble breathing?

Ralph- Yes! And it looks like Beowulf is trying to crush the rib cage of Ryu! But he lets him drop to the ground. Beowulf kicks Ryu over to the side of the ring and picks him up once again! Beowulf throws Ryu into the turn buckle and charges at him! But Ryu stops Beowulf dead in his tracks by kicking him in the chest with a front kick! Beowulf backs off for a second to catch the wind that was knocked out of him. Ryu stands up straight and throws another kick right at Beowulf, but his foot is caught! And Beowulf kicks Ryu in the side while he is holding Ryu’s leg, and Ryu doubles over! Beowulf grabs the throat of Ryu and starts choking him with one hand! This could get messy! Beowulf picks Ryu up by the neck and holds him above his head and punches him in the chest sending him out of the ring! And I think that Beowulf earned that victory!

BoB- I would have to agree with you there but…

Fall 6

BoB- Charleston has entered the ring!!!!!!!

Ralph- And look! He his being followed by Lenny! His goat with glasses!

Charleston- Ea, ho s’d a mes’? Lenny, sik em’?

(The goat stares at him)

Charleston- Lenny! I s’d sik em’!

(The goat stares at him)

Charleston- I g’s I gotta do it.

BoB- Beowulf is looking a bit confused here as The janitor has entered the rig with a goat.

Ralph- Well, who wouldn’t be?

BoB- And Charleston has gotten out a bucket. I am not sure what that is for. But he is giving it to Beowulf

Beowulf- Huh? What is this for?

Charleston- Js l’d ths’…

Beowulf- Ummm, okay.

BoB- And the janitor… Oh my God!!!! The bucket that Charleston gave to Beowulf just exploded! And Beowulf is sent to the second level seating! And I guess that means he is out!

Charleston- Hehehehe. Y ’ik tat Lenny?

(The goat stares at him. And they both exit)

Falls 7, & 8

BoB- And Tetsuko Hiroshi and Lina inverse enter the ring! And it also appears that someone has thrown Anthony Maltempi’s dead body into the ring too… Who put him in the tournament!

Ralph- Who didn’t bury him?

BoB- I think the EPA wouldn’t let them do that one Ralph.

Ralph- Oh, okay.

Lina- Okay kid! I am going to make you wish you were never born!

Tetsuko- Oh KISS OFF SLAPPY! Why would I care about threats from a girl that has a smaller chest than I do!

Lina- WHAT!!! How could you… How could you…. HOW COULD YOU CALL ME SLAPPY!!!!!!

Tetsuko- Because I told you to KISS OFF SLAPPY! That’s how

Ralph- And Tetsuko tries to kick Lina Inverse but she easily dodges the leg of Tetsuko…

BoB- And Kasumi has entered the ring!!!

The whole crowd- Oh God!

Kasumi- Oh my, this dress that you are wearing is filthy. Why don’t you let me…

(Lina back hands Kasume out of the ring, not realizing that it is actually Kasumi. The whole UCTF world goes dead silent)

BoB- I can’t believe she just did that!

(As Lina stares at Kasumi, not quite realizing what she has done, Tetsuko picks up the dead body of Anthony, and throws it at Lina, and knocks her out of the ring)

Tetsuko- HAHA! Take that and KISS OFF SLAPPY!

Fall 9

BoB- And Tetsuko is still in as Devilman finally enters the ring!

Devilman- Nice job there pal, but it’s time for you to go.

BoB- And Devilman charges at Tetsuko and attempts to ram him out of the ring! Tetsuko is hit hand and bounces off of the ropes like a sling shot and hits Devilman!!! and knocks him down!

Ralph- Hmmm, wouldn’t it be funny if Tetsuko ended up beating Devilman?

BoB- Well, he did manage to get Lina out of the ring, and if Tetsuko can do that then, I’d imagine anything is possible.

Ralph- Yeah, me too.

BoB- But I must confess, Devilman is an entirely different story from Lina Inverse.

Ralph- That’s for sure!

BoB- And Devilman gets up and charges at Tetsuko again! Tetsuko rolls and trips Devilman though! Devilman rises to his knees and grabs Tetsuko by the shoulders and throws him over to the side of the ring! Both fighters rise and charge towards each other! Devilman gets ready for what looked like was going to be a clothes liner, but Tetsuko rolls on the canvas and trips Devilman once again!!!

Devilman- What kind of fight is this? Come on, fight me for real!


BoB- Devilman wraps his antenna around the neck of Tetsuko and starts to choke him! Tetsuko tries to remove Devilman’s antenna from his neck but is unable to!

Ralph- Look! Tetsuko is turning red! This may be the end of Tetsuko right here!

BoB- No look! Tetsuko somehow managed to pull the antenna of Devilman off of his neck!

Devilman- What the???

BoB- Tetsuko charges at Devilman and punches him in the stomach which sends him down! Where did this cone from?!?!

Tetsuko- You don’t think that I joined the UCTF for no reason do you? What person in the ring mind would join a fighting organization like this if they weren’t a good fighter?

Devilman- I don’t care, I am going to….

Tetsuko- Make me wish I was never born right?

Devilman- Uhhh, Yeah something like that.

Tetsuko- Well don’t count on it Bucky!

BoB- Tetsuko leaps at Devilman with a flying kick! But Devilman dodges And grabs the other leg of Tetsuko and slams him on the ground! Tetsuko gets up but is hit by a front kick from Devilman! Devilman Grabs Tetsuko and throws him into the turn buckle. Devilman charges again at Tetsuko but is stopped by a uppercut! Devilman goes down! But he grabs the leg of Tetsuko and trips him!

Ralph- That has been happening a lot I have noticed.

BoB- I think you’re right. Well, Tetsuko and Devilman both rise, and Devilman Grabs the head of Tetsuko and starts choking him on the center rope!

Ralph- Look! Tetsuko passed out!

BoB- Yes he did. And Tetsuko is out of the rumble!

Falls 10, & 11

Ralph- Devilman is still in the ring and in comes Ryoga, and Sailor Bowser! And they look like they mean business.

BoB- That’s right Ralph. And both Ryoga and Sailor Bowser enter from opposite sides of the ring and Devilman moves to the side in order to avoid being attacked from the front and back.

Ryoga- I can’t believe it! I made it here!!! Good thing I gave myself a day extra. It must be an sigh! Devilman! I shall break you! And finally win the love of Akane!

SB- Oh be quiet! I have to avenge the loss of Midnight Rider by winning this so I don’t want to hear it!

Ralph- Ummm, I think this is a fight, not a debate.

Ryoga- Oh yeah. Hehe, forgot about that. (Anime sweat bead appears)

Devilman- Good, let’s rumble…

BoB- Devilman Quickly attacks Ryoga who grabs him and throws him to the ground! SB Leaps at Ryoga with a jump kick and sends him back to the ropes! Ryoga attacks SB with a punch to the stomach but it only grazes her! SB tries to fend off Ryoga but he is too strong, and pushes her back. Ryoga throws a series of punches at the face of SB but they are all dodged! SB Hits Ryoga in the side of the head with a spinning jump kick and Ryoga is sent to the turnbuckle!

Devilman- Not so fast! Aren’t we forgetting someone?

BoB- Devilman lunges at SB, and she tries to jump over him but he catches her by the waste and throws her to the ropes! SB grabs Devilman by the head and head-butts him! Devilman’s face is bloody now! Devilman starts throwing repeated punches at the face of SB and most are connecting!

Ralph- SB is trying to defend herself but is unable to! Devilman throws SB over to the other turnbuckle and hits her with a kick to the side, and SB goes down!

BoB- Devilman picks SB back up and swings her over the top rope and out of the ring! SB is out!

Ryoga- Sorry about that, I kinda got lost there for a second.

Devilman- In the ring?

Ryoga- Shut up you! Come on, let’s fight!

Devilman- My pleasure…

BoB- Devilman, wraps his antenna around the head of Ryoga and starts to squeeze! Ryoga grabs his antenna however and easily pulls them of himself. Devilman extends his wings and flies above Ryoga’s head before he was able to get a hold on him.

Devilman- No problem, I’ll just fight you like I did poor old Mr. Fujisawa!

Ryoga- Oh yeah?!

Ralph- Look! Ryoga jumped up and grabbed Devilman and pulled him down!

Devilman- Shit!

BoB- Ryoga pushed Devilman to the ground and raises his finger above his head!

Ryoga- Bax ai den ken!!!!!!

BoB- Ryoga uses his trade mark move and shatters the ring below Devilman! Devilman was able to fall out of the way there when Ryoga did that.

Ralph- It’s a good thing too. That move would have ended it for Devilman.

BoB- And Devilman leaps over the hole and grabs Ryoga by both shoulders and pushes him over to the other side of the ring and pins him up against the ropes! Ryoga grabs the head of Devilman. But is shot in the neck by a lazer from the antenna of Devilman! Ryoga is in pane but is still no knocked out yet! Devilman pulls a spinning jump kick and knocks Ryoga over into the turnbuckle!

Ralph- This is amazing, that these two fighters can take such a beating and come back for more! Devilman extends his wings and flies at face level towards Ryoga, and hits him in the face with his knee!!!!

BoB- And that will end that!!!!! Devilman has KO’d Ryoga Hibiki!!!!

Falls 12, & 13 Devilman- Did I win??

Ref- No not yet.

Devilman- Who the hell is still here???

(Goul’Dan enters the ring and trips over the dead body of Anthony Maltempi breaking it in half and falling out of the ring)

Devilman- That was interesting…

Ralph- Yes, that certainly was interesting.

Devilman- Oh yeah.

(Devilman beaten and out of breath throws both halves of Anthony Maltempi out of the ring)

BoB- And now it’s over!!!!!!!!!! Devilman has won the rumble!! He is the last man standing!!!

Ralph- That was too much excitement for me! What a fight!!!!

BoB- Congratulations Devilman, you get to move on and fight Guyver in the final round of the last man standing tournament for the Interplanetary Championship!

Ralph- Now just to give you the top stats here: Devilman led in knockouts with 4, Tetsuko Hiroshi, Ryoga Hibiki, Anthony Maltempi, and Sailor Bowser. Second to him in knockouts was Ryu with three, they were: Ukyo, Artemis, and Hystalin. Tetsuko had one knock out, however he did manage to say KISS OFF SLAPPY four times.

BoB- I think that he should get some credit for that too.

Ralph- Yeah me too.

BoB-And we’re outa here!


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