Devilman Vs. Guyver | Mourl Vs. Shayla Shayla | Kasumi Tendo Vs. Anthony Maltempi | Ryu Vs. Shampoo | Xiahau the Blue Staff Vs. Artemis Enteri | New Wave Dave Vs. Erlos, The Mysterious One


BoB- Hello everyone and welcome to the second most critical round of the tournament the final four! I’m Bobby Hinden here as always with me is my fight analyst, and co-announcer Ralph Gerrard.,
Ralph- Hello

BoB- Tonight is set up very well. We will first finish round four which will be Devilman vs. Guyver, and Shayla Shayla vs. Mourl. Then we will move on to a few other Fights. These will be: Kasume vs. Anthony Maltempi,

Ralph- Isn’t Anthony dead?

BoB- Don’t interrupt Ralph. Then we have Ryu vs. Shampoo, Xiahau vs. Artimus, and finally New Wave Dave vs. Mysterious One. That I am waiting to see.

Ralph- Me too Bob, they are probably the two biggest rivals in the whole UCTF.

BoB- Yes they are.

Guyver v. Devilman

BoB-Well.. Damn! No time to talk here comes our first fighter of the night Devilman!

(Crowd explodes)

Ralph- And listen to that reaction! The crowd is really into this one!

BoB- They sure are Ralph. And Devilman enters the ring! The crowd is on their feet! Here comes his adversary now, Guyver!

(many cheers still proceed)

Ralph- Look! there is someone following him! He is wearing a hood though so we can’t see just who he is. But I think that it is his sparring partner! The figure that is always in the shadows!

BoB- I’ll bet it is too! look at that! Shinji is at ringside! What is he doing there? And so is Hystalin! This could result in another riot!

Ralph- Who on earth is that in the front row?

BoB- Oh! That’s the new janitor Charleston, and his little goat with glasses, Lenny.

Ralph- That goat looks ridiculous!

BoB- Give him a break! He’s nearsighted! Anyway, the janitor does not get paid a whole lot, so they gave him and his goat front row seats to all of the fights here. And Guyver enters the ring with the hooded figure! Devilman looks at the reff, and points at the figure!

(Devilman is about to speak but is cut off buy Guyver)

Guyver- Well everyone. I think that it’s about time you knew who my friend here really is!

(Crowd cheers)

Guyver- Well I would like to present to you now, my friend, my sparring partner, and the newest edition to the UCTF, the one and only Duncan MacLeod!!!!

(crowd cheers)

Bob- And Duncan MacLeod, is the one that we have all been waiting to see! He is the figure in the shadows! He is…..

Ralph- What now?

BoB- Look at that!!!

(Spawn enters out of no where)

Spawn- Did you actually think that I would not have my revenge?

Guyver- I’ll kill you Just like I did all the fighters before me!

Duncan- No! Let me handle this menace.

Spawn- Good… Devilman can take care of you, I’ll just send you a small message with the life if this feeble fighter…

BoB- And Shinji Is entering the ring, being followed by Hystalin! Hystalin grabs Shinji from the back and throws him to the ground! Shinji Gets up and punches Hystalin! She tries to dodge but is unsuccessful! Shinji grabs Hystalin and and pushes her back to the seats! And here comes Beowulf!!!

Beowulf- You Bastard!

BoB- This is becoming a riot I think!

Ralph- look up there! A fan has started throwing chairs trying to instigate another riot!

(camera zooms in on the fan throwing chairs)

BoB- That’s no fan! It’s Mourl!!! What is he doing there??? Oh well. Getting back to the fights, Beowulf and Hystalin are gone, but Shinji is unconscious on the floor! Spawn attacks Duncan with his chains! Duncan blocks several with his sword but still gets cut on his arms! Spawn wraps up Duncan’s sword and pulls it away from him and Tries to punch Duncan! Duncan dodges, and counters with a kick! And it connects!!! Sending Spawn back! Spawn charges at Duncan! Duncan grabs Spawn and attempts to throw him down but gets entangled in the chains! Spawn hits Duncan with a head butt! And Sends him back a bit! Spawn is opening up with the punches! With the spiked knuckles that Spawn wears, his punches are devastating! And Duncan is quickly bloodied! Duncan tries to escape, but Spawn throws him in a corner, and wraps a chain around his neck! Duncan, facing the fists of Spawn is in serious trouble!!

Ralph- Guyver charges at Spawn but is tackled by Devilman! Both fighters arise and Devilman blasts Guyver in the face with a beam from his antennae! Guyver goes down, but quickly gets up! Guyver extending his vibroblades slashes at the head of Devilman! But his blades are avoided!

BoB- Spawn is punching Duncan! And Duncan goes Down! This could be it for Spawn and MacLeod! It is! Duncan has rolled out of the ring and Spawn is leaving now. Shinji has just gotten up

Shinji- What is going on here! Well, it doesn’t look like anyone is interfering here. I guess I can sit down now…

(Shinji sits down)

BoB- And Devilman able to avoid the vibro blades of Guyver was not able to avoid a sonic blast! Devilman is hit and goes down! Guyver attacks Devilman while he is down, but Devilman grabs the leg of Guyver before he is able to do anything, and trips him! Guyver makes two rolls towards Devilman trying to catch him with his vibro blades but he is unable!

Ralph- And Guyver did not hurt himself this time. That is a good thing. However he has severely cot the canvas on the ring.

BoB- Devilman gets up and jump kicks the still rising Guyver; sending him down! Guyver quickly regains his footing and attacks Devilman with another blast! Devilman is able to dodge this one but is unable to make a landing in the ring! Devilman falls out of the ring and lands on the floor! Guyver Jumps out of the ring after Devilman but Devilman gets out of the way so Guyver can’t hit him right off the bat! Guyver swinging His vibro blades at Devilman is unable to connect! Devilman shoots another ray from his antenna at Guyver! Guyver mostly dodges it but still gets grazed! Devilman and Guyver charge at eachother and lock up! This is a test of strength, Both fighters wrestling to throw the other down!

(Devilman kicks Guyver under the arm and Guyver trips Devilman

BoB- And Guyver sends Devilman Down! Guyver leaps on top of him and elbows Devilman in the face! Devilman able to grasp the wrists of Guyver and keep himself from being slashed to ribbons, Guyver is in control though! Devilman Wraps His antenna around the head of Guyver trying to rip the face piece from him unsuccessfully! Guyver desperately trying to slice Devilman, but is unable to get his wrists free! Devilman Stabs Guyver in the face with his Antenna!

Ralph- I never knew they could be used for that!

BoB- Neither did I Ralph, but it looks like they can be! And Guyver pulls back and grasps his face, as Devilman punches him in the chest three times!

Ralph- I don’t think that did a lot of damage, but it sent Guyver back!

BoB- I think that was Devilman’s intent. And Devilman re-enters the ring and will wait and see if Guyver is unable to come back! If not he will be counted out!

Ref- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7…

BoB- Guyver has stumbled back to the ring but has not re-entered yet!

Ref- 8 9..

Ralph- And Guyver Gets a leg in! The count stops!

BoB- And Devilman punts Guyver back! and the count is started again!

Ref- 1 2 3 4..

BoB- Guyver shoots a beam at Devilman! Devilman is grazed by it, and goes down! Before the count reaches ten Guyver Flies back into the ring! This could be it for Devilman if Guyver has regained his strength!

Guyver- I have worked to get here a long time… And I am not going to let it all go to waste because of a deamon like you..

(Devilman on the ground)

Devilman- Me? What about New Wave Dave?

Guyver- Don’t change the subject! I am not going to let myself lose…

Devilman- You’re not going to have a choice Guyver. get it through you’re medal head!

(Devilman rises to his feet)

Guyver- We’ll see about that!

Devilman- Yes we will…

BoB- There is an exchange of words there between fighters and they start to size eachother up. Devilman and Guyver both shoot at eachother at the same time, and are both blown back to the ropes by the explosion! Devilman charges at Guyver who ready’s his Vibro blades. Devilman wraps up the arms of Guyver with his antennae, and leaps and knees Guyver in the face shattering the face piece and basically everything on the face of Guyver!

Ralph- Now that is a fight ender if I’ve ever seen one!

BoB- I think it is too Ralph! Guyver bounces off of the ropes and falls foreword! Devilman is hanging on the ropes and it is over!!! Devilman will go on the finals!!! What a fight!!! What a fight!!! Tremendous effort on the part of Guyver! He has nothing to be ashamed of! He fought magnificently! The crowd is on their feet now and the entire Underdark charges the ring to congratulate Devilman, who is rather beat up.

(crowd is chanting Devilman)

Devilman- Excuse me, excuse me everyone! I would like to thank all of you for your support. If it were not for you I probably would not be here. As much as I dislike to say it though… You are a great fighter Guyver, and I glad we were able to have a fairly clean fight.. Between us that is. And good luck.

(crowd cheers)

Devilman- Also, I would like to thank the Underdark, who has always been there for me. And on to the finals!!!!

(Crowd cheers)

BoB- Well that was touching. Let’s move on shall we?

Ralph- Lets.

Winner: Devilman

Shayla Shayla v. Mourl

BoB: Next up is the match to determine who will face Devilman this Sunday for the INtergalactic Title.
Ralph: And what a match-up we have, MOurl, the beakless Turkey whose tricks are only outspoken by this delicious corn

BoB: And what corn it is, Ralph, When I come home from a hard day at the office there’s nothing like a fresh can of Beakless corn.

Ralph: (reading in monotone) That’s right Ralph, uh i mean BoB, it is perfect for picinics, Bar Mitvah’s and wakes. Beakless corn… (shows can) It’s not just for dinner anymore.

BoB: well that was the easiest $30,000 I ever made.

Ralph: yeah second for me.. the easiest was not testifying against Nixon in the waBEEEPPP

BoB: Woooh Ralph the censonr’s must really have in in fo ryou today..

Ralph: the *&(^%&ing *^ (^*(*

BoB: ON with buisness, MOurl will be facing new lighter Shayla Shayla

Ralph: and here she comes now, escorted by SKULD!?!

BoB: yeah Ralph, didn’t you get the memo, dave’s out meditating and comming to terms with his inner deamon

Ralph: But what about his fight against the mysterious one?

BoB: The other memo is to hold the fight to the las minute, if he doesn’t show Lina INverse will take his place.

Ralph: I dig.. just one question remains though

BoB: what’s that?

Ralph: what’s with dave and Redheads?

BoB: I don’t know.

Ralph: Here comes MOurl now.. he’s pulling behind him a wagon of corn with a sign that says “FREE: Take one” WHAT A HUMANITARIAN!

BoB: I don’t trust it ralph, i know how expensive that stuff is.. it’s too much to give away, tis is probably just one of his tricks.

Ralph: It doesn’t really matter, the fight’s about to start.


BoB: And the fight is about to start.. i think.

Ralph: They’re just both standing there, MOurl cocks his head to one side as Shayl Shayla prepares for one of his tricks

Shayla: Oh no bird… the other’s were too agressive they couldn’t see the tricks cause they were too headstrong.. I’m gonna be alert and wait you out.

BoB: I have a feeling this is going to be a LOOONNGG night

Shayla Shayla: Come on Bird.. show me what you’ve got…
BoB: MOurl places a can of corn in the center fo the ring


Ten MORE Minutes later
BoB: and the fight rages on as Shayla Shayla sizes up her opponent… again
Ralph: OHH LOOK!! MOurl tilted hsi head… again

30 more minutes later
BoB: you got any tens?
Ralph: go fish

twenty minutes later
BoB: Mourl takes a step forward as Shayla Shayla prepares for the worst.. it’s ANOTHER CAN OF CORN?
Ralph: what doe sthat make it now 33?

BoB: MOre like 34 i think

Ralph: This is getting REALL Tedious

Fourty minutes later
Shayla Shayla: OH let’s cut the crap… i’m gonna fry this bird now!!!
BoB: Shayla shayla just shota bolt of fire at Mourl, who dodges it but trips over a can of corn, hits his head on another can of corn and is out cold

Ralph: we waited for THAT!!! NO TRICKS!?!!

BoB: doesn’t look like it Shayla has already been declared the winner

Ralph: that has to have been the longest fight in UCTF History

BoB: and shayla shayla will face Devilman this sunday for the intergalctic title

WINNER: Shayla Shayla

KAsume v. Anthony Maltempi

BoB: well that last match seemed to last forever.. let’s hope this next one is short and sweet
Ralph: and that is exactly what critics have been dubbing this matchup “short and sweet” that is to say maltempi is short and Kasume is sweet

BoB: speaking of sweet, here comes KAsume now. She’s carrying sometthing I can’t quite make it out

Ralph: IT’S A PU PU PLATTER isn’t that nice of her?

BoB: yes this is the first time a fighter has ever made PUPU for her opponent

Ralph: Spaeking of which where’s anthony?

BOB: here he comes, being escorted by six short chubby guys in black suits… he must be in that box they’re carrying…

Ralph: and Paul Bearer is leading the group of short cubby guys


Paul bearer: OOOOOO.. sorry about his.. Maltempi’s gonna get you so you better get ready to– HEY!! IS thata pu pu platter?

Kasume: WHY YES it is.. would you liek some

Paul Bearer: oooo could you hand me an egg roll?

Kasume: why of course… here you go Mr. Bearer

Paul bearer: ooo this is delicious.. the best pu pu i’ve ever had

Kasume: why thank you.. here have a rangoon

Paul Bearer: MMM soooooo tasty..

BoB: Paul bearer jut made off with the entire pu pu platter!!!! munching it down as he runs.. or uhh waddles quickly out of the arena.

Kasume: that wasn’t very nice… I made that Pu pu for anthon– woops.. hmm… I wonder who put this bloody carcass here? oh well.. I’ll just clean it up.

Charleston: WOO HIPPIYEAHYA wadda woman!!

BoB: She just swept maltempi out of the ring

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ralph:There’s a suprise.. Kasume just beat the corpse of a dead midget.. go figure

Winner: KAsume

Ryu v. Shampoo

BoB: no time to waste on to the next match… Shampoo v. ryu.
Ralph: we should have an excellent match up here ryu being a martial arts master and shampoo being a amazon warrior

BoB: Ryu’s on his way in… he looks confident..

Ralph: I’d liek to see xena fight shampoo

BoB: SHUT UP hentai.. here comes shampoo now…

Ralph: that’s not shampoo thats a cute little kitty cat

BOB: same thing… shampoo gets in the ring and starst licking her paw.

Ryu: SHORYUKEN!!!! Ralph: and the little kitty cat is fried like a egg on the black pavement on a hot winters day


Ralph: never mind… it’s time for a commercial break.. when we come back we’ll have Xiahau v Artemis.. see ya the

The scene opens up with a woman takinga shower.. she calls out..

WOMAN: HONEY! where’s the dead cat?

Man: it’s uhh in the soap dish

Woman: but there’s SOAP in the soap dish

Man: it’s uh in the soap?

Woman: what?

Man: that’s right you get one dead cat in every bar of daed cat soap

Anouncer: used only as directed

Ralph: we’re back an i think i’m gonna vomit

BoB: Which is understood.. since you use dead cat soap.. and how appropriate after that last incredibly short battle…

Xiahau v. Artemis Entreri

BoB: here comes the blue staff Xiahau now.. he look a little dazed and confused but he also looks ready for a fight… and he is atatcked while enteirng the ring by Artemis who was hinding in the crowd this match has started a little prematurely.
Artemis throws Xiahau into the center of the ring and lunges at him with his dagger.. Xiahau moves out of the way

Ralph: OK I’m back

BoB: good to see ya

Ralph: Xiahau gets up on his feet..

BoB: I think he’s a bit more alert now

Ralph: yeah true true. but artemis attacks him again Xiahau nails him inthe back of the head with his staff after dodgeing that attack… Artemis falls out of he ring.. but gets back in right away

BoB: what finess these two possess.. and what a fight this will be

Ralph: Artemis just cut Xiahau’s right arm.. that’ll leave quite a scar.. and blood on the ring

Bob: charleston is going ot be pissed

Ralph: no he doesn’t look happy at all… lenny’s not too bad though

BoB: xiahau sweeps hsi staff under artemis’ feet knocking him tothe ground and—

Ralph: another ralph: hey guys i got us some hot dogs for the— who the hell is this?

BoB: oh no there’s TWO ralphs… Ralph (hot dogs): hey buddy.. what’re doing in my seat.. with mY BODY

Ralph (in seat) What do you mean this MY seat and MY body.. why are you impersonanting me

BoB: HEY Isn’t that Ukyou? Ralph (hot dogs): U-chan? where?

ralph (seat): yeah so?

BoB: get out of his seat you imposter… who the hell are you?

Caius: why caius the deamon, who else?

Ralph: you bastard!!! I’ll get you

Ciaus: I highly doubt that.. but things have definately gone too far here.. i’ve been found out and i must take my leave.. ARTEMIS!!! WE MUS GO!!

Artemis: I’m kinda in the middle of something here

Ciaus: It has to wait.. (he flys down and sweeps artemis away leaving Xiahau bleeding on the mat

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

BoB: this match is over!!!

ralph: that damn copycat.. i’ll ^*(^&*

BoB: he’s a deamon, Ralph.. you’re an announcer.. it ain’t gonna happen

Winner: Xiahau

NWD v. MYsterious one

BoB- All right everyone, it is time for our last fight of the night. Mysterious One vs. New Wave Dave. Now this is a big rivalry here Ralph.
Ralph- It sure is Bob, These two have been at each other since the get go.

BoB- That’s right, I think that they have some of the most violent words toward each other out of everyone. Which makes me really interested in how the fight’s going to go.

Ralph- You know Bob, there have been rumors that NWD has not been found yet and won’t be at this fight.

BoB- He better show up! There has been too much build up to this fight on his part, that if he misses it there will be a lot of pissed fans out there.

Ralph- Yeah, I agree. But look, here comes our first fighter now!

BoB- Yes! It is the good old Mysterious one, and… Wait a minute.. His eyes are glowing bright red!

Ralph- Wow, he looks pretty scary.

BoB- Yeah. MO enters the ring, and is greeted by a multitude of cheering. and now we are awaiting the entrance of NWD.

Ralph- Assuming he does make an entrance that is. Shayla is there at ringside.. he has to show up.

BoB- Yes Ralph! And it is once again a capacity crowd here at The Open air arena in the UCTF grand stadium. And ummm… NWD should be entering soon.

(Time passes, and Mysterious One takes a seat in the ring)

BoB- And that was a really… here come;s Lina Inverse!!

Ralph- she’s ready ti take on mysterious one

Shayla- Lina!? what the hell are YOU doing here?

Lina- what do you mean? you tod me i was to face MO if dave didn’t show up

Shayla: I said no such thing.

lina- then who did?

Ralph- Look! Here comes NWD!

BoB- Finally NWD has decided to grace us with his presence. I think he would have more supporters at this point if he was here ten minutes ago. But, never the less, there is a warm welcome for him from the crowd, and NWD jumps into the ring!

Ralph- Finally! We can get this fight underway!

BoB- And it looks like MO, and NWD are not going to wait for the bell! MO jumps up and NWD readys for an attack!

Ralph- And this is really pleasing the crowd! They have been waiting a long time for this and are glad to see that the fighters aren’t wasting any time!

BoB- MO, and NWD seem to be sizing each other up in the ring! Both fighters lunge! It looks as if NWD… Wait!!! They stop mid punch!!! They did not hit each other!

Ralph- What the hell!!!!

MO- You!!!!

NWD- (Grin)yes.. that’s right

BoB- What the hells’ going no here

MO- it’s been a while

NWD- yes it has… one question.. where do you lie?

MO- Lie?

NWD- yes.. do you support our old deamon comrades or not?

Ralph- Are we going to get to see a fight or not?

NWD- Well, I suppose we should get this fight underway. weathe ryou support them or not you lead beowulf to kill andre.. and for that you will pay.

MO- Yeah, good luck! And don’t think that because we are old friends I will go easy on you!

NWD- whatever

MO- Let’s go!

NWD- You got it!

BoB- I still don’t believe this! NWD attacks MO with a barrage of fast punches, MO dodges and pulls a spinning back kick and knocks NWD into the ropes! NWD bounces off, comes back and hits MO with a punch to the throat! MO goes down! NWD stomps on MO and MO rolls out of the ring to avoid NWD!

Ralph- MO seems to generate a force attack and he shoots NWD! NWD goes back to the ropes!

BoB- That’s right and MO jumps back into the ring and leaps, with a flying kick at the head of NWD. And he connects!!! NWD goes down! MO punts him out of the ring under the ropes!

MO- Come on NWD! You can do better than that!

NWD- I’m just warming up!

BoB- NWD points at MO.. and lifts him off the ground… and rops him on his head. he runs over and puts MO into a full nelson!

MO- Impressive Dave! You know damn well that won’t work!

BoB- And MO head butts NWD with the back of his chrome mask and NWD lets go! He is a bit bloody from that hit! NWD attacks MO with a rolling scissors take down, MO is on the ground! Dave starts punching MO violently with both fists!!! MO is struggling to get away but can’t! MO Grabs NWD by the shirt and pulls him down and head butts him again! Man, that mask id deadly! The face of NWD is very bloody now, but MO is warn out quite a bit! Both fighters arise and start to size each other up and MO attacks! But NWD counters with a back flip kick with both legs! MO goes back to the ropes and NWD pulls a spinning round house and knocks MO out of the ring again on to the ground about five feet away! And MO is hurt!

NWD- Are you ready to die now??

MO- hehe, Not quite Dave. I have one more attack that I have been saving and I am dying to try it on you!

NWD- do your worst!

MO- Okay

BoB- And MO jumps into the air and totally illuminates his body with energy!

MO- Now feel the power of the Mysterious Final attack, Hiro-shi-ka-den!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(MO shoots a huge serge of power totally enveloping NWD)

BoB- And MO falls backward totally exhausted from the final attack which knocks NWD down!!!!

Ralph- Wait! MO is up!! And NWD is up as well.. i thought we’de have a double count out there!!!

BoB- that is obviously NOT the case…

NWD- Very very good.. MO that kinda stung

MO- I supopse you can do any better

NWD- oh you just wait…

BoB- Dave just garbbed MO’s chrome head… he seems to be focusing all his enrgey into it.

NWD- NOW it’s time you witnessed MY final attack… WHISPER TO A SCREAM!!!!

A huge blue aura si surrounding moth men as they scream in pain









NWD- I rensfer all the pain and suffering you and yours have caused to you… AUYGGGHHHH

MO- AAHGGHHHHH I will never… concede

Ralph- this is truly amazing… i can’t believe that these two are enduring as much pain as it looks that they are enduring without blacking out

BoB- such are the ways of deamons

Shayla- Dave!!! be careful… you’re gonna kill hiM!!!

NWD- and what if I want to?

Shayla- you’ll take yourself out too

NWD- SO WHAT!?! I’m a deamon now shayla… I don’t deserve life

Shayla- but I LOVE YOU!!

NWD-AUUGHHH Despite the fact that i am part deamon..

Shayla- you have laways been part deamon dave.. and i have always loved you

BoB-sniffsniff.. that;s so touching isn;’t it?

Ralph- kinda gets you right here



BoB- the two have been knocked back by the force of the pain that Dave has stored up insdie fo him… and they’re both out cold as eskimos

BoB- That’s right! And we have our first draw here in the UCTF! There is no winner here!

Shyala- NOOO dave!!!! (she carries him out if the ring as beowukld enters with spawn as they carry MO out fo the ring

ralph- what a night this was.

BoB- You bet. Let me have the honors of saying, Goodnight all from us here at the UCTF grand arena. And, Good job to Devilman, and Shayla Shayla, good luck to the both of you in the final match!

Ralph- Ditto Winner- Draw


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