Devilman Vs. Shayla Shayla | Naga The Serpent Vs. Kodachi Kuno | Lina Inverse Vs. Tetsuko Miroki (the “kiss off slappy” dude) | The Highlander Vs. Spawn | Vampire Hunter D Vs. Agent D | Tatewaki Kuno Vs. Hystalin the Black Paladin

BoB- welcome to an amazing night here in UCTF history.
Ralph- Ye sthat’s right BoB… this could very well be the most important night we’ve had to date. Six fighters will make thier debut here tonight. not to mention the fact that we have the final round for the intergalactic championship atthe end of the evening.

BoB- and since we have such a big night tonight we’re not going to waste anytime.. SOOO onto our first match.

BoB- And here comes Kodachi now, she’s excorted by Kasuhiku Jinnai.

Ralph- I am not really looking forward to this match-up.

BoB- Why not?

Ralph- Well Bob, I truly believe it will consist mainly of a plethora of annoying laughter and a few magical blasts. naga has this one hands down.

BoB- That may be but you forget who we’re dealing with here, two masters of trickery

Ralph- (bored) No… there’s only two masters of trickery and one of them got no beak.

BoB- who’s the other?

Ralph- I dunno, but there’s got to be one.

BoB- Here come’s Naga with Devilamn and Hystalin.

Ralph- I doubt Artemis will attempt anything with THEM there.

BoB- I think you may be right there.

Ralph- And th fight begins


BoB- Kodachi has already started her annoying laughter…

Ralph- And so has Kasuhiku. The two must have something planned.

Kasuhiku- Oh naga… prepare to meet your doom.

BoB- Now naga’s joined in on the laughter… I have no idea what could possibly be so funny.

Ralph- (still bored)Nothing… that’s what’s so annoying about it.

Naga- You think you can defeat me?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I laugh.

BoB and Ralph- WE KNOW.

BoB- Kodachi attacks Naga with her ribbon but Naga dodges it easily. Now Naga has cast a levitation spelland is hovering over them.

(the two hear a voice behind them)

Voice- No I can’t do it now.. there’s too many of them.. plu sthat Devilman’s with her… It will have to wait

Ralph- I think that was Artemis.

BoB- I see.. look Naga’s ready to cats something.

Naga- HAHAHAHA… Source of all power, light which burns beyond crimson, let thy power gather in my hand! FIREBALL!

Ralph- Now THAT’S got to hurt.. in fact I think Kodachi is fried and out… as is Jinnai. That was quite short and sweet dontcha thank.

BoB- you called it chumpster.

Winner: Naga

BoB- And now we have our next match th—

Announcer- we pause for technical difficulties

(Presidential note: Actually my computer crashed on me so i had to run up to the university to type the matches up… with limited time and already having the long final encounter written out on paper I decieded to post all but the first and last match as results only. I decided this would be more favorable then having a late card since if it wasn’t up today my busy schedule would not permit it to be up until MUCH longer down the road like next weekend. So be happy.. it could be much worse. About one hour and 34 minutes have passed in Tourney time)

BoB- And we’re back… Unfortunatly we can’t show you whgat happened int he other matches since boB and I weren’t aware fo the antenna being damaged by lightning and our reception being destroyed. But when we found out we held this last match on hold.

Ralph- The results of the other matches include Lina’s victory over Tetsuko, Duncan and spawn ending in ANOTHER draw.

BoB- The two of them definately are a match fo each other.

Ralph- Hystalin destroyed Kuno, depsite his efforts to flee in terror, and Vampire Hunter D beat Agent D after his hand snapped Agent’s bra strap

BoB- Amusing.

Ralph- But now we have the match that you all have been waiting for…

BoB- They fight for the right to be dubbed the UCTF’s first ever Intergalactic Champion.

Ralph- And this tournament has shown us some VERY suprising things. The premature exits of NWD ans Spawn, the extent at which some will go for gold but honestly, I think the most suprising event of al is Shayla’s participation in this match after beating Mourl.

BoB- So true Ralph, he was definately the favourate in this tourney. But we learned last week that Vice President Alex Tobias had a hand in his loss… he rigged the match so Mourl would lose.

Ralph- the question that comes to my mind is this. Why? is he siding with the New Light?

BoB- I think he may be siding with the Underdark. For shayla to win by a rigged match is bad PR for the new light. PLUS devilamn will not be facing Mourl tonight because of it. I think that Tobias may have a secret alligence with them.

Ralph- You’re starting to sound like Radionow’s Harold Hiphugger.

BoB- yeah but at leats I don’t claim that Aliens on asteroids are abducting crop circles.

Ralph- YEAH.

BoB- Anyway Shayla is the underdog inthis match.

Ralph- yes she is only a priestess fighting a half deamon.

BoB- yeah but if anyone can handle a half deamon it’s Shayla… just ask Dave.

Ralph- It looks as ifwe can do that now if we so desired.. here coems Shayla Shayla being escorted by NWD, Skuld, Lina, Shinji and practiclly all of the new light

BoB- which is a good thing concidering who is sitting in the front row

Ralph- It’s all of the underdark minus MO and beowulf…

BoB- I think even Duncan, Guyver and Ryu have front row seats

Ralph- What’s guyver holding… it looks like a small balck piglet.

BoB- Second row features several turkeys and mourl amungst them.

Ralph- I think I see Xiahau too… i guess teh gangs all here huh?

BoB- Yup .. it certaily appears so. The final match up between a new lighter and a memebr of the underdark… two rival factions her ein the UCTF… I think we’re in for a rare treat… the tension is so thick you could cut it with a Katana.

Ralph- Quiet.. here comes the “let’s get ready to rumble guy”

“LGRTR” Guy-Tonight, in front of a soldout crowd of 200,000 and to a TV audience of 4 million the UCTF is proud to present tonight’s MAIN EVENT. He is a half deamon half human member of the underdark, she is the fire priestess from the new light…

BoB- can the two get along na learn to live with each other… in NBC’s newest comedy “The Fire of Hell.”

ralph- SHUT UP

“LGRTR” guy- yeah.. let me do my job. AHEHM… Tonight they do battel for the UCTF’s intergalactic championship…


Ladies and Gentleman… ARE YOU READY?!?!



BoB- The bell rings and the two size each other up

Naga- USE THE AMULET… see if she’s the real deal

Devilman- Oh she’s the real deal allright.

Naga- Good.. Caius should be showing up soon… hystalin and I will watch for him.

Devilman- Gotch-

BoB- Shayla just kicked Devilman in the jaw.

Devilman- HEy.. that hurt you little bitch!

NWD_ WATCH who you call a little bitch!

Devilman- I’ll deal with you later Talon.

Ralph- Devilman just punched Shayla shayla… she doesn’t seem to be taking it too well.. He goes for an uppercut and it connects.. Shayla’s down.

Shayla- That’s it… Get ready to FRY!!!

BoB- Shayla blasts a steady stream of flames at devilman, wh seem sto be absorbing the fire.

Devilman- Your flames can’t hurt me Shayla

Ralph- He reaches out and sends the flames back.

Devilman- NOw i will kill you

Voice- HOLD IT!! I can’t allow you to do that.

Devilman- YOU!?! I thought I had you killed!!!

Voice- HA.. you can’t kill me.

devilman- WHY NOT!?!

Voice- because.. I… AM… DEVILMAN!!!!

BoB_ HOLY!!! the last person i expected to see Caius to impersonate is devilman.

Ralph- But how can we tell which devilamn is the real devilman>

Shayla- HEY YOU!!! Missing something?

Ralph- Shayla swiped the amulet from the devilmanin teh ring when he wasn’t looking. She’s pointing at the devilman in the ring

Shayla- HE’S the imposter

Caius- HEHEHE— so… i’ve been found out again… very good Shayla shayla.. as a reward for your discovery you shall have th ehonor of being killed by one of the seven. It’s a rare priviledge.

Shayla Shayla- You won’t kill me Caius.. FIRE SHIELD!!!

Caius- Really? A fire shield? How charming… prepare to witness my final attack… MIND RIP!!!!


Caius- oH yes Talon..

BoB- Shayla’s screaming in pain and holding her head

Ralph- such is teh power of the mind rip… it causes victems brains to internaly implode. Shayla is fighting it quite well I think.

BoB- OH MY GOD!!! Shayla just fell.. I think she’s…

Ralph- Oh $hit… this bodes not well.

NWD- SHAYLA!!!!!!!

he rushes to her, in tears Shayla… wake up shayla come on.

Skuld comes to the two Skuld- she has no life force… I’m… I’m sorry Dave

he holds Shayla’s deceased body close to his, sobbing uncontrolably NWD- Shayla.. my dear sweet shayla.. i love dyou shayla.. I nver really told you but I loved you

Caius- AWWWE isn’t that cute.. BUT IT’S WRONG!!! Talon.. it’s not like you to love a human like this.

NWD- YOU (a look of sheer hatered on his face) YOU BASTARD!!! you killed the only woman I ever really loved.. you shall pay with your SOUL!!!!!!

BoB- Dave charges at Caius with Drangsfang

Ralph- $hit.. caius disarmed him… his anger and pain have caused him to act too rashly

BoB- If dave can’t defeat this deamon I fear we may all be doomed.

Caius- You’re nothing without that accursed blade fo yours

NWD– CAIUS!!! You killed yourself the moment Shayla died

Caius- Oh really? how is that?

NWD- by killing my lopve you have caused me immesuarble grief and pain… and now.. I SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!! WHISPER….

Caius- I… $hit.. MIND!!!

NWD- to a scream

Caius (at same time) RIP!!!

NWD- you fool… agghhhh you can’t kill me agghh with that.

Caius- aauughhh nor you Ta– aghh lon.

NWD-I’m not AHHGHHH trying to… I just want to AGHH get rid of my HAGH pain.

Caius- Ahhuughh well.. it’s AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

BoB_ WHAT THE HELL!?! Dragonsfang has just impaled Caius.

Ralph- But no one holds the sword

The mysterious one materializes, holding the sword Caius- YOU!?! you both turn against us.. you traiyors.

MO- you impertanant fool… you ar ethe traitor… you are attempting to destroy the very worlds you were sworn to protect.

Ralph- he’s twisting the blade.

Caius- AHHH.. you don’t see it do you.. you have it wrong.. we’re cough…

NWD- Going to DIE!! WHISPER.. BALDE!!!

BoB_ what’s this then? Dave seems to have a distinct link to dragonsfang.. he is sifting his pain into the blade.

MO- Smart move.

Ralph- Mysterious one pulls out the sword and severs caius’ head.

NWD- Give me my blade now.

MO- No problme Talon

NWD lays teh blade next to Shayla’s body and holds her

NWD- I have avenged you… rest in piece

BoB-Another deamon had been slain.. but at what cost.. this is truly a most tragic night.

Ralph- I feel sorry for dave.. what pain he must be experienceing right now

BoB- here comes someone to join us in the announcer’s booth… it’s Washu.

Washu- Greetings broadcasters.

Ralph- what brngs you here this tragic night?

Washu- I bear a ray of hope

BoB- but shayla’s dead…

Washu- Negatory.. she’s alive and doing quite well

Ralph- but how?

Washu- I simply replaced her with an android copy like the one’s I made for Guyver.

Ralph- but why didn’t you tell us?

boB_ yeah

Washu- the way things are here it would be unwise to leak out any information to anyone besides Shayla.

Ralph- OH!!! I see and if Dave truly fealt that Shayla was dead his Whisper attack would be that much more powerful, right?


BoB- You truly are the greatest scientific genious in the world

Washu- You got it

NWD- SO shayla’s alive?

Washu- Agffirmative

NWD- So i can see her right? Where is she?

Washu- she’s downstairs in my highly proteted stadium lab

Ralph- go get her dave.. she must be ready for tongiht’s match

devilman- It’s OK dave..i can wait a bit

NWD- thanks.. I’ll return shortly.

BoB_ Yes.. and while we wait we’ll have a few words form out sponsors.. US Plus and The Trippple ripppoff lottery, cause someone’s got to pay for all of this.

Announcer- Becaus of US, it’s morning in America.

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Man 2- Thanks.. hey is this real pork?

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Old man: Hey hey stop kid, I’m not a machine>

Announcer- because of us People are roasting east coast marshmellow son the west coast

Man 2- WOW!! Thiese taste like pork.

Announcer- we’re the people of US plus.. guess what we do.

man 1- Industry?

old man- Transportation?

Man 2- PORK?

Announcer- Kind of.. US PLUS.. we onw the idea.. of now.


Announcer- The lottery is the people.. the people taking a last chance on themselves.. so why shouldn’t people just like you, spend the next century stuffed with truffles. like lucky tin can opener Juan Lefuan.

Juan_ I WON!! now i dont’ have to work in this lousy finger cutting machine no more.. OWW

Or itch and scratch winner Mrs. Manilla Envelope (pronounced AUNVELOPEY)

Manilla (ina spanish american accent)- Fiannly I can affor to paye someone to kill my Housband.

Announcer- And the losers money goes to our schools for imbedding mental detectors in our kids and to our prisons so that thay may have sadie hawkins day

Lottery Luck.. it’s only a buck away

Bebop Loco- Tripple rippoff snatch and lick has rolled over to$180,000,000,000. Drawings’; at midnight so if anyone still has a chance.. it must be YOU…


BoB- AND WE ARE BACK with whaty i hope will be the final match of the tourneamnet… Ralph and I are joined by scientific genius, Washu

wAHSU- Pleased to be present

Ralph- while we wait for Shayla shayla and NWD to return I have a question… how does he do it?

Washu- I’m not sure I follow

Ralph- I mean how does Dave get all those chicks to follow him

Washu- A good question and after many tests on his DNA Structure, his brain wave patterens and his ferimone content I have come up with Two deductions.

BoB_ which are/

Washu- (dreamy eyes) Well. he is kinda cute ya know

Ralph- Oh great… what’s the other?

BoB_ I think it’s that she’s no exception

Washu- Affirmative BoB.

Ralph- Geeze

BoB_ Devilman is warming up… he’s definately ready for this fight

Ralph- I don’t think Shayla Shayla’s an exception her.. she was definatly ready for caiuss attack.. i thnkit may reflect the outcome of this match.

BoB- and here come the two love birds now.. Shayl’a got her lamp ready and she looks ready herself

NWD_ HEY MO!! I forgot to thank you.. I know whare you stand now.. we must temporarilly join forces to relinquish our old friends.. are you with me?

Ralph- WOAH!!! I thought i’d neevr see this. NNWD and MO are shaking hands.. and devilman and shayla are shaking hands as well… and the fight


BoB- begins.

ralph- They lock up immediately as Shayla Shayla gets thefirst hit in.. and throws him against the ropes.. she attempts a flying lariat and misses.

BoB- Devilman’s against the otehr ropes and on the return.. HE NAILS HER WITH A DROP KICK!!

Washu- She looks hurt but she get’;s up and is ready for more

BoB- She lunges at Devilman and nails him with a uppercut jawbreaker.

Ralph- devilman is still standing though as he replies witha choke slam followe dby a face slam into the mat. devilman seesm to have the upperhand tonight.

Washu- But shayla is not out yet. she still has a 1.35 in 4.2 chance if winnig this one

Bob_ Uhh right.. devilman tries to stomp he rbut she rolls out of the way and is back on her feet.. what endurance!!

Ralph- She’s definately together as she executes a soin kick to devilamn’s head.. ow she’s retreated to a croner and

Shayla Shayla- FIRE PILLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BoB- A pillar of fire emerges from the center of the ring.. engulfing Devilman in flames

Devilamn- your flames can’t hurt me shayla

Shayla- i’d ask you why not but i know what you’d say.

Devilman- WHAT!>!

Shayla- (IN a lower deomonic voice) I AM DEVILMAN

Devilman- Bingo

BoB- Devilman just picke dup Shayl Shayla and slams her into the mat

Washu and now he’s going into the skyand is attempting to dive bomb her

Ralph- But shayla’s up and out of the way in teh nick of time.. devilman’s hurting quite a bit now

Washu- the odds are in Shayla-s favour now

Ralph- which remonds me.. I’m going to Pimlico tomorrow and–

BoB_ Ralph.. the match…

ralph- Oh

Washu- I’ll let you know

Ralph- thanks

BoB- Devilman has just been put into a bnow and arrow submission hold by Shayla shayla… he’s not gioving up so she’s going for.. THE SHARPSHOOTER

Ralph- even if he doesn’t submit its going to affect his legs fo rthe duration of the match

Washu- and he doesn’t submit.. he breaks the hold and throws shayla over the ropes

1…2…3…4…5…6.. SHE’s back in and charges at devilman who is unawre shes there

Ralph- He already thought he won… shayla knocked HIM out and 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10 BoB_ and our first UCTF Intergalactic Champion is Shayla Shayla.

Ralph- What a match.. it could have gone either way

Washu- that means Devilamn will face the winner of the two double rumble matches for a shot at the interplaniatry belt

BoBN_ we gotta go now..s ee ya later

Winner- shayla Shaya


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