Xiahau The Blue Staff vs. Guyver | Devilman Vs. Beowulf | Mourl Vs. Midnight Rider | Shayla Shayla Vs. Gourry Gabriev | Team New Light Vs. Rally’s Team

BoB- Welcome everyone to round three of our first ever tournament. As you know this round here will bring us to the, final 4 round 4, which I think will really be exciting.
Ralph- Me too BoB. Do you have any predictions?

BoB- Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I predict that the final four will be Guyver, Devilman, Mourl, and Goury. What do you think?

Ralph- Well Bob I feel the same accept I think that Midnight Rider will beat Mourl.

BoB- I don’t think so Ralph, Mourl probably has enough tricks up his sleeve to outsmart an army.

Ralph- That’s very possible, but I think that Midnight Rider will get the best of him tonight.

Xiahau v. Guyver

BoB- I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But getting back to this fight, we have Xiahau the blue staff vs. Guyver. I think that Guyver will beat blue staff, but not without a fight.
Ralph- Me too, if Guyver really wants to win this one then he will have to work at it. Xiahau will not be a push-over. In fact, I would not be surprised if Xiahau won. Now I wold not bet on that, but it is a real possibility.

BoB- It sure is Ralph, and even with those vibro blades, Guyver will still have to keep on his toes, and really watch out for the staff of Xiahau.

Ralph- Sure! It’s devastating, as was demonstrated against Goul’Dan and Jinnai.

BoB- Yes. And here comes our first fighter down now! It looks as though we are ready to start round three! Here come, Xiahau looking very solemn, and focused. And he steps in the ring. Now here comes Guyver, and the crowd starts to cheer! Yep, they are definitely behind Guyver in this fight!

Ralph- Yes, but it is not affecting Xiahau at all, he is totally focused.

BoB- And Guyver steps into the ring! Folks prepare yourself!


BoB- And there’s the bell! Guyver Takes an offensive stance, and Xiahau just stands there! Guyver Makes first attack with a vibro blade! But it is dodged by Xiahau who barely even moves! Guyver takes several swipes at Xiahau but is unable to connect with any of them! It almost looks as if Xiahau is reading Guyver’s moves!

Ralph- You’re right! Xiahau is making very little effort. Is he toying with him?

BoB- I’m not sure? But Guyver is now making several fast advances and attacks at Xiahau, who has not yet lifted a hand.

Ralph- He must be either tiering out Guyver,r or watching his style so he can attack more efficiently.

BoB- Possibly, I really don’t know what to say, Guyver is now attacking Xiahau franticly but not even coming close to connection.

Guyver- come on Xiahau! Fight me. What the hell is this?

Xiahau- As does water flow freely around the rocks and stones of the see so must I against all obstacles. Just as the softest substance on earth glazes the world in morning, so must I become one with all. Flowing, and untouchable.

Guyver- The hell with you.

BoB- Guyver and Xiahau sharing a few words in the ring there, and Guyver has stopped attacking so violently.

Guyver- Go ahead! Attack me now!!!

Xiahau- And so does the Mighty waves crash upon the shore, militating the sandy beach…

BoB- And Xiahau strikes!!!

Ralph- And strike hard!!!

BoB- Xiahau jabs Guyver in the throat so fast that Guyver had no time to react! And guyver goes back to the ropes!

Guyver- cough cough. Why you….

Ralph- Nice attack!

BoB- Guyver lunges at Xiahau with the vibro blade on his left arm and Xiahau dodges, spins around hits Guyver in the back of the knee sending down on all fours! Guyver quickly attempts to stand up but is hit with three swipes of Xiahau’s staff, taking no more than half a second for all three! Guyver goes down!

Ralph- Xiahau is fighting with incredible skill tonight! I have never seen him in this good of form.

BoB- I agree! Xiahau is fighting amazingly tonight!

Ralph- Yeah, and what better night to do it on too!

BoB- Guyver leaps backward trying to get to his feet without being struck by the lightning staff of Xiahau! Guyver manages to get to his feet by holding on to the ropes but is struck in the upper part of his body three or four more times before he is actually up! Guyver sends a flurry of stabs towards the body of Xiahau, but Xiahau is able to block the vibro blades by hitting the wrists of Guyver with his staff!

Ralph- Now that is amazing! Xiahau knows that the vibro blades will cut through his staff like a hot knife through butter, and is actually weaving the staff around the blades, hitting Guyver’s wrists, and getting his staff out of there fast enough to hit his next wrist.

Xiahau is simply fighting spectacularly tonight! That’s all there is too it. And if Xiahau did win tonight, I no longer would be very surprised.

BoB- And now Guyver is shooting several beams of some kind out of his head at Xiahau, but Xiahau flips out of the way of all of them! And Xiahau hits Guyver i the dead center of his face while he is still in the air!!! And It looks as though Guyver is sans a few teeth now!

Guyver- My, my teeth!? You knocked out some of my teeth!!!! YOU!!

BoB- And Guyver is pissed now!!! He opens the plates on his chest, to expose his most powerful weapon! This weapon is a series of lenses that is capable of destroying mass quantities of matter!

Xiahau- As is the sea, the harder you shall hit the more pain you shall endure…

Guyver- Endure this!!!

BoB- And Guyver is prepared to fire his primary weapon. But Xiahau rolls on the ground and strikes Guyver in the chest with the side of his staff, knocking Guyver down, and damaging his large blaster!!! This could be trouble for Guyver!!!

Ralph- More trouble even…

BoB- And Xiahau while still on the ground spins his staff around, and as Guyver is getting up, Xiahau trips him again! But look at this!!!

Ralph & BoB- OOOOHHHH!!!!

BoB- As Guyver falls to the ground one of his vibro blades flare out and hit Xiahau in the body!!!!!

Ralph- And there is blood on the canvas!!

BoB- Guyver rolls over towards Xiahau and brings his other hand, and vibro blade around stabbing Xiahau in the shoulder!!!!

Ralph- But look! As Guyver rolled over he rolled onto one of his own blades, and is cut!!!!

BoB- He is!!!!! not nearly as bad as Xiahau, but it still is a cut through his Guyver unit and into his skin! Guyver backs off slowly and the reff calls the fight! It is over! Guyver will be the first one to advance to round four!!!!!!!

Ralph- That was a bloody ending! Too bloody for me!

BoB- And the medical crews have collected Xiahau, and Guyver is being escorted to the hospital as well to take care of that cut, and those teeth. WOW! Let’s move on shall we?

Ralph- Lets

Winner- Guyver

Devilman v. Beowulf

BoB- Well folks, we have an interesting match up for you here. It is Devilman vs Beowulf. Underdark vs Underdark, two of the strongest if not the strongest fighters in the whole UCTF. Devilman is undefeated. And Beowulf has only one loss to Mourl the beakless turkey, who is also undefeated.

Ralph- I think that this fight should… What on earth?

BoB- And all the lights are out here in the open air arena in the UCTF stadium!

Ralph- Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen now?

BoB I can tell you what’s going to happen….

(A ring of fire appears around the top of the arena)

BoB- That’s what’s going to happen!!!

Ralph- Thanks for the insight there Bob…

BoB- No problem Ralph. And the fans are all on their feet as these two tremendous fighters ready to make their way to the ring!

(Heave bass, slow music is playing in the background, and all the fans are clapping rhythm to the music)

BoB- It is electric here tonight everyone! And Beowulf now makes his way towards the ring!!!

(Crowd explodes!)

BoB- Wow! Is the crowd ever behind him!

Ralph- We have to shout in order to be heard over the screams of the crowd here!! But what do you think the crowd’s reaction will be when Devilman enters?

BoB- Louder Ralph! Much, much louder! And Beowulf has just entered the ring! And here comes Devilman!!!!

(Crowd explodes even louder as Devilman swoops in from the sky)

BoB- I can’t believe this! The fan support for these two is amazing!

(Devilman greets Beowulf, and the bell sounds, but the crowd is so loud no one hears it. Devilman and Beowulf just know what to do though)

BoB- And we’re underway once again with the second fight of the night! Devilman and Beowulf lock up and Devilman is trying to sway Beowulf and throw him on the ground! But he can’t!!! Beowulf is too strong!!! Beowulf overpowers Devilman and attempts to throw him into the turn buckle but Devilman wraps up Beowulf’d head with his antennae! Beowulf grabs the antennae and tries to pull them off, but Devilman kicks Beowulf in the mid section, then heel kicks him in the knee cap!!! Beowulf goes down! Devilman leans over Beowulf and punches him in the head!

Devilman- I told you I wouldn’t go easy on you!!!

Beowulf- So did I!!

BoB- Beowulf grabs Devilman by his pants and throws him over top of his legs tripping him! Both fighters quickly regain a standing position, and Devilman lunges at Beowulf! But Beowulf hits him with an uppercut!!! Devilman is stopped dead in his tracks as Beowulf unloads on him!!!

Ralph- This is like 40’s style boxing here!

BoB- It is as Beowulf hits Devilman with combinations of punches and sends him to the ground with a devastating left hook!!! ANd that drew blood Ralph!

Ralph- It most certainly did Bob, and Devilman has a large cut on the side of his head that is bleeding profusely! Devilman may be in trouble!

BoB- I think that it would be safe to say that Beowulf has one of the hardest punches in the UCTF! There is real power their!

Ralph- There sure is Bob!

BoB- And Devilman trips Beowulf with his antenna and backs off tho the other end of the ring!

Devilman (thinking)- Holy shit, this guy is even stronger than Fujisawa! I am seeing three of him…

Beowulf- Come on Devilman! We need the strongest fighter in the tournament! We can’t go soft!!!!

(Devilman bleeding and battered gets that gleam in his eye)

Devilman- That’s right… I am DEVILMAN!!!!!

Ralph- We know

BoB- Devilman charges at Beowulf and knocks him down with a flying kick! Beowulf gets right back up and punches Devilman in his head twice with some pretty solid jabs! Devilman grabs Beowulf by his head and throws him across the ring! And what’s this?!? Beowulf steps out of the ring!!

Ralph- Is this it???

BoB- Hmmm… No look!!!

(Beowulf re-enters with his sword)

Beowulf- This ought to do me a world of good!!!! Only the best shall go on!!!

BoB- Beowulf charges at Devilman! But Devilman extends his wings and propels himself up above The ring and lands on the other side!! But was severely cut on his shoulder when he passed over Beowulf!

Devilman- Ahhh!!

Ralph- It is looking pretty grimm for Devilman right now!

BoB- And Beowulf charges at Devilman to finish him off! But Devilman hits Beowulf with a huge bolt from his antennae! Sending Beowulf back to the ropes, and his sword into the crowd!

Beowulf- Shit….

BoB- And a very wounded Devilman charges at Beowulf! Devilman unleashing everything he’s got! Beowulf doing the same! But for Beowulf it may be too late!

Ralph- Yes. That laser took a lot out of him!

BoB- It did! And Devilman doing most of the hitting here! Beowulf grabs the arm of Devilman trying to stop his pummelling but is unsuccessful! Devilman spins his hand around reversing Beowulf’s wrist hold, and then grabbing him under his other arm! Devilman throws Beowulf into the center of the ring! And Beowulf is down, and not getting up! But wait! Devilman has fallen too!

Ralph- I can understand that! He took a massive amount of damage as well!

BoB- Devilman rises to his knees and is able to stand! It is all over here! Devilman has won!

Ralph- But look! He is going over to Beowulf!

BoB- He is! And Devilman is helping Beowulf up! What a show of sportsmanship! And Devilman Takes the mic!

(the crowd who has been on their feet the whole time screaming silences for Devilman)

Devilman- Until tonight. I have never doubted myself during a fight, I have had rough fights before, but I always knew I would emerge victorious. Beowulf was the toughest fighter that I have ever faced. Spawn was strong, and made me doubt my skill, but I knew I could beat him. Fujisawa was also very worthy, but inhuman strength or not, Beowulf has hit me harder than I have ever been hit before. And Mr. Fujisawa’s strength was like a picnic compared to tonight. Good job Beowulf!

(Crowd erupts like a volcano in heat)

Beowulf- Thank you Devilman. I am only glad that I have had a chance to fight a fighter as skilled as you.

(crowd erupts again)

Beowulf- Hystalin is lucky she has you for a trainer… Now there is one thing I want you to do..

Devilman- What’s that?

Beowulf- KICK GUYVER’S ASS!!!!!!!

(Crowd Cheers again!!!! And both fighters are escorted out by medics.)

BoB- Wow! hell of a seramony there Ralph

Ralph- I don’t think you can say….

BoB- Let’s not get into that again Ralph…

Ralph- Oh okay…

BoB- Thank God we have a medical team that can handle over-night healing…

Ralph- I’ll say!

Winner- Devilman

BoB- Well everyone. Here is a match that most of you have been waiting for. It is

Mourl vs. Midnight rider.

Ralph- you know Bob. I love this fight not because of Mourl’s crazy tricks, but because I believe that both of these fighters have beaten the odds to get here. And are both major under-dogs compared to Guyver or Devilman. I mean, who would have ever expected a Bekless turkey to get this far. And not to mention someone in a tag team. Not that fighters in tag teams are weak, but most don’t expect for them to be stronger fighters than fighters fighting alone.

BoB- Absolutely Ralph, it is a typical thought to many people, even though it is not usually true.

Ralph- Yep. Wait, here comes our first fighter now!

BoB- yes, and Midnight rider is making his way to the ring! there are few cheers for Midnight Rider here…

Ralph- That’s right, they are awaiting Mourl. He has tremendous fan support.

BoB- That’s right. And Midnight rider steps into he ring.

Ralph- Thank god he wasn’t riding that damn motor cycle again, I think heard that two fans got exhaust poisoning, a kid vomited, and some pregnant woman’s watter broke.

BoB- And here comes Mourl!

(the crowd goes crazy0

Ralph- And listen to that! Mourl has some fans here! And the whole arena is alive with energy and the bell sounds!

BoB- Midnight Rider jumps at mourl and tries to kick him!

Midnight Rider- Mourl! FEEL THE RUSH!!!!

BoB- And Midnight Rider has just told Mourl to feel the rush as… Shinji enters the ring???

(Shinji enters the ring holding a turkey drum stick)

Shinji- Hey Mourl I have got a little surprise for you!

(Everyone looks at the big screen as a large plate of Cranberry sauce is shown)

BoB- And the camera appears to be looking over a thanksgiving dinner. And Shinji has paused to watch Mourl’s reaction!

(Mourl tilts his head from side to side and then looks at the big screen)

BoB- Wait! Shinji’s program has changed to an infomercial for corn!

Shinji- What the hell… This wasn’t supposed to happen…

(a voice comes from the corn infomercial)

Voice- Do you like corn? Corn bread, corn on the cob, cream corn, old corn, corn in a bowl, field corn, corn casserole? If so get Beakless brand corn. The best in the world

Ralph- So that’s where Mourl gets his funding!

Shinji- (to himself) That damn turkey did it to me again… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(Shinji runs off)

BoB- Where does Mourl come up with them?! And Midnight Rider gets back to business quickly as he attacks Mourl with a downward punch, and connects! Midnight Rider kicks Mourl over to the side of the ring and runs over to him and stomps on him! This is looking pretty bad for Mourl! He had better pull through with a trick or something soon! And Midnight Rider picks Mourl up by the neck and is violently shaking his head around! And Mourl’s head falls off!

Ralph- Man, I hope that’s a trick!

BoB- And Midnight Rider is examining the body of of Mourl which is now motionless.

Ralph- Nothing is happening..

BoB- Well.. I guess this one’s over. Either Mourl is dead or he had a trick that didn’t really work.

Ralph- At least not in time any way.

BoB- And Midnight Rider will be advancing to the final four! As he deals Mourl’s first loss to him! And a medical crew now gathers up the head, and body of Mourl and take it away on a stretcher.

(Midnight Rider leaves the ring)

BoB- now our next fight will be a good one, it will be Shayla Shayla vs. Goury. And the winner of that will fight Midnight Rider. In the final four.

Ralph- You know, it’s really ironic that the final four will be the fourth round. I think that will help with publicity.

BoB- No doubt about it, any catchy phrase like that will help publicity at least a little bit.

Ralph- yeah. Well, lets move on to our final match now.

BoB- Good idea. So far the final four reads: Guyver vs. Devilman, And Midnight Rider vs the winner of Shayla Shayla and Goury.

Ralph- That’s right, and…. What the hell is that in the ring? It looks like the floor is moving!

BoB- Your right. The canvas has ma… WAIT!!!! it’s Mourl! mourl painted himself white and laid down on the floor really flat and as not noticed! Midnight Rider only knocked the head off of a dummy Mourl! Midnight Rider is counted out! He left the ring and Mourl did not so officially he is counted out! And Mourl wins!!

Ralph- He pulled the old “paint yourself white and lay flat on the floor so your opponent leaves and gets counted out trick!” I knew he would use that one!

BoB- What a victory! mourl played the “paint yourself white and lay flat on the floor so your opponent leaves and gets counted out trick” we had better move on before something else happens

Ralph- I agree, let’s go!

Winner- Mourl

BoB: looking at my watch I see it’s time for a comemrcial break so we’ll be back after these messages

Hi.. I’m Dr. Roy Kirtzpatrick author of the best selling book “sex with my hat” i would like to—

Ralph: ok so here’s the deal we stop showing disgusting comericals now.. show that gap swing commercial instead

We see the Gap Swing commercial

Ralph: better.. now onto our next match.. Shayla Shayla v. Goury Gabriev

Shayla Shayla v. Goury Gabriev

BoB: this should be an interesting match.. although I favour Goury I think Shayla Shayla has a very good chance
Ralph: Not me.. that sword of light is damn powerful

BoB: yeah but you also forget about the holy lamp of fire

Ralph: what about the lamp from “Christmas Story” you know the leg

BoB: silence you.. we’ve got to get on witht he fight.. here comes Shayla Shayla now, escorted by none other than New Wave Dave

Ralph: do you think there’s a thing between them?

BoB: I think there’s a thing between NWD and every woman in this arena

Ralph: Lucky

BoB: it looks like NWD gonna speak

NWD: Allright I’ve got to address a few things here.. number one is Lina Inverse.. Guyver won his match.. now shayla here’s gonan beat the tar out of goury and as you said you shall join us.. i’m gonna welcome you now

Two: High-stalin… You want to fight.. i’ll fight you no problem but it’s gonna be a tag match me and shayla here vs. you and.. oh which one? which one? hell you pick i’ll either fight you and devilman or you and beowulf… your call…

Three: i’m gonna lead team new light to victory tonight right after shayla beats goury senseless… so rally and co. watch it.. go get him shayla

BoB: ALLright. it looks as if shayla is extremely prepared for this fight… she’s looks determined to beat goury.. who’s entering now

Ralph: He’s got his sword of light hilt ready.. he looks focused


BoB: goury has summoned the light blade and is sizing up shayla shayla

Ralph: lucky

BoB: sigh… shayla charges in and tackles him to the ground, he drops his sword

Ralph: She knees him right in the—

BoB, Ralph, Goury, NWD and every other guy in the arena: OOOOHHHHHH

boB: THIS MATCH IS PRACTICLLY OVER ALREADY!!! Goury is holding his crotch, and enduring a siezure of pain while Shayla shayla casually walks to the other side of the ring and causes as pilar of flames to surround goury… he looks like he’s in a lot of real pain here.. she’s going up on the top rope.. oh my gosh what’s she doing

ralph: did she just wink at dave.. WOW she just executed his trademark 80s explosion move.. goury is out cold and this match is over..

BoB: shala did it. that means mourl and shayla will face each other next round as well as guyver and devilman…

Ralph: this also means that Lina Inverse will be joining the new light… here comes dave

NWD: Allright shayla good job..i’m proud of ya… and lina.. we had a deal.. welcome to the new light

(Shayla Shayla takes dave’s seat as ifurita and ukyo enter) Ifurita: HI DAVE!!! are you ready to fight?!?

NWD:Hex yeah

Ukyo: those losers are gonna be sorry…

Team new light v team rally

BoB: and now the fight we’ve been waiting for team new light v. team rally.. and here comes team rally now

Ralph: it looks like kasuhiku and kodachi and hand in hand.. isn’t that sweet?

BoB: the three take thier spot in the corner as NWD and rally start in the center

Fall one
BoB: Rally moves in to attack dave as he moves out of the way and trips her.. she falls on her face

Ralph: she pulls out her gun and shoots at dave.. but nails the scoreboard instead… man she’s violent…

BoB: dave kicks the gun from her hand and elbow drops her in the chin… he then drags her to the center and executes an amazing belly flop… he picks her up and throws her into the ropes,, a drop kick.. she’s til standthough so dave finishes her off with a spin kick to the jaw

Ralph: i don’t know what MO was talking about when he said NWD couldnt’ fight.. he’s kicking a$$ tonight…. there’s those damn censor’s again

BoB: He face slams her into the ground and pins her… Rally is already out!!!

Fall 2
BoB: Kodachi enters and wraps her ribbon around dave’s neck.. she’s gonna choke him to death… he grabs the ribbon and flings her into a turnbuckle.. he’s panting for air…

Ralph: and he’s tagged Ukyo in, she begins blocking Kodachi’s attack with her big spatula.. GO GET HER U-CHAN


BoB: yeah suht up… she just swung low at kodachi’s feet tripping her to the ground… oh no kodachi throws a hoop at ukyo.. it starts to shrink

Ralph: good thing kodachi’s not fighting Ms. Hinako.. that hoop could have been a deadly weapon against herself

BoB: don’t you know it.. Ukyo tries to break free but can.. Kodachi and Kasuhiku are laughing.. someone shut them up!!

Ralph: U-chan just blacked out.. kodachi moves in to make the pin and removes the hoop.. 1..2..OH YEAH U-chan nailed her right in the jaw.. WAY TO GO!!!

BoB: she’s taged out to Ifurita who nails Kodachi with the key staff, knocking her out

Ifurita: WOOPS sorry bout that

BoB: She trips falling on Kodachi, hitting her head on a club knocking herself out.


ralph: Kodachi is pinned out and ifurita is knocked out

Fall 4
BoB: Dave and Kasuhiku take the place of thier fallen comrades.. Kasuhiku has a rope.. he’s gonna try to choke dave.. and after he was just choked by kodachi’s ribbon.. dave dodges kasuhiku only to run into a bugrom

Kasuhiku: hahahahahahmwahahaha.. you just ran into my life logn friend and most loyal servent. groucho

Nwd: groucho!?!? gimme a break. you named him after a marx brother

Jinnai: yeah so?

NWD: Nevermind

BoB: Groucho tries to hold NWD but he is too fast for him he’s ducked under his legs and has back flipped onto his headwhere he jumps off landing perfectly on the ground..

Ralph: groucho falls.. landing on kasuhiku… 1 2 3 this match is over. TEAM NEW LIGHT WON with ukyo and NWD remaining…

NWD: and that is how it’s done… i’m done proving myself mysterious one….. i fell three in one match.. groucho, kasuhiku and rally… who have you beaten…

BoB: Well that’s it for tonight.. wait there’s two men making ther way to the center of the ring.. who are they?

Ralph: it’s president Tarot and alex tobias.. they look pretty snazzy

Alex: Hello everyone! I would like to congradulate the final four fighters.

(Crowd cheers)

Alex- Devilman, Guyver, Mourl, Shayla Shayla, What you haveaccomplished is something that 28 other fighters only dreamed of. now it brings me great honor, to introduce to you, your President Tarot!

(crowd explodes like an oklahoma city government building)

tarot: as alex has said it has taken a lot for you to reach this level.. but i know that each one of you deserves to be where you are now.. for doing this i give each of you THIS medal.. which i will give to every final four contesnt in he tourneys.. it’s the UCTF badge of Glory.. wear it proud warriors.. you’ve earned it.. now may the best man.. or woman..or uhh beakless turkey WIN!!


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