Adrenaline Express Vs. Team Rocket | Vegeta vs. Ryoga Hibiki | Guyver Vs. Devilman (Re-match No. 4) | New Wave Dave Vs. Tatewaki Kuno (Rematch No. 3) | FireAnIce Vs. Love & Justice | President Bill Clinton Vs. Kenneth Starr | Ryu Vs. Victoro

AX vs. Team Rocket

Bob: Now for another tag teamfight coming, we have Team Rocket, Jessie & James, fighting the Adrenaline Express, Sailor Bowser & Midnight Rider.
Ralph: I’d like to see what pokemons Team Rocket will be using this match.

Bob: Me too.

Ralph: Here comes AX right now. Damn, those guys are good.

Bob: Look! There’s a cloud of smoke!

Ralph: Do you think Team Rocket planned this?

Bob: Possibly.

(the smoke begins to clear up)

Jessie: get ready for trouble

James: better make that double

Jessie: To protect the world from devistation..

James: To unite all peoples within our nation..

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth! That’s right!

SB: Oh this is just pathetic… CRECSCENT MOON SLASH!!!!!

Bob: Whoa! Team Rocket really got pummeled by Sailor Bowser’s attack.

Ralph: Hey! What’s Midnight Rider doing now?

Midnight Rider: Eat smoke exhaust!

Ralph: Midnight Rider is using his motercycle to create a puff of exhaust on Team Rocket! Jessie & James passes out! It looks like AX wins again!

That was fast.

Winner: Adrenaline Express

Guyver vs. Devilman IV

BoB- All right everyone, this is the fight that I think you all have been waiting for.. It’s Guyver vs. Devilman 4!!!!!!

(Crowd explodes)

Ralph- This ought to be a great one Bob. You know, I really have to give both fighters a lot of credit for doing this. Like for Guyver, He has suffered three losses at the hands of Devilman, not only losses, but extremely painful ones. And to go in the ring against the Interplanetary Champion for the fourth time shows a tremendous amount of gonads if I can say that word. Now Devilman is another story, he has beaten Guyver three times in the past, but this is the first time that his title is on the line. I mean, if he loses here it could be all over for him, the lights, the hype, and the fame. But you never know, all I know is It takes some courage to fight a Guyver unit once, but four times? I guess I just got to hand it to him, he is one hell of a fighter.

BoB- Couldn’t have said it better myself Ralph, and speaking of that, here come our first fighter, and it is Guyverrrrrr!!!!

(Crowd cheers as Guyver walks down the isle and into the ring)

BoB- Now from the opposite side, his opponent the reigning Interplanetary Champion making his first title defense Devilmaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Crowd cheers again as Devilman makes his typical flying entrance into the ring)

Ralph- And we are just moments away from the opening bell as these two fighters prepare to face off for the fourth time!….


BoB- And there’s the bell! Guyver wasting no time shoots a psonic blast out of his head at the Devilman. Devilman leaps aside, and now counters with a blast from his antennae. Guyver perries it with his arms and charges at Devilman! Devilman leaping at Guyver locks him up by grabbing the inside of his arms and trying to hold him back!

Ralph- but it is not much use as Guyver buckles Devilman’s arms and throws him into the turn buckle! Guyver makes a leaping kick at Devilman now but Devilman once again dodging, as Guyver shatters the turn buckle?

Devilman- Now I’ve got you…

Bob- Guyver has just regained his balance but Devilman lunges at Guyver, grabs him from behind and smashes him down onto the canvas head first! Devilman lets go and regains another hold on Guyver picking him up above his head, and quickly slamming on the cement floor outside of the ring! But Guyver gets up and extends his vibro-blades!

Guyver- Heh, these should do me a world of good.

Ralph- Devilman has now moved to the center of the ring and Guyver re-enters. Guyver sizing up Devilman… But Devilman lunges again! Guyver leaps up and slashes downward at Devilman but just misses! Devilman shoots a beam from his antenna at Guyver hitting him in the face! and Guyver is sent back! Guyver clutches his face plate which looks like it may be cracked!…

(Guyver puts his hands down)

BoB- It is! Guyver’s face plate is damaged by the lazer from Devilman! But Guyver is not quitting, he forms a blast of energy in his hands and hurls it at Devilman!!! Devilman tries to dodge but is grazed by the blast and sent towards where the shattered turn buckle is! Guyver charges Devilman and leaps on him and begins to punch him in the head!!

Ralph- This could be serious trouble for Devilman! He is thrashing his claws trying to ward of the Guyver unit but is doing minimal damage. Guyver has now severely bloodied the face of Devilman, and he now quits the pummeling and picks Devilman up! And he hurls Devilman into the corner! And charges at him once again!

BoB- But Devilman exits the ring before Guyver reaches him! Is he forfeiting?!

Ralph- Well Guyver now has his hands in the air in victory…

BoB- But wait! Devilman has leaped in the air towards Guyver and he comes down behind him thrusting four of his fingers into the forehead of Guyver!!! Devilman quickly leaps around to the front of Guyver and rips off part of the Guyver unit!!!

Ralph- Thank God he missed the control medal.

BoB- And now Devilman slashes at the face of Guyver slicing the skin!!!! Guyver falls to his knees clinching his bleeding face but is picked back up by Devilman and thrown into one of the existing corners! Devilman leaps at the wounded Guyver and kicks him in the neck snapping his head back, and he follows through with an elbow to the head!

Ralph- Guyver is taking some tremendous punishment here, but if Devilman goes too far, Guyver could snap and his unit take over, which would be catastrophic for Devilman. Who now has grabbed Guyver around the waste and thrown him to the ground!

BoB- I think that’s it Ralph! there is a little bit of movement coming from Guyver, but not a lot. And our official in charge examines him… and… it looks as though… Yep it’s over!

(Crowd cheers as the ref announces Devilman’s victory)

Ralph- And the winner and STILL Interplanetary champion of the world!!!! DEVILMAN!!!!!

(Crowd cheers)

BoB- Wow! What a magnificent effort by Guyver. Too bad it had to end the way it did. A great display by both fighters though, I must say.

Ralph- Guyver is now helped back to his feet, as the ring is mobbed by fans.

Winner- Devilman

NWD vs. Kuno

Bob: Now for another re-match of the evening, New Wave Dave goes against Tatewaki Kuno, the Blue Thunder of Furikahn High.

Ralph: Who do you think will win.

Bob: I think New Wave Dave will win this one. He’s a blue mage, ya know.

Ralph: Probably, well… let’s see.


NWD: Now I’m going to rock you like a hurricane Kuno!

Kuno: Hold you tongue punk! No one speaks to the Blue Thunder!

Bob: Tatewaki Kuno lunges at NWD with his bokken. He misses! NWD is punching the shit out of him! Oh, This is just good.

Ralph: I’m sure NWD will finally have the revenge he wanted to badly. Remember his second re-match?

Bob: Yeah. A missed 80’s Explosion and Dave lost it. Kuno: I shall smite thee and win the love of the pig tailed girl!

NWD: Oh shut up! Look who is in the audience! It’s Hystalin.

Hystalin: Dave, do you want me to hit you with an Ice2 spell?

NWD: If you can follow it with a Cure2 spell, be my guest!

Bob: Hystalin throws an Ice2 spell at NWD and it hits! Now she’s hitting NWD with a Cure2 spell as well. Why is she doing this?

Ralph: Isn’t it obvious?

NWD: Ice2!!!!!!!

Ralph: NWD just hit Tatewaki Kuno with an Ice2 spell! He’s frozen solid!

Bob: Now NWD is pushing the frozen blue thunder off the ring… and Tatewaki Kuno is counted out! New Wave Dave wins!

Ralph: I bet NWD is happy with this victory.

Bob: First a draw, then a loss, now a win. Congratulations NWD! You deserve it!

Winner: New Wave Dave

Fire N’ Ice vs. For Love And Justice

BoB- All right, it’s time for Fire N’ Ice vs. For Love and Justice.

Ralph- That’s right, and here comes For Love and Justice now.

(Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask enter)

BoB- And here comes Fire N’ Ice now!

(FAI enter and Ice man gets in the ring)

BoB- Ice man enters the ring and is immediately rushed by both members of For Love and Justice! Sialor Moon Blasts Ice man into the corner with a burst of energy, and Tuxedo Mask hits him with a jump kick!

Ralph- But here comes Fireball!!!! Fireball enters the ring and grabs Sailor Moon around the waist and throws her back!

Ice man- All right, if that’s how you want to play it… Fire N’ Ice Final attack…

Fireball- BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice man- WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BoB- Fireball, and Ice man hit both Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask with the burning winter and destroy the ring throwing both of them out of it unconcious, and into the crowd!!!

Ralph- Holy cow!!! It’s over!! Fire N’ Ice make short work of For Loce and Justice.

Winner- Fire N’ Ice

Bill Clinton vs Ken Starr

Bob: Here comes a fight that everyone is looking forward to.

President Bill Clinton is going against Kenneth Star.

Ralph: There has been a lot of animocity between these two.

Bob: How come?

Ralph: Two words… Monica Lewinsky.

Bob: Yeah… she’s a slut.


Bob: The President & Kenneth star are sizing each other and… what’s this?

Ralph: What is LIna Inverse & Hystalin doing in the ring?

Lina: To all hentais out there…

Hystalin: Listen closely!

Bob: Lina has burned Kenneth Star to a pile of cinders and ash with a fireball!

Lina: Trying to be the next Larry Flynt? Bah! (spits in the ashes.)

Hystalin: And now Billy.. it’s your turn to die!

Bill: Hiya hon. Why don’t I just show you around the White House? I’m sure you’ll love the Presidential Suite.

Hystalin: Oh, you’re just plain sick!

Bill: But Hyst, I just wanna show you some luvin’

(slaps Bill in the face)

Bill: Ooohh… Kinky! Spank me! I’ve been really naughty.

Hystalin: You’re damn right you’ve been naughty!

Bob: Hystalin drops Bill Clinton in a pile driver! What style.

Ralph: Hystalin rises to the air.

Hystalin: This is for Paula Jones!!!

Bob: She just did a knee drop on the President’s back! That’s gotta hurt!

Hystalin: This is for Jennifer Flowers!!!

Bob: She did it again! The president must be really hurting right now!

Hystalin: This is for Monica Lewinsky!!!

Bob: Again she pummels on Bill Clinton!

Bill: I… I… I cannot feel my legs.

Hystalin: This is for Hillary & Chelsea Clinton!!!

Bob: She body slams on the President! I don’t think he’s conscious.

Hystalin: Here me Odin, guardian of Valhalla, answer my summons and come forth… NOW!!!!!

(Odin appears.)

Odin: Hi Hyst, what’s up?

Hystalin: Odin, KILL THAT PERVERT!

Odin: President Bill Clinton?

Hystalin: You got that right!

Odin: Okay!

Ralph: Oh my god! Odin just cut President Clinton into many pieces!

Hystalin: See you in hell pervert!

Shayla Shayla: Hyst, you did good.

Hystalin: Thanks Shayla.

Bob: The two girls shakes hands. It’s over! President Clinton & Kenneth Star are dead. The US has been avenged!

Ralph: Good work Shayla Shayla & Hystalin!

Winner: Who Cares

Ryu vs. Victoro

Bob: We have a fight that has been brewing for some time, Ryu, the street fighter, will be fighting against the infamous Victoro.

Ralph: Victoro has alreay have a reputation of being a dirty, back-handed son-of-a-bitch, but do you know why? Here’s a replay.

(replay begins)

As you can see, While Hystalin & Ryu were in their long-awaited fight, Victoro intefered by use his mock moonlight technique on her and turned into a giant were-monkey.

(replay ends)

Bob: It looks like Ryu is psyching himself up for this fight.

Ralph: I’ll say, he needs a victory like this, after losing to Hystalin.

Bob: But it was not his fault.

Ralph: Perhaps, but he lost anyways.

Bob: Do you see Victoro?

Ralph: Hmm… no where in sight.. isn’t that him?

Bob: Victoro has come to the ring, I didn’t even see that.

Ralph: The crowd is booing and hissing at Victoro. No big surprise.

Victoro: Oh, shut up! (casts magic spell)

Bob: What the… Victoro just finished off several of the spectators in the ring with a magic spell! As soon as this fight is over, we’re calling the police.

Ralph: The two are in the ring…

Bob: Who’s that in the audience?

Ralph: I think it’s the Guyver. It appears he’s watching the fight closely.

Bob: I wonder why?

Guyver: Washu, Victoro’s here. Launch, Operation: Carbunkle


Bob: The fight begins.

Ralph: The two are sizing each other up now.

Ryu: You think you come here, cause hell, interfere with my fight, and get away with it?

Victoro: Little boy, I can do whatever I want! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

Bob: Ryu punches Victoro in the face.

Victoro: Owww! That hurts!

Ralph: Victoro shoots a fire spell on Ryu, but the shot does not connect.

Bob: Victoro looks rather pissed off.

Ralph: I’ll say.

Victoro: Take this pretty boy!

Bob: Victoro shoots out a strong lightning spell. It hits Ryu, but it looks like it has done nothing to him.

Ryu: Striking a street fighter with lightning? You will face the full power student of Shen Long!

Ralph: Ryu attacks Victoro with a hurricane kick, but Victoro blocks the attack easily.


Washu: Najaro, Beowulf, Shayla… Victoro is busy fighting Ryu, so you guys better be quick. If he comes back, who knows what he’ll do to Carbunkle.

Najaro: Ta bien.

Beowulf & Shayla Shayla: What did he say?

Washu: He said “okay.”

Beowulf & Shayla Shayla: Okay.

Washu: Good.

(pushes a button)

Washu: Good luck you three.

(Najaro, Beowulf & Shayla Shayla leaves Washu’s lab and into Victoro’s stronghold with the Carbunkle dupe.)

Washu: Yes! I am the greatest scientific genius in the universe! HAHAHAHAHAHaHAHA!!!!!!!!

In the fight…

Ralph: Victoro is going strong on Ryu. I’m surprised.

Bob: Yeah. Ryu is taking on some damage, but he’s like the Energizer bunny… just keep going and going and going…

Ralph: Never talk about the Energizer bunny around me.

Bob: Ralph, I’m not going to argue with you.

Ralph: Good.

Ryu: This for your inteference… HADOKEN!!!

Bob: Ryu just threw a fireball at Victoro, but Victoro has put up a crystal shield to reflect it, and it goes back to Ryu!

Victoro: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You have to do better than that to beat me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryu: Shut up… SHORYUKEN!!!!

Ralph: Ryu attacks Victoro with a Shoryuken, but Victoro counters with… what’s that?

Ryu: What did you hit me with?

Victoro: With this… (unsheathes weapon) It’s the Crystal Sword of Tenku! With this, I shall paint the canvas with your blood! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Bob: The Crystal Sword of Tenku?!?!

Ralph: Is that legal in the UCTF?

Bob: I don’t know.. I’ll have to check on that.


Najaro: Okay, we’re in. Be sure to watch of traps.

Shayla Shayla: How come you know so much about this guy Najaro?

Najaro: I’ve dealt with Victoro before.

Beowulf: He has a point there.

Najaro: Follow me.

(Najaro, Beowulf & Shayla Shayla run down a long hallway.)

Back to the fight…

Bob: Now Victoro is receiving most of the damage! He sure got hammered by Ryu’s Red Hadoken.

Ralph: You can say that again!

Bob: He sure got hammered by…

Ralph: Oh, shut up!

Victoro: I will end you street fighter!

Ryu: Give it your best shot!

Bob: Victoro rushes to Ryu and throws slashes with his sword. He missed!

Ralph: That’s gonna cost him some.

Bob: What’s this? Victoro slashed the turnbuckle and he’s having trouble withdrawing his sword. This does not bode well for Victoro.

Ralph: But it boes well for the street fighter.

Ryu: What were you saying, about ending me?

Victoro: Oh, why don’t you shut up and die like a good loser!

Bob: This must be the longest fight I’ve ever seen since Mourl fought Shayla Shayla.

Ralph: At least it is not as boring. When Mourl fought Shayla

Shayla, for 50 minutes they did nothing. THAT was boring!

Bob: I agree with you on that one.

Victoro: The end is near.

Ryu: Right… YOUR end is near!

Ralph: What is that Victoro is doing?

Bob: It’s called the Demon’s Blaze. It’s one of the strongest black magic spells in Angelus.

Ralph: How the hell did you know that?

Bob: I vacationed in Angelus for two weeks a few years ago.


Shayla Shayla: I’m surprised that no one has come and attacked us.

Najaro: Me too. This is not like Victoro to leave his stronghold without any defences.

Beowulf: Anways, we still have to save Carbunkle.. for Hystalin.

(the group of three run to an empty room with Carbunkle tied up in chains.)

Najaro: I think we made it.

Shayla Shayla: Isn’t that Carbunkle?

Beowulf: I recognize that ruby anywhere.

(Carbunkle wakes up.)

Carbunkle: Najaro! Beowulf! Shayla Shayla! You’ve come to save me!

(while undoing Carbunkle’s chains.)

Shayla Shayla: Your friend sent us here.

Carbunkle: Why didn’t Hystalin show up herself?

Beowulf: Victoro was watching her every move. If she did come to save you, he would definately know.

Carbunkle: Listen, you three have to be careful.

Beowulf: Why is that?

Carbunkle: Victoro left someone to keep me under lock and key while he’s away.

Shayla Shayla: Oh? Who?

(Just then, the room is filled with grandiose maniacal laughter… worse than Naga, Jinnai, Kefka & Kodachi’s laugh put together!)

Mumm-Ra: Wherever evil exist… MUMM-RA LIVES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Shayla Shayla: And I thought Jinnai’s laugh was annoying! This guy’s laugh is worse!

Najaro: I heard of this guy. He is no pushover!

Mumm-Ra: The three of you can burn forever in the darkest and blackest hell! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

(Shoots his red lightning at the three)

Back to the match…

Ralph: Holy shit! I don’t know how long those two can handle this! They’re both bleeding pretty badly, and beaten up quite a bit!

Bob: All this time, I thought Victoro was a bag of hot air. Now I see that he can easily put his words into action.

Victoro: You got that right!

Ryu: Shoryuken!

Victoro: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Ralph: Ryu just pegged Victoro with a his Shoryuken!

Bob: Victoro goes down!

Ralph: The count begins.

1… 2…

Ralph: I don’t think he’s getting up.

3… 4…

Bob: I wouldn’t be surprised. With all the punishment he received from Ryu, I would be completely surprised if he did.

6… 7…

Victoro: I… am… not through… yet…

Ryu: You will be. Your evil will be your undoing.

Victoro: Stop the… physicological shit… we have… a fight to finish.

Ryu: Whatever you want Victoro.

Bob: I cannot believe it! Victoro got up!

Ralph: This guys has the greatest stamina I’ve ever seen since the Spawn/Devilman fight.

Bob: Call me crazy, but I think the reason why that fight was so good was because the other fights before it sucked donkey balls.

Ralph: Think whatever you want Crazy.

Bob: Shut up… Victoro jumps into the air…

Victoro: Now feel the wrath of the Dark Blizzard! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Ralph: Victoro has pulled the Dark Blizzard technique. Thousands of shards of black ice is raining down on Ryu. Ryu is not doing so well on it at all.

Bob: Nope.. it sure does not.

Victoro: I told you I will end you!

Ryu: I am not out yet.

Ralph: Someone end this! I’m so fucking bored!

Bob: Shut your ass Ralph! This fight is cool!

Ralph: Bob… (holds Bob by the collar) Never mention the word “ass” in my presence ever again.

Bob: Hey, it’s not my fault you got a spatula shoved up your ass!

(Ifurita appears.)

Ifurita: Will you two subhumans stop your quarrelling and continue commenting on the fight?

Ralph: Oh… uh… okay.

Bob: Thank you Ifurita.

Ifurita: No problem. hehehe

(Ifurita disappears.)

Bob: Okay, it appears Victoro is down this time.

Ralph: the count begins.

1… 2…

Bob: He’s not moving.

Ralph: Is he dead?

4… 5…

Ralph: He’s getting up again!

Bob: Well I’ll be damned!

Victoro: Feel the powers of the Satan’s Hellfire!

Ralph: Satan’s Hellfire?

Bob: What the hell is that?

Ralph: I believe we shall soon see…


(Mumm-Ra kicked the shit out of Najaro, Beowulf & Shayla Shayla. Only Shayla Shayla has the energy left to fight.)

Mumm-Ra: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Now it is only you left for me to beat fire woman!

Shayla Shayla: No one calls me that… FIREBALL!!!!!!

(Shayla Shayla throws a fireball at Mumm-Ra!)

Mumm-Ra: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!

Shayla Shayla: I knew the undead like you are prone to fire attack. The bodies of the dead are prone to fire attacks, for the flesh rots quickly.

Mumm-Ra: Shut up and die bitch!

Shayla Shayla: NO ONE CALLS ME A BITCH!!!!!!!

Mumm-Ra’s red lightning & Shayla Shayla’s fire stream collides with each other, each attack not budging the other.)

Back to the fight…

Bob: Well, the fight has been going for about an hour, and Victoro will not call it quits. This has to be the most amazing fight I have ever seen… period.

Ralph: Well, who else can say that… question mark.. new paragraph…

Bob: What the hell are you talking about?

Ralph: Good question… I’ll let you know when I have a good answer.

Bob: Ryu is recovering quite better than expect… seeing he has survived Victoro’s Satan’s Hellfire.

Ralph: I don’t think that will be shown again.

Bob: And I thought Doom was scary…

Victoro: Why do I suspect you are prolonging this intentionally?

Ryu: I am not… you seem to be on as much equal terms than me.

Bob: What’s Ryu doing…


Ralph: Ryu has done the new new new new shoryuken on Victoro.. the same attack he did on Shampoo after she did the “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” attack.


Shayla Shayla: I have been holding back bonehead.

Mumm-Ra: Oh? How is that so?

Shayla Shayla: Like this… MEGAFLARE!!!!!!!

(Shayla Shayla uses the Megaflare attack on Mumm-Ra. It cancels out Mumm-Ra’s red lightning. Mumm-Ra screams in pain as he is burned to ashes.)

Shayla Shayla: Well, that’s all done. Najaro, Beowulf…

(Najaro & Beowulf slowly wakes up.)

Najaro: Damn, that guy WAS tough!

Beowulf: I’ll need a box of aspirins for my headache.

Shayla Shayla: Well… that worthless bag of bones is reduced to ashes. Let’s go boys.

Carbunkle: Oh Shayla…

(Carbunkle jumps on Shayla Shayla’s shoulders.)

Carbunkle: Oh, thank you so much for freeing me! I am so eternally thankful.

Shayla Shayla: Oh… you’re welcome. Now we’ll be taking you home. Hystalin has been worried sick.

(A hologram of Washu appears to the group.)

Washu: Well, I see you did well against Mumm-Ra. While you three were getting your asses kicked, I tried to figure out his weakness, but it seems you figured it out already. Now, I’ll bring you back to the UCTF.

(Washu teleports Shayla Shayla, Najaro, Beowulf & Carbunkle back to the UCTF complex.)

Back to the fight…

Ryu: I think Carbunkle should be free by now.

Victoro: What did you say street fighter?

Bob: Ryu attacks Victoro with a barrage of fireballs! Victoro is really getting pummeled now. How much more can he take?

(Just then, Shayla Shayla, Najaro, Beowulf & Carbunkle appears to the arena.)

Hystalin: CARBUNKLE!!!!

Carbunkle: HYSTALIN!!!!!! (Hystalin & Carbunkle runs to each other and embrace in a big hug.)

Hystalin: I thought I would never see you again! (tears of joy)

Carbunkle: I thought I would die! I’m so happy.

Hystalin: Me too. I hope we never have to go through this again!

Bob: Wow (sniff), that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Ralph: I agree.

Ryu: It is over.

Victoro: What the hell… CARBUNKLE?!?!?

Najaro: So Victoro, we meet again.

Beowulf: You coward, how dare you hold a hostage!

Shayla Shayla: You’ll pay for your cowardice!

Victoro: Oh please, somebody stop the bleeding!

(Victoro easily knocked out Najaro, Beowulf & Shayla Shayla cold. He also uses his magic to restrain Ryu to one of the turnbuckles.)

Victoro: You should have stayed where you were Carbunkle! You would have lived longer in chains.

Carbunkle: I have never felt such misery since my death to Felix’s claws!

Ralph: What’s this… I can’t see!

Bob: Me too… I think it’s the Ruby Light!

Victoro: AAHHHHHH!!!!! My Eyes!!!!!!!!!!

Carbunkle: RYU! Behind you!

(Ryu’s restrains fade away and releases the Crystal Sword of Tenku from its resting place.)

Ryu: And now Victoro… YOU DIE!!!!!


Ralph: Oh my god! Ryu got the Crystal Sword of Tenku and impaled Victoro with it! It looks like the end for him!

Bob: No one could survive that!

Victoro: I.. will… return…!!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Victoro vanishes!)

Bob: It’s over! It’s over! Ryu wins the fight!

Ryu: Carbunkle?

Carbunkle: Yes?

Ryu: Thank you for helping me.

Carbunkle: No problem! Hehe!

(Ryu & Carbunkle shakes hands… or is it hands and paw?)

Hystalin: Beowulf, Najaro, Shayla Shayla, Guyver… Thank you so much for helping me. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never have Carbunkle with me again. Thank you ever so much.

(Washu appears.)

Washu: What am I… chopped liver?

(Washu drops a 1 ton statue on Hystalin, but she dodges easily.)

Hystalin: Of course, thank you most of all Washu.

Washu: Anything. Now we have the Spear of White to worry about.

Hystalin: Yes. I need that item so much.

Washu: See you later!

(Washu disappears.)

Bob: Well, that was one hell of a fight!

Ralph: I’ll say.. the longest ever!

Bob: I think we have seen the last of Victoro, don’t you think?

Ralph: I hope so…

Winner: Ryu


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