bob: hello everybody and welcome to saturday massacre!

ralph; let’s get to the action!

yoshumitzu vs aramil

bob; yoshimitsu goes for a slash on aramil

ralph; aramilducks the slash!!!! OMG he goes for a chokeslam!!

bob; is he allowed to that!?

ralph; i don’t know holy shit yoshimitsu just stabbed him!


ralph; someone is! it’s xamot!

bob; who!?

ralph; xamot! he just ran in and knocked out both fighters!

xamot; alucard you come out here NOW or I will kill you both!

bob; oh my god xamot’s going to kill both fighters!

ralph; but wait! Here comes alucard! And he has a flaming chair OMG!

bob; WHAMMM!!! OH MY GOD alucard’s head just got caved in by that brutal shot! and he’s


ralph; whew, what a match let’s go to sue in the back sue?

Sue; thanks ralph i’m here with triple s what do you think about ryokun?

sss; he suks! i’m gonna kill him!

ryokun; no i will kill you!

sue; oh my god, ryokun!

sss; die!

bob; oh god, sss just hit ryokun in the head with a shovel!!!

ralph; ryokun is bleeding! NO HE GOT BACK UP GOOD GOD HE GOT BACK UP!

bob; OH MY GOD he just threw SSS into a soda machine! shawn is losing blood!

ryo; bitch

ralph; ryo is leaving! trippple ssss is dead!

bob; my god what is going to happen to sss?

lei fang/jann leeeee vs chippy milla rage

ralph; and milla and lei fang start o- OH MY GOD

bob; they’re both making out in the ring!

milla; I love you

Lei fang; i’m lesbo i love you!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111


bob; this is sick… but jann lee and chipp are now drinking beer and eating


ralph; and they’re getting naked!

bob; GO TO COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!11111111111111

yugo vs kunoi


bob; and yugo goes for a slash to kunoi’s thorat

ralph; but kunoi kicks him in the balls!

kunoi; fuk USS!!!

crowd; BOOO U SUK

ralph; oh my god kunoi just punched him int he balls!!!

bob; good god! the hulkster leg drop!

ralph; he pins him! 1234er5!! kunoi wins!

bob; wow what a match! kunoi is a real american!!!

da innovatorz vs countup/andre tow

bob; and will is in first… oh my god he just shot countup!

ralph; and suiicide has a gun to111! he shoots andre!


ralph; now will is kicking countup’s dead body!

bob; suicide is throwing the money from andre’s shoe into the crowd!

ralph; they’re the new tasdgf team champs!!1111

bad kitry vs carmenGODSHE’SHOTcita

ralph; bad kitty just hit carmernPUPPIES GOOD GOD SHE’S STRIPPING HER!

bob; she’s stripping off kitty’s bra and choking carmencita!!!1111

ralph; carmen is going out!

bob; it’s over!!!!! bad kitty wins!!!

ralph WOOOOO PUPPIES!!!!!!!111111111111

bob; wow what a staurday massacre! see you next week!


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