Egypt Vs. Miko Mido | Jin Saotome vs. Wolfgang Krauser | Devilman Vs. Guyver | Mechazilla vs. Pulsion | Jack Turner vs. C-murder | Shingo vs. Dark Knight Proto | Zack vs. Megaman X | Alex vs. Akuma | Morrigan vs. Fathom | Badd Crew vs. Cecil and Edge | Jin Saotome vs. Hystalin

Tag Team Tourney

Misu Sisters vs. Civil Justice | Team Rocket vs. Adrenaline Express | Ikari Warriors vs. Ushio and Tora | Black Bitches vs. Mai and Athena | Fro Dawg, Kaede, Joesph Crow vs. n.U.r | Fei vs. Shotori Samurai

*The event starts off showing scenes from the Mega Pay Per View then coming into the arena with thousands of screaming fans in attendence!*

Bob: Hello Everyone and welcome to the New UCTF’s Friday Fury! I’m Bobby Hinden

Ralph: And I’m Ralph Gerrard! Get ready for a great program!!!

*The UCTF’s new intro starts off showing highlights from the New Talent of the UCTF like Kaede, Rofel, Egypt, and Clark to the veteran stars like David GSM, Fei, and the Ikari Warriors. The cameras start rolling back in the arena as a gray mist is released from the turnbuckles as the pyrotechnics explode from the ceiling.*

Ralph: Before we get down to business tonight, the new kid in the UCTF announce team, Scott Williams caught up with the new UCTF President and had a few words with him…

(Earlier Today: Vegeta, Jeice, and Burter are walking through the UCTF hallway and Scott comes running up from behind them)

Scott: umm.. excuse me! President Vegeta?

Vegeta: :| What?

Scott: What are you planning for the UCTF now that you are the president? What are you going to do with all of those belts?

Vegeta: What in the hell do you think I’m going to do with all the belts Jack ass?! I’m going to put them up for grabs!

Scott: oh oh.. uhh… Well, Why is the Mechazilla/Pulsion match going to be held so far away from the Arena?

Vegeta: What are you stupid?!

Scott: I..I’m sorry

Vegeta: Where in the hell did you get those stupid questions from? Who the hell hired you?

Scott: Uhh uhhh.. I’m sorry sir. can I ask one more question?

Vegeta: :|

Scott: This is actually for Jeice and Burter.. why are you guys here in the arena? We thought you..


Scott: *shuts his mouth*

(Jeice, Burter, and Vegeta walk away)

Scott: back to you guys… *sighs*

Bob: Man.. I feel sorry for that kid.. I wonder who made up those questions for him??

Ralph: I have no idea.. *hides the question sheet*

Bob: Well, moving on… Our first match for tonight will be the UCTF’s first ever Mecha Match!

Ralph: Yeah! This oughta be cool! Where is it going to be held?

Bob: Tokyo, Japan!

Ralph: Ah man… *chuckles*

Mechazilla vs Pulsion

*The UCTF Satellite Focuses in on Tokyo, Japan and the picture picks up on the Big Screen. Pulsion comes flying from over the horizon and lands in the middle of the street. People see him and start runnin like hell! Behind him in the water. Mechazilla emerges from underneath and makes his way onto the land. Thousands of screaming people begin to flee as the two enormous machines stand across from each other waiting.*

Ralph: I guess the president forgot to inform Tokyo about the match.

Bob: That’s not good for those people……….. OH WELL! Let’s get ready for a brawl!

Ralph: And for old times sake, we are going to watch this battle in it’s original Wide Screen Version!

*Kai finds Mechazilla’s frequency on his communication system*

Kai: Hey, good luck man. This should be interesting. over

Pilot: Heh.. you two.. but you’ll be needing good luck more than me. *turns it off*

*Mechazilla fires his eyelaser blasts at Pulsion. He dodges to the right quickly to avoid it. The stray blasts go into the crowd of people running away and of course, that one woman who never runs away, the one who just stands there screaming like a dumbass gets hit dead on!*

Bob: Ouch!

Ralph: don’t worry bob, she didn’t die, she just vanished into the next dimension!

Bob: Heh…

*Pulsion  runs behind one of the sky scrapers and pushes it over on Mechazilla. Mecha punches the building and it explodes like Micheal Jackson’s hair on that pepsi commercial. Pulsion creates his lance and attacks Mecha.*

Ralph: OH NO! Kai has pulled out the blazing sword!

Bob: Wrong Mech

Ralph: Whoops

*Pulsion swings at Mecha’s head but misses at it does his big tail sweep. Pulsion manages to jump over it, firing it’s plasma cannon.. It connects in Mecha’s chest and sends him through another building, leaving a huge hole behind. Pulsion slices the building in half with his lance and advances towards Mecha. Mecha grabs onto the Tower of Tokyo and pulls it out of the ground! Mechazilla swings the tower around and it catches Pulsion in upper body, sending him down to the ground. Mechazilla jumps ontop of him and gives him the Ultra Stomp!*

Plasma Cannons destroyed.. Plasma Cannons destroyed…

Kai: Shit!

*Pulsion grabs onto Mecha’s foot and trips him up. He gets up and grabs the Huge Tail and begins spinning around, knocking out buildings from every direction then releases! Mecha flies into the atmosphere as Pulsion begins to produce energy waves from his chest*

Bob: I think he’s about to go for the win now!

Ralph: This is cool!

*Pulsion fires his attack into the sky towards Mechazilla. He sees the energy coming towards him and fires the Mega Baster the blast from his mouth and it connects with the waves! The Mega Baster cuts through the energy waves and connects with Pulsion! The area surronding explodes and a massive shockwave runs through the city! When the smoke clears, Pulsion is at the bottom of a crater*

Kai: That was luck! Just wait until I get out of this hole!

…engine failure…engine failure…

Kai: :( Nevermind

Ralph: Well, I guess that makes Mechazilla the winner!

Bob: Hey, that was pretty good for our first mecha match

Ralph: yeah, but I wonder who’s going to take responsibility for the damage?

*Vegeta beeps in*

Vegeta: whoops, did I forget to tell everyone? The Loser of this match has to pay for any damage sustained.. that is all

Ralph: Oh man!

Winner: Mechazilla

Ralph: Awww.. finally we’re back in the arena!

Bob: Not just yet.. we still have another outside fight!

Ralph: Oh? Who is it?

Bob: Don’t you ever read your transcript? It’s

JackTurner vs.CMurder

Backstreet Brawl

Ralph: Oh yeah.. I have a feeling this one is going to be really really bad!

*The cameras cut to outside the arena in the ghetto neighborhood as Jack Turner leans against the wall smoking a cigarette.  Cmurder is walking down the street through a crowd of people looking for Jack.*

Jack: oh sh*t…. *sees Cmurder and ducks down*

Ralph: ducking down? I don’t see how that’s going to work with his big ass

Bob: Don’t let him hear you say that!

Ralph: He’s all the way out there, he can’t do anything to me

*Jack Turner pulls out a trash can lid and sneaks into the group of people. He nails C-Murder in the back of the head. The crowd turns around and sees the two guys Trading rights and lefts and they surrond them in a circle. Turner picks up Cmurder and throws him into a pile of trash. People on the street get too close to Turner and they get knocked out. Cmurder picks up a PVC pipe from the pile and swings at Turner. Turner ducks and then rams him into the brick wall! C murder starts dropping several elbows on Turner and pushes him off. Cmurder pulls out brass knucks puts them on.*

Jack: Don’t hurt yourself now..LOL

Cmurder: I’m about to hurt you bitch!

*Cmurder swings at Jack but misses and falls back down in the alley. He gets up with a brick in his head and launches it at Turner, it connects right in his forhead and it breaks the skin. Blood begins to trickle down his nose! Cmurder charges in and tries to tackle Turner to the Ground but his gets rabbit punched right in the back of the head! The crowd is still watching the fight and Turner throws Cmurder into  the back of a parked car. The back of the window shatters and Cmurder stumbles into the street. He turns to his right and gets hit by a fu*king bus!

Ralph: WTF?!?!?!?

Bob: Oh man! Cmurder isn’t going to recover from that!

Ralph: *almost pukes*

Winner: Jack Turner


Scott: Mr. Vegeta, Mr. Vegeta!

Vegeta: What do you want now?

Scott: Cmurder has just been hit by a bus!

Vegeta: Oh man.. that’s terrible.. Jeice

Jeice: Yeah?

Vegeta: go to the hospital where he is and fire him

Jeice: It’s done!

(Back in the arena)

Bob: …………………..

Ralph: …damn.

Shingo vs.Dark Knight Proto

*Dark Knight Proto’s theme music starts to play over the pa system.*

Ralph: Finally! an inside match!

Bob: Tonight we are going to have the debut match for Shingo Yabuki

Ralph: I heard that he might be… ya know

Bob: Might be what?

Ralph: Well.. he was stranded on an island with nothing but beautiful chicks that wanted him!

Bob: You know those weren’t really girls

Ralph: They weren’t?

Bob: No, they were all demons

Ralph: Ugh!

*Dkp makes his way down the aisle and gets into the ring.*

Bob: Dkp is looking for his first win tonight and here comes Shingo!

Ralph: He’s a young one isn’t he?

Bob: I think he’s around 17

Ralph: Well, thank goodness he didn’t go through with it. He wouldn’t know what to do!

*Shingo glares over at the commentator table*

Ralph: Damn! did he hear me!?

*Dkp and Shingo get into the ring and the match starts! Proto starts off by firing his Super Blast at Shingo. Shingo runs up the turbuckle and jumps off. The blast hits the top turnbuckle and burns off the padding. Shingo hits the ground and goes a frontwards roll as DKP fires hundreds of stray fireblasts at him. Shingo jumps in the air and connects with his Dynamite Kick,  Dkp falls out of the second rope and hits the floor. Shingo jumps over the top rope but gets blasted back into the ring by Proto’s FreeBird attack!*

Bob: Shingo just took a hard fall from that bird blast!

*Dkp jumps back into the ring and wraps his legs around Shingo’s waist. Shingo lays there helplessly as DKP shoots a blast right into his face!!*

Ralph: Damn! I think it’s over!

Bob: Nope, Shingo is still moving!

Ralph: Yeah, but his face looks like hamburger meat!

*Shingo gets to his feet one more time and hits DKP with a crecent kick. Shingo lands on his neck then kicks back up. Dkp comes off of the ropes and punches him in the jaw! Shingo hits the ground again and his face begins to swell up. DKP fires an iceblast and Shingo slides down and it goes into the crowd! It hits a Mammoth guy in the balcony and turns him into ice. He falls off of the balcony and hits the floor, shattering into hundreds of pieces!*

Ralph: Frozen Hamburgers for everyone!

Bob: That’s cruel! LOL!!!!!

*Shingo jumps to the top rope and hits the blockbuster on DKP! He covers him up and goes for the pin! DKP presses him off  at the 2 count.*

Bob: That was a close one for DKP, Shingo almost snuck away with the victory!

*DKP swings his upward and connects onto Shingo’s chin. Shingo falls into the opposite corner and then fires out! He connects with DKP with a Hyper Tackle! DKP flips him off and shoots off his Rockets. Shingo dodges them but and connects with his Demon Scorcher uppercut! DKP lands on the ropes and fires his Proto Blast. Shingo jumps over it and gives him a few overhead punches followed by a flurry of lefts! Dkp punches Shingo right in the stomach but Shingo continues through and gives him his Burning Attack! Dkp hits the ropes and gets hung up!*

Bob: Dkp is hanging from his neck on the ropes!

Ralph: He can’t get loose!

*The Ref counts him out and Shingo wins!*

Bob: That one could have gone either way! If it wasn’t for the ropes, I think DKP would have taken it!

Ralph: Me too.. I don’t think Shingo could have held out much longer

Winner: Shingo Yabuki

Zack vs.MegamanX

Bob: We have two more debuts out of many tonight on the show!

Ralph: I was looking forward to seeing these two guys fight it out. Zack is a first class Solider, from what I heard, he’s pretty damn handy at a sword.

Bob: I heard the same thing, but this Megaman X kid has a lot of spunk. We both know that he has one hellacious grip!

Ralph: SHUTUP!!! *Thinks back*

(Bob: Megaman’s breaking Uyko’s hand!

Ralph: UCHAAAN!!!

Uyko: I QUIT!)

Ralph: Poor uchan… she’ll bounce back from it!

Bob: Yeah right.. she got fired!

Ralph: What?!?!!?

Bob: Where have you been man!?!?

Ralph: *Starts crying*

*Zack comes running out from behind the curtains like on those final fantasy games with his Buster sword on his back.*

Ralph: How come those final fantasy guys are always running?

Bob: Beats me Ralph

*And from No where, Mega Man X appears in the ring with a flash of light! He lands on the ground and the match starts!*

Ralph: Whoa! talk about an entrance!

Bob: O_O

*Zack pulls out the Buster Sword and does the Braver Slash. MMX blocks the sword with his right arm. Sparks fly through the ring and MMX lands a Shoryuken. Zack does a backflip to recover and lands on one knee. MMX fires an X-buster shot and Zack slices right through it!*

Ralph: I didnt know Zack could do that!

Bob: He can do alot with his Buster Sword…

Ralph: Oh?

Bob: Yeah, check this out, I’ve seen him train before

*Zack swings his sword around and brings it backdown. A huge lightening bolt comes from the sky and hits MMX dead on!*

Ralph: What was that?!

Bob: lightening I believe!

*Mega Man’s circuits get a little scrambled from the bolt which gives Zack enough time to preform the Meteorain attack! About 5 small Meteors fall from the sky towards MMX. Mega man shots his Xbuster super shot which cancels them out. Zack flies across the ring and shoots off his blade beam. Mega man rolls out of the way then fires a Hadouken! The ball of energy hits Zack and he flips over the top rope but lands on the apron. Zack twirls his sword around again, but this time MMX is engulfed in flames.*

Bob: Zack is showcasing his Materia tonight!

Ralph: yeah, but Mega Man has some powerful blasts himself!

*Zack jumps back over the top rope and does his Cross Slash Technique on MMX which paralizes him!  Zack steps back and begins to charge up for some attack! MMX breaks out of it spell at the last second and fires his Xbuster Hyper Shot! Zack gets hit by the beam and the sword flys out of his hand! Zack tries to go for it but Megaman sends his knee right into Zack’s medsection and then they start trading hits*

Ralph: I don’t think Zack’ll be able to fight hand to hand with Mega man!

Bob: yeah, I bet that space aged metal doesn’t feel too well against his skin!

*Zack does a somersault kick that lands to quick hits to Mega Mans head. Zack slides across the mat and grabs a hold of the buster sword! Mega Man fires a plasma cannon but misses as Zack charges up and attacks with the Omni Slash! He hits Mega Man X 15 times with the sword then finishes off with the Braver! Mega man gets blown away and hits the ground outside!*

Bob: Zack used the Omnislash and it’s all over!

Ralph: Omnislash? looked like 16 hits to me.. not one

Winner: Zack

Alex vs.Akuma

Bob: tonight for the first time in singles action will be Dragon Master Alex!

Ralph: Man, I wonder who assigned him this match? He has to face Akuma..

Bob: That’s the way the ball rolls I guess

Ralph: *watches Akuma walk down to the ring* Hey, do you think Akuma wears contacts?

Bob: I doubt it.. why?

Ralph: I just saw a Limp Bizkit video where they guy had eyes like him

Bob: Maybe he was a fan. Alright, both participants are in the ring!

*Alex circles the ring as Akuma stands there calmly awaiting the bell.*

Ralph: Alex looks a little excited for his first match

Bob: I would be too, especially if I had to fight Akuma, that crazy bastard


*Alex attacks with a rising uppercut but Akuma ducks. Alex’s missed uppercut leaves him open for a spit second

and that’s all that Akuma needs. He does a dragon uppercut himself and connects right on the butt of Alex’s chin!

He falls back and lands on his neck! Alex falls back and lands on his neck*

Bob: Akuma gets a clean hit on Alex and he’s down!

Ralph: I wouldn’t be suprised if he didn’t get up from that Robert

Bob: Robert?

*Alex returns to his feet and tries to take Akuma’s head off with the sword! Akuma ducks and the sword takes off

a locke of his hair! Akuma looks down  and picks up the patch of hair*

Akuma: You just had to do that.. .didn’t you?

Ralph: He looks a little mad about that hair thing

Bob: yeah, I think I can see a tear about to come out of his beady eyes

*Akuma fires a hadouken at Alex but misses. He jumps into the air and releases three more at Alex. Alex gets

away from two but the third hits him. He falls on his chest and Akuma almost lands a knee on his spine! Alex rolls

out of the way and onto the outside! Akuma does a baseball slide to kick Alex but misses.. he slides out of the ring

and lands on his feet, but Alex is waiting and clotheslings him to the ground. Alex stomps him on the chest but

Akuma grabs his leg and sweeps him to the ground. Alex picks up his sword from the apron and swings at Akuma!

He gets out of the way and backs up!*

Bob: Alex almost took Akuma’s head!

Ralph: I thought this was the uctf, not the highlands of scotland!

Bob: I guess you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to win

*Alex gives Akuma the power sweep but he recovers by doing a backwards cartwheel. Alex jumps into the ring

and Akuma follows firing a Hadouken  into Alex’s back. Alex hits the ropes then gets dropkicked to the back of

the neck!*

Bob: Akuma getting two big hits on Alex! He’s starting to stagger!

*Alex gets a hard roundhouse to connect with Akuma that sends him to the ground! Akuma gets back to his knees

and bounces off of the ropes! Akuma jumps into the air to avoid another swipe from Alex. He spins around and

connects with a Hurricane Kick! Alex spins around and hits the ground face first!*

Ralph: I think it’s over!

*The ref counts… 1..2..3!!!!!!!!!*

WInner: Akuma

Bob: Our Next Debuter will be The Irregular hunter, Fathom against Morrigan

Ralph: Let’s hope Morrigan doesn’t trip and fall this time

Bob: LOL!!!!

(Backstage, Mick Foley is talking to Jin)

Mick: Hey Jinny Pooh.. you know.. if you want me to cheat in this match… ya know.. hehe

Jin: No thanks man.. I’ll win this one on my own. You just count to three whenever I beat her ass!

Mick: *shrugs* no problem

*Jin walks away*

(Back in the arena)

Ralph: Well then! Jin had an opportunity to cheat and he didn’t!

Bob: I guess he wants to win this one on his own eh?

Morrigan vs.Fathom

*Morrigan come down to the ring her wings fully spread. Fathom is in the Corner charging up both ladys bow to

each other then the bell sounds.*

Ralph: Well, good sportsman ship tonight I see

Bob: Ralph, not every one here has grudes against each other!

Fathom: It’s a pleasure to have the honor to fight you…

Morrigan: Bite me Bitch!! or will it be me bitting you *she laughs evily*

Bob: O_O

Ralph: You were saying?!

Bob: Wow.. the only one who would like hearing that is Marv Albert!


Bob: WTF?

*As soon as the bell rings, Morrigan Immedeatly goes for a high kick. Fathom stumbles back Morrigan flaps her

wings creating a wind that knocks fathom off of her feet. Fathom get up unsteady, and does a drop kicks Morrigan.

Morrigan looks up at her wildly, She sweep fathom, and come up with an uppercut knocking Fathom into the

ropes. Fathom blast her with a ki blast. Morrigan assends into the air, her wings outstretched. Morrigan goes

airborn with a spear.*

Bob: Wow! They’re getting it on!

Ralph: I see that Morrigan is staying air borne in this match to avoid any… slip ups..

Bob: hhehe

*Fathom rolls out of the ring. Morrigan glares at her and jumps over the top rope with a spin kick. She plus

Fathom by the head and throws her back into the ring.*

Morrigan: I havent had a soul in over 3 years!! How about I take yours. You are young and cute!

Bob: *shivers*

*Fathom’s blinks back. Morrigan rushes into her and bangs her head into the turnbuckle. SHe then turns fathom

around fathom Recovers with a knee to Morrigan stomach. Fathom throws Morrigan into the center of the ring,

and Pins her. before the ref can even come over. Morrigan puts Fathom in the crab. Morrigan then twists her over

she grabs her to her feet, and Choke Slams Fathom to hell!*

Ralph: It looks like it’s over!!!

*Morrigan rolls on top of her and 1……2….3!*

Bob: Morrigan wins!!! and what’s this?

*Taiyou Comes running down the asile and Jumps into the ring, and Grabs Morrigans other hand, He escorts her

out of the ring.*

Ralph: What’s with that? Morrigan is old enough to be his ancestor!

Bob: LOL!

Ralph: She’s so old, Jesus signed her highschool yearbook!

Bob: LOL!!!

Ralph: She’s so old…

Bob: That’s enough!

Ralph: sorry

Winner: Morrigan

(Backstage in the Black Paladins Locker Room)

Carbunkle: You sure you want to go through with this Hystalin?

Hystalin: Of course!

Carbunkle: Ok.. but if you need me, you know where to find me! *vanishes*

*Hystalin continues Lacing up her boots*

(Back in the arena)

*Badd Crew’s theme music starts off and Ryuhaku Todoh comes walking from behind the curtain being followed

by Jack Turner, who has a bandage on his forehead from the last match.*

Ralph: Hey! Our first tag team match of the night!

Bob: Yup, these two teams were squeezed in at the last second, but they still weren’t able to make it to the tag team


Ralph: Oh well, maybe they’ll get to face the champions if they do good tonight

Badd Crew vs.Clark and Edge

*Clark and Edge come out next, but Turner and Todoh don’t even let them get down the aisle! They brawl all the

way back behind the curtains! A few cameramen scurry to the back to catch the action*

Ralph: Is this a hardcore match?

Bob: I guess it is now!

*The cameras switch backstage right when Turner is stuffing Edge into a trash can! Clark throws Todoh into a

brick wall and pulls and picks up a lead pipe!. Turner puts a trash can on the Edge’s head then gives him a flying

lariat! Clark tries to strike with his sword but Todoh pulls out his at the last second and blocks!*

Bob: This is unexpected!!

*Turner takes Edge over to the pay phones*

Turner: *singing* C-O-L-L-E-C-T!! SAVE A BUCK OR TWO OR THREE!


Ralph: LOL!!!!!!! Edge just got hit with a pay phone!

*Clark knocks the blade out of Todoh’s hand and starts nailing him with the pipe! Todoh gets a low blow! Clark

starts staggering away and Todoh hits him with an axe kick! Turner grabs Edge and throws him into the ladies


Random Girl: AAAHH!!

Turner: Shut ya damn mouf! No one wants to see yo ugly ass anyway! Get out! All of you get out!

*all of the girls start running out*

Ralph: O_O! Women do that in the bathroom!?

*Turner takes Edge’s head and gives him a swirlie! outside.  Clark and Todoh are beating the hell out of each

other in the parking lot! Todoh picks up Clark and throws him into a windsheild, shattering it!*

Ralph: Oh no! That was Vegeta’s car!

Bob: Ouch.. oh well, he can fly

Ralph: I think Clark is out!

Bob: Edge is out too! So I guess  that makes Todoh and Turner the winners!

Winners: Badd Crew

Bob: Now, it’s time for a score to be settled!

Ralph: Hystalin has been wanting this match for a long time.. well, she’s finally got it!

*”Hardcore Legends” starts playing over the arena as Mick Foley comes out wearing a filthy shirt that he painted strips on himself! Terry Funk is walking behind him and they are getting a HUGE ovation from the crowd!*

Ralph: Say.. how did Terry Funk and Mick Foley get to come here tonight? I’m suprised Vince Mcmahon would let them

Bob: Well, Terry Funk is retired from wrestling, and Mick Foley would just choke out Vince if he had anything to say about it

Ralph: Oh.. well in that case! Let’s get ready for

Jin Saotome vs Hystalin

*”Blue Monday” begins to play as Jin Saotome comes walking out.  Bandages can still be seen a little under his

clothes as he jumps over the top rope.*

Ralph: bob, tell me again, why are there two different referees tonight?

Bob: One will referee the match, while the other watches ringside just incase someone interferes

Ralph: I see!

*Hystalin’s theme music starts up and she walks to the ring with purpose!*

Bob: She looks ready to fight

*Hystalin jumps in the ring and swings at Jin! Jin ducks out of the way and Hystalin hits the corner. Jin starts

sending a flurry of rights into the jaw of Hystalin. She kicks him in the chest and he staggers back*

Ralph: She’s using his injury to her advantage

Bob: That’s a good idea, she’s going to need everything she can!

*Jin leans on the ropes holding his chest. Hystalin runs in to attack him but Jin pulls the rope down on her and she

goes flying out of the ring! Hystalin hits the floor hard as Jin goes to the opposite side of the ring and gets a chair!

Hystalin finally gets back to the apron and gets met with cold steel to her face! Hystalin flies off of the apron and

hits the steel barrier chest first!*

Ralph: Oh man.. that had to hurt!!! What’s Hystalin going to do now?

Bob: We’ll see how she can get back into the ring with Jin holding the chair in his hand!

*Hystalin starts chanting something and the arena starts to feel cool… Hystalin vanishes and out from the sky, a

huge water dragon appears in front of Jin!*

Bob: It’s Leviathan!!!!

Jin: Oh shit!

*Leviathan screams and a Huge Tidal Wave comes towards Jin! Jin performs his Saotome Typhoon and cuts

through wave without gettin crushed! Mick Foley and Terry Funk jump out of the ring and get under it so they

won’t Die! The wave hits the fans and sends them flying all over the place!*

Ralph: the poor fans.. now they look like they’ve been to a Gallagher Show!

*Jin falls to his knees breathing heavily and Hystalin reappears in the ring! As Mick Foley climbs back into the ring, she lands a quick kick to the chest again that knocks Jin on his ass. He gets up again and she goes for a clothesline. Jin catches her up and gives her the Whirlwind Breakdown on the back of her neck! He bounces back up and gives her a knee drop on her chest! Jin picks up his chair and goes to the top rope!*

Ralph: What is he going to do now?

Bob: He’s going for the Arabian Facebuster! and if he hits it, this match is over!

*Jin jumps off of the top with the chair!*

Hystalin: Enchanted Inferno!!!

*Hystalin blasts Jin with red hot flames that sends him out of the ring! Jin starts to get back up as Hystalin leaps

over the top rope to hit him! Jin swings the chair and hits her over the head with it again! After hitting the ground,

Jin grabs the steel steps and takes them apart. Setting one over by Hystalin, he sets her up for the Thunderfire

Bomb! Just as he picks her up, she fires her Angel’s Blaze into his face and knocks him into the crowd! The back

of Hystalin’s head hits the steel steps and she falls out!

Ralph: That desperation move by Hystalin just saved her ass!

Bob: yeah, but the back of her head still hit the steps! She’s out like a light!

Ralph: That’s true, but Jin is out too! He just got hit with the Angel’s Blaze at point black range!

Bob: I don’t think Mick wants to count either of them out.. but they’re not moving!

*Mick checks to see if either of them can fight.. then finally, rings the bell!*

Ralph: A draw! How can things be any less solved?!

Winner: Draw

Bob: oh boy.. The first match of the Tag Team Tournament


Bob: I think I’m going to take my break now. I’ll let Scott come out and commentate with you, alright?


Bob: *sighs*

*Bob leaves and Scott arrives at the set*

Scott: Wow! I get to call this match!

Ralph: Shutup and let me call this match rookie!

Scott: Sorry

Misu Sisters vs Civil Justice

*Tira and Chocolate come down to the ring dressed in their hunter outfits*

Ralph: Ladies and Gentlemen, the new president of the UCTF has ruled this match a Submissions match!

Scott: That means that the only way you can win is if your opponent submits!

Ralph: Hahaha! This should be great! How will Cammy and Chun-li be able to make those S&M freaks say “I

quit?!” We’ll see!

*Coming down to ring side is Chun-li Escorted by Ryu and Ken they help her into the ring,  Right after that

Cammy comes Down to ring side Escorted by Venom. Cammy jumps in the ring and takes her place next to

Chun-li. Venom, Ryu, and Ken are glaring at each other!*

Scott: I don’t like the looks of this! a riot could start at anytime!

Ralph: Will you shut up about that?! It’s the misu sisters vs. civil justice time!

*Tira and Chocolate watch them intensely. as soon as the bell rings, and the 4 women go at it. Cammy snatches

Tira and Sankyo throws her. Mean while Chocolate has Chun-Li backed up into the turnbuckle, Chocolate has her

arms pinned behind her back, and rips open Chun-li’s kimono Exposing her breast partially. Chun-li Head butts

her, and Chocolate falls on her ass. Chun-li comes around her, and puts her in a head lock. Meanwhile Tira has

Managed to rip a hole in Cammy’s body suit. Tira has her whip around Cammys neck. She drags Cammy over to

the ropes Cammy Kicks up to her feet and over takes Tira with a killer bee assault. Tira goes down. Cammy flips

her on to her stomach ans bend Tira’s legs towards her head.*

Tira: Ouch!!!

Cammy: You give up??

Tira: No… Just a little Higher

Cammy: damnit!!!

*She tugs hard at Tira’s Leg untill her feet are touching her head.*

Tira: Come on Cammy… Fuck me like the whore you are!!

Cammy: WHORE??… thats it!!!

*As Lets go of Tira’s Leg, Chun-Li does a German Suplex on Chocolate.. A black dildo flies over to where Tira is.

Tira snatches it up quickly as Cammy flips her over and Pulls her to her knees.*

*Cammy Slaps her in the face with tremendous force.*

Cammy: Whats my Name Bitch??


*Tira gets off her knees to her feet. She elbows cammy to the face, Cammys  tumbles back and her back touches

the back of chocolate. Chocolate turns around and Grabs Cammy around the waist.

*Venom climbs on the ropes to pull Cammy out of the ring but Ryu and Ken start attacking him! They start

battling on the entrance way!*

Scott: See!! I told you!!

Ralph: Damnit! They’re interupting this match!

*”Hate Me now starts up over the arena and the president comes walking out!*

Ralph: What the hell?! Vegeta is out!

*Vegeta puts space between Venom, Ryu, and Ken and tell them to leave the ringside area! Venom puts his hand

on Vegeta’s shoulder! Vegeta turns around slowly and looks at Venom! Venom let’s go then all three men leave

the ringside.  Vegeta turns around and walks back to the locker room*

Ralph: YEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we can get back to our match!

Chocolate: Lay it on her Sweety!

*Tira rushes over quickly and rips Cammy’s clothes to shred. Chun-Li is on the top rope, she does a summersault

drop kick Which was ment for chocolate, Chocolate Quickly turns arouns with Cammy still in her arms, Cammy

gets the  kick right in her chest. Cammy falls over ontop of Chocolate, Tira spears chun-li into the ropes. Chun-li

seems to be out. Chocolate has managed to pin Cammy down by the hands. Tira come over swinging the dildo

wildly. She bends over Cammy and starts rubbing on her bare breast.Cammy’s Face goes red, she

is infuriated but yet hight intrigued and turned on.*

Tira: Let me take you please??


Tira: aww dont be like that!

*She takes out her whip and ties it around her neck, and ties the other half to the Turnbuckle. Chocolate begins to

suck on Cammy’s Breast. Biting at her nipples. Cammy kicks wildly but tira restrains her by the knees. Tira

Spreads her legs apart and plays with her clit deviously.*

Chocolate: Agree to the f*ck!!

*Cammy shakes her head yes.*


*Tira Pimp slaps Cammy*

Tira: Shut up bitch and enjoy this.

*Tira burries her head between Cammys legs, sucking ferousiosly at her love muscles nibbling on her clit. Chocoalte takes the dildo and shoves it in Cammys mouth. Cammy spits it out.*

Tira: Go work on Chun-li Chocolate!

Chocolate: Yes yes!!

*Chocolate runs over to Chun-li who is just beginning to get up. The referee  is bent over Tira and Cammy in the


Referee: DO you give up??

Cammy: NEVER!!!!!!

*Cammy’s starts to cumm all over Tira’s mouth Tira slurps it up indulgently. Tira massages Cammys pussy with her hands while kissing at her belly button  Cammy giggles slightly. Then Tira grabs for the Dildo Cammy Spew over with Love Juices it leaks all on the ring and its splurts out like pee, The referee catches Cumm in his Eye, he goes wild and curses*

Referee: AHH I CANT SEE!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Ralph: Oh no! The ref is out! I’m gonna go and help out!

Scott: I don’t think so!

*Tira slides the dildo into Cammy and begins to fuck her, With each stroke Cammy Moans loudly. Chun-li is finally to her feet. She see’s Cammy and Tiram she turns to her left and chocolate is there cracking her whip*

Chocolate:Time to play chunny!!

Chun-li:THere is no way!!!

Cammy Moans Loud as hell when tira clutches her left nipples between her teeth.

Chun-li: DONT GIVE IN CAMMY! …. we gotta win this.

*Chun-li does a spin kick to Chocolate, Chocolate cathes her foot with the whip and pulls her in towards her. Chun-li spits in her face, and she gladly licks the spit up*

Chocolate: You will give in to Me!!

*Chun-li Grabs chocolate by the throat. And Kisses her Nothing but tongue. They back up into the Turn buckle.

Chun-li grabs the whip from her hands and ties it to Chocolates wrist and neck. Chun-li puts her hand in

Chocolates Juicy web of Love, and Starts to tickle her muscle like crazy. Chun-li does it with such speed and

Agility that the process of orgasam is in increased. Chun-li’s hand is drenched with her Juices. and she continues

to tickle.*

Chocolate: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Chocolate submerges into a high powered Orgasam. The referee wipes his eyes and squints to see whats going on

He runs over to Chun-li and Chocolate.*

Referee: YOu give up Chocolate??

Chocolate:….. MMMM UGHHH AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate starts to convulse and Chun-li keeps playing with her clit.

Chun-li: Give Up bitch!!! Give up!!!

Referee: You give up?



*At the sound of Chocolate saying Yes. Tira Jumps of Cammy who has been shaking in violent orgasmic spasams,,

her eyes barel open She is soaking wet with cumm and so is the ring around her. The Referee goes to pull chun-li’s

Hand in the air anousing Civil Justice as the winners, but he changes his  mind and pats her on the back*

Scott: Oh man! I think I’m gonna go get my crabs, herpes, and pennicillin shots now!! *staggers off*

Ralph: ENCORE ENCORE!!!!!!!!

Winner: Civil Justice

Bob: alright.. I’m back.

Ralph: Bobby you sure missed it!

Bob: DON’T tell me about it!

Bob:   Who’s next on the list?

Ralph:  Let me see… we have…

Adrenaline Express Vs. Team Rocket

Bob:  What?  Team Rocket?

Ralph:  Uh-huh.

Bob:  Oh boy.

Ralph:  Rumor has it that James has been seen in public, wearing a sailor scout costume.

Bob:  Now that is scary!

Ralph:  It sure is!

Bob:  Thanx for the mental picture Ralph!

Ralph:  I’m only saying what was told to me by reliable sources.

Bob:  Where’s AX?

(The song, “Right Now” by Van Halen begins playing.  Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider makes their way to the ring with their motorcycle.)

Ralph:  What an entrance!

Bob:  That must be their new entrance.

Ralph:  Uh-huh.

Bob:  Now all we need is that team of no-hopers, Team Rocket.

(A puff of smoke burts in one corner of the area.  When the smoke subsides, we see Jessie & James… dressed in sailor scout fukus!)

Jessie:  Prepare for trouble!

James:  Make it double!

Jessie:  To protect the world from devastation!

James:  To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie:  To denounce the evils of truth & love!

James:  To extend our reach to the stars above!



Jessie:  Team Rocket — blast off at the speed of light!

James:  Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

(Bob & Ralph throws up.)

Ralph:  Oh man, now this is sick!

Bob:  I’ve seen lots of shocking events in the UCTF, but this could be the worst!

Ralph:  I know… what’s really sick is… James looks… pretty!

Bob:  Now  you’re really scaring me!


Jessie:  Well, who shall be first…

James:  …to face the Sailor Rockets?

Sailor Bowser:  Those fukus look so good on you!

Midnight Rider:  They make you look much better!

(Adrenaline Express bursts out with laughter.)

Jessie:  Laugh at us, will you?

James:  Remember the saying… “he who laughs last, laughs best”?

Jessie:  We will have the last laugh!

James:  So, HA HA HA to you!

Sailor Bowser:  Enough… BOWSER CRESCENT MOON CUTTER!!!!!

Bob:  Whoa!  Sailor Bowser makes the first move with her “Bowser Crescent Moon Cutter” technique.

Ralph:  Good thing Team Rocket dodged out of the way just in time.

Bob:  If it did hit, we’d have one hell of a mess in the ring.

Ralph:  Oh yes…

James:  I’m going first… Electrabuzz… GO!

(James throws a pokeball… out comes… Electrabuzz!)


James:  Electrabuzz, use your Thundershock!


(James’ Electrabuzz zaps Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider.  Adrenaline Express survives, but they are slightly singed from the thundershock.)

James:  That sure did it!  Good job Electrabuzz!



Bob:  Look at this!

Ralph:  After getting shocked by James’ Electrabuzz, Sailor Bowser counters with her Boswer Laser Storm Flash!

Bob:  Looks like James’ electrabuzz is out cold.

James:  Electrabuzz?

BUZZ!  (passes out)

Jessie:  My turn!  Dodrio… go!

(Jessie throws a pokeball and out goes… Dodrio!)


(Midnight Rider turns his staff into a whip and trips the dodrio with it.)


Midnight Rider:  Stupid bird!

Jessie:  Fly Dodrio, fly!


(Jessie’s dodrio takes flight… sort of.)

Midnight Rider:  FAN DART TOSS!

Jessie:  Dodrio, agility, now!

(Jessie’s Dodrio dodges all of Midnight Rider’s fandarts.)

Jessie:  Good, now use your Drill Peck!

(Jessie’s Dodrio uses its Drill Peck on Midnight Rider, knocking him to the ground.)

Jessie:  Wonderful!  My Dodrio did it!

James:  Our pokemon are so powerful!

Sailor Bowser:  Forget about me?

James:  I can handle this one… WEEZING, GO!

(James throws a pokeball and out comes… WEEZING!)


James:  Weezing, we have one more to beat this one, so use your sludge attack on both of them!


(James’ Weezing inundates both Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider with its sludge.)

Bob:  Now that’s disgusting!

Ralph:  You said it.  Now we have to the ring cleaned from all this toxic waste!

Bob:  I can smell it from over here!  YECK!

Sailor Bowser:  Grrrrr… YOU SLIMED ME!

James:  Looks like we angered her.  Weezing, use your poison gas!


(James’ Weezing blasts both Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider with poison gas, hampering AX’s vision.)

James:  Good job!  (lights a match)  Now for the coup de grace!

(James drops a lit match in the sludge, setting Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider on fire!)

Bob:  What the hell?

Ralph:  Hey!  He can’t do that!

Bob:  He can do anything.  It’s the UCTF!  In here, anything goes.

Jessie:  Now I shall finish this!  Dragonaire, go!

(Jessie throws a pokeball and out comes… Dragonaire!)


Jessie:  Dragonaire, use your Water Gun!

(Jessie’s Dragonaire uses the Water Gun technique, putting out some of the fire.  The rest of the flames burn out and what’s left is Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider… alive, singed, and out cold!)

Jessie:  We did it!

James:  Team Rocket, the ultimate pokemon tag team champions of all time, has won again!

Jessie:  It feels so good to win… even if it was done fairly.

James:  Now for the finishing touch… SAILOR HOMO ROSE SHOWER!!!

(James throws many roses, all of them land on the ring.  From above, the roses’ alignment is in the shape of an “R”)

Bob:  Look at this!

Ralph:  …and I was expecting Team Rocket to blast off again…

Bob:  This is just too weird.

Ralph:  Who would expect Team Rocket to win not one, but two fights?!

Bob:  Not me.

Winner:  Team Rocket

Ikari Warriors vs.Ushio and Tora

*Ushio and Tora’s music starts up as they start making their way down to the ring. The Ikari warriors come from

behind the curtains and attack them from behind! Clark starts beating Ushio in the back with a Kendo stick all the

way down to the ring!*

Bob: The Ikari warriors didn’t even wait! They have something to prove tonight!

Ralph: They’ve been pissed off ever since their loss to Ushio and Tora a few weeks ago!

*Clark throws Ushio into the ring and attacks him violently as Tora continues to snap at Ralf’s arm*

Ralph: Ralf better watch out! Tora looks hungry!!!

*Tora bites Ralf’s arm and starts shaking his head back to rip away at the flesh and bone! Clark comes from

behind and nails Ushio in the back of the head with a Kendo Stick! Ushio jumps on Ralf’s back with the beast

spear. Ralf spins his body around into the fireman’s carry position then gives him the Northern Lights Bomb!

Ushio bounces out of the ring!*

Bob: Uh oh! Tora’s the only one left!

*Tora goes after Ralf’s already lacerated arm again! Clark heads him off at the pass and hits him with a with a

powerful shoulder tackle in the ribs! Tora gets picked up and they put him in the Ikari Death Drop! Clark covers!*

1…….2……..3!!! It’s over!

Ralph: Damn that was quick!

Bob: Ushio and Tora had been laxxing after their last win with the Ikari warriors!

Ralph: Ralf better tend to that arm.. it looks pretty bad!

Winner: Ikari Warriors

Black Bitches VS.Mai and Athena

Bob: The last match for the first round of the Tag Team Tourny!

Ralph: This oughta be a slobber knocker!

Bob: Have you ever heard of copyright infringement?

Ralph: What’s that?

*Mai and Athena, come down to the ring and wait patiently for the Black Bitches.*

Bob: another debuting match tonight in the UCTF! They got picked by the president at the last second, let’s see if

they can use this opportunity and win against the black bitches tonight!

*The Bitches come down the Aisle and jump into the ring,  ready to fight! Athena And Mai stare at them closely.*


Hystalin: Enchanted Blizzard!!!

Ralph: Whoa! no waisting time!

*Mai and Athena jump out of the way. Mai rushes into Naga, and Hystalin and Athena go at it. Athena gives

Hystalin a hop kick. Hystalin recovers with an elbow to Athena’s Nose. Mai puts Naga into a shoulder throw!*

Hystalin: Enchanted Thunder!!!

*Hystalin directs her Enchanted Thunder at both Athena and Mai. They get the full affect of the Lightening

energy! Mai and Athena wobble and they fall to the ground.*

Ralph: If you ask me.. I’d say that Hystalin is still sore over her earlier match!

Bob: Same here!

*Mai spears Naga and does a leg lock slam. Mean while Athena has Hystalin in the booty bounce. Athena then

body slams her with a Psychic throw!*

Ralph: Uhh.. what was that move that Athena just did?!

Bob: Nevermind it and watch the fight Bob

*Naga drop Kicks Mai to the back of the head and then Fires a Fire arrow at her, Mai gets hit in the back and her

clothes start to burn up, she drops on the floor and rolls around the ring untill the flames are out. *

Ralph: Stop, Drop, and Roll! LOL!

Bob: You’re gonna get hurt one of these days talking like that!

Ralph: ahh.. they can’t hear me

Bob: but they can watch the video tape!

Ralph: O_O

*Naga does a leg drop across her chest. Athena has Hystalin in a head lock. Hystalin and bites Athena’s arm,.

Athena drops her. Hystalin grabs her by the head and slams her face into the floor. Over head flys the body of Mai

into the turn buckle and Naga follows up with a tackle, and then repeadtely rushes her shoulders into the


Bob: Wow, these women are getting rough!

Ralph: you didn’t know females were more aggressive than men? ^_^ That’s why I love them

Bob: :|

*Athena is at her feet again. Hystalin Drop kicks her in the chest. Athena flys over the ropes. Hystalin scrambles

after her. Mai does an upwards flame kick to Naga’s face, Naga falls backwards but kicks up as soon as she falls

down. Athena jumps back in the ring but Hystalin grabs her by the foot and drags her down into the ropes. Naga

uppercuts Mai in the jaw.Mai’s head flys back wildly.. Mai counter attacks with her Fan dive from the top rope.

Naga Kicks her off easily. Athena and Hystalin are back in the ring. Athen swings at Hystalin with the Psycho

sword. Mai back flips over Naga and Is standing Next to Athena. Hystalin and Naga are to there feet. Hystalin

looks at Naga and nods. Hystalin and Naga run up on Athena and Mai and do a double choke slam from hell!!!*

Bob: A new tag team move by the Black Bitches!!!

* Both girls are spwarled out on the floor.*

Hystalin: That’s it!! ETERNAL LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

*Athena flips up infront of Mai.*

Athena: Not so fast!!! REFLECTOR SHEILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hystalin: What?!?!!?

*Hystalin’s spell is reversed!!!! Hystalin and Naga get bombarded by the bright light. Athena sweeps Naga and Mai jumps on top!


Ralph: No way!!! Hystalin got hit with her own move!

Bob: What an upset! That was amazing!!!

Winners: Mai and Athena

Fro Dawg, Kaede, Joesph vs. Wiegraf, Rofel, Vormav

Ralph: Now we’re getting to the big matches!

Bob: Yeah, I think this match is the first of it’s kind here in the uctf!

Ralph: What are the rules?

Bob: Well, it’s just like a regular 6 man tag match, but the only way one team can win is by pinning all three of of

their opponents!

*Three members of the n.U.r…. Wiegraf, Rofel, and Vormav come out from behind the curtains and make their

way down the ramp.*

Ralph: Hey, aren’t these guys like against the UCTF?

Bob: I’m not sure, they are apart of the new Uctf revolution, so I guess they are with us

Ralph: hmm… interesting. What do you think their chances are against these next gentlemen?

Bob: I saw this match can go either way

*”NWNW starts playing and out comes Kaede, Fro Dawg and Joesph Crow from the back*

Bob: I’ve never seen so much young talent in the ring for a long time!

Ralph: This match is going to be fast paced! I can tell!

*Fro Dawg and Wiegraf get into the ring first off. Fro dawg connects with a rekka ken which sends Wiegraf into

the the corner. Fro dawg bounces off of the ropes and grabs him up in a head lock followed by a big Bulldog!

Vormav gets on the ropes and hits Fro with a spinning heel kick! Rofel jumps on the ring and lands a leg drop on

him. Kaede comes in and hits Rofel in the side of the head with a Dynamite Kick! Joesph Crow turns Wiegraf

around and gives him a jumping Powerbomb!*

Ralph: Hey! Isn’t that Burter’s move?

Bob: I guess Crow is a fan

Frodawg: Ok.. let’s see if I can do this shit again… Kame…Hame……… HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob: Fro Dawg does a Kamehameha wave?!?!!? It connects with Rofel!

*Rofel starts staggering crouches over from the blast ! Kaede comes off the top rope with a move similar to the

Fame Asser and connects!*


Ralph: Rofel is gone!!

Bob: It’s now two on three!

*Wiegraf clotheslines Joesph Crow over the top rope. Kaede comes from behind and hits him with a Lightening

Punch to the kidney!! Wiegraf bends backwards and Frodawg hits a reverse Ddt! Joey gets to the apron to get in,

but Rofel grabs his feet and holds on to them from under the ring! The ref counts Joey out of the match!*

Ralph: what?!

Bob: Joey couldn’t get in the ring because of Rofel! Smart play by n.U.r! Now it’s back to 2 on 2!

*Vormav grabs Kaede from behind and puts him in a sleeper hold. Kaede rams him into the corner then gives him

a shoulder throw! Fro Dawg catches him around the neck and follows through with a neck breaker! Vormav hits

the ground as Kaede comes off the top with a moonsault and connects!!!*


Bob: 2 on 1!! Wiegraf is all alone with Fro Dawg and Kaede!

Ralph: Look who’s coming in from behind!

*Nighthawk, Kamikazi, and the rest of the n.U.r. come running in before Fro and Kaede can finish off Wiegraf!

The attack them from behind and pull out Wiegraf! The ref calls for the bell!*

Ralph: n.U.r saves Wiegraf!!

Bob: and it’s a good thing! Wiegraf was done for!

Winner: Joesph Crow, Fro Dawg, Kaede by DQ

Bob: Hey, that match was pretty good! and I’m sure the rivalry between those two teams are no where from being


Ralph: That’s right! I hear it’s time for another first here in the uctf! The gauntlet match!

Bob: personally, I think Fei has a few screws loose if you ask me. He has to go against EVERY member of the


Ralph: Hold up! I just got a memo from Executive Booker Burter

Bob: He’s a booker?

Ralph: I guess so.. the memo says that Fei won’t be going against the ENTIRE stable, just four members, and those

four members are Galford, Hanzo, Genjuro and of course, Jubei.

Bob: Wow.. that gives him a better shot at winning, but still… his chances are TOO slim!

Fei vs. Shotori Samurai: Fei vs. Galford

*Fei makes his way down to the ring and gets in with a look of concern on his face. Shotori Samurai’s theme song

comes on…. Jubei, Hanzo, Galford and Genjuro come walking out then stop. Galford makes his way down to the

ring while the others watch him. He slides under the ropes and Fei waists no time attacking him! He stops him in

the head several times then picks him back up. Galford punches him in the stomach then throws him into the

corner. Fei starts kicking him in the chest the flies out of the corner with a clothesline! Fei bounces off of the ropes

and goes for a leg drop! Galford moves out of the way. Galford gets back up and puts on a blatant choke hold!*

Bob: I hope Fei doesn’t use all his energy from the start, he still has THREE men to go..

Ralph: and that’s ONLY if he gets past Galford!

*Fei kicks Galford away then rolls two his feet, Galford flies back and lands on the turnbuckle, Fei hits the ropes

and sweeps Galford up! he lands right on the turnbuckle… GROIN FIRST. Fei grabs him by the head then gives

him an inverted ddt from the top rope! He wraps Galford up!*


Fei vs. Hanzo

Bob: That was smart! he rolled Galford up so he had no where to go!

Ralph: Hanzo is in the ring!

*Fei turns around and gets a flying knee right to the mouth! Fei almost falls out of the ring but Hanzo grabs him

around the neck and starts punching him in the stomach  Hanzo throws Fei into the turnbuckles. Fei falls to his

knees onto the second rope just as Hanzo jumps ontop of him in a bronco buster type move, only with Fei facing

chest first into the turnbuckle.*

Ralph: Hanzo is keeping on him!

Bob: Good idea by Hanzo…

*Hanzo is still sitting on Fei in the corner, he is bouncing up and down.. focusing the pressure on Fei’s chest and

neck! Fei somehow gets strength from within and gets on his knees! Hanzo starts punching him on the head but

Fei stands up fully! Fei backs away from the corner and falls back. Hanzo hits the ground and Fei’s head lands in

between Hanzo’s legs!*

Bob: Well.. the groin area is being well documented by Fei tonight

Ralph: You’d do the same thing if you were in his situation!

Bob: True!

*Hanzo tries to block out the pain and wraps his legs around Fei to try and choke him out*

Ralph: Hanzo is taking a page out of Egypt’s book

*Fei struggles to get free but Hanzo’s got him locked! Fei kicks up  and rolls ontop of Hanzo. Hanzo let’s go of the

choke hold but Fei locks onto his legs and pulls down!*


Fei vs. Genjuro

*Genjuro jumps into the ring! Him and Hanzo start kicking the hell out of Fei!*

Ralph: Umm.. isn’t Hanzo suppose to leave?

Bob: Damn right!

*Hanzo picks up Fei, Genjuro gets a chair and smacks Fei right over the head with it!!! Fei falls flat out!!!! Hanzo

walks out of the ring and Genjuro smacks  Fei around just a little bit before putting his foot on him.*

Bob: Well, it’s over, atleast Fei got half way through them.. there’s no shame!

Ralph: HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Bob: What?!?!?!

*Tom Dyron jumps into the ring and smacks Genjuro right in the back of the head with that same chair!! Genjuro

doubles over then gets hit again on top of the head!!!*

Ralph: Where in the hell did he come from!?!?!?

*Tom Dyron points to Jubei who is still at the top of the ramp with the chair*

Tom: First your brother, next my blade of souls BITCH!

*Tom rolls Fei on top of Genjuro*


*Tom leaves the ring side area as Fei and Genjuro are still laid out! Jubei makes his way down to the ring slowly

and slides in. He rolls Fei over.*


Bob: it’s over! Fei just couldn’t last one more fight!

Ralph: that was one hell of a match!

*Jubei picks up Genjuro who is bleeding from the back of the head. He helps him to the back. Elly comes to Fei’s


Winners: Shotori Samurai

Guyver vs. Devilman

Bob: and now.. it’s time to say goodbye to two of the greatest super stars that the uctf has ever seen!

Ralph: All of these old guys like Vegeta, Devilman, and Guyver are leaving the uctf… the guys who paved the way

for the younger talent here.

*Guyver walks down to the ring slowly, greeting the fans one last time before he has his last battle in the uctf!*

Ralph: Do you think Guyver can pull it off this time?

Bob: Well, 3 times was suppose to be a charm, but it wasn’t. The fourth time wasn’t either. Maybe.. just maybe

somehow Guyver can come out on top against tonight!

Ralph: Well, we’ll see right now because here he comes!

*Dark sounding music begins to play as a fire lights around the entrance way. Devilman walks from behind the

curtain with an evil look on his face.*

Devilman: You ready to get your ass beat for a fifth time?

Guyver: We’ll just see about that DevilBitch

Devilman: Gasp! Is that a profanity that just came out of your mouth?

Guyver: Yes it was.. and blood is about to come out of yours…

Devilman: I see.. well, what would you do if I did this?

*Devilman slaps the shit out of Guyver like a 2 cent bitch then tackles him to the ground!*

Bob: Just like I thought! No love lost between these men!

*Devilman throws Guyver around then shoots him in the back with his anntenae ray.  Guyver hits the ropes.

Devilman grabs him around the neck then picks him up over his head! Guyver shoots an energy beam that hits

Devilman in the neck! Devilman falls to one knee then gets soccer kicked in the ribs by Guyver! In attempt to get

away, Devilman staggers into the corner where Guyver stomps away!*

Ralph: These two are giving it their all in their final match!

*Devilman gets back to his feet and Guyver jumps towards the corner to crush his opponent. Devilman gets out of

the way and Guyver hits all Turnbuckle! Devilman connects with a standing side kick to the side of the head of

Guyver that knocks him over the Top Rope! Guver hits the apron and gets clotheslined hard by Devilman! Guyver

is still somehow on the apron and he stands back up! Devilman grabs him and gives him a suplex back into the


Bob: Devilman on the attack! If he keeps this up, this match is over!

*Devilman gets up and starts mocking Guyver! He picks guyver up by the head, but gets punched in the chest,

Guyver then whips him into the corner face first! Devilman bounces back and shoots Guyver in the face with his

antenae blast, followed by a kick to the stomach!*

Ralph: What’s Devilman about to do?

Bob: I think he’s about to use the same move he used to defeat Vegeta on December 8th!

*Devilman picks him up and gives him a Jackknife Powerbomb!!! Then Hystalin starts walking down the aisle!

Devilman walks away from Guyver and up to the ropes*

Devilman: Hey bitch, what are you doing down her?

*Hystalin gets on the ropes and gets right in Devilman’s face!*

Hystalin: I just wanted to say,  happy retirement!

*Hystalin grabs his head and jumps off of the apron, causing Devilman’s neck to slingshot off of the ropes! He

stumbles back and Guyver wraps him up in the small package!*



Ralph: Give the assist to Hystalin!!! She’s walking back to her locker rooms laughing her ass off!

Bob: Hystalin had that one planned?!

*The entire Order of the Black Flame comes in and starts beating Guyvers ass!! Devilman walks away pissed and

his crew follows behind him!*

Winner: Guyver


Doctor: Mr. Saotome! I can’t allow you to go out there!

Saotome: Get out of my face… I’m fine

Doctor: It’s my duty to order to stay! I’ll have to wrap your eyes now!

*Jin grabs the doctor and throws him into the wall, then he makes his way through the backstage area, towards the arena*

(back in the arena)

Jin vs. Krauser

*”Blue Monday begins to play one more time and Jin Saotome comes walking out with bandages all over his face

from the last fight he had. The hardcore Jin fans stand to their feet and show the Enforcer of Badd Company some


Bob: I don’t see how he’s coming back out again after that injury sustained from Hystalin…

Ralph: Me neither.. let’s see how long he’ll last against Krauser, who hasn’t had a fight yet in the UCTF. Who’s

fresh… who has no injuries and one of the most powerful fighters on the planet.

Bob: Wow.. that was pretty good Ralph!

Ralph: Thanks! I’ve been working on that line for a week!

Bob: Well folks, if you don’t know how Krauser got the title, about a month ago, it was handed to him by

Devilman who just retired a few minutes ago!

Ralph: it has been said that Krauser doesn’t deserve the title that he has.. but we’ll see right now, because here he


*Krauser comes to the ring, bringing a cold chill behind him as the fans quiet down for the German Superstar. He

gets in the ring and stands face to face with Jin, who’s eyes are still glazed over a little. Jin steps back a little as the

bell rings. Krauser goes on the attack! He punches him right in his injuried chest! Jin spins around and lands on

the second rope. Krauser stands on his back, putting all of the pressure on his chest*

Bob: Just like Hystalin, Krauser is going right to that injuried chest!

*Krauser throws him into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline, but Jin rides his arm and spins around his

entire body, turning it into his Deep Impact! Krauser’s head and Jin’s back hit the ground with tremendous force

and they bounce off of the mat like it’s a trampoline!*

Ralph: Good move by Jin! He has great ring presence!

Bob: He’s still two hurt to follow through though, and Krauser is still recovering!

*Jin and Krauser get back to their feet, Krauser quickly gouges Jin in the eyes! He puts him in the front face lock

and drags him across the ropes face first to add even more injury! Jin stumbles around then falls face first into the

mat! Krauser starts kicking him around the ring…*

Bob: Krauser is just playing around with Jin now!

Ralph: I don’t think Jin can come back but Krauser better do the smart thing and pin him while he’s got him down

Bob: You got that right

*Krauser stands Jin up and starts giving him straight body shots in the corner without letting up, Jin almost falls

down but he throws him back in the corner and keeps going! Suddenly Jin punching back! Krauser staggers back

but keeps working on Jin. Jin grabs his head and starts fighting back! Krauser knees him in the stomach but throws

him in the corner again! Jin pushes him away with his feet and comes out with the Saotome Hurricane Punch!!

Krauser steps back and gets hit with the Gale Blast Leg Lariat!!!*

Bob: Jin still has a little bit of fight back in him!!

*Jin gets up and starts screaming at the fans.. the begin throwing their chairs in the ring! Jin picks up a chair and

waits. Krauser gets up and gets nailed! Jin draws back and attacks Krauser with the chair! he hits him about 13

times then drops it.. Krauser is bleeding profusely! Jin puts his head between his knees and looks at the crowd*

Ralph: Uh oh…. UH OH!!!

*Jin screams again, picks up him and gives him the Heaven to Hell Thunderfire Bomb!!!*

Bob: Order of the Black Flame is out!!

Ralph: Look! Badd Company is out!!

*Ryuji grabs Devilman by the back and throws him into the backstage area!*

Ralph: Ryuji!!!!

Bob: look at the brawl all over the place!

*Jin covers Krauser*


Bob: New Champion! We’ve got a new champion!!!!

*Jin just lays on the ground as the referee lays the belt on him. Jin has a small smile on his face and falls out of the


Ralph: Well he’s finally got some gold…

*Eiji grabs Jin and helps him leave the arena as Piccolo checks on a fallen Krauser*

Winner: Jin Saotome

Egypt vs Miko Mido

Bob: Our last fight of the night!

Ralph: This is the fight I wanted to see the most!! hehehe!

Bob: :| I hope I won’t have to leave again!

Ralph: These two women go waaaay back! remember that little incident they had a few months ago?

Bob: Oh yeah.. do I ever!

*Egypt makes her way down to the ring, She hops into the ring. Miko winks at her and blows a kiss. Egypt glares

at her heavily. *

Ralph: Here we go!!

*Egypt rams Miko into the turnbuckle. Miko grabs Egypt by the head, and smashes her head into her knee, She

flips Egypt across the ring. Egypt Jumps to her feet imediately. Miko does a leg sweep, and Egypt falls back down.

Miko drags her by the legs to the center of the ring. Egypt sits up and is able to get her leg free and side kicks Miko to the head. Egypt Jumps up, as Miko is climbing to the top ropes, she does a Moonsault and connect into Egypt!*

Bob: The world Champion is hot!

Ralph: Damn right! She’s taking the fight right to Egypt!

*Miko scrambles ontop of Egypt to pin her. The referee comes over, Egypt grabs Miko’s knuckles, and force her to do a hand stand atop of her, she rolls out of the way before the 3 count is made, Miko falls head first into the

mat.Egypt grabs her by the back of the head, and rushes her into the turnbuckle. Miko is sparwled on the turn

buckle. Egypts scratches down her back. Miko perks up and grabs on to the turnbuckle, She lets go as she falls into a back flip landing behind Egypt and does a round house kick to her neck Egypt falls into the ropes, and slumps to her knees. *

Bob: Wow! I am really amazed!!! Miko is showing Egypt what’s she’s got!

Ralph: I think even Egypt is suprised!

*Miko comes around her and grabs her hair and forces Egypt to look up. Egypt looks up and throws an upper cut

into her jaw. Miko goes backward into and over the ropes. Egypt jumps over the top rope with a drop kick to

Miko’s chest and She falls back into the Metal barriers. Egypt gets up and Throws Miko back into the ring. Egypt

her self rolls into the ring. Miko and Egypt size each other up. Egypt throws a left hook, and Miko blocks. Egypt

throws another left hook, but as Miko blocks Egypt follow up with a spin kick. Egypt does a back flip. Miko gets to

her feet and glares up at Egypt.*

Miko: You fucking Bitch!!

Egypt: So I have been told.

*Miko grips Egypt by the waist and body slams her. Egypt recovers quickly and is up again. she has Miko in a

head lock. She twists her around and gives her the ddt.Miko makes a crunching sound. Miko rolls to her feet, and

catches Morrigan with a High kick . Egypt stumbles back. Miko acting quickly, does a drop kick to her for head.

Egypt goes down hard. Miko goes to pin her. at the 2 count Egypt grabs a hold of the ropes!!!*

Ralph: Another close one By Miko!

Bob: Miko is starting to look frustrated!

*Miko pulls her up to her feet, and swings her into the rope. Egypt bounces off the ropes as miko swings her to the

other side. Egypt bounce off and hits Miko with the Clothesline. Egypt grips her up by the neck, and choke slams

her. Egypt Pins her with her whole body. Miko smiles, and Kisses Egypt on the lips. Egypt Jumps off startled right

before the 3 count. Miko Gets up slowly, and runs toward Egypt. Egypt falls into a handstand and catches Miko in

ther killer thigh lock! Miko knees go week, and she falls on them. *

Ralph: that’s it Bob!! It’s over!!!

Bob: Don’t count Miko Out just yet!!

*Miko Bites into Egypts thigh, and head butts her in the groin. Egypt falls out of the position. Miko, does a leg

drop to the back of Egypts neck. Miko rolls away quickly and starts to climb up to the third rope she begins to do a

belly flop. Egypt rolls out of the way. Miko lands hard on her stomach!*

Bob: Big mistake by miko!! That might be just enough!! All Egypt has to do is roll over!!

*Both of them lay still……..Miko suddenly pops up dragging Egypt with her. Both women breathing heavily…

*Egypt Kicks away from her. and runs to the opposite side of the ring. Miko goes over to retrieve her, but is

welcomed by Egypts elbow. Miko flinches violently. she Grabs Egypt and gives her the frankensteiner!*

Ralph: Good lord!!

*Miko gets her pinned. the Referee gets to the 2 count, Egypt kness Miko in the stomach, and rolls from beneath

her. Miko gets up tiredly. Egypt is behind her she wipes some blood from her lip. Egypt does her Yurchenko attack

and Miko lands on the back of her neck!! a gash forms on her head and bleeds slightly. Miko is out.. Egypt looks

as though she is out too. Egypt crawls slowly over to Miko and puts her hand on Mikos chest….*


Ralph: Unbelievable!

Bob: Another New Champion tonight on Friday Fury!!!!

Winner: Egypt

*Egypt and Miko are still knocked out cold!*

Bob: Hey Ralph.. Look who’s coming out!!!

Ralph: O_O Yakuu!!

*Yakuu comes out and starts attacking Egypt in the back! She picks Egypt up over her head and starts choking her


Ralph: Now look who’s coming out!!

Bob: *looks at the entrance way and sees Burter!!!*

*Burter zips down to the ring and grabs up Yakuu. She drops Egypt back down to the ground and turns around!

Burter just looks at her.. kicks her in the stomach then gives her the Burter Bomb!!!*

Ralph: Holy shit!!!

*Burter picks up Egypt and puts her over his shoulder! he takes the World Belt and steps out of the ring! Yakuu

and Miko both lay knocked out in the middle of the ring!*

Bob: Well, I guess that means that’s the end! We hope you’ve enjoyed the new and improved Friday Fury, For Ralph Gerrard, I’m Bobby Hinden! See you next week!!!

In Two Weeks


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