William Clarke vs. Kunoi Ishami (Anime Title Match) | Aisha Clan Clan vs. Mercy Marks vs. Ryokun vs. Raven Darc (Inter Galactic Match) | Mercy Marks vs. NNNN (Inter Galactic Unification Match) | Jann Lee vs. Shawn Shane Shields | Bryan Amethyst vs. Lo Ruhamah (World Title Match) | William Clarke/Suicide vs. Team Saiyan (Tag Team Title Match) | Pink Tsunami vs. Badd Company | Daniel Hibiki vs. Rott (Green Hell in a Triple Decker Cell, Lion, Tiger and Bear Match X_X)

Bob: Welcome to The UCTF’s Summer Spectacular, Summer Chaos! Beside me is The Orange Crusher himself, and the greatest Anime Champion in UCTF’s History.. Jeice!

Jeice: e_e What’s up. Before we go any further, I want you guys to see this.

*Jeice sets down something on the table*

Jeice: get a close look at it. >=| It’s called “RED FUSION” Dr. Pepper. Yes.. you heard me, Red fucking Fusion, Dr. Pepper. Now you know me. I like to try new things, especially when it comes to soft drinks. This is Dr. Pepper’s attempt at making a CHERRY flavored Dr. Pepper. >=|. What do I think about it? Well what do you think? IT FUCKING SUCKS. Guys, I thought Crystal Pepsi was bad, but this tastes like SHIT ON A STICK. In fact, I’d rather EAT a shit on a stick then drink this because it’s just that bad! >=\ I can’t wait to dry Vanilla Coke and Sobe Light so I can tell you guys probably how much THAT sucks too.. e_e.. but for now, I’m sticking with Fruitopia. alright Bobby.. you can go on with the rest of the card.

Bob: o_o.. uhh.. thanks Jeice. Now, as you ladies and gentleman can probably see, Conspicuous by his absense is Ralph Gerrard! He didn’t show up to work last week, and obviously, it looks like he’s not going to be here either. I think this has to do with the ending of last week’s card.


Jeice: Are we going to get to see it again?

Bob: ..sure, why now Jeice? Let’s go back to two weeks ago, whe–

*Just then, “Closer” by NIN starts playing!*

Bob: O_o?

Jeice: What the hell is this?

*That’s when Ralph Gerrard walks on stage, receiving a HUGE pop from the UCTF crowd! With a serious look in his eyes, he storms down the aisle and jumps inside the ring!*


Ralph: e_e…

Jeice: What the hell?

Bob: I don’t know!

Ralph: e_e……. for ONE whole month… I dedicated myself to one thing……. NOT being hentai. I didn’t say Puppies, I didn’t make snide remarks, hell, I didn’t even LOOK at Woman. You could say I was almost one step away from being as gay as my Broadcast Collegue, Bob! >=|


Bob: AM NOT!!! >=|!!

Ralph: Anyway.. I did all of this…….. e_e Because of a woman. That’s right, I did this because of a WOMAN. Because I wanted to make a conscious change in my life JUST to be with someone I’ve had feelings for, for almost THREE years now. >=| And what does she do? She sends out hentai school girls, she sends Nitro Girls, and she sends… Sue. e_e. Sue Tellarusso. But you know what? I DEFEATED THEM ALL! I WON your wager, which means that now, I get to take you out on the town for ONE date! >=|

Crowd: *POPS!*

Jeice: o_o don’t screw it up Ralph…..

Bob: you know he will!


Crowd: O_____O!!! *POPS!!!*

Bob: WHAT?!?!

Jeice: maybe he means it literally?

Ralph: Because as I was busting my ass to change.. for YOU.. just for YOU.. I met someone.. I met someone who knows what type of person I am, I met someone who doesn’t care that I’m a big hentai who enjoys staring at beautiful women and commenting on them.. >=|!! And She’s TEN times the woman that you are!!

*in the back*

Ukyo: o_o..*

Ralph: >=|! And that woman… that woman is………………. SUE TELLARUSSO!!

Everyone: O_______O!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeice and Bob: WHAT?!?!!?!?

*X_x!! That’s right! The very girl who tried to break Ralph last week is now Ralph’s girlfriend! The interviewer/Ring girl prances down to the ring, jumps in, and greets Ralph with a HUGE kiss! The crowd explodes into a chant!*


*”Closer” kicks up again as Ralph makes his way to the commentator’s booth and sits down*

Jeice: you’re hitting.. THAT?!

Ralph: *^^* PUPPIES!!

Bob: *HUGS* ;_; I’ve missed you!


Bob: =|..

Announcer: The following match, is scheduled for one fall………… and is for the UCTF ANIME CHAMPIONSHIP!

*Over the Sound system, “Shadow Explosion” blares through the UCTF Arena. The crowd explodes into a chorus of boos as Kunoi Ishigami storms from behind the curtains! Wearing black facepaint, and wrestling paints with the logo “Crossover Mage” on them, he’s obviously pumped up and ready to defeat the UCTF Anime Champion tonight in front of the world!*

Jeice: O_O!

Ralph: Oh shit!

Bob: Looks like we’re going to open the show tonight with the UCTF Anime Title match!

Jeice: awww Hell yeah. >=|!

Announcer: First, the Challenger. Weighing in at 215 pounds, and standing in at five feet eleven inches… From Sapporo Japan.. Kunoi Ishigami!

Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!!!

*Ishigami slides under the bottom rope walks right to the center of the ring, standing there absolutely motionless!*

Kunoi: >=|…

*Suprisingly, the loud mouth doesn’t go for a mic this time! Instead, Kunoi keeps his eyes locked on the stage. That’s when Nelly’s “#1” begins playing next! The UCTF Anime Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions, William Clarke slowly walks down the aisle as the crowd’s cheers almost blow the ROOF off of the .. o_o.. open air arena?*

Announcer: And the Champion, weighing in at 185 pounds, with a height of six feet, one and a half inches.. From Brooklyn, New York City… William Clarke!

William: e_e..

William Clarke vs. Kunoi Ishigami

UCTF Anime Championship Match

*He climbs into the ring, and lays his Anime Title at the feet of Kunoi, before going nose to nose with the #1 Contender to the Anime Championship! The referee grabs the belt and holds it high in the air for the crowd! He signals for the bell, and the match officially starts!*


Bob: And the match is under way!

Jeice: I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.. and with this being the opening match.. x_x.. It makes me wish I was fighting again..

Ralph: This is going to be a great one… but too bad there’s no puppies.. ~_~

Bob and Jeice: …;_;.. we missed you.

*Back in the ring, the two fighters share un-sportsman-like words with one another! It becomes so heated, that William throws the first punch, nailing Kunoi right in his mouth! It’s on now! >=| Because Kunoi returns the favor with a palm strike to William’s chest! Both seem to have forgotten the technique of blocking because the two continue to trade these hits several times in the center of the ring like two beasts from a godzilla movie! Finally, William blocks an overhand chop, and nails the challenger in the chin with three well placed punches. Kunoi staggers backwards, and William tries to take his head off with a spin kick! Kunoi ducks under the attack however, and nails William in the chest with a over hand chop that can be heard from the first row all the way to the nosebleed section of the arena! After two more SICK chops to the chest, he falls into the corner! Kunoi draws back and…*



Jeice: SHIT! LOL!! X_x OUCH..

Bob: my god!! William’s ribs have to be broken after that!

*Another sick slap of the chest from the challenger! He draws back a second time…*



Bob: …WOW!! X_x! Awesome!

Ralph: X_x *holds his chest*

*And just about folds the champion up like an accordian from ANOTHER vicious knife edge chop to the sternum! He swings for another, but William blocks! He kicks Kunoi in the side, then right in the face in a single motions that staggers the challenger away! The champ explodes out of the corner, and is taken off his feet with a Japanese Armdrag! He stands back up and is armdragged a second time by Kunoi! William’s back on feet and finds himself on the receiving end of a third! By now, William is in a daze after being thrown thrice in a short period of time… as he staggers back up to his feet, Kunoi nails him with a spin kick of his own!*

Kunoi: >=|!!!

*As William tries to stand back to his feet, Kunoi stands on the second turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air in a sign of total superiority over the Anime Champion! The crowd LOATHES him for it!*


Jeice: Heh! He’s got Will’s number so far, but he’s making a stupid mistake by not covering the kid immediately. e_e

*He walks back over to the Champion, and stands him back to his feet. He scoops him up as if he’s going for the Ishigami Driver, but Will wiggles his way out of the hold! He lands behind the challenger, and shoves him into the ropes! Kunoi comes back and takes the champ off of his feet with a shoulder block! William lands shoulders first, but kicks right back up in a single motion as Kunoi gains momentum from the ropes again! William acts as if he’s going for a spin kick! Kunoi ducks the attack! William plants himself into a horseback riding position and slowly waits for the challenger to turn around..*

Kunoi: …?



Jeice: LOL! !X_X!

Bob: Brilliant Kicks by the Anime Champion!

*He delivers a jaw shattering roundhouse kick that’s so powerful, it turns Kunoi around a full 180 degrees! The challenger slowly turns around in a staggering motion, Then William nails him in the face with a spin kick! Kunoi rolls over after a few moments, and climbs to his knees. While this is happening, William bounces off the ropes, and preforms Rob Van Dam’s rolling thunder, only, after the doing leaping flip in the air, he delivers an axe kick to Kunoi’s neck!*


William: o_o…

Bob: They’re calling for another!

*The crowd begins chanting for William to do one more axe kick on Kunoi, shades of his tag team partner, Suicide! He obliges by coming off of the ropes with a second Rolling Thunder Axe kick on the back of Kunoi’s neck, which gets a HUGE ovation from the crowd! William covers, but Kunoi kicks out of the pin hold before even the two count!*

Ralph: holy crap! You see how quickly he got up?

Bob: I sure did.. x_x He’s determined to win this one!

Jeice: that idiot! >=|. He would have rested for an extra two seconds THEN kicked out.

*William begins to stand Kunoi back up, and gets a palm uppercut for his troubles! As he staggers backward in pain, Kunoi delivers a drop toe hold which sends the champ flat on his face! Kunoi leaps back to his feet with a second wind, and allows William to get back up.. once he does, he locks the champ into a reverse brainbuster position! After lifting him up, he turns it into the Ishigami Driver #2 out of no where!*

Crowd: OOOH!!

Jeice: That’s all she wrote Bob and Ralph! He just put the kid flat on his head!

*Kunoi hooks the leg and rolls William up for the pin! The ref comes sliding into position and slams his palm on the mat!*

Ref: 1……2.

*William emphatically kicks out, thus proving that his his head is as hard as a brick! Kunoi stands up, and lays some boots to the champion! William slowly stands back up, and is hit with a rolling Abise kick! Will falls into the corner, and Kunoi stands at the opposite side of the ring.. he gets a huge running start towards the champ! Out of desperation, William lifts his feet in the way and kicks Kunoi right in the face! That’s when the champ slowly climbs to the top rope!*

Kunoi: >_<.. >=|!

*As the champ begins to stand on the top rope, Kunoi gets his third wind, jumps back to his feet, and delivers a leaping elbow strike! William loses balance and falls nut first on the top turnbuckle! That’s right where Kunoi wants him.. he grabs the champions arms, and turns around.. he’s going to take him off the top rope with the Iconoclasm!*

Ralph: uh oh..

Bob: I think it’s safe to say.. if Kunoi hits this.. it’s over!

*Kunoi flips William over for the Iconoclasm, but The champion reverses it into a Japanese Arm Drag in midair! William’s back to his feet, and in the horseback riding position! Kunoi stands up in a daze, still trying to understand how one of his primary moves was reversed! The crowd stands on their feet, seeing William preparing for his big move! Kunoi turns around, right as William delivers his finisher, the 540 kick!*


*Kunoi is plastered with the finisher! William rolls the challenger up and goes for the pin!*

Ref: 1…..

*But Kunoi kicks out after the ONE count!*


Bob: X_x!! HOW?!

Crowd: OOOOOOH!! X_X!!

William: o_o… >=|!

*William is in shock himself, but it doesn’t matter! He stands back up into the fighting position, waiting for Kunoi to stand back to his feet! When the challenger’s back up.. William goes at him for a second 540 kick! This time, Kunoi catches his kicking leg! The champ’s eyes widen as Kunoi spins the kid around a full 360 degrees! He then kicks William in the stomach, hooks him for a vertical suplex, then nails the Emerald Fusion ‘2001, one of his primary finishing manuvers!*


Crowd: OOOOOH!!!

Jeice: *almost jumps out of his seat* EMERALD FUSION!!

*The ref goes down for the count..*

Ref: 1…….2…….

*BUT WILLIAM KICKS OUT! Kunoi goes into a temper tantrum, slamming his fists and feet on the mat after his finisher failed against the champion! He rolls out of the ring with a wild look in his eyes, and goes under the ring for something!*


Bob: o_o.. what the hell?!

Jeice: uh oh..

*He then pulls out a LADDER. >=|*

Bob: oh… oh no… >_< !

Ralph: o_o.. What’s he going to do with that?!

Jeice: Guys.. I think we’re about to see some quality violence in a few moments!

*He throws the object back into the ring and gets in behind it! As William lies motionless on the ground, Kunoi props the ladder up against one of the turnbuckles! Now he goes after the champion.. after lifting him up from the mat, he goes to irish whip him across the ring! Somehow, William reverses it and sends Kunoi flying into the ladder back first! Kunoi hits the unforgiving steel and is stunned. William runs across the ring and leaps for a corner splash.. but MISSES! Kunoi rolls out of the way, and William lands face first on the propped up ladder! As he stumbles backwards, Kunoi turns him around, and lifts him into a scoop slam position!*

Bob: o_o What is he.. Kunoi! No! Don’t!! You’ll kill him!!

*Kunoi nails the Emerald Fusion ON the ladder! William slides down the rungs unil he lands head first on the concrete! Kunoi stumbles into the ropes, breathing heavily…*


Jeice: X_x… YES!

Ralph: Cover him! This match is OVER!

Kunoi: .. >=|!

*Kunoi’s not done with the punishment! He throws the ladder to the ground, and opens the legs apart.. He picks up William, who’s out on his feet, and palm thrusts William between the legs. Once William’s in there, he closes the ladder up with William on the inside! That’s when the challenger begins to climb the top rope!*

Jeice: o_o… oh shit..

Bob: What’s he going to do here?!?!

Ralph: He’s about to crush the champion, THAT’S what he’s about to do! X_x

*The challenger leaps to the top rope in a single bound, and flips back, performing a moonsault into a 450 senton he calls the “space darkness splash” ONTO the ladder, which Will is sandwiched inside of! Kunoi bounces off, holding his back and ribs in agony as the crowd goes NUTS!*



Bob: X_X!! The champion has to be finished after that one!! there’s no coming back from that!

Ralph: yeah.. Williams DEAD alright. x_x

Jeice: Bobby.. let’s see that again!

*The Jumbotron takes everyone back to a few seconds ago, when Kunoi nailed William with his Pay Per View ONLY finisher! We come back to the present, where both superstars are STILL down after the attack! The referee stands above then, counting to ten!*


*Kunoi pulls William from between the fucked up ladder, and slowly crawls on top of him for the pinfall!*

Ref: 1…….2….

*But the Champion miraculously kicks out! The fans EXPLODE in cheers!*

Kunoi: x_x

Jeice: O_O .. HOW?! HOW?!!?

Bob: I don’t know! But right now, this second, Kunoi’s thinking to himself “how am I going to defeat William Clarke?!”

Ralph: but not with those same words probably x_x

*As a testament to their toughness, both William and Kunoi slowly stand back to their feet! Wearily, Kunoi swings out of desperation. William ducks, and wraps his arms around the chest and neck of the challenger! He sweeps his feet from under him and nails the STO Judo throw ontop of the ladder, sending Kunoi’s head and neck to slam on the steel rungs at full speed! The champ rolls over onto his back, then suddenly kicks up to his feet, full of energy!*

William: >=|!!

Everyone: O_O!!!

Ralph: What the?!

Jeice: o_o.. I think he’s powering up or something!

*He lifts Kunoi off of the ladder, lifts him into the air and delivers the Go To Hell™ Suplex! He lifts him back to his feet, lifts him up, and delivers a second! It’s not over.. as William picks Kunoi up ONE MORE TIME and delivers a THIRD Go to Hell Suplex.. this time ON the ladder! He tosses Kunoi off of the ladder and hooks the leg!*

Ref: 1……..2….

*But Kunoi kicks out at 2.99 seconds! William pulls Him back to his feet, and goes for a roundhouse! Kunoi however, DUCKS and nails a Tiger Suplex! He keeps the arms locked, lifts William to his feet and hits a second! He pulls him back up and delivers a third Tiger Suplex onto the ladder! After the third one, keeps the hold locked! The ref goes down for the cover!*

Ref: 1…..2..

*Kick out by William! The lets the bridge go, and both climb back to their feet almost immediately! As Kunoi goes to strike, William jams his foot under the ladder, and kicks it into Kunoi’s face! The ladder flies to the side, Kunoi staggers around holding his face in pain.. That’s when William delivers a soccer like kick to the BALLS of the challenger!*

Kunoi: >_< !!

Crowd: OOOOOOH!!!

Commentators: x_x!!!

*Kunoi falls to his knees from the ballshot, giving William the perfect opportunity to nail Kunoi in the face with a low roundhouse kick that sends sweat flying into the first row of the arena! He spins around, nailing a spinning heel kick to the bridge of his nose with even more velocity!!*

!!POP!! !!POP!!

*He takes off towards the ropes, and bounces off… then he hits the opposing ropes…*

Jeice: oh shit! X_x We’ve seen this one before!! This is the move that finally put Suicide away!

Bob: >_< !

Ralph: *turns away*

*Before delivering a double drop kick to the face of Kunoi! The challenger is knocked off of his knees and to his back! William covers!*

Ref: 1…….2……..3!


*It’s over after William’s “Greetings from Brooklyn, NYC” finisher! As Nelly’s “#1” begins playing.. The champion slowly rolls out of the ring and falls to the ground and several EMTs rush the scene to attend to the two fighters!*


Winner and Still UCTF Anime Champion: William Clarke

Jeice: Damn! X_X!! What a way to start off the pay per view!!

Ralph: *shakes his head* William wins the match but… Come on.. he’s got a tag team match later on with Suicide against HYSTALIN and RYOKUN! What kind of chance to you think he’s going to have? >=|

Bob: o_o it all depends on how Ryokun fairs in that big four way match later on tonight..

*Before ANYONE can come out, “By Yourself” starts playing, drawing a nice pop from the crowd as the UCTF VP Yuri makes her way down to the ring with the IG belt over her shoulder!*

Bob: Speaking of that match.. o_o! What’s SHE doing out here?

Jeice: Her tournament, I guess… o_O

Ralph: Man, sorry I missed that last week! ^_^

*Yuri climbs into the ring, and takes a mic up to her lips!*

Yuri: Thank you all for coming here… and I would like to welcome you all to the FINALS of the inergalactic title tournament!

Crowd: *POPS!*

Yuri: Now, with such a prestigious title on the line, and with the notion that FOUR fighters will be competing in this match tonight… I have made a decision as to who will officiate tonight’s match!

Bob: She’s appointing a ref??

*Yuri then takes off her t-shirt, revealing a tight, blue-striped referee’s shirt underneath!*

Yuri: I shall be the referee for tonight’s match!!

Crowd: O_O! *HUGE POP!*

Ralph: H_H!!!!!!!

Bob: Whoa! Bad news for Raven Darc!

Jeice: LOL!! He had it comin’! This is what he gets for jerking around the VP!

Aisha vs Mercy vs Ryo vs Raven

Fatal Four Way Match

Intergalactic Title

*Speak of the devil, “Die Motha Fuckah Die” starts playing over the speakers, signaling massive boos as the Demon Raven Darc comes out from behind the curtain, NOT his usual sinisterly evil self….*

Raven: >=|…

*But more like a PISSED OFF evil! He STORMS down to the ring, slides in, and gets RIGHT into Yuri’s face! No mic, no nothing… he just LOOMS over her menacingly! Yuri, however, stands her ground and holds out the UCTF logo on her shirt!*

Yuri: >=|! YOU SEE THIS!? You even lay a FINGER on me… and I’m throwning you out of this match. e_e…

Raven: ……..


Bob: THAT’S why she did it! For security!

Jeice: If Raven REALLY wants that belt for his own, he has to keep his hands offa Yuri! That’s smart. Bloody genius!

Ralph: AND we get to see her in that outfit! H_H

*”Feel So Numb” starts up next, and the crowd gives a nice reaction as Mercy stomps her way down the ramp, pulling on her whip in her hands!*

Mercy: >=)

*She slides in, and goes for Raven, but Yuri steps in the way to block her! “Midnight Mountain” starts up next, and Aisha makes her way down to the ring, bouncing in herself, and prompting Yuri to keep her separate!*

Aisha: >=|!

Mercy: >=|!

*”Emerald Sword” starts up finally, prompting a BIG reaction from the crowd as Ryokun makes his way down to the ring with a purpose!*

Ryo: >:|….

Bob: Ryo FINALLY getting his chance to get even with Raven Darc!

Ralph: Hey! Where is Raven? O_o? He ain’t in the ring…



Ryo: X_X!!!!

*Raven had slid out of the ring, and COMPLETELY blindsides Ryo as he was about to climb in! Ryo SMACKS the ground, but Raven picks him right up, and SLAMS him with the Endless Waltz, right on the concrete!!!*

Crowd: *BOOS*

Raven: >=D!

*Raven climbs up onto the ring apron! Yuri, unable to do anything, just calls for the bell!*


Bob: And here we go!

*Raven gets into position in his corner, as Aisha and Mercy circle each other inside the ring!*

Jeice: Hey Ralphie boy… e_e care to redeem yourself for not working last week by explaining the rules to this match?

Ralph: GLADLY, JEICE! ^_^ In this match, two people are in the ring at one time, with the other two on the apron! Anyone can tag in ANYONE in this match, and if you’re pinned, submit, or are knocked out, you’re elimminated from the match! The match continues until only ONE person is left!

Bob: o_o… very professional, Ralph.

Ralph: Yeah, there’s a REASON I’m paid to wear this headset, Bobby Boy! >=|

*Mercy takes her whip, and unravels it, letting it drop to the ground! She lashes it out at Aisha, who jumps back to avoid it! Mercy lashes out with the whip again, but Aisha runs up the rope turnbuckle to avoid it! Mercy pulls back the whip again, then FINALLY connects with a lashing across Aisha’s back!*

Aisha: >_< !!

*Aisha goes down to one knee, and Mercy steps forward with a kick to her face! Aisha rolls back onto her stomach, and Mercy wraps the whip around her neck! Mercy JAMS her high heel into Aisha’s back, and PULLS back on the whip, choking Aisha!*

Bob: Early aggression by Mercy here!

Jeice: She ain’t Chaz, I’ll tell you that! No showboating from Mercy! She’s ALL business!

*Aisha, however, reaches to her throat, pulls on the whip, and starts BITING it! She thrashes about with the whip in her mouth, until it SNAPS, releasing her! Mercy is thrown back into the corner, and holds up what’s left of her stub of a whip!*

Mercy: o_o……..

Aisha: >=) *spits out the whip*

Mercy: >=|!!!

Ralph: LOL!!!! Guess Mercy won’t be using that!

*Don’t be too sure, Ralph! Mercy dives at Aisha, and grabs her in a headlock! She then maneuvers Aisha into a behind position, and starts using the handle to CHOKE Aisha from behind! Aisha struggles with Mercy, then judo flips Mercy over her head, and to the mat! Aisha bounces off the ropes, jumps over Mercy, then bounces off the other ropes! Mercy gets into a position, and catches Aisha on the way back with her feet into Aisha’s chest, flipping Aisha over her head!*

Bob: Nice back-and-forth action from Aisha and Mercy here!

Ralph: But wait, where’s Ryo??

*Ryo is JUST getting up now, and is slowly climbing up onto the ring apron! Aisha pulls herself up by the ropes, but is met by Mercy swinging her fists at her! Aisha ducks them, wraps her arms around Mercy, and flips her over into a bridging german suplex! Yuri goes down for the count!*

Yuri 1!……….2!…….

*Mercy kicks out! Aisha wastes NO time, and springs up to her feet! She scoops Mercy up from the mat, and whips her into the ropes! On her way back, Aisha goes for a dropkick, but Mercy CATCHES Aisha’s legs in mid-air, and uses them to flip her over to the side, and to the mat! Aisha pulls herself up again, but Mercy beats her down near the ropes! She lays Aisha across the second rope, and bounces off the far ones! She goes into a dropkick of her own, which drives Aisha through the ropes and to the floor!*


*Aisha flips out, and flops onto the floor! Mercy slides out herself, just as Ryo is FINALLY pulling himself up onto the apron to the opposite of Raven! Mercy grabs Aisha by the head, and slams it into the guardrail! Her hand then travels down Aisha’s back, and grabs her by her VERY long ponytail! She knots it up in her fist, and uses it to whip Aisha back into the ring!*

Aisha: @!@&**)@@U##^!!!!!

Ralph: LOL!!! Guess pulling her hair ranks up there with her “pet peeves!”

*Aisha, desperate, crawls over to the corner, and tags Ryokun in! The crowd ERUPTS as Ryo climbs in, and Mercy looks over to Raven!*

Mercy: e_e…..

Raven: …..

*She DARTS over to tag in Raven, but Raven steps OFF of the apron!*

Raven: e_e

Bob: Oh, come on!!!

Jeice: He knows Ryo’s looking to wreck him! Smart move by Raven there!

*But the fans have a DIFFERENT opinion!*


Raven: >=\

*Nevertheless, Mercy turns around, and walks RIGHT into a punch from Ryo! Ryo keeps hammering away on her, pushing her back into the corner! She starts punching him back, but he gets up his forearms to block! Through it, he then drives a knee into her gut!*

Mercy: x_X!!

*Mercy doubles over, and Ryo hip tosses her out of the corner! He backs away, as if to let her get up, but then spins around and DRILLS Raven right in the chin with a punch!*


Crowd: OOOOOHHH!!!!!

*Raven is knocked back, and slams BACK first into the guardrail! Mercy, however, siezes the opportunity, and gives Ryo a forearm to the back! Ryo stumbles forward into the corner, and Mercy grabs him by his legs! Ryo holds onto the top rope, but Mercy gives a huge YANK, pulling him off of the ropes, and dropping him face-first to the canvas!*

Bob: Man! First Aisha and now Ryokun! Mercy marks showing what she’s made of here tonight!

*Mercy picks up Ryokun by the hair, and brings him over to the other corner, where Aishia is waiting! She throws Ryo head-first into the turnbuckle, then tags in Aishia!*

Aisha: >=)!!

*Aisha hops up onto the top rope, and holds Ryo’s head to her knee! She then pushes off, and RIDES Ryo’s FACE down to the mat with her knee!*

Ryo: X_X_X_X_X!!!!

*Aisha rolls off of him, then goes right for an armbar on the mat! Yuri goes down to check and see if Ryo is going to tap out!*

Yuri: You give up?

Ryo: >_< !!!

*But, Aisha holds onto his arm, and starts lifting him up! She then whips him around into her, and drops him with a one-arm DDT! Ryo rolls with it, and ends up FLAT on his back! Aisha then runs to the corner, where she climbs up the turnbuckle! But, it’s the corner where Raven is waiting! Raven SMACKS the ropes with his hands, “dismounting” Aisha onto her crotch!*


Aisha: X___X!!!

*Raven then reaches over, and tags HIMSELF in!*

Ralph: Oh, come on! NOW he’s gonna fight Ryo, when Ryo’s down and at a disadvantage! >=\

*Raven goes over to Ryo just as he’s getting up, and stomps him RIGHT back down to the mat! Raven yanks up Ryo by his hair, and whips him into the ropes! He catches Ryo on the way back with a knee, sending him flipping down to the mat!*

Jeice: Raven may be cheap, but the bloke’s SMART! Strategy is what these matches are all about! And if he expect to survive long enough to win, he’s gotta let OTHER people do his dirty work for him!

*Raven picks up Ryo again, and locks Ryo’s arms behind his back! He flips Ryo over his head, into a bridging Tiger Suplex!*

Yuri: 1……………..2………………..

*Ryo kicks out! Raven is IRATE, though, and immedietly gets into Yuri’s face!!*

Raven: >=|!!! You call that a count!??!

Yuri: HEY!! >=| *holds out shirt* REFEREE. You look, DON’T TOUCH.

*Raven grits his teeth, but as soon as he turns around, he’s greeted by Ryo’s fist! Ryo’s starting to get a second wind, and starts hammering away on Raven! Raven seeing his opportunity gone, scrambles to the corner to tag in Mercy! Mercy, however, jumps OUT of the way of Raven, and he gets NOTHING but turnbuckle to his face! Ryo POUNCES on Raven, and starts beating Raven’s head into the turnbuckle!*

!!!THUD!! !!THUD!! !!THUD!! !!THUD!!!

Raven: X_X!!!

*Ryo slams Raven’s head REPEATEDLY into the top turnbuckle, THEN into the second turnbuckle, then into the BOTTOM turnbuckle!*

Ralph: LOL!!! Raven getting a nice guided tour of the corner by Ryokun there!

Bob: It looks like Raven doesn’t have ANY friends here in this match! Not with his cocky attitude, at least!

*Ryo tosses Raven down to the mat, and Mercy reaches over the ropes, and tugs on Ryo’s shirt! She holds out her hand, and Ryo tags her in!*

Bob: And here comes Mercy!

*Mercy goes RIGHT to work on Raven, stomping on his prone body, then sticking both her heels into the small of his back, and using the ropes to press them into his back! Raven YELLS out in pain, and flails about to kick her off! He then scrambles to the other side of the ring, and manages to tag in Aisha!*

Aisha: >=\…

*Aisha gives Raven a kick, sending him to the apron before she climbs in! She charges RIGHT at Mercy, and JUST ducks a clothesline from the vampire! Mercy bounces off the ropes, then goes for a cross-body on Aisha, but Aisha catches her, then uses her momentum to toss Mercy over her head, bringing her down NECK FIRST on the top rope!*

Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!!!

*Mercy leans up against the ropes, clutching her neck, but Aisha comes up behind her, lifts her up, and slams her with a brainbuster! Aisha rolls over with it, and covers!*

Yuri: 1!……………….2!………….*KICKOUT!*

*Mercy kicks out! Aisha yanks up Mercy again, and sticks Mercy’s head between her legs! She then lifts up mercy, takes two steps forward, and powerbombs her to the mat! Aisha slides forward with a pin!*

Yuri: 1!……2-

*But through the ropes, Raven tags himself in AGAIN by slapping Aisha’s back, then KICKS her off of Mercy! He climbs in, and quickly covers Mercy himself! Yuri, confused, hesitates before making the count again!*

Yuri: 1!……………2!……….

*But Mercy kicks out!*

Ralph: I know he’s RAVEN Darc, but I think he should considor a new bird for his first name.

Jeice: What, VULTURE Darc? >=)

Ralph: …..damn I’m rusty at this. >_<

Jeice: LOL!!!

*Raven, suprised that Mercy kicked out, and seeing Aisha coming after him, quickly dives through the ropes, then slaps Aisha’s hand again, tagging himself OUT!*


Raven: >=|!!!

*Aisha snarls at Raven, then turns to Mercy, who’s just stumbling over to Ryo’s corner, and tags him in! Ryo JUMPS over the ropes, and charges at Aisha! But Aisha ducks, and Ryo hits the far ropes! Raven, however, hangs off of the top rope, pulling it down, and causing Ryo to flip over the ropes, and down to the floor!*

Ryo: O_O!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOHHH!!!!

*Ryo lands FLAT on his back, and slowly starts getting up! Raven, however, is out on the apron, and gets a running start before DIVING at Ryo! Ryo, however, sees him coming, CATCHES him, and powerslams Raven down to the floor!*


Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!!

Bob: Raven trying to capitalize on Ryo’s mishap!

Ralph: Hey, they don’t call them “High Risk” moves for NOTHING!

*Ryo pauses for a moment to catch his breath, but the crowd starts BUZZING again as Aisha gets a running start in the ring, LEAPS over the top rope, and lands with a spin kick to Ryo’s face, knocking the two down to the floor!*

Crowd: OOOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!

*All THREE are down on the outside, and are slowly getting up! Mercy, however, gets a running start along the apron, runs up the turnbuckle, then LAUNCHES into a shooting star press onto all THREE of them!*

All 4: X_X!!!!

Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob: And all four fighters are down on the outside!

Ralph: This match looks like it’s gonna get out of hand in a hurry!

*And it DOES, Ralph! Oh, how it does. Ryo and Raven both start fighting with each other out into the aisle, while Mercy takes Aisha over the guardrail, and into the crowd! Raven grabs Ryo, and throws him haphhazardly into the guardrail! Raven charges forward with a shoulder, but Ryo steps aside, and RAMS Raven’s head into the guardrail!*

Raven: X_X

*Meanwhile, out in the crowd, Mercy is dragging Aisha along among the fans! Mercy shoves a fan out of the way, and slams Aisha’s head into a chair! Aisha stumbles forward, and Mercy folds up the same chair she slammed Aisha on! She swings the chair over her head to hit Aisha with it, but Aisha just swings her fist, and SLAMS the chair right into Mercy’s face!!!*

Crowd: OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mercy: X_X

*Mercy goes FLYING back onto the concrete! The fans are going NUTS as Aisha pushes her way through, and yanks up Mercy! She then lifts up Mercy above her head in a press slam! The fans start BUZZING, as Aisha CHUCKS Mercy into the screaming crowd! The crowd becomes COMPLETELY unglued!*


Aisha: ^_^!!!

*Aisha pushes her way through the crowd again towards Mercy, but Mercy DIVES through the people with a chair, and BREAKS the damn thing over Aisha’s head!*




Jeice: That damn thing EXPLODED over Aisha’s head! Shards went EVERYWHERE!

*Aisha is BLOWN back by the shot! Mercy drags Aisha down to the ring, as Ryo is dragging down a beaten Raven! Ryo leaves Raven out at ringside, and climbs up to the apron! Mercy climbs in after rolling Aisha in, and Ryo reaches over and tags her!*

Bob: That makes Mercy the legal fighter in the ring right now!

*Mercy takes Aisha, and whips her into the corner! Aisha stumbles out, and Mercy charges her! Aisha, acting quickly, ducks down, but Mercy leapfrogs over her, and onto the second rope! Mercy vaults off, and kicks Aisha RIGHT in the face!*


*Aisha FLIPS the kick is so hard! Mercy gets up, and grabs Aisha from behind! She lifts up the Ctarl-Ctarl, spins her around in mid-air, and brings her down NECK FIRST to the mat!*

Aisha: X___X!!!!

*Mercy picks Aisha back up, and gets behind her again! She tucks her head under Aisha’s arm, and goes to lift her up! Aisha though, flips out of the hold, staggers back a couple of steps, then swing around to tag in Ryokun!*

Bob: Aisha barely escapes Mercy there, tagging Ryo in!

*Ryo steps through the ropes, and charges at Mercy, who leapfrogs over him! But, Ryo jumps, vaults off the second rope, and catches Mercy right on the CHIN with a spin kick! Mercy goes down to the mat, and Ryo yanks her up! He punches her in the gut a couple of times before whipping her into the ropes! On the way back, Mercy tries to leap up into a hurricanrana, but Ryo catches her, and slams her down to the side of him!*

Mercy: X_X!!!

*Mercy rolls over onto her stomach, holding her back in pain! Ryo pulls her up over his head, then SLAMS her back-first into the turnbuckle! One of Mercy’s legs catch on the turnbuckle, and she’s hanging in a tree of woe position! Ryo goes over, kicks her a couple of times, then sticks his foot into her throat, using the ropes to choke her!*

Ralph: Ryo in control!

Jeice: This bloke may be winning over Mercy here, but he can’t lose focus as to who his REAL enemy is! As soon as he can get his hands on Raven again, the Demon’s MINUTES are numbered!

*Ryo steps back, and lets Mercy fall to the mat! He picks her up, then whips her into the corner where Raven is! Raven jumps out of the way, and Mercy slams back-first into the turnbuckle! Ryokun GLARES at Raven, as the crowd starts BUZZING!*

Raven: o_o…..

Ryo: >=|

Raven: >=|!!!

*Raven reaches over, and tags out Mercy! The crowd EXPLODES as Raven climbs through the ropes, and starts going blow-for-blow with Ryo!*


*The two brawl with each other for a bit, then Ryo gets the upper hand with a quick knee to Raven’s gut! He leans back, and WAILS on Raven’s face with a punch! Raven staggers back towards the ropes, but Ryo follows up with ANOTHER punch! Raven leans up against the ropes, and Ryo CONTINUES punching him in the face, as the crowd counts along!*

Crowd: …..5!…. 6!… 7!… 8!… 9!…

*Ryo stops at nine, takes a step back, then SPINS around before DRILLING Raven right in the CHEST with a monster roundhouse punch that blows him THROUGH the ropes, and to the floor!*

Crowd: 10!!!! *POPS!!*

*Raven is DOWN on the concrete, holding his gut! Mercy, then climbs up the turnbuckle, and launches off, driving BOTH of her knees into Raven’s gut! Aisha climbs up the opposite turnbuckle, then jumps off herself, flipping into a legdrop across Raven’s throat!!!*

Raven: X______X!!!!

Bob: And Raven getting a little punishment from his other two opponents!

Ralph: I think they want Raven out of this match as much as Ryo wants to DESTROY him!

*The two women pick up Raven’s body, and roll him into the ring, where Ryokun is waiting! Ryo picks up Raven, then puts him up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry! Ryo then runs up the ropes, and SLAMS Ryo down to the mat!*

Ralph: X_x…. Angelese Suplex of DOOM!

Bob: Ryo gving a tribute to his tag team partner Hystalin here!

*Ryo gets up from the mat, and sees Aisha impaitently jumping on the ring apron, with a chair in her hand! Ryo hesitates for a moment, tags her in, then lifts Raven up onto his shoulders! Aisha climbs up to the top rope, then LEAPS off, dropkicking the chair into Raven’s face!!!*



Jeice: A Van Terminator combined with a doomsday device!! X_x Raven HAS to be out!!

*Aisha quickly covers!*

Yuri: 1!….2!-

*But Raven kicks out! Aisha gets up to her feet, then bounces off the ropes! Raven gets up himself, but CATCHES Aisha on the way back with a full nelson, which he chains into a two-handed facebuster down to the mat! Both Aisha and Raven are DOWN!*

Raven & Aisha: X_x!!!

*Aisha is slowly getting up, as Raven crawls over towards Mercy! Mercy wastes no time, and tags in! She goes RIGHT for Aisha, and levels her with a clothesline! Mercy yanks Aisha up, then whips her into the ropes! But, Aisha goes into a handstand, BOUNCES off the ropes with her legs, then DRIVES an elbow into Mercy’s face! Mercy goes down, holding her nose! Aisha though, goes RIGHT to Mercy’s head, then starts BEATING it repeatedly to the mat!*

Mercy: X_X_X_Xx_X_X_X_X!!!

*Aisha throws Mercy’s head down to the mat, then slides outside! The crowd then lets out a HUGE pop as Aisha is flipping up the ring apron, and pulling out a table!*


Ralph: Aisha going for the wood here!

Bob: Mercy just might be the first one elimminated from this match!!

*Aisha slides the table into the ring, and then climbs in herself! Mercy is just getting up, but Aisha is right on her, taking her and slamming her into the turnbuckle! Aisha turns around, and goes to pick up the table! She’s just about to unfold it and set it up, when Mercy comes out of the corner, and DROPKICKS it into Aisha’s face!*


Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!!

*BOTH women are down on the mat Aisha pulls herself up by the ropes, and Mercy does as well on the opposite side! Aisha uses the ropes to gain momentum, then charges at Mercy! Mercy has NO time to react, as Aisha goes into a flying spin kick that knocks her down to the mat! Aisha yanks up Mercy, then drops her down with a suplex!*

Aisha: ^_^!!!!

Crowd: *POPS!!!*

*Aisha, instead of going for the pin, goes over to the table, and starts unfolding the legs! She sets it up in the middle of the ring, then turns to Mercy! She picks up Mercy, whips her into the ropes, then tries to backdrop her onto the table!! But, Mercy manages to get her hands onto the table, does a bridge to avoid going through it, then bounces her feet off of the top rope, and sending them STRAIGHT into Aisha’s FACE, knocking her down!*

Bob: Wow!!! What a reversal by Mercy!

Ralph: She’s still in this!!!

*Mercy shakes her head to get her bearings, then picks up Aisha, rolling her onto the table! Mercy gives Aisha a few punches to keep her in place, then climbs up the turnbuckle!*

Jeice: Oh shit…

Ralph: INCOMING!!!!



*Mercy jumps off the turnbuckle, and drives BOTH of her feet into Aisha’s chest, driving her through th table!!*


*Aisha is OUT! Mercy quickly jumps on top of her, and Yuri makes the count!*

Yuri: 1!………..2!……………3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crowd: *HUGE POP*

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Aisha Clan-Clan HAS BEEN ELIMMINATED!!

Aisha: X_X…….

Bob: And that’s one down! FINALLY, after what can only be called one HELL of an effort, Aisha has been eliminnated!

*Aisha rolls out of the ring, as Mercy turns to Raven!*

Mercy: >=|…….

*Raven slowly climbs into the ring, and puts up his hands!*


*Raven waves his hands in the air, then points to Ryo*

Raven: Let’s take care of HIM first. >=)

Mercy: e_e….

*Mercy only shoots Raven a HARSH glare, then walks over and tags in Ryo!*

Ryo: e_e… O_O!!!


Crowd: *BOOS!*

*RIGHT after tagging Ryo in, Mercy LEVELS him with a punch! She climbs out onto the apron, then HOLDS Ryo there, allowing Raven to mercilessly pound Ryo’s body!*

Bob: And it looks like Mercy has decided to ACCEPT Raven’s offer of a team-up here!

Ralph: Mercy wants to win, and will do ANYTHING necessary to achieve it!

Jeice: And she’ll even go as far as to make a pact with the Demon himself!*

*Mercy lets go of Ryo’s body, and climbs into the ring! Raven and Mercy both whip Ryo into the ropes, and they both knee him on the way back, sending him flipping down to the mat! Raven goes over and picks up the chair Aisha used earlier, then SLAMS it into Ryo’s back! Ryo is helpless as Raven repeatedly continues to slam him with the chair!*

Ryo: X_X!!!

*Then, MERCY goes down to the mat, and locks on a guillotine choke on Ryo!! She PULLS hard with her arms, cutting off his air! Yuri, however, doesn’t look for a tap out, she struggles to pull Mercy off!*

Yuri: >=|!! GET OFF HIM! You’re not the legal person!!

Mercy: >=|…

*Mercy releases the hold, and then rolls out to the apron, leaving Raven with a prone Ryokun! Raven lifts up Ryo, then whips him into the ropes! Ryo comes back, and tries desperately for a flying clothesline! But, Raven ducks under it, and then drives a boot right to Ryo’s midsection!*

Ryo: X_X!!!

*Ryo hits the mat, and holds his gut in pain! Raven picks him up and whips him into the ropes again! Mercy CATCHES Ryo as he hits the ropes, then suddenly VAULTS over, with his neck on her shoulder!*




Bob: Diamond Dust from the outside on Ryokun!

Ralph: Ryo has NO CHANCE in there! It’s two-on-one!

Jeice: Two-on-one or not… eventually, Raven and Mercy WILL have to fight each other if they elimminate Ryokun here!!

*Mercy gets up from the mat, and Raven yanks up Ryo! He gets into position, and….*



Crowd: OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!

*ENDLESS WALTZ on Ryokun!! Ryo BOUCNES off the mat, and rolls to the outside! Raven gets up on the ropes, and starts spewing taunts at Ryo’s half-knocked out body!*

Ralph: THAT’S IT!! THAT’S IT!! This HAS to be over!


*The crowd suddenly comes UNGLUED and pops like hell, as a certain Pyro Maniac is in the ring, with a 2×4 in his hands!!!*

Andre Tau: >=)!!!


Crowd: *POPS!!!!*


Ralph: He HAS to be looking for revenge after losing his shot to Raven last week!

*Andre hits Raven SQUARE in the back with the 2×4! Raven slumps down to one knee from the shot, then Andre spins him around! Andre kicks in the flames on his hands, then starts delivering a flurry of punches to Raven’s midsection!*

Raven: x_X_X_X_x_X_x-X_X_X____X!!!

*Andre then whips Raven into the ropes, and SMACKS him down with a flaming clothesline! The crowd EXPLODES!!*

Crowd: *chanting* AN-DRE-TAU!!!! AN-DRE-TAU!!!! AN-DRE-TAU!!!! AN-DRE-TAU!!!!


Andre: X_X!!!

*But Andre forgot about one thing…. MERCY! Mercy BLINDSIDES Andre from behind with a stiff punch to the back of the head! She lifts him up onto her shoulder, runs with him, and tosses him over the top rope!!!*


Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!

*Andre lands ACROSS the guardrail like Sabu taking a bad bump!*

Bob: And Mercy gives a little help to her “partner” here! >=\

*The crowd is booing like hell when Mercy reaches down, and helps up Raven!*

Raven: x_X… ^_^

Mercy: ^_^…… >=)!!!

*Suddenly, Mercy kicks Raven in the gut, hauls him up, and slams him down in a Falcon’s Arrow!*



Jeice: It was a set-up! Mercy isn’t on ANYBODY’S side!

*Mercy gets up, pulls up Raven to his feet, then runs up the turnbuckle! The groggy Raven doesn’t even see her coming when she jumps off, goes into a forward flip, and lands with her legs around his head! She then FLIPS him over into a pinning position!*


*Yuri quickly goes down for the count!*

Yuri: 1!……….2!…………………3!


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Raven Darc, HAS BEEN ELIMMINATED!!

*Mercy kicks Raven’s limp body out of the ring, just as Ryokun is rolling back in!*

Ralph: And then there were two!

Bob: Raven’s been taken care of! No more tagging in this match, it’s one-on-one now to determine the Intergalactic champion!!

*Mercy waits leaning against the ropes, breathing heavily, as Ryo climbs up to his feet, also out of breath! The two LOCK into a staredown as the fans start cheering like hell!*

Mercy: >=|….

Ryo: >=|……..

*The two charge at each other, and lock up! Mercy works Ryo into a headlock, but Ryo reverses it buy lifting her up, and falling back with her! Ryo gets up quickly, and grabs Mercy’s legs! He tucks two of them under his arm, and flips her over!*

Bob: Cloverleaf submission by Ryo!!

*Ryo LEANS back with the hold, and Mercy grits her teeth in pain! Yuri’s right down next to her, but Mercy is clawing her way towards the ropes! She reaches out, and is JUST able to grab the bottom one!*

Yuri: ROPE BREAK! ROPE BREAK!! Ryo, drop the hold!!!

*Ryo drops Mercy’s legs, but the damage is done! Mercy can HARDLY stand on her feet, which makes it easy as hell for Ryo to LEVEL her with a punch when she gets up to her feet! Ryo pulls her up, and tosses her into the corner! Ryo gets into position, and cups his hands together!*


Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!

*Ryo SLAMS Mercy in the corner with a ki blast! Mercy bounces OFF the turnbuckle, and out into the center of the ring! Ryo goes down for the over!*

Yuri: 1!…….2!…….*KICKOUT!*

Ryo: O_O!!

*That’s right, Mercy KICKS OUT! She wants the title BAD! Ryo picks up a weak and beaten Mercy, and tosses her over his shoulder! He then takes to the sky, flying nearly THIRTY feet into the air! Mercy is HELPLESS as Ryo goes streaking down towards the mat!*

Bob: Oh my god…

Ralph: INCOMING!!!!



*Ryo slams her SO HARD into the mat, she leaves a DENT in it around her body! Ryo lays next to her, exhausted herself, and then rolls over to make the cover!*

Yuri: 1!……………..2!……………..


Ryo: O_O!!!

Bob, Ralph, & Jeice: O___O!!!


*MERCY KICKS OUT!!! Ryo CAN’T believe it! After a THIRTY FOOT SLAM, Mercy is STILL able to kick out!!*

Bob: My god… what will it take to keep Mercy down???

*Mercy slowly gets up to her feet, and Ryo slowly gets up himself, STILL stunned that she got up!*

Ryo: o_o…..>=|!!!!!

*Ryo then BLASTS off and starts flying towards Mercy! Mercy, however, jumps out of the way and….*



*Redirects Ryo STRIGHT into the ringpost! Ryo’s head makes a damn DENT in it!*

Ryo: X_X!!!!

*Mercy takes Ryo, and whips him into the other corner! She charges towards him herself, then goes into a handstand, picking up the chair in the ring, then in mid air, positioning it on her feet and dropkicking it into Ryo’s FACE!!*



Ryo: X___X!!!!

*Ryo slumps down in the corner! Mercy gets up, turns Ryo around so he’s facing the turnbuckle, and climbs to the top!*

Bob: What is she….

*With INCREDIBLE strength, she manages to wrench Ryo up into a powerbomb position on the top rope! She balances with him for a moment, then LAUNCHES off into a Shooting Star press while still holding Ryo!*

Crowd: O_____O!!!!



Crowd: *HUGE ASS POP!!!*

*Mercy SLAMS Ryo down with a shooting star press powerbomb!*


Ralph: DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!?

Jeice: *JAW DROPS*

*Mercy, exhausted, throws herself over Ryo!*

Yuri: 1!………….2!………………………3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Crowd: *HUGE POP!!!!*



WINNER and NEW UCTF Interplanetary Champion: Mercy Marks

*Mercy rolls off of Ryo, COMPLETLY spent, as Yuri helps her up, draping the IG belt over her shoulder!*

Bob: In what can only be described as a MARATHON of a match, Mercy Marks is the NEW UCTF IG cham-



*The crowd’s cheers suddenly turn to boos, as from behind with a chair with the sneak attack is none other than the IP champion, NNNN!*

NNNN: >=)!!!

Crowd: *BOOS*


Jeice: Losing his face heat, that’s what! >=|!

Bob: NNNN is supposed to face the winner of this match, but LATER tonight!

*But NNNN isn’t going to wait! He goes down, and starts punching Mercy! Yuri has no choice, but to call for the bell!*



Mercy Marks vs NNNN

Undisputed Intergalactic Championship

*NNNN picks up the DEAD tired Mercy, and whips her into the ropes! He then LEVELS her with the clothesline from Hell, drawing MASSIVE heel heat from the crowd!!!*

Jeice: >=|!! This is a DISGRACE!

Bob: Mercy is tired as HELL from that fatal four way match, and now NNNN is trying to pick up the easy win here!!!

*NNNN picks up Mercy, then kicks her in the gut, and gives her the stunner!*

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*NNNN goes down, and convers Mercy!*

Yuri: >_< !!! 1…………….2…………..




Mercy: >=|!!!!!

*Mercy THROWS NNNN off of her! She gets up to her feet with FIRE in her eyes! NNNN SCREAMS like a bitch, and tries to run out of the ring! But, Mercy grabs him by the hair, and locks him into a sleeper hold!*

Bob: MERCY IS UP!!?!

Ralph: Oh shit…. LOOK OUT!!!

*Mercy’s mouth opens, revealing her fangs! The crowd goes nuts, and….*

Bob, Ralph, & Jeice: *look away!*


NNNN: X_______________________X!!!!!!!

*Mercy takes a BIG ASS chunk out of NNNN’s neck! The crowd EXPLODES as Mercy falls down on top of NNNN!*

Yuri: 1!……………….2!……………………..3!!!!!!!!



Ralph: X_X After that HUGE match, Mercy STILL manages to beat NNNN RIGHT afterwards!

*Mercy rolls off of NNNN, as the EMTs come running down to tend to the HUGE ASS wound in his neck! Yuri helps up Mercy YET AGAIN, as “Feel So Numb” starts playing over the speakers again! Mercy looks around to the cheering fans, then holds up the belts high!*

Mercy: X_^!!!!

Crowd: *HUGE POP*

*Mercy then takes two chairs in the ring, sets them up in the middle of the ring, then stands on top of them! She holds the IP belt in one hand, and the IG belt in the other, as Yuri points upwards at her!*

WINNER and NEW UNDISPUTED UCTF Intergalactic Champion: Mercy Marks

Bob: My god… what a match! What a night! Mercy Marks goes to hell and BACK to become the undisputed Intergalactic Champion!

Ralph: x_x….. this, is one for the record books.


*Bob, Ralph, and Jeice all stand up and clap with the rest of the arena as Mercy stumbles down off the chairs, rolls out of the ring, and staggers her way to the back!*

SSS vs. Jann Lee

Bob: All right, ladies and gents! Now we’ve got SSS taking on Jann Lee in singles action!

Ralph: Damnit! No chicks!

Bob: Ralph!

Jeice: Heh, finally things are getting normal around here.

*First things first, “Papercut” starts to play and out comes SSS to the general welcome of the audience! But Mr. Shields isn’t coming down looking regular as clockwork, nope! He’s got a bright, shiny new leg brace wrapped up tight as a drum and he doesn’t seem to be perturbed by it being there!*

Bob: And here’s The Game, Triple S!

Ralph: The hell happened to him?

Jeice: Heh, dunno, but clearly someone’s trying to fill in for a certain recently fired bald-o.

*And while SSS is getting ready to climb into the ring, “Natural High” kicks in and Jann Lee comes from behind the curtain! The two fighters lock eyes and suddenly all thoughts about getting into the squared circle fly out the window as they rush at each other! The two meet in a flurry of fists, feet, and kiai shouts!*


Ralph: o_O!? Whoa!

Jeice: *almost chokes on his Fruitopia* LOL! There go some eager beavers.

Bob: Amazing! These two are really going at it! They didn’t even wait to get into the ring!

*The ref blinks cause he can’t officially call the match to have started yet! The two aren’t in the ring yet and if he was any kind of normal ref, he probably would’ve tried to break them up or at least yell at them… ‘Course, he is a UCTF ref and more prone to survival first, officiate later policy…*

Ref: *checks his watch and whistles*

*All that action slows down a bit and we catch a glimpse of Jann parrying away one of Triple S’s spinning backhands! As The Game attempts to follow through with another shot it seems The Dragon has other ideas… as he pounds his knuckles in a straight punch across Shawn’s face! Jann follows up, twisting his body to deliver an opposite-handed punch that scores a hit and opens the way for…*


*One dead serious Dragon Blow that knocks The Game for a loop! ‘Course SSS isn’t gonna go down so quick into the fight and he’s up and at ‘em like gangbusters… unfortunately that only saves Jann the trouble to haul him to his feet cause the professional bouncer’s quickly grabbing Shawn by the arm and Irish whipping him towards the edge of the ring!*



Bob: Triple S in trouble!

Jeice: Take it from me. This is gonna hurt.

*The brain thinks fast when it sees it’s body’s about to smash into something painful… and The Game takes in the momentum, leaps forward, and deftly executes a high-flying backflip, aided by the toss! Jann screams his trademark yell and jumps up, hoping to leap kick SSS in the back on the rebound! Too bad it’s not to be as Shawn completes the flip with an especial twist… his outstretched foot smashing down upon Jann’s collarbone!*



Ralph: Ack… hey, I think I saw that sequence in a movie.

Jeice: Funny, I didn’t think pornos had these kind of action scenes.

Bob: LOL! Anyway, it looks like SSS has the advantage at the moment!

*Knowing there’s no way he’s gonna win unless the match actually goes anywhere, Triple S grasps the prone Jann and slings him into the squared circle! As soon as he slides in after, though, The Game manages to catch a hook kick to the mouth for his troubles… but, hey, at least the fight’s officially started!*


Ref: *calls for the starter bell!*


*Jann once again goes for his Dragon Cannon combo, but that move’s already been there and done that, leaving it wide open for SSS to block the first punch! Before The Dragon can pull his arm away he finds his opponent grasping it tightly, then using it as leverage to launch one devastating kick to his stomach! With Jann doubled over it’s child’s play for Shawn to hit…*


Bob: Flowing DDT!

Ralph: x_x!

Jeice: He’s going for the cover already! He’s pretty hopeful, heh.

*Yup, Triple S has indeed gone for the lateral press at the moment! The ref slides down and starts pounding some canvas!*

Ref: 1…

*Nope! Quick kick out by Jann shows it’s just started in this fight! Instead of picking Jann up, SSS backs away and gives the JKD fighter the chance to kip up on his own, which he does. The two circle each other; throwing a few feints that neither of them falls for… and then in an explosion of activity it’s Shawn on the offensive, going for that Viper attack that he was taught so long ago! Jann manages to sidestep the maneuver and do a little kick balletics of his own… in the form of a Dragon Spike!*


Crowd: >_< OOOOH!!

*Can you say, “hurt”? I knew you could! And that’s exactly what SSS feels as he’s sent soaring into the ropes at an appreciable fraction of the local highway speed limit! The only thing that makes this worse is the fact that Jann’s got himself set up on the rebound for the…*



Jeice: Ugh… the sound that move makes is just wrong…

Ralph: >_< At least it’s not on the other side, if you know what I mean.

Bob: ~_~ Unfortunately I do.

*Yup, Jann has indeed stuck his left foot out to trip up Shawn on his way past, then a quick two-step forward and he’s sent his right to stomp and squish on the back of The Game’s head! Heck, Jann’s keeping his foot there for one arrogant pin attempt!*

Ref: *slides down* 1…


*Well, there goes that plan as Triple S’s hand darts upwards, grabs Jann by the ankle, and uproots him in one arm-flailing display! But The Game’s gonna go further, cause he keeps a hold of Jann’s ankle as he stands, quickly delivering a fast stomp to the stomach!*

Jann: >_<!

*Temporarily winded there’s little The Dragon can do as SSS hooks his legs over his arms and, with a surprising burst of strength, lifts him straight off the ground and then slams him right back into the canvas!*




Bob: Nice pick-up powerbomb by SSS! The match is starting to get into his hands!

Ralph: You know what I’d like to get into my hands right now?

Jeice: Ugh, shut up, pudgy… *blinks* Heh!

Bob: What is it, Jeice?

Jeice: LOL, almost forgot how fun it was to say that.

Ralph: ~_~

*Well, regardless of all the fun in the commentator’s tower, in the ring things aren’t going well for Jann! Mainly cause Triple S has managed to keep his hold and deliver ANOTHER painful powerbomb!*


*Quick cover by SSS! The ref starts to count!*

Ref: 1…2…

*NO! Kickout by Jann! Surprise at this makes SSS forget a slightly cardinal rule as he starts to haul Jann to his feet… but it’s too late for regrets cause he soon feels that unique feeling of an elbow connecting with your stomach at high speeds. Doubling over from the attack isn’t so much fun either since Jann’s rising knee connects with his chin, sending him doubling over the opposite direction!*


Fans: >_<!

*And then there’s the coup de grace as Jann yells out in that distinct manner of his, leg arcing up impossibly high as he delivers a picture perfect Dragon Flare that rakes Shawn from top to bottom!*



Bob: Jann with a comeback! It’s definitely getting fierce in there!

Ralph: As if it wasn’t at the start?

Jeice: We’ll see if Dragon boy can keep this edge long enough!

*Shawn shakes out the cobwebs from the maneuver and quickly ducks underneath a powerful Dragon Blow, the rush of its passage actually parting his hair! SSS goes for a leg sweep but Jann’s able to leap over it, landing just in time to block a spinning heel kick from The Game! Jann goes for a leg sweep of his own but now it’s Triple S’s turn to hop over it… and land straight into a turn-about leg sweep that knocks his feet out from underneath him!*



*Shawn hits the mat hard and it’s all he can do to open his eyes and go O_O! as he sees Jann leaping into the sky! Fortunately for him he’s able to roll out of the way as Jann’s super-stomp attack hits ground zero, shaking the canvas! Course that leaves the Dragon wide open for a little retribution as SSS pulls his legs out from underneath him!*


*The two roll backwards and hop to their feet… then charge each other, yelling… and then leap into the air, legs outstretched!*

Ralph: Oh, shit. Not another one of THESE again…

Jeice: LOL, what, you’re not used to it yet?

Bob: Uh oh! It’s ANYONE’S guess as to who’s standing when this is done!



*The two pass each other by as the sound of impact ripples across the arena! They land back to back, not moving, not blinking an eye! But, for all you dramatic fans out there, there’s no theatrical gale, no moment of standing there after the attack… there’s only the sound of someone hitting the floor, hard*


Jann: >_<

*Er… and then there’s the sound of someone else falling backwards and hitting that someone else who hit the floor first. In other words, Jann falls on the body of Triple S in one of those awkward, not really intentional pins! The ref slides down to count!*

Ref: *slides down!* 1…2…3!!


Jeice: LOOOL! They both hit each other!

Ralph: >_< Lucky Jann… if he fell forward it might have been a tie!

Bob: Well there you have it, folks! Jann Lee wins the match! What a great show by these two fighters!

*As “Natural High” plays the refs TRY to help them both to the back, but Jann Lee gives him the Dragon Blow! He jumps out of the ring, and runs through the crowd!*

Ralph: What the hell?!

Bob: For some reason, Jann is getting the hell out of…… e_e… oooh..

Jeice: HEH! Yeah! He doesn’t want to be there when Mercy’s well enough to come after him! o_o Good move! Let’s keep the cameras on him! >=)

*Jann wastes no time running into the parking lot, jumping in his vehicle and speeding away!*

Jeice: LOL x_X!! He’s running like a bitch!

Bob: Wouldn’t you?

Jeice: o_o..yeah, I would.





*“Posin’ starts up on the Jumbotron, which automatically warns the audience who’ll come out. Thinking that it was Dan Hibiki, everyone’s booing like crazy. Instead of Dan, three other individuals appear just as scary… the Pink Tsunami Stable! Out comes Joe Higashi, Hurricane Helms, and Mr. Satan. All three of them shout to the crowd, and the crowd is just plain indignant to them all!*

Bob: Ugh… it’s them!

Ralph: Pink Tsunami! >_<

Jeice: Who let these freaks in a UCTF fight? >:|

Bob: Who knows… but they got a fight tonight… against Badd Company.

*The Hurricane, Joe Higashi, and Mr. Satan slips into the ring altogether, all three of them anxious about their match. That’s is… until “Power Fighter” starts up on the Jumbotron!*

Pink Tsunami: o_o

*That’s right, folks. It’s former World and Grand Champion, Jin Saotome, armed with a steel chair! Out comes the kamikaze killer, walking toward the ring with one hell of a purpose. All he sees in front of him is the Pink Tsunami stable… and that makes him see red!*

Bob: Uh…. I think it’s safe to say that things are about to get BADD.

Ralph: Whatever you do, don’t become a comedian. e_e

Jeice: I’ll say… just say “no” to bad puns. >:|

*The Kamikaze Killer slips into the ring. As soon as he’s in, the Pink Tsunami stable rushes toward Jin and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Jin tries his best to keep Joe, Mr. Satan, and the Hurricane at bay. The bashing continues… until “Master of the Shadows” starts up!*

Pink Tsunami: o_o

*“Master of the Shadows” can only mean one thing… Eiji Kisaragi. The ninja makes his way toward the ring to aide his tag team partner. He slips in and assists Jin to beat the crap out of the trio of Pink Tsunami. Mr. Satan flies in with a karate kick aimed toward Eiji’s face, but Eiji blocks and counters with a Kiko-hou that sends the “World Martial Arts Champion” back several feet. As for Jin, his arms are pinned back by Hurricane Helms while Joe Higashi uses the Bakuretsu Ken on Jin’s stomach like a punching bag! Eiji rushes to assist his partner, but Mr. Satan spears the ninja, and Eiji and Mr. Satan fight against each other!*

Bob: This fight has gotten crazy, and the last partner for Badd Company hasn’t arrived yet!

Ralph: Yeah… this match IS getting good… even though there isn’t any puppies in sight!

Jeice: Oh, how I missed you saying that word, mate! ;_;

*Seconds into the fight between Jin and Eiji and the Pink Tsunami stable… “Dream Warriors” starts playing on the Jumbotron! Out comes the UCTF Superstar, formerly known as “The KoK”, Exeus Chakan! He charges toward the ring like a rabid beast! It’s now three against one now, and the referee isn’t sure whether to keep the two teams at bay!*

Referee: o_o

Badd Company: >:|!!!
Pink Tsunami: >:|!!!

*The referee calls for the bell so that the match can officially begin and jumps out of the ring for fear for his own life! x_x*


*Exeus throws Mr. Satan and Hurricane Helms out of the ring, and Eiji follows Exeus, leaving Joe and Jin all alone. Now that it’s one-on-one, the two can officially have their match. Jin charges toward Joe with a Saotome Typhoon, and Joe moves out of the way and nails a well-placed Slash Kick that knocks Jin back several steps. As Jin recovers his bearings, Joe charges toward Jin with a Muay Thai kick to the face. Jin blacks Joe’s attack and counters with a slap to the face that almost knocks the bandana off of Joe’s head!*

Joe: >_< !!

Jin: >:|!!!

Bob: Shit! This fight’s getting hectic!

Ralph: I think I’m going to love this puppyless match! ^_^

*Joe becomes enraged, and he fires off the Hurricane Upper, a whirlwind of ki energy aimed toward the Kamikaze Killer. Jin backs away, the whirlwind dissipating before it could reach him. Jin bounces off the ropes and tries to clothesline Joe’s ass. Joe ducks and counters with a high kick to the back of Jin’s head. Jin turns around quickly and nails the Iron Palm Strike on Joe Higashi!*


Joe: >_<

Jin: >:|!!!

Bob: Jin Saotome’s pissed!

Jeice: Heh… I don’t know who I hate more… Pink Tsunami or Badd Company… e_e

*Joe stumbles a bit after being affected by Jin’s Iron Palm Strike. He recovers his bearings and strikes Jin with his patented Tiger Kick that sends Jin to the other side of the ring. Joe charges toward Jin for a slash kick as a way to finish Jin off early, but Jin recovers quicker than Jin expected, and he surprises the hell out of master of Muay Thai with a Exploding Kick that sends Joe over the ring and into the waiting arms of the rest of Pink Tsunami. Joe stands up slightly, and he appears to be seeing stars.*

Joe: @_@ Could someone please stop spinning the arena?!

Hurricane: Citizen Higashi! What is your problem?

*Joe sits down and takes a well-needed breather. Hurricane Helms tags his fellow partner and slips into the ring. It’s now between the Kamikaze Killer and the WWE’s favorite superhero!*

Hurricane: No one can stop the Hurricane! >:|

Jin: >:\

Ralph: Jin’s now facing the Hurricane?!

Bob: This guy reads too many comic books!

Jeice: Heh… wouldn’t it be funny if Jin lost to that guy?

Bob: Jeice?!

Jeice: What?! It would! >:|… hehe… >:]

*The Hurricane removes his cape and throws it aside, the Hurricane ready to fight in his partner’s place. Jin isn’t sure whether to beat the crap out of the comic book mark or to laugh his ass off. Too busy to decide, Jin doesn’t notice the savate kick aimed at his face coming from the Hurricane!*


Jin: >_<… o_o *shakes his head* >:|!!!

Hurricane: Citizen Saotome, are you ready for the Hurricane?

Jin: wtf?

*Jin is definitely ready for the Hurricane! And he responds… with a Typhoon.. a SAOTOME Typhoon! Jin slaps the taste out of Hurricane Helms’ mouth with the Saotome Typhoon, sending the superhero… if you can call him that… back several steps. After the Saotome Typhoon, Jin bounces himself off the ropes and tries to nail a big boot right to the Hurricane’s face. Hurricane Helms ducks and counters with a neckbreaker. Hurricane Helms gets up quickly and raises his arms up like he’s Superman!*

Hurricane: >:|….

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!!

Jeice: Heh… that little wanker should go back to his own damn fed! >:|

Bob: Goodness… he’s actually giving Jin some sport! o_o

*Hurricane Helms bounces himself off the ropes and tries for a clothesline, but Jin ducks. The Hurricane bounces himself off the ropes again, but the Hurricane is caught in drop kick upon the superhero’s chest. Hurricane Helms gets on his knees, and Jin gives the Hurricane a good shot to the ribs.*

Jin: Go back to your own damn fed! >:|

Hurricane: You will not stop the Hurricane! >:| *coughs*

*Jin picks up Hurricane Helms by his shoulder and throws his ass to the corner. Hurricane picks himself up. Jin charges toward the superhero, and the Hurricane puts his meathook around Jin’s jugular. The Kamikaze Killer is stopped in his tracks!*

Bob: What in the… o_o



*Yes, the Hurricane has put Jin Saotome through a surprising chokeslam! Jin gets up slowly. Before he can respond to the Hurricane, Eiji Kisaragi asserts himself in the match and surprises the Hurricane’s ass with a Koppa-giri that sends the Hurricane to the other side of the ring.*

Jin: What the…

Eiji: Hey, Jin… let me have him. e_e

Jin: Heh… can’t have all the fun by myself. He’s all yours. :| *TAGS*

*Jin tags Eiji in, and now Eiji Kisaragi is going to fight the Hurricane. Instead of fighting Eiji, he tries to appeal to Eiji’s ego.*

Hurricane: Citizen Kisaragi… it shall be an honor to fight you. Let’s shake hands.

*The Hurricane holds his hand out. Eiji, on the other hand, isn’t so willing to shake his hand. He’d rather break it, instead. Anyway…*

Eiji: ……


Crowd: OOOOOOOH!!!!

*Well, that didn’t work so well. Anyway, Eiji takes a defensive stance as the Hurricane recovers from Eiji’s attack. He does, and charges toward Eiji as if he were flying like a speeding bullet. Eiji catches Hurricane Helms, hoists him in the air and lets him fall on his face! Hurricane gets on his knees and adjusts his mask, and Eiji follows up with a Kasumi-giri attack that knocks the superhero on his back! Eiji tries for a pin, and the ref makes the count.*

Ref: 1…

*Before the referee could get to 2, Hurricane Helms pushes the ninja off of him! He leaps up on his feet in one solid motion. Eiji tries to attack the Hurricane again, but Hurricane nails a savate kick to the face. The Hurricane gets his meathook ready for a chokeslam again. He connects, but he gets met with a Kisaragi Deathgrip! The Hurricane’s face turns blue!*

Hurricane: >_< !!!!

*Eiji makes the Hurricane gets on his knees, the Hurricane in immense pain. Before the Hurricane could even ponder about tapping out or passing out, Mr. Satan jumps in and nails a Megaton Miracle Punch that makes Eiji lose his grip. Exeus jumps in and spears the champion right out of his boots and out of the ring, but the damage has been done. The Hurricane is free though he’s going through a coughing fit. Eiji refocuses on Hurricane Helms, and tries for a Zantetsuha that makes the Hurricane fly out of the ring, joining Joe Higashi in the “assed out” section.*

Hurricane: Citizen Kent… can I have this dance? @_@

Mr. Satan: Heh. *TAPS*

*Mr. Satan taps himself into the match which receives a HUGE ovation from the crowd! Now it’s him going against Eiji Kisaragi. Mr. Satan asserts himself with a flying kick to Eiji’s face, which surprising makes Eiji fly to the nearest turnbuckle. He shakes the cobwebs from his brains and looks to the World Martial Arts Champion. He charges toward Mr. Satan with a Shadow Attack, followed with a drop kick on Mr. Satan’s face. Afterwards, Eiji does a backflip that has his legs viced around Mr. Satan’s neck. He arches his back, making Mr. Satan go through a hurricanrana, but Mr. Satan’ afro absorbs the lion’s share of the impact.*

Mr. Satan: Ha! You think you can defeat the greatest martial arts champion of the world! You are so mistaken! I can kick your ass with one hand tied behind my back!

Eiji: Whatever… e_e

*Mr. Satan leaps toward Eiji and nails a knee to the face, knocking Eiji on his back. Then, Mr. Satan gets on top of Eiji and pounds Eiji’s face in with his bare fist. After several punches, Eiji pushes Mr. Satan off of him. After he’s off, Eiji quickly gets back on his feet, and goes for a rapid fire knife edge chop, but Mr. Satan uses Eiji’s own momentum against him, pushing him aside and making Eiji fall out of the ring.*

Mr. Satan: Ha! Nice try, rookie! >:|

*What Mr. Satan doesn’t know is that Exeus Chakan makes his way in the ring, unbeknownst of Mr. Satan, breathing down the neck of the world martial arts champion.*

Mr. Satan: o_o What in the…

Exeus: >:|!!!!!

*Mr. Satan slowly turns around, similar to the style of a horror movie. He sees Exeus “The Beast” Chakan looking right at his ass like how a tiger looks at a sirloin steak. Mr. Satan responds to Exeus’ invitation wiht a knife edge chop right toward the Beast. However, Exeus catches Mr. Satan’s hand and throws him over his shoulder effortlessly! Mr. Satan lands on his afro, a good cushioning for his head. He gets back on his feet and assumes a defensive stance, bracing for another attack from the World Martial Arts Champion.*

Mr. Satan: C’mon, you monster! Come and get your ass handed back to you by the greatest martial arts champion in the world! >:|

Exeus: Don’t make me laugh. :|

*Exeus turns around like he’s some gorilla and goes for a spear on Mr. Satan, but Mr. Satan counters with a DDT, driving Exeus’ head on the ring. After that, Exeus gets back up as if shit ain’t happened! Mr. Satan’s lower jaw drops to the floor!*

Mr. Satan: O_O!!

Bob: Well, that didn’t work for Mr. Satan.

Jeice: Heh. e_e

*Exeus kicks Mr. Satan upon the abdomen. Afterwards, he grips his arm around his opponent’s head, runs about the nearby turnbuckle and nails the Skemia Drop on Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan gets up as fast as he can and tries to shake the cobwebs gathering in his afro-puffed head. Exeus, then, spears Mr. Satan to the turnbuckle, nearly denting it by the force. Exeus pulls himself off of what’s left of the turnbuckle to show Mr. Satan in dreamland and all propped up on the turnbuckle.*

Jeice: Crikey… I know that look. o_o

Bob: I think I know what’s he going to do… and I’m not sure if I want to watch! >_<

*Exeus walks back a few steps to get a running start. He runs toward Mr. Satan to “Faak a Raak Kaak”. Mr. Satan finally wakes up at the last possible moment to see Exeus coming after him. He moves out of the way, and Exeus ends up falling out of the ring, pulling the turnbuckle apart by his crotch! The men in the crowd wince in sympathy pains!*

Men in the crowd: X_X!!

Bob: Ugh! X_X

Ralph: Now why did he have to do that?! >_< !!!

Jeice: Crikey… his nuts could be powder with a fucked up move like that!

*Exeus gets back on his feet, and he feels like he’s feeling the pains of the damned between his legs. He staggers his way back in the ring, only to get a Megaton Miracle Punch right in the face. Exeus falls on his butt, bruised on both ends. Before Mr. Satan could finish the match, Jin and Eiji rushes into the ring to give the world martial arts champion a double suplex to the other side of the ring, sparing their partner. There, Jin and Eiji proceeds to beat the ugly out of the world martial arts champion!*

Mr. Satan: X__X!!!

Bob: This could be it for the Pink Tsunami!

Jeice: Oh well…

Ralph: This could possibly mean the end of the…


YOU’VE GOT THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*The same motivational song, “The Touch, that have pumped up Dan Hibiki is having the same effect on Joe and the Hurricane! The two of them bolts from their stupor and enters the ring like they mean business! Hurricane Helms and Joe Higashi aids their fellow stablemate from the onslaught of the Kamikaze Ronin!*

Bob: What the hell?!

Ralph: That music works on them, too?! o_o

Jeice: This is too fucked up, man… ~_~

Joe Higashi: >:|!!

Hurricane Helms: >:|!!

*Joe turns Jim Saotome around and nails a Bakuretsu Ken on the Kamikaze Killer. As for Hurricane Helms, he pulls Eiji away by the back of his neck and throws him aside. Then, he starts beating the tar out of Eiji. Mr. Satan and Exeus crawls out of the ring in pain, leaving Jin, Eiji, Joe, and Hurricane Helms to fight on their own.*

Bob: Where the hell is that music coming from?!

Jeice: My guess would be the sound room. e_e

Ralph: And to think this was once my music. :|

*Meanwhile, in the sound room…*

Dan: >:]

*Back in the ring, fight between Jin, Eiji, Joe, and the Hurricane continues. Hurricane Helms bounces himself on the ropes and tries for a cross body, but Eiji catches him and makes him fall on his knee. Meanwhile, Jin’s beating the tar out of the Muay Thai master as best as he can, but Joe somehow, sneaks in a move Joe calls the “Strongest Low Kick in History”, sending Joe to the center of the ring into the waiting arms of Eiji Kisaragi!*

Bob: I don’t know about you, but I have a sinking feeling that Pink Tsunami might win.

Ralph: Don’t say that! You’ll jynx them!

Bob: How the hell so? o_o

*Joe Higashi charges up all the ki energy in his body and unleashes his most powerful move, the SDM Screw Upper, that envelopes the entire ring in a whirlwind of flames that engulfs everyone inside and around it! Some programs in the audience members’ hands fly out and hit the tornado of flames, burning up into cinders. Seconds later, the flames subside, and the only ones standing are Hurricane Helms and Eiji Kisaragi, both of which appear as cooked as thanksgiving turkeys!*

Eiji: >_<

Hurricane: >_< *shakes his head* >:|!!

*Eiji swings! Helms ducks, and interlocks his arms into Eijis! He twists the ninja over before nailing… *


*Hurricane’s most powerful finishing attack, the Vertibreaker! After landing head first on the concrete, Eiji Kisaragi is now out cold! Hurricane makes the cover, and the referee, who hid under the ring, makes the count!*

Ref: 1… 2… 3!!!


Crowd: X_______X!!!


*”Posin'” starts up again! The Pink Tsunami stable has pulled one hell of an upset against Badd Company! Hurricane Helms and Joe Higashi stands up slowly and raises their arms in victory while Mr. Satan is still outside the ring lapsing in and out of consciousness. The two slip out of what’s left of the ring to their comrade and raise his hands up along with theirs. Everyone in the audience boos like crazy, some even throwing stuff at the team, but that doesn’t change anything! X_X*

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ralph: I don’t fucking believe it! o_o

Bob: Pink Tsunami has won… and I can’t believe I said that!

Jeice: LMFAO!!! Did you see the L the “Badd Company” went through?!

Bob: Jeice, did you see?! Pink Tsunami has won the match!

Jeice: LOL!!! o_o

*Yes, it’s true! The tree stands up to their… fans, but then pass out. A small army of EMTs rush to the scene to pick up all the members of Pink Tsunami and Badd Company to take them all to the back where their can be treated for all their wounds.*

Bob: How can things get any worse?!

Winners: Pink Tsunami

*We’re in the back, where we have Sue the ring girl standing by with the challenger to Dan’s UCTF Grand Championship Title, Rott.. and his Fiance, Kittie!*

Sue: Rott, I just wanted to g–

Ukyo: >=|…

Sue: o_o… can I help you?

Rott and Kittie: *looks at each other* o_o..

*Before the interview even STARTS, Ukyo interrupts Sue!*

Ukyo: >=|……

*Slowly, the pizza girl walks past all three and leaves the area.*

Sue: okaayy.. Anyway! Rott, you’re going against the Grand Champion tonight in a Lions… Tigers.. and Bears match! Is there any comments you have for the “Greatest Man Walking?”

Rott: We–

Kittie: You damn right he does! >=|

Rott: ~_~

Kittie: >=| DanIEL. You stole the title away from Ryo in Southtown.. You barely escaped with your LIFE in the dome cage match.. and you’re dirty lawyer saved your ass in the 36 vs. 1 match last month.. But tonight, you’re going against MY bitch!

Rott: X_X *lights a cigarette*

Jeice: LOL!

Bob: her bitch??

Ralph: .. I wanna be her bitch…

Kittie: >=). This is the man who made you tap out in the dome cage in march. The man who SHOULD be the Grand Champion right now.

Ralph: oh shit! That’s right! x_x

Bob: you forgot? >=|

Kittie: And it doesn’t matter that you have a three legged Lion, a Hairless Tiger, and a half dead Panda Bear, who have been in captivity for so long, that they’re prone to snap and attack the first thing that touches them..

Rott: o_o… *lets the cigarette fall from his mouth*

Kittie: e_e I have confidence that my Rott is going to defeat them and you. So confident, that I’m not even going to come out with him. He’s going to do it all alone!

Rott: O_O! Wait! I thought you said you could .. persuade the lion and ti–

Kittie: And he doesn’t care if your ENTIRE stable comes out and attacks during the match! He’s ready to take you all on, because he’s just that badass! Let’s go babe!

*She grabs him by the collar and drags him along…*

Rott: >_< ! aww fuck.

Sue: o_o… thanks…

Ralph: X_x!!! She’s going to get him killed!

Bob: what has happened to the Rott we once knew?? The Kris Anderson attacking, Miko shooting, girlfriend kidnapping Rott?!

Jeice: ~_~ Pussy my friend.. it’s the power of pussy.

Lo-Ruhamah vs. Bryan Amethyst


Bob: And now it’s time for the World Championship match, folks! Bryan Amethyst challenges current champ Lo-Ruhamah!

Ralph: Ugh… no puppies to show in this one… e_e

Jeice: Heh! And here I was almost getting used to you being non-hentai.

*First up “Change the World” hits the sound system and out comes Bryan Amethyst! The crowd gives a pretty good pop for the youngster, making it pretty clear who they’re gonna favor tonight! Bryan smiles grimly as he heads down towards the ring, definitely ready to rock!*

Bob: Here’s Bryan Amethyst! He looks pumped!

Jeice: Probably hungry for gold, that kid. He’ll go all out in this match.

Ralph: Just so they don’t interrupt my reading. I gotta get caught up. *pulls out a few adult mags*

Bob: Ralph! ~_~

*Then… “Bridge to Cross” kicks in and the mood instantly changes to something called: Serious Heel Heat! The UCTF’s resident sacred warrior shambles down the ramp with the World title held proudly at his side! He gets into the squared circle before tossing it to the corner of the ring!*

Bob: Now it’s Lo! The guy’s starting to make something of a reputation for himself!

Ralph: *to himself* Ooh… coupon for five bucks off on next subscription…

Jeice: We’ll see how well Mr. Holy over there does against Bryan.


*And the ref’s called for the start and it is off to the races, ladies and gents! At the very bat Bryan’s stepping up and going ALL out on Lo, ducking underneath a fast clothesline and whomping him across the side with rounding sweep of his fist! Lo spins with the impact and tries to deliver a momentous backhand but Bryan’s able to cross-block with his arm, then deliver a stunning uppercut straight to the Sacred Warrior’s chin!*


*Lo’s too dazed to counter the follow up so Bryan continues the assault, laying into Lo’s abdomen with a flurry of punches, then working up to his chest with a couple of brutal knee strikes, and finally finishing the deal with..



Bob: Leaping leg lariat, Batman! Er, I mean Jeice.

Jeice: *rolls his eyes* Someone’s having fun again…

Ralph: *still talking to himself* Ugh, they call this a centerfold…?

*Lo gets up and shakes out the cobwebs, just in time to see Bryan dashing in to keep up the pressure! The Sacred Warrior manages to get out of the way this time, sidestepping Bryan’s rushed leap kick! As Bryan flies past Lo’s hand erupts into holy energy and he lays into his opponent’s back with the patented Holy Punch! The impact sends Bryan careening into a turnbuckle with such force he’s spun around!*


Drunk Fan: BOO! *throws beer can onto the concrete*

*Bryan’s laid out against the turnbuckle, looking definitely out of it and a surefire target… one which Lo isn’t about to pass up! Yelling out, the sacred warrior charges forward into his signature Rosary Kick, rising up from the ground and…*

Fans: >_< OOOOOOOOH!

Jeice: >_< ! Damn!

Ralph: *looks up from his magazine* o_O Was that what I think it sounded like?

Bob: x_x Yep.

Ralph: … *goes back to the pictures*

*Yep, yep, yep. You guessed it folks… Lo’s reckless charge into the Rosary Kick against Bryan didn’t end with him getting the hit. Well, in a manner of speaking. Instead it ended with Bryan getting the hit of his knee striking Lo’s groin preemptively!*

Lo: x_X

*Amidst a few cheers Bryan starts to haul Lo-Ruhamah up to his feet… which, naturally, ends up with him getting a savage elbow to the ribs for his troubles! Then another one! Then a rising headbutt that meets Bryan’s chin on the way up, forcing the young man back off of Lo! The Sacred Warrior’s hand erupts into some holy energy again and he lays into Bryan’s chest with a powered-up knife edge chop!*


Crowd: >_< WOOOOO!!

Bob: Modified Chi Slap by Lo!

Jeice: He’s going for another one!



Crowd: >_< OOOOH!!

*Lo rears back for a third chop but then Bryan’s fighting back the searing pain in his chest and lashing out blindly with punches! Though totally not aimed Lo reacts to the shots, letting up on his assault as he ducks sideways! ‘Course by this time Bryan’s no longer fighting dazed cause he smacks his foot into Lo’s shin, almost causing it to buckle!*

Lo: >_<

Bryan: HYAH!!


*And Lo’s sent flying backwards, burn marks fading from his body as the ki wave’s residue broils off! Bryan swings his arm once again from down to up, the space in between erupting in fire as another ki wave reaches out… and tags the staggering Lo in the same spot!*



Lo: x_x!…>=|!

*A crackling beam of energy erupts from Lo’s angry gaze in tribute to his famous Armageddon Glare maneuver, searing towards Bryan with the intent of serious harm! But it isn’t that easy for the Sacred Warrior cause Bryan counters with a quick pulse of burning ki, forking the beam around him and sending it to blast the mat! Bryan swings his arm yet again and…well..*



Ralph: *licks his thumb then uses it to flip to the next page*

Bob: Lo’s knocked on the ropes! He looks like he’s done for!

Jeice: Bryan’s controlled this match since the start and I think he’s going for the knockout attack right here!

*Yes indeedy, Lo is against the ropes and he doesn’t seem up to providing adequate defense! He’s breathing heavily and holding on though… a fact which Bryan’s definitely intent on making a thing of the past as he charges up! The mystic fighter rears back, takes careful aim, then…*

Lo: *manages to get one eye open and quick aim…*


*The fireball’s explosion throws Lo up, up, and over the ropes to crash onto the concrete in an undignified manner! Course, don’t think that Bryan got through that one unscathed cause…*

Bryan: >=| *rubs his slightly burnt arm*

Jeice: LOL! Lucky bastard!

Bob: What a desperation move by Lo! That last second Armageddon Glare to Bryan managed to throw his aim off just enough so the fireball didn’t incinerate him!

Ralph: Uh huh. *leans into the magazine* Oooh… Tera…

*A little bit past the miffed stage, Bryan hops out of the ring and stalks intently towards the downed Lo! The fans are egging Bryan on with cheers while a spent Lo backs up against the corner of the squared circle! Bryan’s arm lights up with fiery power!*

Bob: Trouble for Lo here! There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no more power left to fight!

Jeice: We can call the books on this one. It’s over!

Ralph: It’s over?! Really? *looks up from his magazine*

Bob: ~_~ Not yet, geez…



*Then, Lo espies something in the corner of his little eye… and desperation is the catalyst for inventive thinking because…*



*Crunch? Yes, that’s the sound that happens when Lo finds the beer can the drunk guy threw in earlier and tosses it into Bryan’s path! The young man’s foot crunches the aluminum and his momentum mixes with the fine Australian lager, sending him stumbling forward! Lo grins maniacally as he grasps the waistline of Bryan’s clothing and helps him along in…*



Jeice: …LMFAO!!!!

Bob: o_o! Whoa! Ladies and gentlemen, Bryan’s tripped and Lo’s just sent him face first into the post!

*Yep, and Lo does it again as he stands, grabbing the dazed Bryan’s head and slamming it into the steel post a second time! Not one to lose an opportunity, the Sacred Warrior gets behind Bryan and lifts him up for one devastating…*


*German Suplex! Lo keeps it down for the bridge and pin! The ref hops out of the ring and starts slapping the ground!*

Ref: 1…2…3!!!



Fans: >=| BOOOOOOOOO!!

Winner and STILL UCTF World Champion: Lo-Ruhamah

Bob: Lo-Ruhamah retains his title in one of the luckiest turn of events I’ve ever seen!

Jeice: Ugh… this reminds me of a freaking Dan Hibiki match…

Ralph: So… it over? *still “reading”*

Bob: Yes! *snags the mag away and tosses it*

*The fans continue to show their disapproval as “Bridge to Cross” plays, Lo saunters to the back, and the ref helps Bryan to his feet!*

Lo: @_@!! I’m never going to lose you!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Bryan: … >=|!!!

*Bryan slowly stands up, but gets run over by Lo and the World Title! The champ slides out of the ring and runs like mad to the back!*

Bob: That son of a bitch!

Jeice: >_< ! LOL!!

Ralph: o_o… That guy’s freakin insane!

*While they’re carrying Bryan out of there… the announcer stands into the ring, and makes a.. *gasp* announcement! *^^**

Announcer: The Following Match is Scheduled for one fall.. and the UCTF Tag Team Championship Titles!



*That’s right! The crowd pops HUGE whenever “War Ensemble” kicks up over the sound system! The reason? The former UCTF Tag Team Champions, Team Saiyan are coming down the aisle! Tonight, they have the opportunity to win the titles a second time after winning a tag team tournament on Massacre a few weeks back. The team who’s known as the fighters who defeated the Fugly Duo climbs into the ring! Ryokun, who’s spent the last hour of so healing himself using one of his magic techniques is still noticably tired from his match. It evens out however, because William was nearly destroyed in the opening match earlier in the card against Kunoi Ishigami!*

Announcer: First, the Challengers, coming in at a combined Weight of 360LBS, Residing from Planet Angelus, Hystalin DeWarrloc and Ryokun.. Team Saiyan!

Crowd: *POPS*

Ralph: man, Are the tag team championship belts in turmoil or what? X_x

Jeice; damn right.. x_x.heh.. Those two snot nose punk champions better be damn glad Ryokun got the beating of his life in the big four way earlier.. if he was at 100% along with Hystalin… ~_~. I mean, they’re already going to get an ass beating of a lifetime by these saiyans but.. ~_~

Bob: Come on Jeice, I mean, what about William vs. Acrapha?

Jeice: She’s young and stupid. >=| He tricked her with a roll up.. as much as I hate the old ass bitch Hystalin, I don’t think she’ll fall for the same thing. And besides, she has “Mr. Personality” himself in the ring with her. Let’s face it… Team Saiyan has Cohesion, which is a lot more than the “Country-n-Rap” tag team can say. >=|

*While the two proud fighters stretch and prepare in the ring… Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone” Kicks up over the sound system! That’s right.. e_e Will and Suicide actually have a tag team theme song! Both walk out wearing “Leathal Championship Wrestling” T-shirts.. and William (who has both belts still x_x) is sporting a huge, blood stained bandage around his forehead from the beating Kunoi gave him at the beginning of the Pay Per View. >=|*

Announcer: And Now.. The Champions.. Coming in at a combined Weight of 342lbs, Residing from Louisville, Kentucky, Seth “SUICIDE” Conway, and Brooklyn, New York City, William Clarke!

Will: >_o…

Suicide: e_e…

Bob: What were you saying about cohesion, Jeice?

Jeice: o_o I stand corrected? >_< !! What am I talking about? >=| So what they’re wearing the same damn outfits and have a catchy theme from some second rate movie starring a third rate wrestler!?!? >=|! THEY’RE GOING AGAINST SAIYANS.

Bob: I think you’re wrong! Suicide defeated Shriana in his debut match! He’s arguably one of the best Anime Champions we’ve ever had, and William.. he’s 11 – 0 in singles! 4 – 0 in tag team!

Jeice: SHUTUP! >=|!

Ralph: ~_~ *goes for a bucket of chicken*

Will/Suicide vs. Team Saiyan

UCTF Tag Team Championship

*Once in the ring, The Tag Team Champions Surrender their belts to the referee, who shows them to the crowd! Both fresh participants, Suicide and Hystalin are the first to go at it, while William and Ryokun get their well deserved breaks in the corner!*


*The ref signals for the bell and the match starts off, much to delight of the fans! Suicide slaps his hands together to build some motivation and intensity as he circles the ring! Soon, he grabs Hystalin into a tie up, and is immediately tossed ALL the way across the ring by her amazing saiyan strength! He hits his neck and shoulders before flipping into the far corner!*

Crowd: OOOOH!!! X_X!!

Suicide: >_< !

Hystalin: >=)…

*Suicide slowly stands back up… His partner reaches out for the tag, but Suicide completely ignores him! NO way some 5’4, Lucy Lawless bitch was going to embarrass him on national tv like this! >=|! He runs back at her at full speed, and locks on another tie up! Hystalin barely flexes her muscle, and sends Suicide flying RIGHT back into the corner, head first!*

Suicide: >_< !!!

Ralph: LOL! Man!

Jeice: You see this shit Bob?! Y ou see this shit Ralph!? >=|!

Bob: >_<!

*Suicide goes for a different approach.. if he can’t match upper body strength with Hystalin, he’s gonna go below the border! Using an amature wrestling move, Suicide goes down low and attempts a double leg take down on the saiyan! That’s right, with all of his strength, he rams both of his shoulders into Hystalin’s legs in an attempt to atleast MOVE the saiyan! ……It doesn’t work. e_e! Hystalin merely stands there with an amused look on her face, before knocking Suicide into the corner with one simple motion of her legs! The ring almost shifts!*

Suicide: X_X!!

*It’s damn obvious that Hystalin is the superior in the strength category.. As The embarrassed and hurt Suicide tries to climb back to his feet, Hystalin stalks towards the champion in the corner… Suddenly, Suicide leaps out of the corner and eye rakes the HELL out of the former Intergalatic Champion! Even to a saiyan, that shit HURTS! Not only that, but it blinds her for a brief moment, giving Conway time to drag her face first across the top rope! If you’ve ever had rope burn.. imagine it on your eyes! >=|*

Hystalin: >_< !

Ralph: What is he going to do now??

Bob: I don’t think he knows himself Ralph!

Jeice: there’s nothing he can do o_o

*Suicide crouches down, before deliving a savate kick to the mouth of the saiyan.. that has NO effect what-so-ever! His FOOT is in more pain than Hystalin! He’s determined to take her down! >=| He hits the turnbuckles not once, but twice, before delivering a double drop kick back of the knee cap of Hystalin! Miraculously, the kick.. the kick actually makes the saiyan go down to ONE knee! The former Anime Champ doesn’t plan on stopping there.. He begins to gain momentum from the ropes again, preparing for another drop kick, but Hystalin catches him around the neck! She leaps into the air with him, nailing a chokeslam to hell!*

Crowd: OOOOOOOH!!!

Suicide: X____X!!

*However, in the middle of the chokeslam, Conway wraps his legs around the arms of Hystalin! After being driven into the mat, He somehow rolls her over into a pinning predicament out of no where! The ref slides into position and makes the count!*

Ref: 1…..2….

*But he’s bench pressed off of the Saiyan and almost over the top rope! Hystalin jumps up in complete surprise! In an instant, the match was almost over with ONE second to spare!

Jeice: How in the hell did.. o_o

Ralph: Wow! Suicide had her pinned there, and HE was the one who got chokeslammed!

Bob: That’s what Suicide and Will are going to have to continue doing in this match.. somehow get the saiyans off of their feet for three seconds, then get the HELL out of dodge!

*Hystalin gives Suicide a forearm to the back! The military brat’s body bends backwards as he lands face first on the ground! The Jacked up Bitch lifts him back to his feet, and whips him across the ring! When he flies back, she meets him with a flying elbow to the face! Seth’s feet go over his head as he falls to the mat! Somehow.. someway, he starts to stand back to his feet.. and Hystalin is waiting.. e_e.. Right as he turns around, she puts him back to the mat with a double leg take down, and spreads his legs!*

Suicide: x_x…

Jeice: OH COME ON!! This isn’t necessary!


Bob: … let’s all close our eyes for the next few moments..

Hystalin: >=)!!!

*Right as she goes for a punch, Suicide catches her fist, then rolls backwards! Hystalin is put on her shoulders out of no where!*

Ref: 1……2….

*Suicide is POWERED out again! Now Hystalin’s pissed off because for the second time, Suicide’s crafty ass has almost pinned her with a snap of the finger! Seth crawls to his corner and smacks his partner’s hand, which gets a huge ovation from the UCTF Crowd! Will is now in the match!*

Ralph: We’ve got a tag!

Jeice: Heh.. let’s see what kind of luck he has against the big bully hystalin! >=|

Bob: Jeice!

*Hystalin runs at the legal man with a clothesline! William ducks, and drills her in the chin with a savate kick of his own! This one has just about as much luck as Suicide’s, which has no effect on the jacked up super saiyan whatsoever! Will’s eyes widen seconds before he’s clotheslined to the mat! He kips back up, and finds himself on the receiving end of a sickening knife edged chop that knocks him to the ground! He pops back up and is knocked down again with a second, and then a third!*

William: x_x…

Jeice: =|…

Bob: I know I know Jeice! It’s not looking too good in there for the two young men, and Ryokun hasn’t even stepped into the ring yet!

*Rolling around in pain, William feels Hystalin’s iron grip wrap around his neck! As she begins to pick him up, he desperately gives the former Intergalatic Champion a stiff bicep shot to the groin, that’s powerful enough to bring this beast to her knees! He staggers to his feet as Hystalin grabs her poor crotch in pain!*


Jeice: X_x!! You KNOW that had to hurt!

William: x__x… >=|!!!


*The Anime Champion deals Hystalin a blow to Hystalins neck with his ridiculously stiff roundhouse kick! It’s enough to knock the saiyan flat on her face, but at the same token, William goes down, holding his leg in agony!*

Bob: WHAT A KICK! I think he actually hurt her!

Ralph: But William’s hurt too! Look at him grab at that leg!

Jeice: Heh. Hitting a Saiyan is like hitting a steel wall. Simply Put, his leg should be broken after a kick with THAT velocity. e_e

*William is the first one to stand and yup.. he’s limping noticeably! Suddenly, Hystalin is back up, virtually unharmed! As her opponent limps around the ring in a pathetic fashion.. she She turns her body into a Mystic Rocket, and drills the Anime Champion into the corner using her magic Energy and Saiyan Strength at the same time!*

Crowd: OOOOOOOOH!!!!!

William: X___X!!

Jeice: Give me a break >=|!! It’s bad enough they have these poor kids outmatched but this is too much.

Ralph: Will and Suicide knew what they were getting into! They should have just forfeited the titles!

Jeice: ~_~ I agree with you on that one Ralph.

*He stumbles out of the corner, and falls flat on his face, Ric Flair style and it begins to become apparent that these poor kids don’t stand a chance against the saiyan duo! Will tries to stand up, while Hystalin climbs the top rope, preparing to put William away with an Axe Handle Smash, Vegeta style! When she leaps off, William spins around, and nails a roundhouse to the wide open ribs of the saiyan elite! The kick is so powerful, that Hystalin FLIPS from the attack which suprises the shit out of not only the her, but the fans as well! William goes down holding his leg for a second time!*

Hystalin: X__X!!!

Jeice: What the hell?!?!

Bob: o_o… I thin.. I think he finally hurt her Jeice!

Ralph: oh, you think? That would explain her rolling around holding her ribs like he just broke them!

Jeice: That took come guts.. but it was stupid! He just hurt his leg worse than it already was! >=|

William: >_< !

*Hystalin’s back up to her feet, and attacks William blindly! He catches her arm, and throws her over his shoulder in a Judo throw! She jumps back up immediately, and goes for another clothesline! William catches the arm however, and preforms a second Judo attack! She kicks up and attacks again! William gives her a belly to belly suplex, Then a Japanese Arm Drag! By now, Hystalin is disoriented from having her own saiyan speed used against her to toss her all around the squared circle! As she stumbles around in a daze, William grabs her from behind and hits a salto suplex!*

Jeice: I don’t know how he’s hurting her right now but… PIN HER! PIN HER YOU FOOL!

Bob: His leg! He’s too hurt to take advantage of it!

Ralph: oh and this isn’t good! Hystalin’s making her way towards her corner!

*William tries desperately to crawl after Hystalin, who’s had enough of the Anime Champion! She reaches out to Ryokun, who’s eager to make the tag!*

Jeice: ~_~ Will’s in trouble in about.. TWO seconds!

*With a slap of the hands, The Dragon/Saiyan leaps into the ring and almost takes Will’s head off with a clothesline! He keeps right on the champion, and lifts him back up to his feet! William instinctively goes for a kick, but it’s parried by Ryokun, who follows through with an uppercut! William staggers back, and is knocked across the ring when the saiyan SIMPLY pushes forward with his arms!*


Ralph: >_< !

Jeice: holy shit! X_x!

Bob: he knocked him across the ring without even touching him!



*That inaudible sound is William’s back slamming into the turnbuckle! As he stumbles forward, Ryokun meets him with a spinning elbow to the face!*

William: >_< !!

Bob: What a shot to the face!!

Jeice: ~_~ That could have crushed his freaking skull bob! >=|

*The champs not down for more than a second before Ryokun lifts him back to his feet! He throws him into the ropes, then uses the momentum to lift him into a fireman’s carry! It’s obvious the big man’s going for the Suplex of Doom! William himself knows this, so he wiggles himself out of the hold and pushes Ryokun into the ropes! When the saiyan bounces back, William savate kicks him in the THROAT!*


Ryokun and William: x_x..

*William dives into his corner and makes the tag to Suicide!*

Crowd: *POPS!*

Ralph: another tag!

Jeice: not like it’s going to do any good! >=| William still has five legal seconds in the ring, William and Suicide are going to need to to take advantage of Ryokun’s weariness! >=|

Bob: You’re Right Jeice!

Jeice: I know I am. =|

*That’s exactly what they plan on doing! The tag team champions delivver a double Savate kick to Ryokun which takes him down! Will and Suicide then grabs one of the saiyan’s legs each, and toss him back into a double wheel barrel suplex! They keep their locks on his legs, and lifts the saiyan onto their shoulders and nail one of Jeice’s old finishers, the double Electric Chair Drop! STILL keeping the legs locked, Will and Suicide lock on a double STF submission on Ryokun, which gets a standing ovation from the crowd!*

Crowd: O_O!!

Ralph: O_O!! HOLY SHIT! Did you see that Bob!?

Bob: Damn right I did!

Jeice: Here comes Hystalin! X_X I was waiting for this tag match to lose control!

*Hystalin gets into the ring, and literally rips the two kids off of her partner! She throws them across the ring with little effort, and flies towards them for a double clothesline! Will and Suicide duck miraculously! Hystalin hits the ropes, and flies towards them a second time.. But this time, Will and Suicide catch her by the legs, and preform a double face buster! They float over, and lock on a double half crab! However, Hystalin powers herself out of the move, sending both William and Suicide flipping across the ring!*

Will and Suicide: >_< !!!

*The Jacked up Bitch grabs Conway, and tosses him into the far corner! When she turns around, William is right there waiting! He NAILS her in the face with the 540 kick! Right as she hits the mat, Suicide climbs to the top rope! He leaps off and preforms a backbend in midair! While he’s in the air, he grabs his feet, gaining TREMENDOUS height before splashing Hystalin with RVD type precision!!*




Bob: O_O! That was the flying squirrel splash! You get MUCH more height when you’re in that position in that attack!

Jeice: damn.. I have to fax that one up to Big Burter in Canada! THESE GUYS ARE INNOVATORS!

Ref: 1…..2….

*The ref makes the count but Hystalin powers Suicide right off of her again! Right as she does so, William grabs her legs, and turns her over into a boston crab! Suicide grabs her arms and turns it into the AWOL submission!*


Ralph: X_x! Another Double Submission!

Bob: changing your mind Jeice?

Jeice: not really e_e. They’re not even using 2% of their true power in there. >=|

Bob: ~_~

*Ryokun breaks up the attack, and this is where the saiyans stop playing nice. >=| With a Triko, Suicide is BLOWN right out of the ring! Hystalin throws William across the ring, then both her and Ryokun power up to Super Saiyan Level 1 together!*



Jeice: O_O!! See!

Bob: o_o!

Ralph: …oh shit..

*They both put their palms together and power up for an attack..and not just any attack…. x_x..

Team Saiyan: KA…………ME………….HA…..

Jeice: O_O! OH NO! It’s the move they used to take out the Fugly Duo!

Ralph: I remember that! Rott probably still has nightmares about that!

*William pulls himself up and sees dual blue lights generating before him!*

William: x_x.. oh shit…

Team Saiyan: …….ME…………HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*The Anime Champion is bombarded by BOTH beams of light at the same time! Will’s body hits the ground, complete with smoke rising from his burnt clothes! Hystalin does the honors of winning the tag team championships by covering the Anime Champion!*

Ref: 1………2………


William: *KICKS OUT!!*

Everyone: O___O!?!?!?!

Bob and Ralph: WHAT THE HELL?!

Jeice: I didn’t just that! TELL ME I didn’t just see that!

Bob: >_< !!

*Team Saiyan is shocked! Meanwhile, Suicide gets back into the ring with a charred shirt and a PVC pipe! It won’t do much against the forehead of a saiyan, but that’s not what he’s going for! >=| He goes for the NUTS of Ryokun! He immediately spins him around, and executes the Courtmartial!*

Ryokun: >_< !!


*Suicide jumps back to his feet and rearms himself with the weapon, but Hystalin sees him coming!*

Hystalin: ?! >=|!!

*Hystalin Super Saiyan Punch destroys the PVC pipe which collides with Suicide’s skull! The former Anime Champ is rendered unconscious from the attack! William however, kicks back up to his feet suddenly powered up with a second wind!*

William: >=|!!!!

*Hystalin turns around, right as William leaps towards her, preforming two full rotations in the air before nailing her with a kick!*

Crowd: OOOOOOOOOOH!!!! O___O!!

Ralph: What the hell?!

Jeice: >_< !! That was a fucking 720!!!

*William straddles the saiyan’s chest, while cradling her leg with his arms!*

Ref: 1………2……..3!



Bob: I don’t know!! X_x!!

*”I Stand Alone” kicks up again as the referee awards the champions their titles once again! After a few moments, Suicide and William stumble back to their feet after a miraculous victory over the Two Saiyan Superstars!*

William: x_x..

Suicide: >_< !!

Winner and Still The UCTF Tag Team Champions: Will/Suicide

*Suicide begins to leave the ring, but William grabs him by the arm and pulls him back into the ring!*

Jeice: o_o Oh shit! What’s this?!

Suicide: >=|..

William: >=|…..

*William takes one of the two belts, and holds it towards the other tag team champion! Seth looks around for a few seconds, then takes it from William, before both superstars HUG in the center of the ring, which gets a HUGE response from the crowd!*

Crowd: *POPS!* X_X!

Bob: Well will you look at that!

Jeice: we’re in the freaking twilight zone! X_x..

*After the tag team champions and the challengers leave the ring… The ring crew rushes down the aisle and aid the helicopters bring down the infamous TRIPLE DECKER GREEN HELL IN A CELL! In the second cell, the Tiger paces around, while in the third cell, the cute and cuddley panda bear sits down eating on a stick! *^^*!!! More of the ring crew rushes down the aisle with a small cage, containing the Lion! Once they put it inside the structure, they trip the door with a large metal bar, which opens it up!*

Lion: e_e….

Jeice: O_O! Um… Bob, Ralph?

Bob: This.. definitely doesn’t look like the three legged lion and the hairless tiger from last week! What the hell’s going on?

*Somewhere in Vegeta’s office*

Vegeta: >=)….

*Meanwhile, in the back….*

Dan: O____O!! Those aren’t the animals I picked out!!!

Johnny: >=|! Someone probably replaced them.. e_e But that’s fine Daniel. I’ve already planned for this to happen, so we’ll just go with plan B. >=|

Dan: … Plan B?

Johnny: >=) Plan B.

*He puts something into Dan’s hand and closes his fist*

Johnny: e_e… You know what to do with these?

Dan: o_o… but.. this will…

Johnny: >=| How much do you want to keep the title?
Dan: >_< !!! ORA! >=| Alright. I know what to do. >:|!!

*“Shooting Star” begins playing over the sound system, bringing out the challenger, Rott! And what Jeice said was right.. this IS the twilight zone.. x_x. the fans are actually CHEERING him! It doesn’t make Rott feel too good on the inside.. in fact, he’s sweating like a pig!*

Rott: o_o… *lights up four at once* >_< !

Jeice: Heh.. x_x Did I tell you guys how I trained my boy Ahmed Johnson with a Lion?

Ralph: too many times. >=|.

Bob: You know what? Let’s go back to March 17th 2002 where Rott actually made Dan TAP. Many feel that he should be the Grand Champion RIGHT NOW!

Jeice; ok.. let’s SEE THAT AGAIN!

*We go back several months ago in the big dome cage match!*

*But Out of no where, Rott kicks up to his feet with a new burst of energy!*


Everyone: O_O!??!!?


Rott: >=|!

Dan: o_o.. O_O!!


*Dan turns around, and is quickily snapped into the Flaming Fist technique, which grants a HUGE pop from the UCTF Crowd! He locks on the Carotid Artery Chokehold (The 9th level of the Flaming Fist)! After five seconds, Dan begins tapping like a wildman!!*



Ralph: DAMNIT!! NO REF!!!


Ref: x___x…


*But the ref is STILL Koed! Dan delivers a devestating mule kick to the nutsack of Rott which staggers him up!*


Ralph: OH WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?!?

Jeice: X_X!! No Referee! No win for Rott! You know the deal! It happened to me at the last OYC!!

Bob: X_X!!! Damnit we were so close!!! O_O and I can’t believe I’m going for Rott!

Jeice: We’re going for ANYONE. As long as it’s not Dan!

*Flash back to the present.. Rott stands outside the cage and looks at the Lion pacing around on the inside…*

Lion: >=|…

Rott: ;_;…



*That’s right, It’s Posin time! >=| Rott locks his eyes on the entrance.. but is blind sided when Dan jumps over the steel barrier! Dan quickly throws Rott’s ass into the cage, then shuts the door from the outside!*

Dan: o_o..

Jeice: O_O!! LOL!!!!

Bob: That son of a bitch! He’s going to make Rott take the Lion on alone?!

Ralph: X_x!! And they can’t advance to the next stage until the Lion is unconscious!

*The lion comes right after Rott’s ass! The fear overwhelms the former Interplanetary Champion! So much so that he… he…*

Rott: … >=|!!!

Everyone: o_o…

Rott: >=|!!!! ;_;!!

*RUNS LIKE A BITCH. =| That’s right, He runs like a little girl! But you guys already knew that Rott’s not a cat person to begin with! X_x!*

Bob: Get in the ring you son of a bitch! You thought this match up!

Jeice: LOL!! X_x This reminds me of when I was training Ahmed, he kept r–


Daniel Hibiki vs. Rott

Triple Decker Green Hell in a Cell Lions Tigers and Bears Match

UCTF Grand Championship

*Meanwhile, The referee tries to get Dan to get into the ring, but the Grand Champion simply pushes him away with a simple thrust of the hand! That’s when an entire TEAM of Referees comes storming down the aisle after the champ!*

Dan: o_o… *thinks* >_< Lion hurry up and kill him! hurry up and kill him!

*The champ throws down the title and attacks the group of refs, but he’s quickly over powered and carried towards the entrance to the cage!*


Jeice: LOL X_X!!

Bob: Yes! Get his ass in the ring! Throw him in there!

Refs: >=|!

*He’s thrown in, right as the Lion bats Rott to the ground and pounces on him for the final blow and mauling! Right before Rott’s throat is ripped out by the Lion’s razor sharp teeth.. the Lion smells something.. o_o.. It’s the scent of Dan’s total assness, and the natural born predator HATES it. >=|*

Lion: … e_e!!

Dan: o_o….

Lion: >=|!!!

*It leaves Rott alone and runs full speed at Dan! It jumps in the air to pounce him!*

Dan: ……… GADOUKEN!!!

*He fires one of his primary attacks!*


*Unfortunately for the champ, the blast faded out only a few inches away from the Lion! It didn’t even get close enough to singe the animal’s fur!*

Dan: o_o.. ;_;!!

Lion: >=|!!

*Within a split second, Dan’s body is halfway in the Lion’s mouth, and the poor champion’s being thrown around the bamboo cage like a rag doll! Somehow he breaks away, and is pimpslapped by the Lion, which puts the champs head THROUGH the bamboo!*

Dan: x__x..!!

*And to add insult to injury, the lion takes a bite out of Dan’s ASS!!*

Dan: O_______O!!!!!!!! OYAJIIIIII!!!!!!!



Bob: x_x!! He asked for the match..


*Dan’s body goes limp from the ass bite! Seeing this as his big opportunity, Rott jumps on the BACK of the animal, and locks on the Fucking Japanese Strangler! You KNOW the people at the world wildlife fund are PISSED about this one!*

Lion: >_< !!

Rott: >=|!! How do you like THAT you little pussy!? HUH?!!? HUH?!?!

*It’s the move that can put out a pro boxer in three seconds, and obviously, it’s working just the same on the Lion! The beast begins to fade out of consciousness! Once it goes out, Rott is free to climb to the second cage and take on the Tiger!*

Dan: >_< !!

*Dan climbs out of the hole, and reaches into his gi! From his pocket, he pulls out a small flask and hits Rott over the head with it!*

Rott: O_o?! What the hell was that?!

Dan: >=)… Hyenia pheremone.

Rott: O____O!!

Lion: >=|!!!!!!!!!!!!

*That’s right! Now Rott is covered with the pheremone of the Lion’s WORST enemy! Choke hold or no choke hold.. The Lion wants a piece of Rott’s ass, and he wants it NOW! Rott’s thrown across the ring by the much stronger Beast, and is attacked ravagely by it!*

Rott: X__X!

Dan: o_o..

*Dan starts climbing the ladder to the next cage and pulls out a damn TRANQ gun! As soon as the Lion’s done with it’s prey.. Dan’s going to give it a shot that it’ll NEVER forget. >=|*

Dan: e_e.. *waits*


Bob: How can you laugh at this?! Rott’s being ripped apart like a damn T-Bone Steak!

Jeice: It’s FUNNY.

Ralph: Let’s get kittie out there! maybe her presence will sooth the beasts!

Bob: I know you just said that because you’re a prev, but that actually makes a little sense!

Rott: x___x.. … O_O!!

*Suddenly, Rott remembers something! A gift from RoSE that was given to him almost a year ago! He delivers a Metal legged kick RIGHT to the Lion’s testicle.. and Trust me.. HE feels it alright.. e_e*

Lion: >_< !!!

*Rott climbs back to his feet and nails it in the neck with another kick that knocks it out like anemic japanese school girl! The crowd POPS as if they’re watching some sort of gladiator match at the original coliseum! Rott doesn’t find it amusing however.. who looks like a grated piece of cheese!*

Rott: >=|..

Dan: O_O!!

*The champ wasn’t expecting that! He tries to scurry up the ladder as quickly as possible, but Rott runs right up the sombitch after him! He catches the Champ by the Waste, and throws him down ten feet to the ground with a German Suplex!*




Ralph: >_< !!! His neck has to be broken!!

*Rott spreads Dan’s legs, then KICKS him in the balls with his metal leg!*


Rott: e_e..

Jeice: LOL!! Rott’s pissed that he looks like a piece of meat right out of a butchers shoppe! X_x

*Rott climbs up the ladder and opens up the door to the next cage! But before he does.. e_e he takes out a small pistol from his hip, and shoots the Lion in it’s ass to wake him up!*

Lion: … o_o.. *looks at Dan* >=|…

*It jumps back up and mauls Dan’s punk ass again! Rott let’s out a big goofy smile and turns back around to climb into the second cage! Unfortunately, the second he turns around.. the first thing he sees are the eyes of the Bengal Tiger! >=|*

Tiger: e_e

Rott: O___O!!

*It pulls Rott’s ass into the second cage BY HIS HEAD. Meanwhile…*



*His super blast renders the Lion unconscious a second time, and the now half naked and bloodied Hibiki climbs the ladder into the second cage! The Tiger tosses Rott to the side, then turns around.. staring a hole through the Champion.. Dan however, doesn’t waste any time before pulling out his tranquiler gun! >=| He’s going to put this motherfucker out before it can do any damage!*

Dan: >=|!

*But Dan’s vision is so fucked from the ass beating he sustained from the Lion, his aim is tremendously off, and he shoots HIMSELF in the foot!*



Dan: Z_____Z!!



*That’s when the Tiger attacks Dan and rips a literal HOLE in the Champion’s ass! The Tranq gun flies across the ring, and lands in the lap of Rott, who points the weapon at the Tiger and Hibiki.. He thinks long in hard…*

Rott: e_e…

Bob: Decisions Decisions! He can use that bullet to knock out the tiger.. or put dan to sleep so the tiger can kill him for making this match!

Ralph: Kill Dan! Maybe you’ll win the title by default if he dies!

*Rott pulls the trigger..*


Rott: ..OH what the fuck?! >=|

*But it’s a blank! X_x! Dan reaches into his gi, and pulls out another weapon, he tosses it over to Rott to use!*

Dan: Here! Use this! ORA!! X___x!

Ralph: They’re working together now?!

Bob: IT’s a TIGER. Wouldn’t you?!

Ralph: >_< !

*Dan throws it so hard, that when Rott catches it, it BREAKS! Liquid absorbs into Rott’s skin!*

Rott: O_O?!

Dan: X_x.. heh.. heh.. heh.. >=)… Buffalo Pheremone.

Rott: O_____O

Tiger: …e_e…

*If you’re saying “oh shit” right now, you should be. >=| Because the big ass Tiger leaves Dan alone, and goes for the already weakened Rott! Trying to fight off the tranquilizer coarsing through his own body, Dan manages to get back up and pull out a syringe! That’s right.. it’s the last Tranquilizer bullet!*

Dan: .. >=|!!! THIS ONE’S FOR YOU OYAJI!!!

*Dan does a dive roll across the ring, then JABS that sombitch into the ass of the Tiger! It doesn’t take long before the drugs go through the Animal, and it passes out on top of the Koed Rott! The Grand Champion is in luck! ALL he has to do now is climb to the third cage, and take the belt off of the Panda Bear!*

Dan: >_< !!

Bob: Damnit! Is this “Plan B” that Johnny Cockring was talking about?!

Ralph: o_o.. I didn’t know he was a zoologist as well as a Lawyer, he knew what to hit Rott with to piss off the other animals…

Jeice: >_o..

*The champ takes all the time he needs to climb the ladder and open the door to the third and final cage! The fans are BOOING their asses off about it too!*


Bob: This is BS! He’s just going to simply TAKE the belt from the benevolent bear! >=|! After Rott took all the punishment through the match! How is this fair?!

Jeice: hey.. They never said anything about NOT bringing weapons into the match! Dan actually played this one smart, even after Vegeta obviously swapped out the animals! You have to commend him for it!

Bob: …

*Dan walks up to the Bear..*

Dan: ^_^..

Bear: *^^*

*He grabs the belt, but right before he takes it from around the waist of the bear.. the Animal GRABS Daniel’s arm!*

Dan: o_o?!

Bear: e_e……..

Everyone: ?!!?!?

Bob, Ralph, and Jeice: o_o..

*The bear then grabs Dan around the Neck, and CHOKESLAMS HIS ASS!! Then he picks Dan back up, turns him upside down, and nails the Fire Thunder Piledriver to a huge ovation from the crowd!! It slowly reaches up, and pulls the mask off of his face!*

Dayvid: >=|!!!!



Bob: DAYVID NITE?!!?!?

Ralph: but.. But.. How long was he.. o_o.. But…

*The former Champ grabs Dan by the throat and chokeslams his ass through the cage and back to the second level!*


Dan: X___________X!!!

Rott: O_O!!

Bob: I think Rott’s just as shocked as Dan!

Jeice: would.. LOL! wouldn’t you be? Dayvid’s dresse.. LMFAO!! Dressed up like a fucking BEAR.

*Rott throws The Tiger off of him, and picks up Dan before putting through EVERY stage of the Flaming Fist Attack! He tosses the Champion to the side, and slowly climbs up to the third cage where his comrade.. the other half of the “Fugly Duo” awaits him!*

Bob: Hurry up! Hurry up before an A-bomb drops and Dan dies the Grand Champion! Hurry it the hell up!! >=|

*Rott climbs to the third cage, and slowly stands up! He stares into the eyes of his former tag team champion partner!*


Jeice: SHUTUP!

Rott: o_o…

Dayvid: e_e…

*He slowly reaches out, grabs a hold of the belt, and takes it off!*


*That’s right! There’s parades going on in every city in every country in the known world! Dan Hibiki is NO LONGER the UCTF Grand Champion! “Shooting Star” kicks up over the sound system as the fans chant Rott’s name for finally dethroning the Grand Champion!*

Winner and New UCTF Grand Champion: ROTT!!! X_X!!!!



Bob: OH WHAT THE HELL?!!? o_o!!

Ralph: oh no!

Jeice: o_o..

Johnny: >=|!! Rott! I don’t know what the hell this is! I know this was probably some screwed up conspiracy with the president of the UCTF and you.. but it’s NOT going to work! I’m a lawyer! I can find a loop hole in ANYTHING! >=| This match was a LIONS.. TIGERS.. AND BEARS match! Not a LIONS.. TIGERS.. AND DAYVID NITE match! Simply put, Dayvid Nite dressed at that bear blatantly breached the contract that was set forth and signed by both Daniel Hibiki and Rott and disqualified anything that happened inside that ring the moment the bell was sounded for the start of the match! Therefore, if you don’t want this ENTIRE federation Sued into bankrupcy, I suggest the referee reverse the decision of this match IMMEDIATELY !! >=| !!

Bob: >_< !!! SHUT HIM UP!!

Jeice: o_o..

Ralph: oh hell no! He’s threatening our jobs now! ;_;!



Ref: >_< !!


Jeice: X_x!


*The ref runs and whispers into the ear of the announcer before getting the HELL out of dodge! Now it’s the Announcer’s unfortunate job to say the following..*

Announcer: >_< ! Ladies and Gentleman.. due to the interference by Dayvid Nite… The referee has reversed the decision of the match.. However.. the Winner and STILL UCTF Grand Champion… DANIEL HIBIKI!!




Ralph: WE KEEP OUR JOBS! ^__^!!

Jeice: yeah.. but.. is it worth it? X_x!

Dan: .. x_x.. ^_^… ora.. X_X..

>=|!! Winner and Still UCTF Grand Champion: Daniel FUCKING Hibiki!!

*”Posin” kicks up, as Dan is announced at the Champion once again! Rott and Dayvid are just .. SHOCKED from the announcement, and VERY pissed! >=| Johnny, with a HUGE shit eating green on his face, walks backwards to the back.. That’s whenever… he bumps into something that’s as hard as steel.. o_o*

Johnny: o_o…

*The evil lawyer slowly turns around and sees…*

Vegeta: >=|.

Everyone: *SHUTS UP* o_o..

Bob, Ralph, and Jeice: ………….

*The Prince of Saiyans, with his narrowed eyes, stares a hole into Cockring… seconds before … x_x.. SMILING!*

Everyone: O_O.. *starts to leave*

Vegeta: ^_^.. You know what Mr. Cockring? e_e. I expecting something like this would happen. That’s why before having either Daniel or Rott sign this contract.. I got a lawyer of my own.

*It’s at this moment when Rott’s manager and fiance, Kittie walks out with the original contract that both Rott and Dan signed!*

Johnny: o_o…

Jeice: oh shit..

Bob: what’s going on?

Jeice: be quiet! >=\

Vegeta: This little provision right here states.. if the original animals are unable to participate in any way, shape, or form in the TDGHIACLTB match.. They will be immediately replaced with “suitable replacements”. e_e. Now.. NO WHERE in this line does it state that these replacements MUST be the exact same type of Beast that it was before.. now DOES it Mr. Cockring? >=D

Kittie: *^^*

Cockring: o_o…… ;_;!!

*Vegeta’s right. Cockring wrote the damn contract himself! How could he have missed THAT loophole!? He can’t take it, he starts to CRY!*

Vegeta: >=) Therefore. The original Referee’s Decision Stands. YOUR WINNER AND NEW UCTF GRAND CHAMPION, ROTT!

Crowd: *POPS!!*

Bob: O_O!! YES!!!

Jeice: >_< ! New Champion, Again?!

Like I said Before, Winner and NEW UCTF Grand Champion: Rott =|!!

*Dayvid Nite smirks, then teleports.. with the bear suit O_o.. Rott however, stands at the top of the cage.. beaten, bloody, but admired by the fans! However, he doesn’t notice Dan climbing back up to the third cage slowly.. e_e..*


Vegeta: e_e.. heh.

*There’s so much commotion going on, that the fans don’t even see Dan attacking Rott from behind with a piece of bamboo!*


Rott: >_< !!

Dan: >=|!!

*The former Grand Champion tosses the weapon down, and delivers three awesome Koryurekkas! He follows through with a Dankuukyaku, and finishes Rott off with his super finisher, the Hisshou Buraiken! This puts Rott’s ass THROUGH the cage! Rott’s hanging on with one arm only!*

Dan: >=|!!!

Jeice: O_O! Oh shit! Dan and Rott are going back at it!

Ralph: Did you see that combo of attacks?!

Bob: yeah.. o_o.. if Dan would have did that earlier…

*Rott climbs to the top of the third cage, but Dan’s right behind him! Once they’re both on the top of the cage, Dan tries to punch, but it’s aggressively parried by Rott! The new Grand Champ then delivers a Sambo Shoulder Throw on top of the Cage!*

Bob: I think we’re having a grand title match after a grand title match!

Jeice: yeah!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

*Rott attempts to mount Dan, but the former champ hits him with a Shinkuu Gadouken and a kick to the groin! The champ kicks back to his feet and attacks! With each punch, Rott is knocked one step closer to the Edge of the HUGE structure!*

Rott: >_< !!

*The champ catches Dan’s fist, and hits him in the temple with a buffalo knuckle! The former champ stumbles around in pain, seconds before Rott grabs him by the neck and LAUNCHES him off of the top of the cage! That’s right, Dan falls over 75 feet before landing back first on the concrete, which snaps his spinal cord like a chicken bone!!!*

Crowd: O________O!!!

Rott: o_o..

Vegeta: o_o..

Kittie: o_o…

Johnny: o_o…

Bob, Jeice, and Ralph: o_o..

*As you’d expect, The former champ lies on the ground motionless! Slowly.. the fans tune in the familiar chant…*

Crowd: holy shit.. holy shit.. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! >=| HOLY SHIT!

Jeice: o_o.. Ralph.. can humans live from falling that far?

Ralph: I think you know the answer to that one Jeice. o_o..

Bob: o_o. I.. I wanted him to lose… not … not DIE!

*In the back, the ENTIRE locker room is celebrating with champange, except for a few people you’d expect. e_e. Outside, twenty or more EMTs rush down in a panic to help the former champ along with the other members of Pink Tsunami, including Johnny Cockring! Using extreme caution, they put on a neck brace, and slowly put the greatest man walking onto the stretcher before carrying him away with Dan’s teammates! Rott remains on top of the cage holding the Grand Title in the air, receiving a huge response from the UCTF crowd!*

Jeice: uhh.. o_o well…

Bob: >_< ! Ladies and Gentleman.. We’ll find out the condition of Dan next week, but tonight is Rott’s night! Our resident Chain Smoker is on top of the UCTF Mountain finally, and he’s the man to beat! For Ralph Gerrard and Jeice, this is Bobby Hinden saying goodnight!


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