Posted on Sunday, 22nd August 2004 by Vegeta

Lo-Ruhamah and Nabeshin vs. Melvic Lillith and Raven Darc | Natalie and S™ vs. Ethan Rice and Xamot | Bryan Amethyst vs. Chipp Zanuff | Melvic Lillith and Raven Darc vs. Ethan Rice and Xamot | Stun and Zappa vs. S³ and Christina Callad | Melvic Lillith vs. Raven Darc | William Clarke vs. Xion […]

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Posted on Thursday, 1st April 2004 by Vegeta

Friend or Foe: Sailor Moon and Jeice Sanosuke and Rott BB Hood and Kurt Angle | Special Ed vs. Ed The Janitor vs. Ed Edd and Eddy | William Hung vs. Ricky Martin | Ben Affleck vs. Jennifer Lopez | Rob Feinstein vs. Michael Jackson | Michelle Pfeiffer vs. Halle Berry | Trish Stratus vs. […]

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Posted on Sunday, 21st March 2004 by Vegeta

Anime Title Rumble | Christina Callad vs. Switch Akaisuko | Raven vs. Ethan Rice | Zyrus vs. Xion vs. Yugo | S³ vs. William Clarke

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Posted on Saturday, 17th January 2004 by Vegeta

Xamot vs. NNNN | Aisha vs. Fuuran Ku | Switch/Christina vs. Natalie | Yugo/Andre vs. Xion/Zyrus

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