Wild Wing Boys Preform “Knock on Tomorrow’s Door” | Cerilius Loveless vs. Jann Lee | Covetous vs. Piccolo | Shawn Shane Shields vs. Ryokun | The Lovely Angles vs The Dirty Pair | Chocolate Misu vs Leona | Ed The Janitor vs. Happosai | Rott vs Hotaru | Azrael vs. Garshrink | Vegeta Interview | Godzilla vs. Raven Darc | Miko Mido vs. Dayvid Nite – Best of Seven

*The scene opens up as the UCTF stage slowly raises it’s curtain, standing behind it is Heero on Lead Guitar, Duo on Bass, Quatre on Keyboard, Trowa on Drums, and Wufei Chang stands near the microphone! The female population of the crowd goes absolutely insane! Quatre hits some chords on the keyboard and slowly ascends until the guitar riffs hit and Trowa begins beating the drum aggressively! The crowd marks out at the suprise performance as Wufei picks up the mic and sings his heart out*

Flash back! Kagayaku kaze…….

Flash back! Sekai wo kakenukeru……

Don’t stop! Furimukanai……..

Don’t stop! Dare mo tomerarenai…….

Flash back! The sparkling breeze

Flash back! Running through the world

Don’t stop! Don’t look back

Don’t stop! No one can stop me

Jibun dake ni wakaru pride kakete

Inochi made moteasonde ikiteiru!!

Betting the pride that only I understand

I live — playing even with my life

Me no mae no yume yori

Kiwadoi game wo motome

Oretachi wa harukana asu e no door wo tataiteru…..

More than the dream infront of our eyes

We pursue the dangerous game

We are knocking on the door to a faraway tomorrow…

Flash back! Dare no tame ni……

Flash back! Sekai wa mawaru no ka……

Don’t stop! Kotae wa nai…..

Don’t stop! Dakara sagashi ni yuku……

Flash back! For whose benefit

Flash back! does the world turn?

Don’t stop! There is no answer

Don’t stop! so we go searching for it

*Heero hits a huge guitar riff that makes the crowd pop!*

Kodoku dake ga ore wo tsutsumu yoru ni wa

Yoake made hoshi wo kazoete sugosou!

On the night when I am embraced only by solitude

I count the stars until dawn

Moeagaru honoo ga

Hitomi wo akaku somaru

Gin’iro no tsubasa de kirameku

Yume wo oikakeruuuuuuuuu!!!

By the leaping flames,

My eyes are dyed red

That which twinkles with silver wings —

I chase that dream!

*That’s right, Wufei hits a high note and holds it out! Even the boys in the group all turn around and look at Wufei in suprise as the music goes into a solo! Quatre cracks his fingers and goes into a deep interlude of octaves and adlibbing which makes a simply amazing solo! Near the end, Heero joins in the solo with his guitar making it a duet! The climax builds up to the point where Wufei grabs the mic again!*

Jiyuu to iu kaze ni kokoro sarashite

Hikari yori hayaku

Sora e maiagareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WHOAAAAA yeah!

Exposing my heart to the wind called freedom

Faster than light,

I rise to the sky… whoa yeah!

*Wufei really gets into it! Girls in the crowd that hated him are now getting all hot and bothered!*

Me no mae no yume yori

Kiwadoi game wo motome

Oretachi wa harukana asu e no door wo



More than the dream infront of our eyes

We pursue the dangerous game

We are knocking on the door to a faraway tomorrow…

*Wufei holds out the note for a good 30 seconds as The bass, guitar, keyboard, and drummer all give one final impressive run that comes down to one epic explosion with fireworks and pyro effects! The song is over and the Wufei looks out into the crowd while catching his breath.. they give him a standing ovation!*

Bob: The Wild Wing Boys Ladies and Gentlemen!

Crowd: *POPS!*

*They walk off the set and go to the back except for Heero, who looks out into the crowd one last time before leaving*

Bob: Welcome to The UCTF Pay Per View Extravaganza, Summer Chaos! I’m Bob Hinden, sitting here with my collegues Ralph Gerrard, and the Orange Crusher, Jeice!

*The camera’s show all three men sitting in the booth, all wearing spiffy suits except Jeice, who’s wearing his wifebeater and addidas pants as usual.*

Jeice: And Tonight, we have Several Titles on the line, Dustmaster, Interplanetary, Intergalactic, The new “NRA” Title, Anime, and the Biggest prize in our business, the UCTF Grand Championship Title will be on the line.

Ralph: And the Grand Title won’t be up for grabs in a regular match.. these two performers will have to face off in a Best of Seven event, They were going to walk through hell just to please US.

Cerilius Loveless vs. Jann Lee

Bob: And now..a double debut! Cerilius Loveless takes on Jann Lee!

Ralph: >:|! DAMNIT!

Jeice: …

*First up, Cerilius comes down to some Egyptian style music! The crowd doesn’t know how to react so they keep quiet, although the mummy-like fighter gets a few odd looks! Cerilius shrugs and just rolls into the ring*

Ralph: O_o That’s Cerilius?! WTF?

Jeice: LOL! I wonder what would happen if someone yanked at his bandages like in the cartoons.

*Next, “Natural High” hits the sound system and Jann Lee runs down the ramp! The crowd doesn’t give much reaction to him either, but the kung fu fighter doesn’t care as he leaps in and the ref signals for the match to start!*


Jeice: The hell? ANOTHER Bruce Lee wannabe?

Ralph: Let’s see if he gets killed like the other one!

Bob: Hey, it looks like Cerilius is showing good sportsmanship!

*That’s right, Cerilius is extending his hand out to Jann! Jann blinks, not expecting this, and shakes Cerilius’ bandaged appendage. It’s a shame that as he’s distracted, Jann gets poked in the eyes Three Stooges style! The crowd gives Cerilius a little bit of heel heat for that cheap shot, but the mummy cares not, simply rearing back and bowling Jann over with a lariat! Unable to defend, Jann gets smacked down, eyes watering!*

Jeice: LOL!

*Almost immediately, Jann leaps to his feet and hastily blocks a few hard rights from Cerilius! The mummy keeps up the pressure, eventually getting the upper hand with a well-placed headbutt! Jann’s startled by the move but luckily regains composure, BARELY ducking another of Cerilius’ lariats! Taking advantage, Jann’s hands suddenly flash out into a furious combo!*





*And Cerilius gets whomped by Jann’s Dragon Rush maneuver! Floored, the mummy can’t dodge as Jann comes flying in with a stomp to the chest! Moving quickly, Jann makes the cover!*

Ref: 1..

*Kickout! Cerilius isn’t out of it yet! Jann picks him up and places him in a wrenching headlock, trying a classic choke! For his troubles, Cerilius donates a few well-placed elbows to his stomach, knocking the wind outta him! Sensing that the momentum is turning, Jann tries to flow the maneuver into a Bulldog..but Cerilius senses it too, powering through out of the move and..*


Dudes: X_x

Jann: X_X!!

Bob: What a low blow by Cerilius!

Ralph: Geez! :(

*As Jann falls to his knees, Cerilius comes from behind and puts him in the School Boy pin! The ref goes down for the count!*

Ref: 1..2..

*NO! Jann somehow escapes, rolling to his feet and with a little surprise..he’s got some of Cerilius’ bandages in his grip! With a grin, Jann tugs on them and..*

Jeice: LOL!

Ralph: LOL!

*..nothing happens! Hey, this ain’t some Warner Bros. cartoon..this is the UCTF! As Jann’s standing there stupefied, Cerilius quickly rushes in, tying the loose bandages around his neck for the strangle hold! Moving behind, Cerilius quickly locks on a modified Tazzmission with the bandages as leverage! Jann starts to gasp for breath, struggling to get free!*

Bob: Doesn’t look like Jann can take much more!

Ralph: Good! Get this newbie crap done with!

*As the ref moves closer, Jann seems to slump into unconsciousness! Cerilius grins and starts to loosen his grip as the ref gets ready to call it in..but then all of a sudden, Jann’s snapping back up and slamming his Dragon Spike at point blank range into Cerilius’ gut! The mummy gets blasted backwards by the maneuver into the ropes where he stays there, barely lucid! Bouncing off the opposite ropes, Jann Lee suddenly leaps forward with a powerful kiai shout into his Dragon Kick!*



Crowd: >_< Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

*Holy shit is right! The super leap kick not only blows Cerilius over the top rope..it blasts him into the crowd, ass out! The ref takes one look and calls for the bell!*


*”Natural High” starts up once more and the ref raises Jann Lee’s arm in victory! The crowd gives a lil pop!*

Winner: Jann Lee

Bob: Well, looks like Jann wins his first match in the UCTF!

Ralph: Did you see that kick?! X_x

Jeice: Heh, not bad..even I was impressed by that move. Barely.

Covetous vs. Piccolo


*”When Worlds Collide” blazes over the speakers as the UCTF’s own super-namek Piccolo comes out to a nice sized pop! He strides down to the ring purposefully, ready for battle!*

Bob: And that means it’s time for Piccolo to challenge Covetous to the Anime Title! It looks like he’s the fan favorite, but can he do it?

Jeice: Saiyan-C’s held the title for awhile now, but Piccolo’s tough. Neither one would be as great a champion as I was for it, but what the hell.

Ralph: There’s no chicks in this match! :\

*Then, “Beast” plays and Covetous comes out to a mixed reaction! Wasting no time whatsoever, Covetous hands the Anime title to the ring crew, slides in the ring, and pops a right against Piccolo’s face! The namek flinches from the move, but comes back with his own right hook! Covetous is rocked by the move but counterattacks! The fans start to cheer ’em on as the two try their best to knock the other’s head off! Eventually, Covetous gains the upper hand, feinting with another right hook..but coming through with a fierce Gutter Punch!*


*Stunning the namek, Saiyan-C hits a text book suplex! Following up, Covetous hauls the recovering Piccolo up to face a ki-filled jab! The move knocks Piccolo back, but he regains composure and shoots a high-powered eye beam that bowls Covetous over! Rolling with the impact, Covetous fires off a spread of energy shards..which Piccolo is able to dodge as he takes to the air! With a growl, Covetous leaps up and flies after him, unleashing another energy blast! This one strikes, dazing the namek and letting Covetous close the gap and start with the flurry of punches and kicks!*


Bob: And Covetous gains the advantage!

Jeice: He better watch out..I don’t think he can keep it for long.

*As if on cue, just as Covetous goes for the Gutter Punch, Piccolo’s mouth yawns open and unleashes a full-on flamethrower attack! Covetous gets overwhelmed by the move, losing his concentration and crashing hard into the mat!*

Ralph: Now THAT’S bad breath!

Bob: Damn, never thought someone would have worse breath than you, Ralph!

Ralph: >:| Shut up!

Jeice: :\ This better not be leading up to Ralph vs. Bob 5..

*Back in the ring, Covetous barely rolls out of the way of a searing beam of ki power! Using his own energy as he dodges another blast, Saiyan-C hits his Zoneseek maneuver! The spheres of power lance out as fast as lightning, slamming into Piccolo before he can dodge! Taking advantage, Covetous takes to the air and phases out! As the namek regains his composure, he blinks and looks around..only to see not one but four Covetous flying in from all directions! Too dazed to think straight, Piccolo tries the old method of using one energy blast on a one-pattern at a time in the hopes of getting lucky..and of course, none of the ones he hits is real and Covetous appears behind him and plants a jarring ki-empowered backhand!*


Fans: >_

Bob: What a backhand!

*As Piccolo falls, Covetous moves in and turns the crash into a back breaker!! Everyone braces for this impact!*

Ralph: This has GOT to be it!

*But, JUST before he hits the finisher, Covetous sees power forming in Piccolo’s hands! Piccolo’s eyes blink open and he grins, aura flaring for..*

Piccolo: Makankosappo!!!


Bob: Oh my! Piccolo just used his finisher at point blank range!

Jeice: That’s one serious desperation move! He got caught in his own blast!

Ralph: I can’t look!

*As the dust clears…Piccolo’s found almost ass out with an arm over Covetous’ chest! Both are lying on the mat looking like hell, but at least Piccolo’s moving..Covetous is unconscious! The ref signals for the bell!*



Jeice: You better let me say that once sometime, old man! >:|

*The crowd POPS as the ref hands Piccolo the Anime title belt and “When Worlds Collide” plays! Outside, we see the good ol “WCW1” mobile pulling up! Shane-O-Mac along with the MacDougal Brother’s!*

Crowd: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

*Before they go into the building, Shane sticks his head back in the limo*

Shane: now you two.. Remember our plan, now get out there and do what you do best! Come on guys.. Heh.

*Shane and the boys walk into the building… then the scene switches over into someone’s office.. someone’s who’s watching this all in disgust!*

Vegeta: >=|………

Triple S vs. Ryokun


Bob: Next up we’ve got Triple S facing Ryokun for the IP title!

Jeice: :\ Those two are fighting each other AGAIN?! Guess they can’t get enough of each other, heh.

*”Papercut” starts up and Triple S comes out to a BIG, but mixed, reaction! The former XCW Prez jogs down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the fans before sliding into the ring!*

Bob: These two seasoned fighters have faced each other many times, but this time there’s added incentive with the belt on the line!

Ralph: Man, this isn’t gonna be much fun. We’ve seen them use their moves against each other too many times!

*Then, “It Doesn’t Matter” starts up over the sound system and Ryokun soars out from behind the curtain! The crowd pops for the IP champ, who hands over the belt before landing in the squared circle. Then, faster than Happosai can hit on a woman, Triple S is unleashing one big can of whup ass on the Saiyan!*


*Venom Strike, Venom Strike, Venom Strike! Ryokun is stumbling backwards when Shawn decides to lend a hand, whipping the Mirai warrior into the ropes and slamming him on the rebound with a hurricanrana! Triple S tries to bridge it for a pin, but Ryokun gets his wits about him and powers out of the move! Before Triple S can haul his carcass up, Ryokun spins around on the ground and sweeps his legs out from underneath! Both fighters are up almost simultaneously, but this time Ryokun gains the momentum with a few quick ki blasts! Staggered back by the beams, Shawn can merely watch as Ryokun lays the smack down with a powerslam!*

Ralph: Someone hurry up and win, damnit!

Bob: Ryokun’s got the advantage now, but can the IP champ hold onto it?

Jeice: Doesn’t look like it!

*Jeice is right, since as Ryokun whips Triple S into the ropes, the former XCW Prez shows great ring presence and is able to duck underneath the big clothesline! As the two bounce off their respective ropes and charge back at each other, Triple S’ foot snakes out and connects with Ryokun’s gut! The Mirai warrior doubles over, the wind knocked out of him..and straight into a devastating Evenflow DDT!*


*Cover by Shawn!*

Ref: 1..2..

Ryokun: Kaiou-ken attack!!

*Kickout with authority! Shawn gets shoved off as Ryokun rises to his feet, aura glowing red around him! Triple S kips up into a double Venom Strike attack..but the ki bursts go nowhere as Ryokun lets loose with the powered-up version of his Triko! move! Before he can think of a new strategy, Shawn gets rammed into the mat by an unforgiving spear that almost knocks him outta his boots!*

Bob: Spear! The Spear!

Jeice: Geez, calm down, would ya?! Almost spit on me.

*Not wasting time, Ryokun grabs Triple S by the scruff of his shirt and tosses him over the top rope! As Shawn spills over the side, Ryokun leaps into the air and comes down upon him with a hard knee strike! But that’s not all, cause the saiyan continues the assault by laying some harsh left and rights on his face! Taking the beating for all he’s worth, Triple S painfully gropes for something to help him out..his hands close around the leg of the announcer’s chair and he pulls it out from under him and rams it against Ryokun’s face! The Kaiou-ken broken by that move, Ryokun feels the wear and tear and almost falls flat..but then Triple S takes up the slack and swings the chair again, hitting with a gut wrenching smack!*


Bob: Triple S with the come back!

Ralph: Finish it! I want to see some puppies, man!

*Triple S lays the chair flat, then picks up Ryokun..only to get several ki filled punches to the stomach for his troubles! Trying to get back his momentum, Ryokun lays on the pain and manages to get out of Shawn’s grip! But, proving himself to be tougher than it seems, Triple S shrugs off the pain long enough to land a severe knee to the Mirai warrior’s face! Taken by surprise, Ryokun staggers back..when he suddenly finds his face being launched into the turnbuckle pole!*


*Sensing the end, Triple S takes the dazed Ryokun over to the chair..and sets him up for the Pedigree Piledriver!*

Bob: This is it!

Ralph: This time I get to say new champion!

Jeice: >:| Not if I can help it!

*Triple S lifts him up for the move..but out of NOWHERE, Ryokun takes a page from Essa Rios and goes for the Rios Driver! As Shawn raises Ryokun up in piledriver position, the Mirai warrior swings himself over his shoulder, arm wrapped around his opponent’s head and letting gravity do the rest..and he connects!!!*


*Shawn is barely lucid from having his head smacked by that move into the steel chair! Ryokun takes advantage, crawling over and putting his arm over him for the pin!*

Ref: 1..2..3!!


Ralph: DAMNIT!

Bob: Heh, too bad, so sad, Ralph! Ryokun retains the IP title, but that was a great showing by Triple S!

Jeice: As much as I don’t want to see another match between these two, I bet one isn’t far off!

The Lovely Angles vs The Dirty Pair

Bob: Now it’s time for this… rather unusual match to take place…o_O

Ralph: It’s gonna be our vice presidents aginst these OTHER two claiming to be the Lovely Angels!

Jeice: Heh… to me, they’re just four hotties lookin’ to get it on!

*”By Yourself” is keyed up, which garters a HUGE pop from the fans, as the two UCTF vice presidents make their way down to the ring, smiling and waving to the crowd*

Kei & Yuri: ^_^

*they climb into the ring, and Kei is about to pic up a mic and talk, but she’s cut off as “Limitless Answer” is keyed up, and the DIRTY PAIR Kei and Yuri come out from behind the curtain, both with smirks on their faces*

DP Kei: Oh, I’m sorry, were you about to talk Kei??

LA Kei: >=|!!

DP Kei: Well, it doesn’t matter… when we’re done with you, you won’t HAVE to worry about talking, since your jaw’ll be wired shut… >=)

Crowd: OOOHHH!!

Bob: Gutsy statement by Kei there!

DP Yuri: But we’re not fools… we didn’t come here without a plan of some kind… some sort of… REINFORCEMENT for this match….

Ralph: Huh? What’s she…


(here we go… money TALKS)

Ralph: Oh GAWD…





*yup.. it’s that crazy kid SHANE MCMAHON coming out from behind the curtain to a TIRADE of boos!*

Shane: Yes, THAT’S right! It be me Shane-o-mac! And I’m SO glad you people love my two newest members of the new WCW!

Crowd: O_O!

Ralph: NO F’N WAY!!!

Shane: Now let’s see who the real “Lovely Angels are.

*DP Kei and Yuri charge the ring full force. LA Kei and Yuri don’t let them take any kind of advantage as they start to stomp on them as they roll in. They trade blows evenly as on each others double, DP Yuri on LA Yuri and DP Kei on LA Kei. The LA pair deliver a symotanius irish whip and send there opponents into the ropes. LA Yuri can’t seem to wait for their return as she runs right behind her double and cross bodies her over the top rope.*

Bob: Beautiful move by Yuri

*That leaves LA Kei open to deliver a harsh clothesline to her counterpart. She drags DP Kei to her feet and sets her up right. LA Kei then swings her around and administers a rear chin lock. The ref steps in.*

Ref: Give up??

*The ref is met with a harsh boot to the face by DP Kei. Then she procedes to flip over LA Kei and locks on her own rear chin lock. The ref crawls back up.*

Ref: @_@ give up?

*LA Kei also delivers a harsh kick to the refs face.”

Ralph: LOL!!

Bob: Damn… let’s hope the refs don’t go on strike… o_o…

*LA Kei goes over to her corner, where Yuri’s now climbed up, and tags her in! The two of them then start working over the DP Kei, and then LA Kei climbs out, leaving her to Yuri*

Yuri: You think you’re as good as us?? HUH bitch?? >=|!!!

*Yuri, abandoning her “good angel” stature for the moment, PIMPSLAPS Kei across the mouth, and then delivers a knee to the gut! The DP Kei crumples to the mat, and then rolls to the side, trying to get the tag! But, Yuri lifts her up, and whips her into the ropes! She tries for the clothesline, but Kei ducks, wraps her arms around Yuri’s waist, and delivers a NASTY german suplex!*

Bob: Nice counter!

Jeice: But can she capitialize??

*Kei starts crawling over to Yuri, but then Shane runs into the ring, and DRAGS her over to the DP Yuri, making the tag! LA Yuri makes the tag to Kei, and the two run at each other in the middle of the ring!*

Ralph: here they go!

*Kei and and Yuri meet in the middle of the ring with a double crotheline. Niether of them seem too phased as they spring back up to their feet and head for opposite ropes. They both come off and colide again this time with a shoulder block by Kei. Yuri falls flat to the ground. Kei then charges the ropes again and leaps over Yuri. As she comes back Yuri is on her feet and attemts a back body drop but Kei instead, sunset flips over her and struggles to pull her down for the pin.*

Bob: She’s trying to take her over!

*Fed up with the struggling LA Yuri hops the ropes and delivers a super kick right to DP Yuri’s face.*

Crowd: *POPS*

*Kei rolls her up.*

Ref: 1..2..*kick out*

*Kei lifts Yuri back up and delivers a devistating DDT. She covers….But the ref aint there. He’s tryin’ to keep Shane and DP Kei from hopin’ in the ring. The crowd attempts to count for him.*

Crowd: 1..2..3…4…5

*Finally Kei lets go of the pin and goes over to the ref screaming his face. She is then hit from behind with a harsh forearm by Yuri.*

Crowd: OHHH!!!

*LA Kei flies INTO the ref, knocking him out! She tries to get him back up, but is spun around into a HARSH right hand from DP Yuri! She and Shane are in the ring with DP Kei, and are BEATING LA Kei’s ass like it’s no one’s business! LA Yuri tries to get involved, but gets overpowered by the three of them! DP Kei and Yuri then hold LA Kei by the arms, and Shane starts beating her with the Shane-o-mac punches!*

Shane: *BLAOW, BLAOW, BLAOW* Yeahhh!!! *Dances around then punches her quickly*

*Kei falls to the mat, just about out! DP Kei and Yuri then pick up LA Yuri, and Shane delivers a superkick to her chin!*

Yuri: X__X

Bob: Man! The WCW chairman showing off his “skills” here…

Ralph: WHAT skills, dammit!? He’s beating them like they stole something!

*Shane starts celebrating, but it’s cut short, as through the crowd and into the ring comes NONE OTHER than KURT ANGLE and BB Hood! Kurt slides in, and delivers the Olympic Slam on Shane!! DP Kei and Yuri try to go after him, but get a chair to the face from BB!!*


*BB signals for Kurt to set them up on the mat for… something. BB makes her way over to the ropes and holds up the chair to the crowd.*

Ralph: Ooooooooh shit.

Bob: Here it comes

*Yep..imediatly following the chair, BB whips out a cube of C4.*

Crowd: *BIG ASS POP*

*BB climbs the ropes with chair and explosives in hand. But before she can jump off the she is interupted by someone rushing through the crowd.*


*Ron jumps onto the apron and shoves BB to the floor.*

Crowd: *BOOS*

*Kurt runs over to the apron and calls for Ron to get in the ring. But his challenge is met by a different opponent as he is sent flying into the crowd by a Palm Pulse Blast courtesy of Ron’s brother, Harry. He gives a huge shit-faced grin to the crowd but he’s is too quick to celebrate. As he turns his head he gets a double haymaker by the LA Kei and Yuri who are back to their feet! Harry is sent over the ropes and out to the floor!*

LA KeI & Yuri: >=|!!!

*they then turn to find the DP Kei and Yuri about to pounce on them! Meanwhile, on the outside, the MacDougals are busy trying to deal with BB and Kurt! And Shane?*

Shane: X_X

*Shane’s still out in the ring. =P*

Bob: This match is getting out of control!!

Ralph: Someone get the ref up, dammit!

*In the ring, LA Kei and Yuri both go after DP Kei and Yuri, and manage to push them back into the corner! LA Kei then PUNCHES DP Kei over the ropes, leaving Yuri in the corner! The Lovely Angels both smirk, and Yuri climbs up the ropes! She then puts DP Yuri in a powerbomb position, as Kei gets ready! She jumps off the top rope, bringing DP Yuri down, but Kei grabs her head into a reverse DDT! DP Yuri’s head SLAMS into the mat!*


*Yuri covers but the ref STILL isn’t up! Kei DRAGS his ass over, and he makes the slow-ass count!*


*The crowd is livid. They thought for SURE the match was over! They pick DP Yuri and send her into the ropes, the set up looks like a version of the 3D, but before the move can be delivered Kei is pulled to the outside by her WCW counterpart. LA Yuri is distracted by the interferance from DP Kei and doesn’t see the spinning heel kick delivered by DP Yuri that clocks her right in the back of her head.

Crowd: OOOOHH!!!

*As she drags LA Yuri to her feet, DP Yuri twists her arm and locks on a standard masati arm lock. Then She walks over to the ropes and climbs to the top.

Ralph: NO WAY! She’s pullin’ an Undertaker!

*That’s right, DP Yuri tight rope walks across the top turnbuckle jumps off and delivers a beautifully exicuted flying spin kick!

Crowd: O_O!

*DP Yuri seems assed out but the relentless sellout aint done yet. As she whips out her laser sword and waits for LA Yuri to get to her feet*

LA Yuri: >_<… O_O!!!


*The DP Yuri SLASHES LA Yuri all over, and there’s a long pause as everyone is staring at LA Yuri… when all of the sudden, ALL of her clothes just FALL right off from the slashes, revealing her naked for the benefit of those with flash photography!*


LA Yuri: **O____O**…. >=|!!!

*she DIVES onto DP Yuri, TACKLES her ass to the outside, and RIPS off her shirt, wrapping it around her! The two then start fighting up the ramp, and to the locker rooms!*


*In the ring, the Kei’s are getting up, just when the Olypic couple’s battle with the Macdougals spills into the ring! LA Kei turns around and NAILS both Ron and Harry with a double clothesline, sending them out of the ring! DP Kei gets a running start, and hits BB and Kurt out of the ring with a double dropkick! She turns around, and gets a FACEFUL of a boot from LA Kei! DP Kei goes over the top rope and to the floor! But before LA Kei could pursue her, Shane-o-Mac is there with the MacDougals to drag her ass outta there, and through the crowd!*

Bob: Where’s he going with her!?

*LA Kei is in the ring, and BB and Kurt help her up and the ref just calls for the bell!*

Ref: That’s it! This one’s a draw! >=|

Winners: Draw

Ralph: What!?

Jeice: A bloody DRAW??

*The Ref gets the hell outta there and Kei only curses under her breath and heads to the back*

Chocolate Misu vs Leona

*”W.W. III” starts up, as Leona makes her way down to the ring in her traditoinal PPV hummer*


*she parks it at ringside, and climbs in, just as Chocolate’s theme starts up, getting cat calls and whooping cheers from the male contingent of the audience!*

Chocolate: ^.~

Guys: H_H!!!

Bob: well, I guess we know who the fan favorite in this one is… =\…

Ralph: Hell’s YES!!

*Chocolate gets in the ring, and the ref calls for the bell!*


Chocolate: alright, let’s get on with it! ^_^!

*Chocolate then starts STRIPPING down in the ring!!*

Crowd: *POPS*


Ref: What the HELL are you doing!?

Chocolate: o_o… isn’t this a “latex peeling match?”

Ref: NO, IT ISN’T!!!

Chocolate: =(… but I want a latex peeling match…

Ref: NO!

*chocolate looks upset, but strips down anyway!*

Chocolate: Then I’ll just have to fight NAKED! >=|

*the arena is going CRAZY looking at Chocolate’s naked body in the ring!*

Jeice: X_X Blimey… what’s that broad’s PROBLEM!!


Chocolate: NO!!!



Ralph: WHAT!?!

*The ref then raises Leona’s hand in victory!*

Leona: o_O…


*The ref and Leona then leave Chocolate alone and naked in the ring*


*She starts throwing a TANTRUM in the ring!!*

Bob: ~_~… this is SAD…

Ralph: But she’s NAKED!!! That’s all that matters!! H_H!!!


*In the back, we see Triple S walking through the backstage area where he bumps into the man he just faced off in the ring.. Ryokun! They drop everything they’re doing and stare each other down!*

Crowd: POPS!

Ralph: oh THIS should be good.

Both: ……..>=|……

*Slowly, Ryokun brings his hand up to Triple S’s chest… The game reciprocates with his, and they SHAKE?! Afterwards, Ryokun walks off, and SSS silently watches.*

Crowd: o_o…. >=| BOOOOOO!!!!!


Bob: Well.. that was a …..strangely good show of sportsmanship.

Jeice: Heh.. I guess Ryokun thought about what SSS said. That Kris was a whore.

Bob: This next match is basically going to be a brawl between the newcomer Ed, and one of the greatest martial artists of ALL time, Happosai.

Jeice: What’s the rules of this match again? Someone has to be thrown out or something?

Bob: Well, as you see, the place is FILLED with janitorial tools, mops, brooms, disinfectants, light bulbs.. everything a janitor needs to do his job. The winner is the man who will physically throw the other out of the arena!

Jeice: ah… -_-. the things promoters will think up these days.

Ed The Janitor vs. Happosai – You’re Fired – “Janitor’s Match”

*The cameras flash to the back where we see Ed walking into the backstage area! Happy jumps out of his seat and storms towards him, fully prepared to kick some janitor ass!*

Ed: HEY HEY HEY!! …… stop!! I have something to say!

*Happy stops and gives Ed a few moments to speak before being disinfected!*

Ed: uhh.. well I did some thinking.. and I don’t want to go through with this match..

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!!!

Ed: so I just hope we can uhh.. work together.. ^_^;

Happosai: >=|.

Ralph: that’s not a good look that Happosai’s giving him..

Ed: umm.. Did I mention I had a wife in kids? OH! Here they are right now!

*Ed points to the doorway where a beautiful woman and two kids walk into the “janitor’s area” Happosai sees them, then suddenly realizes he can’t go through with the match!*

Ed: I NEED this job to put food on their tables!

Kid: mr. happosai, please let him stay! :(

Crowd: AWWW!!

*Happosai walks up to the kid, puts his hand on his shoulder and looks up at him..*

Happosai: ….. -_-……. Kids.. tell your daddy that HE’S STILL GOING TO GET HIS ASS KICKED!


Crowd: OOOOOH!!

*Ed goes down with one hit! The kids and their mom attempt to run away, but they don’t get far, because Happy snatches Ed’s wife’s bra RIGHT off of her without even having to take off her shirt! A sign of a true master!*

Jeice: dude, I HAVE to learn that!

*The new recruit stands back up, only to get smacked with the very bra that Happosai ripped from his wife’s back!*

Bob: How disrespectful!

Jeice: o_o.. I didn’t know happosai was the shit like THIS!

*Ed holds his eye in pain as he’s thrown into a bucket filled with filthy and scummy water!*

Jeice: dude, this is a massacre! Someone pull happosai off of this guy!

*The little man nails a dropkick into the mopbucket which almost decapitates Ed on contact! He grabs a broom and SNAPS the thick wood right over his back! The crowd “OOHS and AHHS” after every shot! Officials run into the area to stop the match, but happosai holds them all off with Shirukens!*

Jeice: YES! This is so damn cool!

*The janitor pulls out a five yen coin and through it, literally SUCKS what little fighting energy Ed has right out of his body! It reduces the new comer into a brittle old wrinkled sack of flesh! Wait a minute, he looked like that BEFORE! X_X*

Ed: X_X… *stumbles around*

Bob: UGH!

Ralph: LOL!!!!

Jeice: LOL.. uh oh.. there’s that trashcan!

*Happosai dumps the crap filled trashcan over Ed’s upperbody, rendering him almost completely helpless! He then grabs the mop and cracks him in the back of the knees, sending him down!*

Jeice: why do I have a feeling someone is going to be taken to the woodshed in a few seconds!

*He draws back and breaks the broom over the trashcan! Ed hits the ground face first with one of his legs shivering!*

Jeice: *Almost falls out of his seat!* LOL!!

*He then picks up the remains of Ed and throws him face first through the door and out into the street!*

Happosai: and STAY out! >=|


Winner and Still Employee of the UCTF: Happosai

Jeice: LOL… now THAT’S entertainment!

Bob: Oh Ed.. we hardly knew ye…

*”By Yourself” is keyed up, and from behind the curtain comes one half of the UCTF VP’s, Kei, carrying the NRA championship belt with her*

Bob: o_O.. I guess we’re gonna have a special guest referee for this match…

Ralph: I’m not complaining…H_H!!

*She climbs into the ring, and pulls out a mic from under her top (o_O.. how it got there… we may never know)*

Kei: Ladies and Gentlemen… as the co-creater of the UCTF NRA division… I felt it was personally my responsibility to stay at ringside and award this belt to the winner!

*”Blue Freedom, White Wish” starts up, which gets a nice pop from the crowd as from behind the curtain comes, for the first time in a WHILE, Hotaru Tomoe”

Jeice: Why the bloody hell is SHE in this match??

Bob: Well, she attacked Rott last week…o_O… and Rott demanded the match…

*She climbs into the ring, and Kei goes up to her*

Rott vs Hotaru

NRA Championship

Kei: Alright, let’s see your gun.

Hotaru: huh??

Kei: This is an NRA title match… I need to inspect your gun!

Hotaru: Uhh… I don’t… have one… ^^;;;

*EVERYONE in the arena facefaults!*

Kei: ~_~… I figured this would happen… good thing I came prepared…

*she reaches behind her, and pulls out a smallish police pistol*

Kei: Here… take this… it’s already modified with rubber bullets, so you don’t have to worry about killing him.

Hotaru: uhh…o_O… thanks.

Kei: I want it back, though. >=|

*Just then, “Hell’s Bells” starts up, gartering MASSIVE heel heat from the crowd, as from behind the curtain comes probably the most HATED man in the UCTF… Rott! He’s smirking as he walks down to the ring, ignoring the garbage thrown at him, and steps in! Kei then steps in front of him*

Kei: >=| The guns, please…

Rott: >=|… fine.

*he flicks his wrists, and his two colt .45’s jump up into his hands*

Rott: >=|… here. *hands them over*

Kei: >=\… *checks them* Okay… *slides out the clip* >=|! This one still has REAL bullets in it! What the hell are you trying to pull??

Rott: Whoops… must’ve missed those…>=)

*Kei frowns, and tosses away the clip*

Kei: Well… whatever… maybe I should introduce the referee for this match…

Rott: o_o… no…


*Rott practically GAGS and his cigarette drops out of his mouth, as the referee comes out from behind the curtain!*

Ralph: WHO the hell is that!?

Bob: That’s the referee that Rott’s been abusing in his recent matches!

Jeice: LOL! Oh, man… this is too much!!

*He slides into the ring, and calls for the bell!*


Rott: >=|…

Guy: >=)


*Hotaru from behind pistol whips Rott, sending him to the mat! He springs right up, and tries to punch her in the face, but she quickly ducks and delivers a quick kick to his back! Rott stumbles forward a bit, and Hotru holds up the gun!*

Hotaru: >_< !!!


Rott: AHH… SHIT!!

*The rubber bullet bounces off his back, sending a stinging pain throughout his body! Hotaru is knocked OFF her feet by the blast, since she’s never fired a gun before!*

Hotaru: o_o….

Rott: >=|!!!

*Rott whips out his two Colts, and starts firing at Hotaru! Hotaru dives out of the way, and is jumping, rolling, and trying to avoid the bullets fired at her! Finally, one manages to graze her shoulder, sending her down to the mat, and giving Rott an opportunity! He then starts PUMMELING her with the rubber bullets! She rolls out of the ring, holding her body all over*

Hotaru: >_< !!!!!

Rott: >=)!!!

*he’s about to shoot her again, when GUY steps in the way!*


Rott: >=|… phuck off, skinny man.

*He then SHOVES Guy down to the mat! But Guy, not any ORDINARY ref, gets his ass RIGHT back up and punches Rott right in the mouth!!*


Crowd: OOOHHH!!!

Rott: >_o….

Guy: >=|

Bob: Holy SHIT!!! That ref’s got GUTS!

Ralph: o_o… he can’t be a real ref… real refs are supposed to be knocked out at the touch of a finger!

*Rott then gets VERY pissed, and points his gun RIGHT at Guy’s forehead! But, Guy then KICKS him right in the nuts, and manages to wrestle one of the guns from him!*

Rott: >=|!!

Guy: >=|!!!

*They then both raise the guns at each other! They’re gonna DUEL!*

???: *whistles*

Rott: o_O?

*Rott turns around to see SOMEONE on the top turnbuckle! Not just anyone, but…*

Crowd: *HUGE POP*



Ralph: WHAT!?!


*AT gives a wink to Rott, right before she leaps off the top rope and delivers a dropkick right to his FACE! Rott hits the mat HARD, and Hotaru, having been helped up by AT, jumps off the top rope and stomps right on Rott’s chest!!*

Rott: X__X…..>=|!!!

*The two high-five each other, but don’t notice Rott getting up! He then SLAMS Guy with the Flaming Fist, knocking him the HELL out! Out of mid air, he grabs his gun that Guy had, and at the same time grabs his other gun up off the mat, and lands in a squatting position with both guns pointed!*


Hotaru & AT: O_O!


*he lets loose with a HUGE amount of bullets, blasting AT over the top rope, and to the floor! Hotaru gets knocked back into the corner, assed out! He then DRAGS her ass out of the corner, and covers her! But, there’s no ref to count, so Rott just grabs Guy’s hand, and hits the mat with it!*




Ralph: Uhh…. ~_~… nevermind….

*Rott gets up off of Hotaru, as Kei gets up on the apron, and hands him the belt!*

Rott: Heh… >=) *lights up a cig*


*Azrael slowly walks down the ring with no music.. those former citizens of gotham city give him a standing ovation, while others who don’t know who he is.. sit back and await to see what he can do. Slowly, he steps into the ring, and glares back at the entrance.*

Azrael vs. Garshrink – Dustmaster Title

Bob: We are about to see the Dustmaster Champion Title on the line between Garshrink Grimjaw and the new comer.. Azrael.

Jeice: heh yeah, let’s go back and show everyone how this match was signed.

*The Jumbotron flashes back one week ago at the conclusion of the Garshrink/Andre Tau title match*

Garshrink: WAAAAAAAAGH!!

*That’s right, he leaps off, and lands a devestating double foot stomp on the sternum of Andre! The collison looks like something out of a Gallagher stand up performance where he would smash a watermelon with a mallet! The crowd almost pukes from the site of Andre’s sternum cracking in two!*

Jeice: *Laughing* Holy SHIT!

*Garsh bounces off of Andre’s body and immediately begins to appeal to the crowd! The ref looks down at Andre, and does a ten count! The Champion is out cold!*


Announcer: The Winner by Knock out…….. and the NEW UCTF Dustmaster Champion, Garshrink Grimjaw!

Jeice: Heh, then moments later, when Grimjaw had his back turned…

*The cameras come replay Garshrink coming off the ropes and landing on Andre before it switches back to real time! The Ork Warlord walks up the aisle backwards while still celebrating his championship victory! That is until, a man no more than six feet, 2 inches nails him in the back of the head with a powerful ki filled attack!*

Garsh: X_X!!

*The Ork hits the ground, KNOCKED OUT after one hit! The camera focus’s in on the man in the black and red super heros outfit before he turns and walks away!*

*The Jumbotron flashes back to the present*

Jeice: It’s the classic case of making a name for yourself. Azrael wanted a big entrance into the UCTF, and by attacking the hot headed Garshrink Grimjaw, he’s gotten that request in the form of a Dustmaster Title Match!

*Next, The Current Dustmaster Champion, Garshrink Grimjaw storms his way down the aisle to his new theme music: “Mean Mother From Outer Space”*

Ralph: ……

Bob: Hey, didn’t they play that movie on HBO a few nights ago?

*As the Ork walks down the aisle…. The challenger sees this as maybe his biggest opportunity! He performs a flying leap over the top rope and nails him!*

Garsh: >=|…

Bob: uh oh..

Ralph: I can’t watch >_<

*-_- more like, lands right in the arms of the Grand Warlord. With quick thinking, Azrael headbutts Garsh and falls out of his arms.. At that moment, The Dark Knight unleashes a flurry of lefts and rights! The same attacks that have put down the likes of Bane!*

Garsh: >_< !!

Jeice: Has this match even started yet?

*The dark knight prepares the final blow, by stepping back, gathering all of his energy into one ball, and releasing it into a field goal like kick to Garshrink’s crotch!*


Garsh: ………. >=|…………..

Azrael: o_o…..

Jeice: LOL, doesn’t that idiot watch The UCTF?! Garshrink doesn’t have bloody balls!

*The genitalia-challenged Ork Warlord grabs the challenger by the throat, and tosses him onto the apron! Azrael is forced back to his feet by Garshrink’s menacing grip!*

Ralph: uh oh.. I think Garsh is going to do the “’Ere We Go” thing off the top of the apron!

*No, he’s not going to do that.. he’s going to do WORSE. Garsh tightens the grip around the dark knight’s collar, and rams him full force into the steel post! Azrael’s head nails the unforgiving steel so hard, that it literally BENDS. YES, the 2 feet deep, reinforced pole bends like a spoon!*


Ralph and Bob: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

Crowd: OOOOOOH!!

Jeice: He just… He just…… LOL!! holy LOL shit!!

*The camera zooms in on Azrael’s mask. Even though his face is covered up, anyone in the arena or watching on tv KNOWS he’s unconscious!*

Garsh: >=|……………..

Ref: 7………… 8…………. 9…………. RING IT!


*That’s right, the match is over before it starts! Once Azrael does not respond to the three count, the referee attempts to raise Garshrink’s massive Ork arm in the air as the victor!*

Bob: That ork has just sent a message to Azrael!

Ralph: heh.. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be attacking anyone from behind anymore after that one.


*The jumbotron flashes back just seconds ago where Garshrink drills Azrael head first into the steel post with enough force to bend it!*

Ralph: SHEESH!

Jeice: Guys.. you know I have to do this… NOW DO THE MATRIX!

*As Jeice screams out the command, the Jumbotron flashes back one more time! Right before Garsh rams Azrael into the post, the scene freezes, then rotates a full 360 degrees!*

Jeice: LOL!!

Bob: -_- well, none the less, Garshrink Grimjaw retains the title!

Winner and Still UCTF Dustmaster Champion: Garshrink Grimjaw

*While they’re sitting there.. A LOUD noise comes through Jeice’s ear peice!*

Jeice: >_< !!


Jeice: o_o…….. >_< *gulp* uhh.. guys, I’ll be right back… I hope.

*Jeice gets up and floats slowly to Vegeta’s skybox office*

*We’re back with UCTF Action, and Jeice is now standing outside of the President’s Office!*

Jeice: I’m standing outside President Vegeta’s office, where in just a few moments.. *looks around* I’m going to have the opportunity to have a few words with him regarding the Dirty Pair/Lovely Angels match.

*Just then, Vegeta rips the door out of his office, and walks up to Jeice with a look that could KILL. He and Jeice stare at each other for atleast thirty seconds thereafter while the Arena pops HUGE.*

Vegeta: ………….

Jeice: I suspect this is about the involvement once again of Shane McMahon in the UCTF?

Vegeta: …………..

Ralph: damn.. look at that cold stare!

Vegeta: Let me tell you something. This isn’t some unoriginal crap-fest of a wrestling show where you see the same opening promo every week with some billionare JACKASS making a fool of himself in attempt to raise ratings. This is not some SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT hybrid of american gladiators and the Young and the Restless. In our line of work, people DIE on a daily basis. This is a FIGHTING league. And I’ll be damned if I allow another scum sucking son of a bitch from a competitive show to just WALTZ right into my league and attempt recruit members for their falling apart load of snake semen!

Jeice: so what are you exactly trying to say?

Vegeta: What am I trying to say? What I’m TRYING to say is that if I EVER see Shane McMahon in my building again, I will personally get off of my seat and blow his face out of the other side of his insolent ass. That’s right. EVERYONE is on notice. If I see another face that isn’t contractually binded with the Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting League IN my building without MY consent, I will DESTROY them with my BARE hands. This is getting RIDICULOUS.

Crowd: *POPS*

*Vegeta turns back around and SLAMS the door..*

Jeice: Well.. you heard it here.. if you don’t buy a ticket, and you’re in the UCTF building and not an employee.. it might be the last day of the rest of your life.. >_< *shivers*

*Back in the arena, The lights black out, and on the Jumbotron flashes a demonic face for a split second with a red back ground behind him… It’s barely noticable.. but over the PA system, a dark sound looms over the crowd before everything goes back to normal… Just then, The Former Intergalactic Champion Raven Darc walks down the aisle to the tune of “Land of Free Disease”.*

Ralph: What the hell WAS that? O_o

Bob: o_o I don’t know…

Raven Darc vs. Godzilla – InterGalactic Title

*Jeice floats back down to the ring and straps himself in*

Ralph: HEY! Where’s Fubuki?

Bob: That’s the exact same thing I’m wondering, but not for the same reasons though. >=|

*He gets into the ring and raises his arms in the air to the crowd. Those who’ve followed his career give him a HUGE pop!*

Jeice: Heh.. How about we go back to several weeks ago when Raven was DEFEATED by Godzilla to lose the Intergalatic Title!

Bob: ok, but try not to be too trigger happy over there will ya?

*The jumbotron goes back to Godzilla/Raven’s last encounter*

*He rests, as Godzilla turns over to his stomach.. As he begins to stand back up, Raven stumbles out of the corner.. still holding his ribs! But out of no where, Godzilla gains a second wind, and uses his reserve to plow his body into Raven, which then sends them BOTH flying through the table in a huge gore!*


Crowd: *POPS!!!!!!!*

*He pulls Darc out of the corner, and makes the cover!*

Ref: 1………2……….3!!

*It flashes back to the present where Raven’s music is still playing in the background*

Bob: Raven was then barely able to defeat several other UCTF superstars in a brawl set up by Roger Smith to earn the right to face Godzilla tonight

Ralph: he SO better not blow this one.

*”Intergalactic” is next! The new champion comes out from the back to a standing ovation!*

Jeice: Godzilla’s first title match is tonight. Heh. I would have defended it five times by now if I were him.

Bob: Too bad you got demoted eh?

Jeice: …… I could still whip your ass. >=|

*Godzilla steps into the ring, and stares a hole right through Raven’s eyes, who’s doing the same.*

Bob: No love lost between these two .. well.. man and beast O_o

Ralph: Half man, half Demon and Beast actually.

Jeice: >=\ What have I done to deserve this job?

*The ref checks Raven for any weapons, then walks towards Godzilla.. who snarls at him..*

Ref: uhh.. heh heh… ^_^;;; RING THE BELL!


*The bell rings! Raven and Godzilla walks toward each other with purpose before meeting in the center! As expected, the punches fly which brings an explosion of excitement from the crowd! Especially when Godzilla connects two to three punches in succession which take Raven flat on his back one right after the other! The demon stands back up every shot and is rocked right back on his ass! Finally, he smartens up and kicks the lizard in the leg to trip him up! Raven bounces off of the ropes, and nails Zilla in the face with a rising knee lift! As the beast falls on his back, Raven lands a falling elbow to what could be Godzilla’s neck!*

Jeice: If he has a adam’s apple then it’s probably broken in two right now!

*Raven jumps over the top rope and onto the apron before climbing quickly to the top rope! The diehard Raven fans stand to their feet as he prepares to leap!*

Bob: Time for a Senton!

*Raven jumps off the top rope for his senton splash, but halfway into it, the downed lizard fires a small orb of plasma energy into him! Raven’s jacket catches fire as he hits flat-backed to the ground! Some fans react by screaming at the site of Raven being engulfed in flames! and Others just..*


*He stumbles around in a frenzy trying to put out the fire! Godzilla though, has his own idea! He gathers a huge breath, then releases a BIGGER plasma blast into Raven!*


*The smoke clears.. and Raven’s standing there with no jacket on.. Both of his wings unravel and span several feet from both sides of his body!*

Godzilla: o_o!

Raven: >=|

*Just then, several chain ropes rip from his body and latch onto the atomic beast! He screams out and thousands of volts of electricity coarse through ‘Zilla’s body!*

Bob: Godzilla’s going down!

*Instead, Godzilla jerks Raven into a hold by his chains, and using that momentum, he flips the challenger over into a POWERSLAM with unfathomable torque!*

Jeice: Oh shit!

Bob: that move could have broken every bone Raven’s body!

*Raven rolls around on the mat showing the world the effects of Godzilla’s powerslam! Meanwhile, the King of Monsters leaves the ring… and grabs a spare table!*


Jeice: uh oh.. looks like Godzilla’s about to set up the ring for that bit tackle!

Bob: heh, the same move that took out Raven in their first encounter.

*Raven battles with himself to stand up as quickly as he can whiel Godzilla is distracted! Finally, the table is set up in the corner, and Godzilla turns to face the former Intergalactic champion just seconds before being popped in the face with a stiff shuffle sidekick!*

Jeice: SHIT! That sounded like two cars colliding!

Bob: Just imagine how much force had to be behind that for it to take down Godzilla!

*The kick puts the champ down, but not for long! He immediately starts to stand back to his feet! Raven however, runs full speed towards the beast attempt to put him through the table, but Godzilla catches him off guard! Raven soon finds himself being gorilla pressed seven feet into the air, before being snatched back down into a throat crucher!*

Crowd: OOOOOH!!!!!

Ralph: Raven NEVER saw that coming!

*Godzilla looks down on Raven’s assed out carcass, then looks back up at the crowd, who suddenly heats up with cheers!*

Jeice: I bet he’s going to see this one coming through.. not like he’s going to be able to do anything about it. >:]

*Zilla jumps onto Raven’s chest and stomps away time after time after time! Raven is beaten into the damn ground! The nuclear lizard stops.. Then starts DANCING on him!*

Crowd: *MARKS OUT!*

*He dances UNTIL Raven catches one of the stomps and twists Godzilla over to his stomach! The half Demon then rolls over to his knees and locks on the Ankle lock!*

Jeice: NICE Reversal!

*The beast roars in pain, and scrambles somehow back to one foot! Raven jerks his leg down, which sends the inbalanced champion back down to his stomach! The ref is right there, crying out to Godzilla in attempt to get a submission!*

Ref: You give?!

Godzilla: >=|!


*He powers back up to his foot! Somehow, he jerks his foot away from Raven, then smacks him in the face with a powerful tail shot! The challenger flies into the corner and lands on the set up table! Godzilla hobbles around for a few seconds, but resets his sites on Raven!*

Bob: Here it comes!

*Godzilla takes off!*

Ralph: It’s over!

*Hell no! Raven dives out of the way to avoid the gore! Godzilla crashes through it and manages to only nail the steel pole with his shoulder! He stumbles back out of the corner, where Darc turns him around, and nails the Endless Waltz!*

Ref: 1………2……….3!

Announcer: The Winner, and NEW Intergalatic Champion, Raven Darc!

Jeice: now he’s the TWO TIME! TWO TIME! Intergalatic Champion!

Winner and NEW Interglactic Champion: Raven Darc

*As Godzilla leaves, Raven climbs to the second turnbuckle and raises the newly won Intergalatic Title over his head!*

Bob: and Now.. It’s time for the Main Event!

Jeice: Yeah.. Normally, it would be strange to have the main event come THIS early in the match.. but this is no ordinary bout.

Ralph: We will see the two best in this business, The best we have right here in the Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting put not only their careers on the line, but their LIVES.

Bob: Miko Mido will have her last chance to face Dayvid Nite tonight for the Grand Championship title. After this match win or lose as she says, she will be retiring from the UCTF.

Jeice: She’s leaving the UCTF.. but she wants to leave as the champion, she wants to leave with the title that made her the megastar that she is today. She won the damn thing after whipping Morrigan’s ass not only out of the title picture, but out of the UCTF picture as a whole. She was never the same.

Bob: and now, she has to face the man that defeated her Four months ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take you back to four months ago.. It was March 3rd 2001, It was ON Your Computer Five. here’s the spark that lit one of the biggest fueds in UCTF History and see how it led into tonight’s BEST OF SEVEN Grand Championship battle!


March 3rd 2001 – On Your Computer 5

*Dayvid grabs Saturn by the hair and tosses her behind him! Rott is standing right there, and turns that momentum into the–*

Crowd: !!FLAMING FIST!!!!

Ralph: LO–oh no!!! X_X



Bob: >=|!

*Meanwhile… Dayvid grabs A..Chibi Venus by the throat and drives her young body into the canvas as hard as he can! He doesn’t let go of the choke hold.. but instead, lifting her back up FROM the ground and slamming her again!*

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!!!! >:|!

Bob: Two chokeslams in a row! Damnit!

Ralph: X_X *holds his stomach!*


Ralph: the match is over!


*Now that both members of silent love have been defeated and defiled, there’s only one thing left for the new tag team champions to do. Rott and Dayvid look at each other, then both grab Saturn and Chibi Venus’ FUKUs!*


Men: *pulls out their cameras* O_O!

Women: BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

*Then “Maximum Wave” begins playing! The crowd POPS!*

Ralph & Bob: *look at each other* o_o

*The grand champion makes HER way down to the ring to help! She climbs the rope and dropkicks Dayvid in the face! It’s strong enough to knock him over the top rope and to the floor! Rott flies at her next! She tries to punch, but it’s reversed into a flaming fist attempt! She blocks that and spins behind him!*

Ralph: The Grand Champions out!

Bob: O_O!

*She throws him back and smash his neck on the floor! After hitting the awesome Backdrop driver, Dayvid pulls Rott out of the ring and they make their get away with the tag team titles!*

Bob: Miko makes the save!

Ralph: I don’t think that was very smart!

*Miko stays in the ring with the fallen Silent Love.. holding AT dearly to her chest, while slowly stroking Hotaru’s cheek, trying to keep them both calm*

Miko: >:|….

– Later in the Evening –

*She’s back to her feet, but So is Dayvid! She turns around and finds herself being turned upside down in the arms of the “Legendary Beast”! The crowd stands to their feet and tries to cheer Miko into getting out of it! They’re hearts are browken when Dayvid explodes into the nosebleed section, then driving her back down on her head!*

Crowd: OOOOOH!!!!!

*He covers her body up and the ref counts!*

Ref: 1………2……..3!



Ralph: I.. I can’t believe this!

Bob: Believe it! Fire Thunder Driver and it’s over! New Grand Champion!

Winner and New UCTF Grand Champion: Dayvid Nite

*Dayvid stands in the middle of the ring.. Miko tries pulling herself up, using the legs of Dayvid’s pants. He grabs her by the back of her purple hair and stuffs her between his knees head first! With another launch of his rockets, he sends her down for yet ANOTHER Driver to add insult to injury!*

Ralph: Holy shit!


*The second Driver was powerful enough to lacerate Miko’s forehead! Blue blood out of her forehead and into her purple hair! That brings The Anime Champion, Dustmaster Champion, and Swordmaster down to the ring all at one time!*

Dayvid: >:|……

*He doesn’t move a budge! Once they jump into the ring.. Yakuu and Fubuki IMMEDIATELY run right into Dayvid’s massive hands! He lifts them both at the same time and drives them to the mat with one handed chokeslams! That leaves Bosatsu! She desperately tries to attack him head on alone, but she’s also grabbed around the neck!*

Dayvid: >:]!

*He lives her over 8 feet in the air, and throws her, injured shoulder and all right THROUGH the mat! Afterwards, “Legendary Beast” Begins playing once more! Dayvid takes HIS Grand Championship Title and leaves the La Blue Girls decimated!*

Ralph: He put all of them down! They’ve been dominating for ONE year and he took them all out alone! Poor perritas! :(!

*As he leaves, Miko manages to roll over to her stomach. She crawls over to the ropes and tries standing up one more time! She looks eyes on Dayvid with blood covering half of her face!*

Ralph: she’s… still getting up o_o.

Bob: We have NOT seen the end of Miko Mido and Dayvid Nite! I gaurantee it! This rivalry is just beginning!

Miko: ……….

– March 30th 2001 – Friday Fury –

Fubuki: Raven, awesome match we had eh? Next week, we’re gonna need to kick the volume up even higher when we face… o_o!

*When she turns around, she sees her roomate laying face first, with none other than Grand Champion Dayvid Nite standing above him!*

Dayvid: >=|

*He grabs her by the throat, and launches her INTO the lockers! She hits them so hard, that when she lands on the floor.. the entire length of lockers falls right on top of her!*

Dayvid: Give Ms. Mido My Regards. >:]

– May 5th 2001 – Friday Fury –

*The cyborg then engages his thrusters, and Rott lets go of the rope. Dayvid, still locked in the Bear Crusher, flies to the top of the arena and forcefully yanks Hystalin around 180 degrees so her stomach is facing the mat. He then executes the Flying Crusher, plummeting with her towards the ground. JUST BEFORE, she hits the ground, however, Rott CRUSHES her face and sternum with the first hit of the FLAMING FIST!!!! The combination of Rott’s deadliest move combined with the unmitigated momentum from Dayvid’s Flying Crusher increases the power (and pain) of the move 10 fold!! Hystalin lets out a piercing scream of agony as the crowd rises to heir feet in utter disbelief*

Crowd: O_O_O_O_O_O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! O_O!!!!!!!!!

Ralph: GOOD LORD NO!!!!!!! O_O!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S INSANE!!!!!!!

Jeice: ok, NOW she’s dead!

*The crowd shouts profanities that are too offensive even for the UCTF at Rott as he carries out the full extent of the Flaming Fist on Hystalin, picking her apart piece by piece until she’s nothing more than a broken pile of Saiyan on the mat surrounded by a pool of her own blood*

Bob: Get some Paramedics out here!

Jeice: Screw that! Get a freaking MORTICIAN!!

*Dayvid and Rott look at each other and nod… a Job well done in deed.. their competition is DEAD to the world! Both the Saiyans, Melvic, AND Miko have been disected!*

Ralph: And that’s why these two are the strongest force in the UCTF since Vegeta and Kakarott were hooked up! Jeice, I don’t even think you and Burter could have taken them!

Jeice: shut the FU*K up! >=|


Jeice: O_o

Bob: o_o

Ralph: o_O? What the hell is that music?

*The music is actually Utada Hikaru’s “Automatic” The Johnny Vicious Version! No one knows who’s song it belongs to.. until the camera swiftly pans across the arena, catching MIKO MIDO nailing Rott in the back of the head with a camera at the last second! The manically object shatters on impact, shades Shawn Michaels/Sid Vicious! Rott goes down Hard, leaving Miko and Dayvid Nite ALONE!*


Jeice: shutup JR! But DAMN! WHAT A MOVE!


*The crowd has fallen off their rocker! Miko doesn’t give Dayvid the chance to react! She sends a flying foot into his groin, followed by the 540 kick! The 7 foot andriod falls on his ass in the corner, where Miko grabs the Ropes for Leverage, and commenses to stomp the SHIT out of him!*


*Steve Austin has NOTHING on her!*

Bob: The Grand Champion is getting his ass laid out!!

*Rott, back to his feet, charges Miko while she’s stomping on Dayvid, she catches him with a right elbow to his jaw, which sends him back on his ass! She then returns her attention back over into Dayvid! Her stomps grow stronger with much more emphasis than before! Her K-9’s elongate! Her nose widens! She pupils grow beady I’ts obvious she is MORE than pissed off right now!*

Ralph: UGH!

Jeice: Is she turning into a f***ing Snarling Beast?!

Bob: I don’t .. know WHAT the hells going on!

Rott: X_X….. o_o… >:|!

*Rott has seen and heard enough of this! He gets back to his feet, grips Miko by the arm and slings her around! Miko’s first reaction is swinging with a right hook! Of course, Rott blocks it, thus setting up the first move to the Flaming Fist Technique! But to his suprise, HIS reversal is reversed! Miko spins him around, immediately locking the waist lock, and throwing him over her head into the Backdrop Driver!*


*After landing on the top of his head, Miko then leaps up, and delivers one last kick to his skull to make sure he’s down for GOOD! She then looks around, huffing and puffing, staring at her hands, in DISBELIEF in what she’s just done.. her facial expression returns back to normal as she backs out of the ring.. and leaves the area.. the ring has been reduced to a landfill of bodies, all unconscious for some reason or another! “Automatic” begins playing one more time as the camera zooms in on Miko..*

Jeice: THAT’S what the F**K I’m talking about!

– May 11th 2001 – Friday Fury –

Miko: Now I know you’re probably off —

*In the middle of her sentence.. ”I Really Like You” begins playing, sending chills down the spines of everyone who remembers the beating that was sustained at the hands of the saiyans, Miko Selenes, and Melvic Lillith just one week ago! The Goliath and American cancer Society representative, Dayvid Nite and Rott walk down towards Miko, who stands alone in the squared circle!*

Bob: A wise man once said… Business is about to pick up!

Ralph: I think purple hair is about to pay for her interference last week! If she was smart, she’d turn tail and run immediately!

*They climb into the ring, and approach Miss Mido, who stands her ground, moving back a total of a half a step! They loom over her, awaiting Miko to make one wrong move before they turn her into a splattered mark on the canvas*

Miko: Didn’t your Moms teach you not to interrupt Adults while they’re talking?

Crowd: LOL!!

Ralph: oh no..

Rott: Adults, huh? >=| Maybe we should F*CK YOU UP like the little girl you are. I had a harder time staying awake listening to you carry on then the time I mixed a bottle of sleeping pills with Wiskey >=|

Dayvid: >=|

Miko: Fuck ME up? The last time I remember you laying a hand on me was when my back is turned. Every other time, you were on your ass more times than a man with no legs!

Rott: Weren’t you watching last week? We proved to everyone in this rancid bowl of dead meat called a federation just how good WE are. We don’t need a gimmic to do what we do best.. or in your case…… Kneepads. >=]

Crowd: OOOOH!! x_x

Ralph: oh that was a good one.

Bob: VERY good one.

Miko: >=|!!!! ……..Alright, I’ll admit it. You two are good, DAMN good. Untouchable. ALMOST. Cause if I remember correctly, you two were teamed up once before….and got your asses HANDED TO YOU….Do you remember why? And by WHO?

*Rott and Dayvid slowly look toward each other.. then back at Miko!*

Miko: oh.. You don’t? LET ME REFRESH YOUR MEMORY! Because after some pleading with the Boss, I GOT THEM BACK, for ONE time only! Let me introduce you to your opponents next sunday for the UCTF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES.

– May 20th 2001 – Cyberslam 2K1 –

*Standing at the top turnbuckle, Miko peers down at the true warrior laying on the mat… She then grits her teeth.. and leaps from her location! Sacrificing her ribs, Miko hits a damn frogsplash ON the chair.. ON Saotome’s face! She bounces off of the target, obviously in pain! The camera then switches over to Jin, who’s UNCONSCIOUS! She slowly rolls over, and lays her arm on top of Jin! The ref goes down for a third time..*

Ref: 1………..2………..3!


Winner and Number one Contender to the Grand Title: Miko Mido

Bob: Miko will now go on to face Dayvid Nite at Summer Chaos, in attempt to become the first, TWO TIME UCTF Grand Champion!

Ralph: Heh, She’s defeated Ranma Saotome for the World Championship in 99, Defeated Rugal and Morrigan for the Anime and Grand Titles in 2000, and now, she’s Defeated Jin Saotome in 2K1 in a number one contenders match!

*As the crowd gives Jin and Miko a standing ovation for their performance…. “I REALLY LIKE YOU” begins playing! Those same fans immediately go from cheering, to screaming with hatred as the two demons, Dayvid Nite and Rott make their way down to the rings! They intentions are clear to everyone! Now is the time to take out Jin and Miko! In the ring.. Both Saotome and Mido try desperately to stand back to their feet.. but it’s too late. The Duo hits the ring, and immediately goes to work on the worn out fighters!*

Jin: O_-


*Rott attacks Jin like a vulture attacking a dead body!! He hits Jin with a kick, that sends the Ronin staggering into a corner.. He takes the time to pull out a smoke…*

Rott: *lights one up.. * >:]

*Rott gets Jin in the corner, and sends Kick after devestating Kick into the ribs of the almost defenseless Saotome! Meanwhile, Dayvid puts on a chokehold Miko! he then pulls her in, locking on his rib shattering bear Hug! Miko attempts to fight.. but soon realizes it’s USELESS!*

Miko: ….That’s it…

*Trying to block out all the pain, Miko reaches for her bow! From the crowd, a blur leaps over the barrier, and hits the ring! No one knows who it is.. until he spins Rott around.. and locks on one of THE most deadly moves that the UCTF has ever seen!*



*He keeps the hold locked on, then throws Rott back into the waiting arms of Jin, who locks on the Katahajime! Meanwhile, Dayvid attempts to toss Miko into the corner, who reverses it into an irish Whip of her own! Once Dayvid bounces off of the ropes, The two ninjas.. Miko and Eiji, both NAIL a savate kick to his face! Dayvid flips over the top rope, and lands to his feet.. virtually unharmed! He then grabs Rott by the foot, and rips him out of the grasp of Jin, and out of the ring! The Fugly Duo backs out of the arena.. as Miko, Eiji, and Jin stand strong in the squared circle!*

– Later in the Evening –

*Seph stands up in a rage, kneeing and stomping Rott in the small of his back in attempt to snap the spinal cord in two! Rott is then picked up, and THROWN over the top rope, and through the cage wall! He smacks the ground next to his partner! ….But if you think the Duo is down.. you need to get your HEAD checked.. because even after all the punishment.. Rott and Dayvid begin to stand AGAIN!*

Seph: >:|!!

Rott: >:|!!

Sano: >:|!!

Dayvid: >:|!!

*Seph and Sano look at each other, then to the outside of the ring! Simultaneously.. the Bishounens explode towards the ropes and both LEAP to the outside of the cage onto their respective opponents! They Rott and Dayvid run towards them as well.. and they collide in mid air! All four warriors fall back to the cold concrete, and land in a heap of broken bodies! None of them are moving!*


*The Ref.. who’s been on the outside of the ring the entire time… looks at all four men. He then makes the hardest decision he’s EVER had to make.. and calls for the bell!*


Crowd: O_O?!?! BOOOOOO!!!!!!! >:|!!!!

*That’s right! The ref has ended the match! Afterwards, he literally has to turn and run back to the locker rooms, because glass bottles, chairs, and anything else that isn’t nailed to the ground is hurled towards him!*

Bob: Finally! The ref did something he should have done a long time ago! Ralph: and look how the fans are treating him!

Announcer: o_o! The ref has informed me that sense neither men can continue.. this match has been ruled.. a DRAW! Therefore, STILL UCTF Tag Team Champions, Dayvid Nite and ROTT!

*”I Really Like You” Begins playing! Now it’s the Announcer who’s getting the hell out of dodge!*

Result: Draw, therefore, STILL The UCTF Tag Team Champions: Dayvid Nite and Rott


Jeice: Heh.. and because of Miko, Dayvid and Rott barely escaped with their LIVES in their tag team cage match against Sanosuke and Seph Rend.

Bob: Folks, Four months have built up to this moment. These two extrodinary fighters are going to put it all on the line tonight. On this day, We will see the FINAL confrontation between Miko Mido, and Dayvid Nite, and I have a feeling, that this will be one of THE greatest matches in UCTF HISTORY.

Ralph: Damn right. >=|


*The arena makes an inaubile response to the former Grand Champion of the UCTF which almost shakes the entire arena! She stops halfway to the ring, and stares out itno the stands!*

Announcer: The Challenger, From Tokyo, Japan standing at 5’8 and weighing in at 138 pounds and 3 ounces, MIKO MIDO!

*Miko takes a running start and slides into the ring! She does a tumbling roll to her neck, then kicks up to her feet! Then.. “Legendary Beast” begins playing over the arena, chanting the mood! After a tirade of boos, The UCTF Grand Champion walks out with the title dragging behind him!*

Ralph: This guy is Immense!

Announcer: From parts unknown, standing at 6’11 inches, and weighing in at 204 lbs.. The UCTF Grand Champion… The Legendary Beast, DAYVID NITE!

Miko vs. Dayvid Nite – Grand Title- Best of Seven

*Dayvid steps in, and just about knocks the ref over after tossing him the solid Gold UCTF Grand Title. The former tag team champion and Miko lock eyes!*


*Slowly, they walk toward each other and you can feel the tension mounting in the UCTF arena! Once they’re face to chest, Miko stares upward into Dayvid’s eyes! The beast pushes slightly, Miko fires back with a slap to the face! He comes back and SHOVES her to her back! Miko lands on her neck, then immediately kicks right back up to her feet! As the crowd pops, Dayvid attempts to take her head off with a clothesline! She ducks, and attempts a wild spinning roundhouse kick! He blocks, pushes her foot away, then sweeps her to the mat! He drops down on her for the pin but she immediately throws him off before the one! They end up back on their feet, Miko delivers a savate kick which knocks the beast on his ass! She covers and he throws her off before the one count! They stand up again and there’s a stand off!*

Dayvid: >=|..

Miko: >:|………


Jeice: Guys, I think we’re in for one HELL of a bloody show tonight.

*Finally they move again, circling the ring, and just waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Finally, Miko lunges into Dayvid Nite, who responds with a lightening kick elbow to the face! Miko stumbles back, and is swept off her feet by the Beast! Once she hits the ground, he goes for a giant stomp to her stomach, but she catches his foot with both hands, and powers the giant back into the corner with her foot thrust! She kicks back up to her feet, and takes a running start to the champion! She leaps into his arms, where he catches her, and locks the Bear Crusher! Miko smacks both sides of his head with a slap, and forces him to release the hold! Right when she hits the ground, Dayvid kicks her to the stomach, causing her to double over and set herself up for the Fire Thunder Driver! He thrusts her head between his legs to hit the move, but she kicks him to the face with a stiff heel! He stumbles back and she jumps to the second rope, nailing a jugular kick to the side of his head!*

Crowd: OOOOOOH!!!!!!

*Dayvid falls to the corner! Miko does two backflips to position herself in the middle of the ring before taking off at full speed for the”Muff Dive!” Somehow, Nite BARELY moves out of the way, and all Miko runs into is a steel pole! She lays there holding herself in pain right before Dayvid jerks her torso to the ground, and delivers that awesome stomp to the chest that he attempted to hit before! She literally bounces off the mat from the force! He then drags her from the turnbuckle to the middle of the ring, where he grabs her legs, and tosses her back in a reverse german suplex! Mmiko lands on the back of her head, and rolls over to her stomach! SOMEHOW, she’s able to begin standing back to her feet!*


Jeice: How in the HELL is she getting back up after that?!

Ralph: I don’t know!

*Dayvid doesn’t know either, but it PISSES him off! He blasts across the ring, using his boosters for extra momentum, and sends Miko spinning COMPLETELY upside down and over onto her back from a wicked clothesline! She lays unsconscious as he covers for the two count! YES, TWO COUNT! Miko is able to break the pin amazingly!*

Crowd: *POPS!!!*

*They crowd can’t believe it and neither can Dayvid! The entire damn arena stands back to their feet in support of the challenger!*

Jeice: Damn.. she kicked out.. but I don’t think that was a good idea at ALL.

Bob: I know where you’re coming from Jeice

*Dayvid doesn’t get upset, but instead, sees this as another opportunity to add on additional pain and torture for Miko! He lifts her back to her feet by the hair, and turns her upside down! He leaps into the air with the help of his boosters and NAILS the Fire Thunder Driver right there in the center of the ring! The crowd’s cheers all DIE whenever Miko’s body folds up like an accordian!*

Bob: The Fire Thunder Driver!

Ralph: that’s it!

Ref: 1…….2……

*NO! Miko kicks out yet again! This time, Dayvid ALMOST has a look of suprise on his face! As the crowd stands up one more time!*

All three: WHAT THE HELL?!!?

*Slowly, he turns around and leaves the ring. The Announcer and other officials scatter when he walks over to their section, and snatches a chair from the post! He steps back over the top rope, and raises it at face level.. allowing Miko a few more seconds to move before he breaks the damn thing over her head!*

Jeice: This guy is methodical! Waiting for JUST the right moment!

*Right before he swings, The former champion hits a spin kick to the back of Dayvid’s leg which sends him down to one knee! She then spins the opposite direction and plasters the chair, which is sent into the andriod’s face! He falls to his back with the chair resting on his head; Miko then uses her ninja-like speed to springboard herself to the top turnbuckle and rips the top half of her fuku off, revealing the full body catsuit underneath!! The crowd all stands to their feet in response to the next move!*

Ralph: here it coooomeeeees!!

Jeice: Here’s the move she used to defeat JIN!!


*Miko once again sacrifices her body to execute the Second Variation to the Mirokushu Terminator! She rolls up Nite and covers!*

Ref: 1………..2………..3!!

Announder: The Winner by Pinfall, Miko Mido!

Winner: Miko Mido

*Miko tries to get up, but falls back to her side! She rolls around holding herself in agonizing pain!*

Ralph: I know what’s going through Miko’s head right now, If this was a regular pinfall, She’d be the two time grand champion right now. But too things this isn’t just a regular pinfall! Miko MUST win three more matches to win this damn thing!

Jeice: Heh.. it sucks to be her, but even more so to be Dayvid. He doesn’t have a win yet, and if Miko continues on this path, there WILL be a sweep!

Miko vs. Dayvid Nite – First Blood

Announcer: The following match will be for FIRST BLOOD!

Crowd: !!POPS!!

*The bell sounds and the crowd gives both fighters a standing ovation! They clap their hands as a collective in order to will both competitors back to their feet! Dayvid rolls over, and starts to stand back up first.. and right behind him is the leader of the series who is barely able to stand back up! When she does, she loses balance and stumbles into the turnbuckle! Dayvid stares deep into Miko’s eyes as if he’s examining her body’s every detail!*

Dayvid: Severly Bruised Ribs.

*Using his “weakness” technique, Dayvid pinpoints that Miko hurt using her Terminator and goes right for it! She attempts to block it, but he grabs her arm, and wrenches it over her exposing the now blue and purple bruised ribs! He slowly draws back and delivers a wall breaking right to her ribs, then another, and another! With every shot, and every blood curdling scream from Miko, the crowd winces in response! It’s only a matter of time until her ribs crack, and bone fragments pierce her lungs!*

Ralph: If Dayvid keeps up this type of punishment, Miko will probably end up puking blood in the ring!

*He attempts another punch, but this time, Miko blocks it with her free hand, then immediately spins around with Dayvid’s left arm hooked! She applies a modifed hammer lock to his wrist, and with both hands grasping his wrist, Miko falls down into a sitting position, jerking Dayvid down with her! The wrist SNAPS, breaking Dayvid’s Radius AND Ulna!*

Crowd: OOOOOOOH!!!!!!

Bob: *is almost sick* DID MIKO JUST BREAK DAYVID’S ARM?!

Ralph: That’s what it looked like!

*Miko lays in the ring motionless, still in agony after those rib shots from Nite! The andriod however starts to stand back to his feet, looking as if the breaking of his two bones didn’t hurt him a damn bit! He glares at Miko, then turns back towards the entrance way! No one knows what’s going on as the demon’s eyes glow red!*


Jeice: What the hell did he just do?

*When the smoke clears, the Ramp has now been cut into two pieces! The crowd screams a collective “OH SHIT” as the once human andriod leaves the ring, and rips the remains of the ramp off of the ground! He turns it sideways to where it’s standing straight up, and climbs back into the ring!*

Bob: Oh no! Ralph… do you remember this? Last year, CHAOS RULES MATCH?

Ralph: Hell yeah I do! This does not bode well at all for our challenger!

Jeice: I think we ALL remember Dayvid kicking those punk asses back then in his early UCTF days.

*He picks Miko back from the ground.. and suddenly she gains a second wind! After smacking his hand away, she hits the ropes to gain momentum! He goes for a clothesline, which she tumbles under, kicks back to her feet, and hits the opposing ropes! Dayvid goes for a thrust kick and Miko baseball slides under it, kicks back up to her feet and comes after him again! This time, the legendary beast spins around and nails a SICK forearm to her face! The challenger rolls backwards and stands to her feet while stumbling into the ropes, Dayvid then follows through and thrust kicks her right over the top rope! She hits the apron and almost falls to the ground, but holds onto the bottom rope barely!*

Jeice: Let go of the rope Miko!

*Using the ropes for help, Miko pulls herself back to her feet on the apron.. Behind her, Dayvid snatches her by the back of the hair, and holds her in place while he steps his 7 foot tall mechanical body over the top rope! Forcefully, he MAKES Miko look at the floor below before drawing her back! The fans scoot to the edge of their seats!*

Ralph: what in the…

Bob: NO! Oh GOD no! Don’t do it !! DON’T DO IT DAYVID!

*He flies off of the apron with the Mirokushu, and drives Miko, FACE FIRST into the now razor sharp remains of the ramp! As Miko lands head first into the object, The flesh on her forehead divide almost to the bone, causing a splatter of purplish blue blood! Miko bounces off of the ramp like a basketball and lands on her back*

Jeice: GODDA–



*The crowd is screaming in a rage after the sickening move Dayvid used to obviously attempt to kill the Mirokushu warrior! The ref himself is almost too overwhelmed to call for the bell!*


Announcer: The Winner of the First Blood Competition.. Dayvid Nite.

Winner: Dayvid Nite

Jeice: Like him or not, Dayvid Nite has just evened the score in this series, it is now an even one to one. This match will now definately go to a round five, so ladies and Gentleman, prepare to see a Falls Count Anywhere match up later in this evening.

*Dayvid playfully kicks Miko around her pelvic area as she rolls across the concrete in a blur of unconsciousness. Meanwhile, the Ring Crew quickly sets up the poll for the next Event, the “Starway to HELL” match!*

Bob: Damn this does not look good for The challenger. After that shot, I don’t think she’ll be able to stand up again, much less climb to the top of that poll!

Jeice: Now that’s where you might be wrong Bob.

Bob: What do you mean???

Miko vs. Dayvid Nite – Stairway to Hell

*Blinded by her own blood, Miko still fights unconsciousness, as the sadistic grand champion methodically walks behind her, sending small kicks into her side everytime she gets close to standing back up, and the crowd HATES him for it! They hate him so much they make up a NEW chant just for him!*


Dayvid: >=|!

*But they’re only making it worse for the Mirokushu Ninja! Dayvid grabs the back of her hair and tosses her several feet! She flies all the way across the length of the ring, and smacks head first against the steel steps! She rolls over and lands on her stomach once again!*


*Then he RIPS the steps from the bolted floor, and raises them over his head!*

Jeice: They’re only making IT WORSE!!


*Those steps come down right on her spine! He lifts his back up and nails her again.. AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! He throws it away, and now the crowd has resorted to violence! Bottles, food, beer cans, and basically everything that isn’t pinned down to the ground fly at the champion!*

Ralph: Damn, this is rediculous!

Jeice: Heh…

*He picks the mirokushu from the ground, and wraps his hand around her throat! He’s going to give her a chokeslam on the cement floor, thus possibly breaking her back in front of ALL her loving fans! While the fans continue to chant “ASSHOLE,” Dayvid tighens the grip! Miko grabs a hold of his wrist in a panic!*

Miko: ……

*But then it happens… She touches her forehead, and feels a thick liquid.. she wipes her eyes, and catches her first real glimpse of her own blood!*

Jeice: oh shit.. OH SHIT!

*She snatches his hand off of her throat and kicks his groin! Using the split second she has, Miko grabs those same steel steps he used against her, and sends them right back into his face! He hits the ground, and she drives the steps into his face! After tossing them away, she grabs Nite by the neck, and tosses him into the ring like he’s a small child!*

Bob: O_O! God! She’s snapping!

*Miko gets into the ring behind him, and positions herself in a ninjitsu fighting stance… begging and pleading for Dayvid to get up! Once he does, she nails the Jugular kick that almost snaps his neck right off!*

Crowd: OOOOOOH!!!

Jeice: >_< *turns his head*

*She delivers a right kick to the andriod’s chest, then a left to his side. As he gets up to one knee, Miko spins a full 360 degrees and connects a spinning side kick! Dayvid is literally knocked back to his feet, and he falls into the ropes. Shaking off the cobwebs, the Beast explodes across the ring with his boosters, but THIS time, Miko catches him first with a bicycle pump kick to the face! Dayvid goes down and Miko books it over to the corner for the weapon!*

Jeice: This is her chance right now! If she gets that weapon and uses it on Dayvid, she’ll be up two to one!

*That’s exactly what she plans to do, Miko climbs to the very top turnbuckle and begins reaching for the prize! Behind her, Dayvid rises to his feet once more. The mirokushu stops what she’s doing, and turns around to see the champion coming for her. She makes a quick decision, and leaps like a cat off of the turnbuckle, NAILING another 540 kick to Dayvid!*

Ralph: Ouch! From the top!

*She struggles for a moment, but then kicks back up to her feet! The crowd explodes in a cheer as she leaps to the top rope in a single bound, and climbs the poll a few feet! After a hard tug, the kendo stick comes off! She slides down to the turnbuckle, and slowly turns around to face Davyid, who’s already getting up from the last hit!*

Bob: She’s got it!

*She springs several feet from the top rope while wielding the Wooden Kendo stick over her head! To her suprise, Dayvid rolls forward avoid the weapon shot and kicks back to his feet! Miko turns around, and runs right into the andriods grip! He thrusts her over seven feet into the air, and brings the ninja back down to the mat!*

Jeice: Shit! She missed!

*The Champion picks up the weapon, while Miko slowly rolls over to her back. As she climbs to her knees, The legendary beast cracks the kendo stick against her back making a bone breaking type sound that echos through the arena! Miko goes down as he repeats the shots four and five times over!*




Bob: Damnit! What a vicious son of a bitch!

*Finally, the weapon breaks in half! Dayvid kicks her over to her stomach, and begins driving the jagged edge of the wooden sword right into Miko’s stomach before finally tossing it to the side!*


Announcer: The winner of Round Three… DAYVID NITE!

Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!!!

Winner: Dayvid Nite

Ralph: Well, this isn’t looking good for Miko at all. Dayvid has her two matches to one.

Bob: That was suprising, Miko BARELY missed winning the third round! and now Dayvid only has to win TWO more matches to retain the title!

Miko vs. Dayvid Nite – Submission Match

*The next match starts up, and erriely similar to the last.. it begins with Dayvid towering over the downed Mirokushu Ninja. Loving every moment of this match, Dayvid grabs her by the hair, and slowly brings her back to his feet. After letting her go, he lets her wobble around in her spot for the next few seconds, before snatching her up into his arms! He FOLDS his arms with her in between, focusing the blunt of this attack into the ribs she hurt at the end of the first round! She screams like a banchee, and all her fans can do is stand back and watch!*

Jeice: ah shit. Dayvid’s a genious at unleashing pain.. he’s going right after those sore ribs with his Bear Crusher and Miko is stuck between a Rock and a hard place. She’s gonna have to get her bloody arms out from under Dayvid’s grip to mount some kind of offense against him, but then again, if she does that, her ribs will have NO protection!

*Miko just has to take that chance! She slowly slips her arms out of the eagle like grip of the champion, and begins punching away like a jackhammer on the Legendary beast!*

Crowd: YAAAAAH!!!

*He responds by running fullspeed into the nearest turnbuckle, crushing Miko in between the two! She almost loses her consciousness.. but continues punching him several times in the face, determined as ever!*

Dayvid: >=|!

*Nite spins her around, and rams into ANOTHER ringpost! This time, she stops the attack from the pain, and he tosses her back to the ground! She tries to climb back to her feet, but finds her head shoved between Nite’s legs once again!*

Bob: oh god! not ANOTHER driver!

*As he lifts her up into position, Miko uses the momentum to pound him one good time in the face! He lets go of her in suprise as she falls back to her feet! Out of pure instinct, Dayvid goes for a thrust kick! Miko catches his foot and rolls sideways, executing excellently the Dragon Screw!*

Crowd: *POPS!*

Ralph: NICE!

*His body smacks the mat from the dragon screw leg throw, then is twisted over onto his stomach. Miko crosses over her legs and locks on a single leg Boston Crab which gets the crowd hype.. but it’s not enough. Dayvid’s not even showing any residual effects from the hold, so Miko takes it one step futher by crossing both of the andriod’s legs into an indian death lock, and grabs his head in a chin lock! With her knee shoved into the small of his back, Miko pulls back with all her might in an attempt to not only break Dayvid’s legs, but break his back as well!*

Jeice: That’s a text book STF if I’ve ever seen one!

Ralph: Yeah, but Dayvid’s not laboring at all. His threshold of pain is outstanding!

Bob: I don’t think the man can feel an ounce of pain, and if he can, he’s sporting one hell of a poker face!

*Miko pushes all of her weight behind her, and pulls Dayvid back so far, that he’s almost standing on his knees!*

Crowd: *POPS!*

Jeice: A little more pressure and he WILL be snapped in half! Dayvid’s threshold may be high, but his body isn’t perfect!

Bob: You’re right, I’m not sure how much his body can sustain.. but then again, how is MIKO still going??

*Dayvid’s had enough! He reverses the flow of his booster rockets, causing the Miko to lose her balance, he then uses the muscles in his neck and upper back to flip Miko out of the move, and on her back to the floor! She sits up in a panic just as Dayvid pops back up! Before she can do anything, Dayvid has his foot now placed on the small of her back! He locks her arms and wrenches them backwards like he’s attempting to rip them off!*

Bob: OH NO! The body was not designed to bend that way! It was not designed to have this type of punishment inflicted!

Ralph: This isn’t good for the challenger.. o_o whoa, that move makes her boobs look twice as big!

Jeice: >=|

*The crowd gets behind Miko, all of them gathering their hearts and minds to will Miko out of the hold! It almost works as the challenger almost slips from Dayvid’s grip! But the andriod has other plans! He pushes his heel deeper into her back and locks his grips on her arms!*

Ralph: Damnit! Isn’t one of his arms broken?! How can he hold onto her like that???

*She’s asked by the ref several times, but there is NO quit in this kid!*

Dayvid: >=| …… >=)

*Seeing that she’s not going to tap out or scream for mercy.. the Grand Champion decides to “Turn up the Heat!” While keeping the hold lock.. the sadistic giant ignites his booster rocket one more time, causing the flames to shoot right into Miko’s back! The Mirokushu’s eyes widen as she lets out a blood curdling yell! The ref pleads with her to give up!*

Bob: UGH!!


Miko: ……… ……….

*She has no choice! Broken down by the beating she’s already sustained, and the flames of hair shooting into her at point blank range.. the Mirokushu lifts her foot into the air then slams it back to the mat! She continues, symbolizing that she quits! She gives up! The ref immediately sounds for the bell! Dayvid has won ANOTHER match!*


All Three: SHIT! X_X

Announcer: The Winner of the Submission Match, DAYVID NITE.

Winner: Dayvid Nite

*Dayvid drops the hold, and let’s Miko fall to her side. He continues to look down upon her with that sadistic smile on his face and nudges her with his foot.*

Jeice: All Dayvid has to do is pin Miko and this thing would be over.. But That wouldn’t Be like him. He wants Miko to suffer until she can’t breathe anymore.

Ralph: man, Miko’s been his BITCH for the last three matches. She should throw it in now before she loses alot more than her shot at the grand title.

Miko vs. Dayvid Nite – Falls Count Anywhere

*The camera zooms in on Dayvid’s smile as he kicks Miko a few more times until she hits the corne turnbuckle.. The ring now is covered in blue! Miko’s bled so much that she’s NOT anymore.*

Jeice: Oh come on damnit! All he has to do is pin her and end it!

*He then puts his foot against her ass, and shoves her non moving body right under the bottom rope. She rolls over before falling off the apron and crashing into the concrete. The Ref and Dayvid climb out of the ring at the same time as the Legendary Beast picks her up by the hair, and tosses her down the aisle! Along the way, He slams her face first into the steel barrier rails just to piss off the fans even more!*

Dayvid: >=)

Crowd: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

*Then, she’s thrown onto the remains of what was once the ramp! She slowly climbs for higher ground onto the stage, but Dayvid is right behind her. He grips the back of her neck and begins to slowly lift her back to her feet. Miko suddenly delivers an unexpected blow to his stomach, spins backwards and nails a kick to the back of his knees! Dayvid has no choice but to go down, and Miko almost takes his head off with a jugular kick!*


Bob and Jeice: COVER HIM!!

*Miko DOES go for the cover, but before the ref can even go down for the one, Dayvid HURLS her off of him! He’s still very much into this thing!*

Ralph: now I can’t believe THAT!

Bob: What is Miko going to need to put this guy down for atleast three seconds, much less beat him THREE more times!

*Dayvid pops back up to his feet before Miko can, and he locks his hand around her throat again! He draws her near, and then lifts her into the air! But instead of chokeslaming her into the steel stage, Dayvid chokeslams her THROUGH the jumbotron! YES, she goes 25 feet or more through the air, and ruptures the screen! The crowd hates dayvid’s guts, but even that got a damn pop!*


*Camera men and the ref rush backstage behind Dayvid Nite, and there they find Miko hanging upside down while being tangled in electrical cords! The Legendary Beast cracks his knuckles.. and broken arm and all, begins to beat the HELL out of the mirokushu like she’s a punching bag!*

Jeice: oh God.. I don’t think I can watch this bloody match anymore. -_-

Bob: This is getting to be a bit too much!

Ralph: as long as you don’t start screaming “STOP THE DAMN MATCH,” everything will be fine Bobby.

*After another vicious shot to the face, Miko becomes untangled and comes falling flat on the top of her head! Dayvid then kicks her around before picking her back up to her feet, He spins around her to gain momentum, and whips her into the backstage area. That’s right, they’re back there with the UCTF superstars, who all don’t DARE interfere in this match!*

Dayvid: >=|

*Dayvid looks at all of the fighters, and continues his beating on Miko!*

Rott: >=) *lights a cig*

*He then grabs Miko by the back of the head and THROWS her through the door that exits out of the building, and there’s outside!*

Bob: ……. Someone needs to stop–

Ralph: >=|

Bob: -_-.. sorry.

Jeice: Don’t worry Bob, Ralph can’t kick MY ass. Someone needs to stop the damn match! >=(

Ralph: >=|!!

Bob: ^_^ Thanks Jeice.

*Dayvid literally beats her AROUND the building, until they get to the entrance of the building that the UCTF fans take every week. She is beaten up the steps into the building, through the ticket booths, and into the vendors station!*

Crowd: OOOOOH!!

*Miko gets up and swings wildy! a complete miss! She looks around, and Dayvid’s no where to be found! matter of fact, NO ONE can see him!*

Miko: ……..


*Only the trained eye can see the distortion right behind Miko! It’s Dayvid using his cloaking device! Before she knows it, Dayvid reappears and throws her face first into the brick wall that holds the entrance of the bathrooms!*

Ralph: Shit! Has he ever used that before?!

*Miko goes down to one knee and she starts pouring blood once again!*

Jeice: I have a feeling that this is going to be another Benoit/Kevin Sullivan Moment.

Bob: For all you non wrestling fans, That was a landmark scene in Falls Count anywhere history when two A+ wrestlers spilled into a bathroom filled with fans and brawled!

Ralph: I think they all knew that jackass.

Bob: >=|

*Dayvid goes go for the door to the bathroom, but Miko digs her elbow into his gut!*


*Out of desperation, Miko RIPS the “No Smoking” Sign right off the wall and hits Dayvid in the face with it, Nuts and Bolts still intact! This is only enough to cause Dayvid to lose his balance, but when he does, He flips RIGHT over the balcony and falls straight down without passing go OR collecting 200 dollars! His ass smacks the titled floor and cracks it! Miko stumbles back and leans against the wall!*

Jeice: She hit him with the no smoking sign o_o

*The camera gets a closeup of Dayvid laying on the ground after falling several feet from the balcony, Then it swiftly looks upward as Miko dives from the balcony some 30 feet onto Dayvid’s andriod body! She connects and almost bounces OFF of him!*

Bob: My GOD!

Ralph: That had to be atleast thirty feet!!

Ref: 1……….2…….3!!

Crowd: *POPS!!!!*

Jeice: Finally!

Bob: Miko’s back in this thing!! Dayvid leads the series 3 – 2!!

Announcer: The winner of the Falls Count Anywhere Match… MIKO MIDO!

Winner: Miko Mido

*Meanwhile in the arena.. the Helicopter swoops down while the UCTF ring crew rush in to set up the Bamboo structure which is “Custom Made for Pain” ….the Green Cell!*

Miko vs. Dayvid – Green Hell in a Cell


*The splash from the balcony has taken it’s toll on both Fighters, but they MUST.. MUST get back to their feet, and get into the Green Cell! Dayvid attempts to stand up, he feels no pain, but his body is telling a different story! Possibly with a broken Hip, the “Nite” can barely stand back up! Miko on the other hand literally has to crawl.. somehow, they both end up going into section 124 of the arena.. That’s right, They’re in the damn crowd on their way to the ring!*

Crowd: POPS!!

*As they beat the hell out of one another, the security tries to hold back the fans.. but tongiht, they’re a little TOO rowdy, and over come the gaurds! Like idiots, they attempt to take down Dayvid in attempt to help Miko!*

Ralph: Jackasses!!

*with ONE SINGLE move of his arms, The entire mob is thrown back into the crowd in a mess! He then draws back and punches Miko with his broken limb, knocking her down the long flight of stairs and to the steel barrier!*

Crowd: OOOH!!

*She grabs the back of her head and rolls over to her side. Dayvid slowly walks down the stairs and looks down at his opponent, almost in disgust!*

Dayvid: You are inferior.

*Adding injury to insult, he KICKS her in the ribs for one last measure! The ref comes running by screaming for him and Miko to get back into the ring, and Dayvid silently obliges by tossing her over the barrier, and to the cement.*

Bob: I think the end is near guys. All he has to do is toss her in and pin her.

Ralph: yeah, he looks like he’s tired of this. He’s about to put her away for good!

*He throws her into the ring and slowly climbs in, The crew immediately locks the cage behind him and the ref! Miko rolls over a few more times in attempt to get as far away as humanly possible. Dayvid hobbles over, trying not to give her ONE moment of rest, and lifts her up again.. Miko grabs her 6th or 7th wind, and punches Dayvid in the stomach! She stands up and begins delivering a sweet sequence of kicks before jumping off the second rope and nailing a roundhouse kick to his face! He stumbles back into the cage as she gains speed and dives for him! Dayvid grabs her by the head, and reverses the attack! She geos face first into the rugged bamboo before flying back, landing on her back and FLIPPING over to her stomach!*


*Dayvid takes a page out of Miko’s own book and RIPS a bamboo poll right out of the cage wall! Shades of Miko/Cham Cham, Dayvid lays in the attacks on Miko’s back with the singaporian object! With every hit, Miko jolts like she’s being struck by small bolts of electricity!*

Bob: My God, Miko is being taken to the woodshed!

Jeice: If she can just find SOME weakness with Dayvid!

Ralph: Yeah right, I don’t think that will be happening tonight or ANY night!

*Dayvid cracks her across the back one last time.. and something happens.. Miko SNAPS! She pops back up to her feet and stairs the andriod down!*

Crowd: O_O!

*He takes a step back! Unfortunately, it was to draw his energy into another bamboo shot right to Miko’s forehead! She’s sent to the ground, but she pops right back up to her feet! Dayvid lifts the blade, and takes another step backwards*

Jeice: oh shit.. Guys!

*Nite jumps back, and using his boosters as momentum, nails Miko so hard, the bamboo BREAKS on contact! Miko flips upside down and lands on her stomach, killing any kind of come back she was gathering up!*

Bob: What was Miko thinking!? She was just standing there!!

*The champ grabs the back of her head, and slowly lifts her up one more time.. It looks like Miko reaches for his head.. but instead, she grabs onto her BOW.*

Miko: heh.. Say hello to my true power.


*The Orange Crusher grabs Bob and Ralph, and pulls them under the table! Meanwhile in the green cell, Miko rips off her bow! immediately, hurricane like winds fill the arena! The bamboo BENDS away from her! Even Dayvid has trouble standing up! He lets go of her hair, but she GRABS HIS HAND. The ref dives for cover!*

Dayvid: >=|

Miko: you’re not going ANYWHERE! AOI…TATSUMAKI!


*She eraddicates the bamboo! The first few rows of the aren are blown to HELL! Bob, Ralph, and Jeice feel the effects ALL the way at the Commentator’s Tower!*


Jeice: She used the………the………

Ralph: o_o *peaks his head out* ……

*The Structure is NO more! The smoke clears just in time to see the now nude Miko barely putting her arm over Dayvid’s shoulder! The assed out ref barely manages to roll over to make the*

Ref: 1…………2……………3!!


Announcer: X_X…………

Winner: Miko Mido


*Two respective representatives for Miko and Dayvid walk to the ring, and unwrap the clothes that contain swords for the final match! Miko begins to stand, but stumbles back into the corner, where she grabs onto the katana.. on the other end.. Dayvid slowly rises, and snatches his out of the hands of the crew member. They stand at opposite sides of the corner and stare holes into each other.*

Miko vs. Dayvid – Swordmaster Bout

Jeice: …..Holy SHIT.

Bob: The series is now TIED Three to Three! Miko has suprised The Grand Champion with an AMAZING attack! We still don’t know what the hell is going on!

Ralph: … I think it’s safe to say, this is SUDDEN DEATH!

*They both unsheathe their blades and gradually get more intense.. more angry.. more blood thirsty for each other! Neither makes a move…*

Miko: ……

Dayvid: …….

*A peice of bamboo from the last match falls right in the center of the ring, sparking a reaction from Both fighters! Miko and Dayvid dive full speed! They raise their blades and meet in the center of the ring! They collide and slide opposite sides of each other in perfect ninja fashion!*

Everyone: ……..

*Silence. Neither move a muscle for the next few seconds.. and then it happens.. Dayvid and Miko BOTH begin spewing blood like a garden hose! They turn around and attack once again!*

Dayvid: HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

*Dayvid uses his precision slice to cut Miko across the stomach! The Mirkoushu hits the ground, rolls up and executes a tornado slice, taking a page right out of former sword champion, Yakuu’s book! They stumble around the ring, and Dayvid attacks once again! Miko is hit with a flurry of slashes that knock her into the corner! Once the attack is finished, she’s cut EVERYWHERE. It’s like she dove into a pool of Razor blades! half conscious and weary, Miko leaps forward and attempts to end it with an impaling of Dayvid through his stomach! The warrior dodges the attack, and connects the “T-SLICE”! Miko’s knees are cut and she falls to her face! It’s over! Her legs are now out of commision, and she can’t even stand!*

Jeice: OH NO!!

Bob: GOD NO!

*Dayvid sees this as his opportunity! With the blade over his head, he’s no longer playing games! He leaps ten feet into the air, and brings down the mighty blade on Miko Mido! But halfway through the attack.. Dayvid freezes! He can’t move his arms! For the first time.. the FIRST time.. His eyes widen in shock! Miko begins to sit up with the blade pointed right at Dayvid, she THRUSTS!*

Miko: ………HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


*Everything in the arena comes to a hault… The camera switches positions to show the blade of Mido completely running him through, with the tip cleanly penetrating the front and back of the legendary monster! Dayvid looks down at Miko bewildered as Blood begins to splurt not only from his wound, but from his mouth like a flowing river.. then slowly, he turns around to see the only person who could EVER stop him. With tears in her eyes, she silently apologizes…*

RoSE: I’m sorry… *eyes filled with tears* This is the only way…

*Dayvid screams out in blood curdling agony as his soul is freed from its confines in Dayvid’s chest, thanks to Miko’s thrust! He begins to glow and pulsate with an ever increasing sphere of ki energy, enveloping everyone in the ring including Miko and RoSE.*

All Three: WHAT THE HELL?!?!

*A massive explosion consumes the enitre ring and one or two rows of seats… shattering the lights and making everything go dark…. as it clears… Miko is left alone in the middle of an untouched ring… as if a battle to the death never happened there save shards of broken crystal!*

Ref: O_o?!!?

*She falls to one knee, then allows her sword to fall by her side…*



*Miko falls face first to the canvas and slips into unconsciousness! The crowd stands to their feet once more, not completely sure what the hell just happened, but they pop unanimously anyway!*

Winner and NEW UCTF Grand Champion: Miko Mido

Ralph: *looks at bob out of the corner of his eye* ……….. AMA–


Ralph: DAMNIT.

*The cameras switch over to the commentator’s tower were Jeice starts reaching for his headset.*

Jeice: …… I can’t stay here.

Bob: huh?

Jeice: I have to leave.

*Jeice puts down his headset and leaves his post! Ralph and Bob look at each other confused like as the Orange Crusher gets into the ring where Miko lays halfway conscious. Slowly, he lifts her back to her feet and grabs her right arm..*

Ralph: oh no… OH NO!

Bob: >=|! I can’t look!

*Then he LIFTS her arm in victory, receiving a HUGE ovation from the crowd!*

Crowd: *POPS!!*

Bob: X_X….. whew.. that was a close one.

*Soon after, UCTF Fighters: the likes of Chibi V, Fubuki, Yakuu, Bosatsu, Hotaru, BB Hood, Grimjaw, Leona, Ryokun, Godzilla, Miko T., Dre, Lilith, Renko, Hystalin, SSS, Jin Saotome, Eiji, Acrapha, Raven, Ailura, Andre Tau, Taki, Peach, and Piccolo all make their way down to the ring and get in to celebrate with the now two time Grand Champion after vanquishing Dayvid Nite in the middle of the ring! “Automatic” continues to play over the soundsystem as Miko is raised to their shoulders!*

Ralph: This .. is … beautiful! :(

Bob: hey.. is that?!

*The camera quickly flips over to the crowd, where we see two familiar figures.. Rend and Sagara standing in the shadows for a split second..*

Sano: …..So it’s over.

Seph: …..yeah. *turns and walks away*

*The celebration comes to a quick end when “HELLS BELLS” begins playing over the sound system! The entire mood CHANGES when Rott walks out with an unlit cigarette in his mouth!*

Bob: oh no!!

Rott: ……

*He pulls out a light, then looks at it… and then look at the cigarette before THROWING them both to the ground!*


*Rott’s not in the mood for smoking right now! Instead, he starts walking towards the ring! Jeice HOLDS the ropes open for Rott to get in! The chain smoker obliges, and prepares to go against the ENTIRE population of Faces that fill the ring! As he does, several officials rush down the ailse and hold him back!*

Crowd: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph: The NRA champ has LOST it!

Bob: I say let him get in the ring!

*Rott stops halfway down the ramp.. and slowly turns around, and walks to the backstage area…*

Ralph: Damnit! Let him go!!

Bob: Heh, this has been a pleasure ladies and gentleman, but we are out of time!

Ralph: >=| That’s right next week we begin the matches to Qualify four men, and four women into our annual “Only the Strong” competition! And since this has been Miko’s final match in the UCTF.. there will be a search for the next UCTF Grand Champion!

Bob: Heh, for Ralph Gerrard and The “Orange Crusher” Jeice, this is Bobby Hinden saying good night


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