Even the Ultimate Crossover Tournament Fighting League has rules!
Please read the entire page before applying.

The main purpose of the UCTF is to have fun interacting with other fighters on the flash board. This is most effective when you post at least once every day, or every other day.


Joining the UCTF is Simple, and you can have as many characters as you want. AS LONG as you roleplay with them regularly, and they’re not on the UCTF Retired/Dead List that is located on the “UCTF Superstars” website. Characters that are not roleplayed with in a certain timeframe, and/or not requested for a fight will be considered gone from the UCTF, and taken off of the Roster.

Your Character can not be invincible. Must have Limitations, Must have a weakness, and a character flaw. The reason for this is because we our characters range from weak, to extremely powerful creatures roaming around Anime City. No matter how powerful you claim your character to be, they can lose matches to weaklings, depending on who Roleplayed better. ^_^

To get a character, all you need to do is fill out that handy Profile Creator on the main page. Just fill it out and it will be sent on its way to President Vegeta. Just make it good, detailed, and make sure its what you want to be displayed on the web page. If you want to create your own profile, then just follow the pattern on the UCTF Superstars Webpage and create your own HTML page. Upload it to your own webspace then send the prez your link. Just remember the “no invincible” character rule!

If your profile isn’t that detailed with the history and moves, It’ll be rejected.

Also, there’s a FIVE ACTIVE CHARACTER LIMIT. You can have as many background characters as you please, but no more than five can actively participate in the UCTF. e_e If you have two many, some of them are going to go on what I like to call “Creative Re-Evaluation” and never see the light of day again!


A Stable is a group of fighters that range from three people and up that band together as a team. You can join any stable if you ask the manager and you take it up with him/her. If you want, you can even start your own if you’re up to it. But the only real rule with starting a stable is that we are now requiring people to establish themselves a little bit in the UCTF before starting one. If you’re interesting in starting a stable, mail The Front Office.

We can also if we want, or if you want, schedule team fights, three way fights, cage fights, no ring fights, hardcore, weapons, handicap matches, whatever, these must be arranged at least on week in advance, or what ever else we or you may think of. If you want to request something of this nature, all you need to do is e-mail the President or use the match request form on the main page. Check the Locker Room.

Theme Songs

If you want a theme song for your fighter, just e-mail the Sound Man about what your song is and if at all possible, mail him a real audio file or mp3 so he can put it up on the UCTF Theme Song page. About theme songs, you can use whatever song you want. But it is best NOT to choose a wrestler’s song from another federation. They’ve been known to show up in the UCTF with weapons and a pissed look on their faces. o_o!


How to post: First, register your name with EZBoard™ then go to the Flash Center. At the top you want to click on “New Topic”. Type in the subject of the post and then the post itself in the message body. EZboard has fixed to to where you can use a small picture for your avatar. Please make this picture as small as possible or it will screw up the screen!

About the Open Forum, OUT OF CHARACTER posts, thoughts, questions will go here. If you wanna make an announcement go to the Open Forum. If you have something on your mind, go to the Open Forum. The Flash Center is for ROLEPLAYING AND IN CHARACTER POSTS ONLY! Got it? Good! ^_^


Posting size has a limitation thanks to some rather large postings in the past. As much as we enjoy reading the roleplays made by the UCTF competitors, too much IS too much. The Maximum size for posting is 10 pages for the flash center, and the bare minimum is One.

How do we know how large or how small a roleplay is? Well, I use Microsoft Word, Font type Times New Roman and font size 10. ^_^

Joint Posts/Posting Subjects

Unlike conventional E-Federations, we like to post of other subjects than “I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass” roleplays that I’m sure we’ve all had to read through before. I judge posts that have an underlying story that’s interesting to read, funny, perverted (especially perverted) suspenseful, and any other adjective that you can throw in there. It can be one long story, or several small ones, as long as its good. We’re not saying we don’t like the “I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass” stuff, heck, it will even count if it’s good.. but we’re just saying to chill out on it. If you have a question about our posting styles and methods, consult the Flash Center for some really good examples.

Joint posting is when two roleplayers put their creative juices together and do one post with one another. Joint posting is fine with me. As long as there’s not one person doing all of the work. If I find out that there’s one person working their asses off while the other sits around and does nothing, that character will lose no matter what. That’s just plain and simple.

Munchkinizm and IC/OOC Stuff

Munchkinizm is my big nono. What is it? Well, the definition is simply using another roleplayer’s character OR Background Character without their permission. This can be from having their character TALKING in your roleplay without permission, making them do lewd or absurb out of character actions, up to physically assaulting them. Automatic Loss if we catch it.

This is also applicable for the Commentators, Bob Hinden, Ralph Gerrard, and Sue Tellarusso. Feel free to use these guys in a roleplay, as long as you’re not physically attacking them. For Ralph however, there is an exception. If he’s hitting on your character (for females only) Feel Free to kick his ass. That’s a clause in his UCTF Contract. -_-

Also. When a character is bashing another character. Just remember that it is In character, and it’s not to be taken personally. Ok?

Special Requests

If you want to request a special entrance for your fighter, e-mail your request to the President. These requests will usually only go through if you’re an established Fighter with a not so bad record!

Interference is another request that I’ll usually let go through everytime. If the character that you plan to attack has rightfully won their match, then an interference request will not change the outcome.

If you want your Character to Commentate during a match, and you’re an established fighter, go ahead and send the request in. Just leave us a few lines for your character to say during the night so that we’ll keep them In Character for ya.

How The President Decides Matches

The UCTF Television Program “Saturday Massacre” and It’s monthly Pay Per View Events are highly explosive and filled with competition that you wouldn’t believe! How are the winners and losers determined? Well, it ultimatly comes down to two people, The Prez and Vice Prezes.

Does that mean we have to go through every post in the Flash Center and read them all? Heck yeah. We choose the winner by reading every single post and decide who has worked the hardest to win. The more creative and innovative it is.. the better your chances are to win. Posts are based on quality, not quanity. So in other words, you can do 100 posts that have no meaning and make no sense that last about two lines and a person can do one amazing post and win the match. It’s that simple.

The fights are based on posting in the Flash Center within a particular timeframe as determined by the front office which is usually a five day period. We want you to atleast RP once a day, or three posts within a week. Please do not wait until the last day to post a blitzkreig of roleplays, as they will be ignored.

Well, I think those are all the rules. If you’ve read them, understand them, and still want to join the UCTF, Then all you need to do is click on the link below and join the action. GOOD LUCK!

Join the UCTF

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