Akira & Vampire Hunter D Vs. FireAnIce | Spawn Vs. Artemis Enteri | Ryoga Hibiki Vs. Fujisawa | Mourl Vs. Zelgadis Graywoods | Naga the Serpent Vs. Ifurita | Devilman vs. Guyver (re-match)

Hello everyone, I’m Bobby Hinden, along with my fight analyst Ralph Gerrard.
Ralph- Hi.

BoB- And this is the night that you all have been waiting for. The deciding match for the Interplanetary Championship, between Devilman, and Guyver. But first off we have a tag match for you. It is Akira, and Vampire Hunter D, vs. the newest addition to the UCTF, Fire And Ice, which consists of Ice man, and Fireball.

Ralph- A very interesting match up I think Bob.

BoB- Indeed it is Ralph. And speaking of Fire and Ice, here they come now!

(Fire and Ice come down the isle, and the crowd explodes)

Ralph- Wow! Listen to that crowd! I don’t ever remember hearing that warm of a welcoming for anyone in the debut match.

BoB- Me either. And they now enter the ring. Down the other isle now is coning Akira and Vampire Hunter D, riding on Akira’s motorcycle.

Ralph- And they are not getting a great reaction from this crowd. I am hearing several boos, and not too many cheers there.

BoB- Akira enters the ring, and he will be first against Ice man.


BoB- And there’s the bell! Akira charges at Ice man, but Ice man dodges out of the way and grabs Akira by the back of the shirt and throws him into the turn buckle! Ice man comes around with an over head hook, and follows through with an uppercut! Ice man throwing a huge flurry of hard punches to the head and mid section of Akira! This looks like trouble!

Ralph- Already…

BoB- Ice man is now holding on to Akira by the neck with his left hand and throwing over hand bombs with his right! Akira is bloody as Ice man takes him by his collar and throws him to the canvas in the center of the ring! Akira is struggling to get up as Ice man runs in and hits him in the shoulder with a kick sends him over to the side of the ring on his back!

Ralph- And look! Vampire Hunter D has tagged his partner and is now entering the ring! Ice man forms a softball sized ice ball in his right hand an hurls it at Vampire Hunter D, who slashes it in half with his huge sword! Ice man charges at Vampire Hunter D and slides under a swing of his sword and trips him with a slide kick!

BoB- And Vampire Hunter D goes down but gets right back up again… But only rises to get crushed in the face by a round house kick from Ice man! And Vampire hunter D falls back to the turn buckle! Ice man grabs Vampire Hunter D’s arm which is holding his sword and puts him in an arm bar! Ice man forces Vampire Hunter D to drop the sword and he lets him go, and throws a side kick to the stomach of Vampire Hunter D sending him once again into the turn buckle!

Ralph- This is a massacre Bob! We haven’t even seen Fireball yet.

BoB- That’s right. And Ice man throws two short uppercuts to the chest of Vampire Hunter D, with a left and a right and hits him with a straight legged kick to the boddom of the chin!

Ralph- And down goes Vampire Hunter D! And in comes Akira, with no tag! Akira leaps at Ice man and grabs him around the arms! But here comes Fireball now! Fareball illuminated with a light red glow hits Akira, who is still holding onto Ice man, in the back and knocks him to the ground! Akira tries to get up but is instead helped up the hard war by Fireball! Fireball throws Akira into the corner and leaps at him and hits him in the stomach with a jump kick! Fireball starts pummeling Akira with a multitude of punches to the head and mid section!

BoB- Look there, Ice man picks up Vampire Hunter D by the collar and lifts him up into the air! And Fireball does the same to Akira! Both fighters throw their opponents out of the ring! And Fire and Ice Have their arms in the air with victory! It is over! Fireball, and Ice man high five as they exit the ring. That’s right, Fire and Ice have made a masterful debut fight, with the annihilation of Akira and Vampire Hunter D!

Ralph- My goodness! Neither Vampire Hunter D, nor Akira had ANY opportunity to use their special powers there, with the quick attacks from Fire and Ice.

BoB- But on that same note, Ice man and Fireball did not use any special powers either. Ice man only threw, what was it? One ice ball?

Ralph- That’s right. You know, I am looking foreword to seeing these two fight again. They obviously outclassed these opponents. And I would like to see how they fare against someone stronger.

BoB- Me too, but keep in mind that there aren’t that many tag teams in the UCTF. There is AX who is tough, but I have a hard time imagining them being able to beat these two, and we also have Crimson wolf, consisting of Beowulf, and Spawn. Who are tough, but not really that much of a tag team. And we have Lina and Zel, who I am not sure if they are a tag team either. So we will really just need to sit back and wait for a while and see what happens.

Ralph- That’s right, but for now let’s move on to our next match, Spawn, vs Artemis.

Spawn v.Artemis

BoB- Ok here coems spawn and artemis..fighting their way into the ring
Ralph- yeah yeah yeah..spare me the commentary

BoB- That’s our job

Ralph- BLOW ME!

BoB- Shut up ralph. Theyr’ein the ring, the beel hasn’t rung yet and the twolock up

Ralph- yup..this looks like a true battle o strength right now. spawn and artemis just exerting force upon one another

boB- whoever wins this volleyforserve will probably win the match

Ralph- but you know something else? I DON’T GIVE A RAT”S LEFT NUT!!!

BoB- okaayyyy… it’s hard to tell who’swinning right niow since they both seem equally matched here

Ralph- so why the f^%& do we bother huh?

BoB-look I gottapiss.i’ll be right back

Ralph- Oh great leave me here to comemntate on two guys holding each other.. this is so boring I hate this F^%in job. So uh they’re pretty much holding each other. OIh this sucks so much I hate it… I’m gonna go get soemthing to eat.

(several minutes pass by.. and BoB returns first.

BoB- Ralph!?! where the hell did you go? looks like nothing much happened here… thank god…

Ralph- (returns with a few chilli dogs and a dr. pepper

BoB- where the hell did you go?

Ralph- I was bored and hungry so i left to get something to eat.

BoB- you know better

Ralph- guess what? I DON’T CARE!!! nothing happened we missed nothing..they’re just holding each other there.. what the heck am I gonna do!?!

BoB-but something coulda happened.

Ralph- did soemthing happen? no…so sit the f&**^ down and enjoy your wiener

BoB- great while you were giving your mysoginistic diatribe spawn broke the hold and stragled artemis wiht one of his chains…sigh.. pay attention next time..artemis is out and spawn won.



Ryoga v.Fujisawa

BoB- Ok here comes Ryoga..and Fujisawa

Ralph-yeah they’re cool

BoB-Ok ralph..they’re gonna fight each other

Ralph-oh yeah, that’s pretty cool too..BLOOD BLOOD

BoB-yeah OK blood yeah they’re in the ring and ready to go.

Ralph- This has been themost anticipated fight for me.I’ve been looking forward to it.the two strongest fighters in my animayhem deck.

BoB- Yeah they’re pretty powerful.I hear bets have been pouring in from all over as to who will win this matchup. Millions of dollars are at stake in what I’m sure will be a very tough,very long match.

Ralph- That’s right, in fact we talked it over with US PLus and tehy said if the fight lasts longer than our alloted time we can go over.

BoB- I have a feeling we’ll need it. Let’s get ready to fight now.


Ralph- Fujisawa starts off by attacking Ryoga, but he misses, Ryoga nails him it the back of the head with an elbow attack…


Ralph- I guess we may not need that extra time after all huh? Fujisawa- HIC!


Mourl v. zel

Bob- Allright everyone, we have an iteresting fight for you here, It is Mourl, from the Beakless Mourls vs. Zel from the New Light.
Ralph- This will be an intresting fight, because both fighters are coming off of their first loss, which was in the tournamen.

BoB- I agre Ralph, both fighters are really going to want a win here, because two straight losses would not look good.

Ralph- Absolutely Bob, and this is also a high profile card too, it has the deciding fight for the Interplnetary Championship between Guyver, and Devilman. So a lot of people will be watching this.

BoB- That’s right, and here comes the first fighter now, and it is Zel!

(Zel enters)

BoB- And Zel enters the ring, and is looking ready for any trick that Mourl may be planning.

Ralph- There’s Mourl! he has… well… Ummm, kind of appeared over by the turn buckle of the ring.

BoB- No look! Mourl is over there in the crowd!

Ralph- Wait a minute. Mourl is over there at ring side standing next too.. What appears to be another Mourl

BoB- Look over there, and over there. Well, the Mourl sightings are up to eight now, as Mourls just appear to be popping up all over the UCTF arena.

Ralph- Yeah, two more Mourls have appeard in other corners of the ring, and I see six if seven more in the crowd.

BoB- This is a little rediculos Ralph, there are hundreds of beakless turkeys running around here.

Zel- You fool… I don’t care how many ofyou there are, I will destroy you all!

Mourl- ……………….. ………….. ………….. ……….! …………………………….. …………………… ……….. ……………………….? ……. (………. …..) …….,……………… …………….., …… $…. …….!!! ………………. & ……………….. ………….. ……….; …………..: …….., ………., ………..! ……….

Zel- You leave my mother out of this bird!!!!

BoB- Oooohhhh! Mourl is insulting Zel! And Zel charges at the nearest Mourl to him and punches him. Mourl shatters!!!! It was a mirror! Reflecting off the real Mourls somewhere! I can’t believe it! Mourl pulled the old Mourl mirror trick!

Rlaph- I havn’t seen that one since 1982!

BoB- And Zelgadis, charges at another Mourl! And once agin shatters another mirror!

(Mourl starts making weird faces at Zel)

Zel- Damn you Bird! I will find you sooner or later!

BoB- And Zel leaps into the first row and smashes another mirror Mourl!

Rlaph- Zel is working his way back through the crowd smashing mirror Mourl, after mirror Mourl!

Zel- I will find you! And when I do!!!

BoB- And Zel is really pissed off now! He is smashing away at all these mirror Mourls! And Zel just picked up a beer salesman and threw him at a mirror Mourl! Zel Picks up Lennym and throws him at another mirror Mourl!

Ralph- But look! Lenny is pissed!

(Lenny charges at Zel)

Charleston- (Still sitting in the fron row) dat Lenny haf bn’ getn a h’t dog fr a long tem there.

BoB- And Lenny head butts Zel in the back! It didn’t have too much affect because Lenny has no horns, and hs to be careful of his glasses, but I think that it is the thought that really counts in this case.

Ralph- Me too. And Zel pushes lenny back and is still serching for Mourl. And here comes Anthony Maltempi!!

BoB- I thought he was dead.

Ralph- Me too, oh well Anthony walks into the ring, and is leaving a trail of grease behind him. And I think that, that pissed off Charleston!

BoB- And Charleston breaks a mop over his knee and throws the sharp part through Anthony’s chest! And he falls down dead!

(The crowd explodes!)

BoB- Listen to that crowd! Everyone is on their feet cheering for charleston! Because they all hate that little bastard Anthony!

Ralph- Look at that! The mirror that was in the ring was not a Mirror Mourl! It was a real Mourl!

BoB- THe ref looks at mourl, and looks into the crowd where Zel is, and Zell is counted out! Mourl wins!

Ralph- I was going to say this sooner, but you NEVER leve the ring when you are fighting Mourl! Because chances are he’s still in there somewher! Wow, that was one interesting fight to say the least.

BoB- Yeah it was. But we had better move on to our next match. Naga vs. Ifurita.

Winner- Mourl

Naga v.Ifurita

BoB- and now we have Naga v. Ifurita an underdarker v a new lighter.
Ralph- what will they think of next?

BoB- yeah I know, it’s my understandng, however, that Ifurtia is under the controlof our very own persident Tarot.

Ralph- It’s my understanding that you’re big fat harry dildo.

boB- ralph, get off the crack and get on with the match.

Ralph- Ya know what!? BLOW ME!!!

BoB-now ralph..

ralph- don’t now ralph me I’m sickof being your stupid sidekick..i wanna have my own show with dancing girls and dangerous stunts… no buddist writers either.

BoB- Ralph, you know damn well you’re under contract with US PLUS..you can’t leave.

Ralph- YEah!?! watch me…

(he leaves)

BoB- so i guess I’m on my own now. the two are in the center of the ring and ready to go


BoB- AND THEY’RE OFF!!! Naga uses herflare arrow attack against the deamon-god who dodges them easilly..she counters with a lightning attack form her key staff… which also misses. Naga counters with a giga bolt,which connects sending ifurita to the ground.. she gets up and sends a few tornadoes at Naga, one pickes her up and throws her at a turnbuckle. the others destroy half of the ring. I guess we’ll need a new one for the final matchup. Naga gets up, brushes herself off and attacks Ifurita with a fireball spell. Ifurita is hit and goes down on the president who is sitting ringside. She gets off and goes back into the ring, ready to fight some more. Naga laughs a lot and Ifurita gets a little upset and attacks her with afireball from her key staff.. it hits naga in the..uh one of her uhh.. you know and bounces back at Ifurita. Ifurita falls again. She gets up and hears the presidentsay something to her.

Ifurita- YES SIR!!!

BoB- and she flies away to do what she was asked to do. The count is ten and Naga wins after out fighting Ifurita nayway.

Winner- Naga (ifurita comes back in carrying ralph she sits him down at his spot)

Ifurita- stay there or else you will be dead like..uh bad tea or soemthing.

BoB- Ralph,you gotta quit the drugs.

Ralph- oh yeah..BLOW ME AGAIN>> HARDER!!!

Ifurita- Ralph….

Ralph- I mean uh..let’s get on with ourlast match.

Guyver v. Devilman

BoB- All right everyone! it is the time that you have all been waiting for! The main event, Devilman vs. Guyver. now THIS should be an interesting fight! It is the third time that these two have met in the ring, Both of which the first two Devilman won.
Ralph- This will be a hard fight to call Bob. Because Guyver is probably itching for some revenge on the only fighter to ever beat him.

BoB- Was Devilman the only fighter to ever beat Guyver?

Ralph- I think so. And Devilman I am sure wants to finally take a championship since he got soooo close to the last one, but was not able to make that final curve. So I think that both fighters have very legitimate reasons to win, besides just wanting to win.

BoB- You’re right, but hold that thought Ralph, here comes Guyver now!

(The crowd cheers)

Ralph- Wow, Guyver seems to have a lot of friends here tonight. More than he has had any other time.

BoB- Wait a minute. Is that security escorting out the people that shouldn’t be here?

Ralph- I believe it is. With such a huge event like this one, it can be hard to keep out those who don’t have a ticket.

BoB- Oh well. Guyver enters the ring, and now we are awaiting Devilman.

Ralph- I wonder if he is going to try and pull some fancy entrance or something?

(The lights go out, and huge spot lights brightly light up only the ring, and Devilman enters from above, no one can see where he came from due to the darkness everywhere but the ring)

Ralph- Wow! This is amazing! Absolutely nothing can be seen but the ring, which is oddly enough, as bright as day.

BoB- I like it though. Both fighters stand in their corners awaiting the bell. Neither man saying a word to the other.


BoB- And there’s the bell! As our main event gets underway! Guyver carefully approaches Devilman, and is sizing him up, making sure not to make any hasty decisions.

Ralph- Which is a good idea too, considering he has already lost twice to Devilman.

BoB- Devilman also sizing up the Guyver unit, makes the first move! Devilman shoots a lazer from his antenna hitting Guyver in the chest and knocking him back a bit. Guyver now leaps at Devilman with a kick, but the kick is dodged! Guyver extending his vibro blades slashes twice quickly at Devilman who jumps back and out of the way! Devilman lunges at Guyver, staying low and tries to get a punch in but misses! Devilman grabs the wrists of Guyver in order to keep him from using his vibro blades on him! Guyver kicks Devilman in the stomach forcing him to let go, and double over! Guyver knees Devilman in the face and sends him to the canvas! Devilman is down!

Ralph- Guyver leaps in the air and comes down on Devilman with one foot! Devilman is really hurt here, and could be in trouble!

BoB- Devilman tries to grab the leg of Guyver but is picked up and thrown out of the ring! Much of the crowd is cheering however there are about an equal amount of boos.

Ralph- This is odd, we can not see Devilman at all due to how dark it is out of the ring. We can just se Guyver in the ring ready to celebrate victory…

BoB- But Devilman jumps back in, and grabs Guyver from the side, and throws him to the ground! Guyver tries to get up but is kicked in the head and dent back! Guyver rolls backward and retains his footing, but Devilman lunges at him again, this time with a huge punch to the head, sending Guyver to the turn buckle! Guyver re-extends his vibro blades and walks towards Devilman!

Ralph- That is a good move there by Guyver. as long as he has those things out, no one in the right mind would charge into him.

BoB- And Devilman charges into Guyver!

Ralph- He must be out of his mind! And the two lock up!

Devilman- You can’t scare me with those Guyver! I have fought worse.

Guyver- Scare you? Probably not. But I can KILL YOU!

Devilman- Give it your best shot!

BoB- Devilman is holding the arms of Guyver once again trying to avoid the deadly vibro blades. And Guyver omits a beam from his head sends Devilman across the ring to the ropes! Guyver forms a ball of energy in his hands and hurls it over at Devilman! Devilman able to dodge out of the way a little bit, but is still hit by the impact of the explosion and sent into the air and onto the ropes! This could be trouble again for Devilman!

Ralph- Guyver approaches Devilman and grabs him and pulls him back into the ring1 This has been Devilman’s hardest fight against Guyver yet if I may say so myself.

BoB- Guyver with both hands, throws Devilman into the torn buckle and leaps at him with a jump kick! And Guyver connects in the chest of Devilman! And Guyver starts unloading on Devilman with fierce hooks and elbow shots! Devilman appears to be helpless, and is now very bloody!

Ralph- Guyver pulls Devilman foreword and knees him out of the ring. And Devilman has vanished from sight!

(Devilman crawls back into the ring and stands up)

BoB- Oh my God! how can anyone come back from a beating like that! And still stand..

Devilman- Is that it?

Ralph- Devilman wants more!!! Beaten and bloody he is still ready to fight!

Guyver- Absolutely…

BoB- Guyver runs at Devilman and throws several lefts, and rights to the head , but most are parried by the forearms of Devilman! Devilman leaps toward the mid section of Guyver and tackles him, pinning him on the ground. Devilman holding down the arms of Guyver head butts him in the face five, no six times!!! And the face mask of Guyver is now severely damaged and cracked! Devilman now with a bloody fore head, stands up and dizzily takes a few steps back.

Devilman- Okay, so that wasn’t the best idea I have ever had….

Ralph- And the control medal, or something on Guyver’s head has activated, and shoots Devilman out of the ring! It could be over here folks. Guyver may be our new champion!

BoB- And Devilman leaps back into the ring at Guyver and slashes with his claws the face of Guyver totally removing a good portion of the Guyver unit and putting four deep claw marks in the face of Sho (the man who wears the Guyver)

Devilman- I told you I would not be killed easily!!!

Guyver- (Grasping his face) You did?

Devilman- Maybe not, but I am saying it now!

Guyver- Screw you!

(Guyver shoots a beam out of his head and blows Devilman against the ropes. Devilman bounces off and smacks back into Guyver)

BoB- Guyver hitting himself with Devilman lays on the ground too! Both fighters struggling to get up! Devilman rises first and walks over to the bloody Guyver!

Ralph- He picks Guyver up buy the neck, and is barely able to toss him over into the turnbuckle. Devilman limps over it the Guyver and grabs his face!

BoB- Devilman squeezing the face of Guyver looks as though he is trying to use his trade mark method of killing demons. The old face crush!

Ralph- But Devilman is unable to! he is too weakened. But Guyver starts to throw some punches! Some of which are connecting!

BoB- Devilman hits Guyver in the face with an antenna lazer, and blood is now flowing freely from the face of Guyver! This could be it folks! Devilman grabs Guyver under the arms and throws him over the edge of the ring!

Ralph- If Guyver does not re-enter the ring in ten seconds he will be counted out!

Ref-1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10! He’s out!


(all the lights come back on to reveal Guyver at the side of the ring still trying to get back in. Devilman throws both arms in the air with the little strength that he has left)

Ralph- Wow- That was one amazing fight! And Devilman has had to really work for this title!

(Members of Underdark run through the masses of people to the crowded ring, to help celebrate Devilman’s victory)

BoB- Devilman deserved that one. Especially after that final round loss to Shayla Shayla last tournament. And Devilman approaches Guyver who has healed a bit now, to say good fight. And Guyver said something back there, but I can’t quite make out what it was. It could have been thank you, or f#ck you. I am not sure.

Ralph- And that’s it folks, Devilman is our first Interplanetary Champion! And we will have to be out of here now. We need our rest before the lethal lottery tag tournament…

BoB- Good lord, it never ends does it?

Ralph- I don’t think so Bob. But until next time I’m Ralph Gerrard saying,BLOW ME!

Ifurita- RALPH!!

Ralph- I mean see ya next time!!!


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